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The Republic of CORAMINATOR Factbook

Postby CORAMINATOR » Tue May 18, 2010 5:31 am

The Republic of Coraminator is a tiny nation, about the size of the United Arab Emirates, with a centralized type of government. Which means, everything is centralized at the nation’s capital city, called Coramia. The city holds 45% of the total population of the nation, located near the coast, and the only city that has a trading port. There are five, other minor cities in our nation, which, feeds the capital city with its raw materials.The nation’s currency, is the Coram.

The Republic of Coraminator, is located in the region of Novaya Zemlya, bordering, the sea of Kavkaz in the south and the mountains of Mukria in the north; it is situated, in such a way that it is nearly isolated from other countries in the region.
It shares, a 698-kilometer mountain border with: The Republic of Scydie to the north west, The Sultanate of Shahadistan to the north east, The Sovereign Republic of Krasnorussia to the center north, and a 567-kilometer coastline. The total area, of The Republic of Coraminator is approximately 7,456 square kilometers but nation's exact size is unknown, due to the disputed claims, of the Mountains of Mukria. The nation, is also an ideal place for a summer vacation, this is because of long stretch of white sand coastline.

The earliest, known human habitation in The Republic of Coraminator, dated from 2500 BC. At this early stage, there is proof, of interaction with the outside world, particularly with civilizations, to the north in Russia, but the people in this nation are not Russians; but a mix of Asian, from the south. These contacts persisted and became wide-ranging, probably motivated by trade in seafood products from the sea of Kavkaz, which commenced around 2000 BC, Foreign trade, the recurring motif in the history of this strategic region, flourished also in later periods, facilitated by the domestication of the Wolves, at the end of the second millennium.
In the 9th century AD, the first Christian missionaries came to Coramia, which is now the capital of Coraminator, and purged, the populace of its animist gods. But Coramia was never colonized by other nations, because of its strategic location and isolation. It is naturally protected by the mountains at the north and the sea from the south, which also, gives the nation its rich natural resources of gold, iron, obsidian, and other metals. The sea, is also a main source of food of this nation, ranging, from the common fish to the squid, lobsters and king crabs, which this nation exports to its neighboring nations from the north.

The Republic of Coraminator has a president and a vice president, who is elected every four years. The existing president, may be reelected, for another four years or a second term. The President, then chooses his/her ministers to help him/her govern the nation. The legislative sector, is composed of the House of Congress,with only twelve seats. Congressmen, are elected every two years, with each candidate having a max of four terms.
The only thing, that the government fears aside from bankruptcy, is an invasion by the Krasnorussian Red Army. The Government, is doing its best to keep diplomatic relations good, with this powerful nation up the north.

President: Mark Garrison
Vice President: Borj Lanados

Minister of Defense: Adrian Cua
Minister of Agriculture: Neil Sianson
Minister of Geology: Ray Martin Tupas
Minister of African Affairs: Michael Valderrama
Minister of Cybernetics: Ian Uychiat
Minister of Finance: Koos Dela Ray
Minister of Health: Jerlyn Espulgar
Minister of Development: Raymond Janobas
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Michael Ledesma (A.K.A. Please do not attack us)
Minister of Religion and Culture: Yrika Dusaran
Minister of Trade: Nico Ortiz
Minister of Education: Carlos Resurrection
Minister of Internal Affairs: Romeo Alip
Minister of Domesticated Animals: Mark Limson
Minister of Garbage Disposal and Shit Cleaning: Chikita L. Trespicio

House of Congress
1. Meil Tupan
2. Regina Lopez
3. Joey Labayen
4. John Michael Cua
5. Carlos Benares
6. Juan Cho De Asis
7. Fumio Morunaga
8. Romeo Torreno
9. Michael Delfin
10. Rhix Rojas
11. Carlito Caballero
12. Raymund Trespicio

Chief Justice: G Balbin

The Republic of Coraminator is a barter economy, it is the trade capital of Novaya Zomlya region. Trade, is the number one source of income, and also provides jobs, for the people of Coraminator. Unemployment, is not a problem. Our currency, is the Coram. Minimum wage, is 400 Coram per day, and working on a holiday, will double your wage. The main, trade material is the gold or iron. Accepting, trade materials are the following: Oil (We need oil), natural gas and slaves as requested by the Krasnorussian government.
(More to be added)

CORAMINATOR's Emergency Services
Coraminator's Emergency services are categorized into three: first, The Bureau of Fire Protection, every city in Coraminator has two or five fire departments, it depends on how big the population of the city. It serves, not just fight fire, but also teaching the people, on how to prevent a fire in their homes; second, The Bureau of Public Safety, this bureau is consist of: The Local Police Department, Special Weapons and Tactics(SWAT), Bomb Squad Department(BSD), The Cyber Police Angecy(CPA), The Border Patrol Department(BPD), and The National Guard(NG handles the guarding of Embassies); third, The Bureau of Life or Death, this bureau is consist of: The The Ambulance Department(AD), Minor Clinics(this serves as a place for check ups), National and Local Hospital and Public Health Awareness Agency(PHAA).

A citizen, of Coraminator may apply to any Bureau they are interested in, they then need to have a two year training course. In order, to graduate a trainee must undergo a series of test or exams, depending on the bureau. If the trainee fails to pass a single test, that trainee is sent back to training camp, and will do the training again. This is how this nation has one of the best, Emergency Services, in the region.

The only, bureau that has a selection process, is the Bureau of Public Safety.
(more to come)

The military, of The Republic of Coraminator is composed of 30% of its total population, it mainly consist, of the Navy which is 50%, of the whole military force, 30% goes to the Army and 20% to the Air force.

This is the part, where all the roads of the six cities meet. It is constantly, plagued by bands of brigands and looters. The government intends, to establish a string of military check points at the cross roads.

Our main language, is English with a mix of Russian, which very advantageous to the nation, because most of the traders use either English or Russian.

The Republic of Coraminator is dominated, by Christians who consist of 88% of the nation’s population. Dominations 40% Catholic, 40% Orthodox, 8% others.

Guilty until proven innocent!
Highest punishment, is exile in the mountains of Mukria, where convicts will be used as target practice, by the Coraminator Sniper Academy and The Krasnorussian SpetsNaz or the Red Army.
We send convicts to Mukria because we don't have prisons in our nation. So think not twice but thrice before you do something STUPID.

Nudity is illegal in Coraminator, due to the trade industry. Imagine, a 300lbs FAT woman or man will come to you! What will you do? Surrender? Retreat? Destroy her, which you can't if you're a 120lbs man.

Since The Republic of Coraminator is a small nation, the main source of public transportation is the Bus. The Republic of Coraminator has currently six bus companies operating in the Nation.

This factbook will be updated regularly.
Feel free to comment and correct any mistakes I made.
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Who the heck is chikita???

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It's a fictional Character. Don't worry I just use your last name

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