Titles of your nation's leaders?

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]


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Postby Croxoco » Mon Mar 21, 2022 5:19 pm

The Federal Head of State and Government is the Emperor, who serves as the Federal Executive Power, much like the President in the United States of America. His proper title is the "Emperor of Croxoco".

The bicameral Congress of the Empire is comprised of the Parliament (lower house based on nation-wide proportional representation) and the Senate (upper house based on equal representation of each Croxoconian State), lead by the Speaker of the Parliament and the Emperor respectively.

The Federal Judiciary is led by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Each State is led jointly by a Governor (appointed by the Emperor to enforce Federal Law), and a Chancellor (elected by their respective State's legislature and appointed by their respective governor to lead the public administration of that particular state).
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Postby Hoyerlay » Mon Mar 21, 2022 7:42 pm

Hoyerlay has a Queen (or King when male) and a Prime Minister (official title: First Lord Commissioner of the Privy Council).

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Postby Ficterio » Mon Mar 21, 2022 8:40 pm

The head of state is known as the President of Ficterio, however it's a purely ceremonial position.

The head of government is known as the Prime Minister of Ficterio.
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Postby Brazillya » Tue Mar 22, 2022 11:12 am

Update, since new ruler and new titles.

By Grace of God and Unanimous Acclamation of the People, Pedro III (Pedro de Alcântara Carlos Edmundo Deniz Adeodato Zé Isidro Salvador), Constitutional Emperor and Perpetual Defender of Brazil, Ngola of the Ndongo (Angola), Induna of the Zulu (South Africa) and Lord Protector of Asia.
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Postby Mevraq » Thu Mar 24, 2022 2:29 pm

The head of state is the Premier, while the head of government is the General Secretary. The General Secretary wields more power in the Assembly, but the Premier enjoys greater public visibility and influence, owing to being directly elected.

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Postby Akagura » Thu Mar 24, 2022 2:31 pm

The absolute leader of the country is known as The Lord Commander
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The Confederate States of America
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Postby The Confederate States of America » Thu Mar 24, 2022 3:50 pm

President and Vice President.
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Postby Mesopotamia » Thu Mar 24, 2022 3:58 pm

Shūtur eli sharrī.

(King surpassing all other kings).

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Charter State
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Postby Charter State » Thu Mar 31, 2022 11:31 pm

The six members (Mikkel Norgavir, Nithena Dralanth, Gerhart Valdez, Alistair Bayward, Doneska Hightower, and Tristan Walton) of the Executive Council lead as the collective Heads of State and Heads of Government.

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Postby Zickfort » Sat Apr 02, 2022 7:57 am

The maximum leader of our Nation is the Emperor, whose official name is His Absolute Excellency The Emperor of Zickfort, her Provinces, Shores, Peaks, Waters and the territories that have not yet been incorporated.

On his behalf, the head of the Cabinet is the General Governor, but he is officialy named as His Excellency the General Governor of the Empire, Loyal Servant of His Absolute Excellency the Emperor.
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Skoliv union
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Postby Skoliv union » Sat Apr 02, 2022 8:01 am

Skoliv the great

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Second Hungarian Soviet Republic
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Postby Second Hungarian Soviet Republic » Sat Apr 02, 2022 8:02 am

First Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Worker’s Party, Bertalan Tóth

Second Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Worker’s Party and Honorary President of the Budapest Academy of Sciences, Gyula Thürmer
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Postby -Ruschian Republic- » Sat Apr 02, 2022 8:04 am

His Excellency, Minister-Director Érico Rusch.

Her Excellency, Minister-President Tatiana Podolskaya.
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Ukrainian Free State
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Postby Ukrainian Free State » Sat Apr 02, 2022 8:12 am

Bat'ko Makhno. (Bat'ko meaning Littler Father)
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Postby Berwick-upon-Tweed » Sat Apr 02, 2022 10:55 am

Officially, the title of the head of state is "Alderman of the Free City of Berwick", and the head of government is "Chief Minister of the Alderman's Executive Council".

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Postby Auzkhia » Sat Apr 02, 2022 12:21 pm

The full official title of our Head of State:

His Imperial and Royal Majesty Karl IX, By the Grace of the Gods and the Friendship of the People, First Among Equals, Emperor of Auzkhia, Emperor and King of the Romans, Pontifex Maximus, Forever August, President of the Constitutional Presidium, High King of Hungary, King of Italy, King of Bohemia, Slovakia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, and Galicia, Lodomeria, Lombardy-Venetia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Illyria, King of the Rheinland and Westphalia; Archduke of Auzkhia; Grand Duke of Tuscany and Cracow, Duke of Lorraine and of Salzburg, of Styria, of Carinthia, of Carniola and of the Bukovina; Grand Prince of Transylvania; Margrave of Moravia; Duke of Upper and Lower Silesia, of Modena, Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla, of Auschwitz and Zator, of Teschen, Friuli, Ragusa and Zara; Princely Count of Habsburg and Tyrol, of Kyburg, Gorizia and Gradisca; Prince of Trent and Brixen; Margrave of Upper and Lower Lusatia and in Istria; Count of Hohenems, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Sonnenberg; Lord of Vienna, Trieste, of Cattaro and in the Windic March; Grand Voivode of Serbia. Sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Commander of the Maria-Theresa Order. Prince-Sorcerer of Harmony.

Head of Government: Her Excellency, Imperial Chancellor Dr. Katharina Bierlein, first among equals in service to the realm. Deputy of the Imperial Diet.

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Postby Serdtgyu » Sat Apr 02, 2022 12:24 pm

Glorious Dictator of Serdtgyu, Keith Mcrillo
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Postby Ancient Troll-tec » Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:21 am

Ancient Troll-tec wrote:Trolltico Tetokatiu. He was just found wearing a suit with premium italian silk and a mask so he was thought to be important and became ruler. We're working on getting leaders for other departments, but right now he's got full rule.

Quick update, there was 7 other people for the other seven regions, and Auine Minilistli became Vice Leader. She wears nice Gucci (can't forget that lustful hat)
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Postby World of Krieg » Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:23 am

Colonel of the 83rd Death Korps of Krieg
Colonel Jurten leads Krieg, with his second in command now leading all of Krieg's forces on Earth. As such, Captain Hans Lanok is the representative for Krieg for scenarios on Earth, with Jurten being on other planets.

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Postby Lodhs beard » Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:41 am

Most High Supreme Imperator of the Loddhist State (colloquially referred to as 'Imperator')
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Postby Dvardis » Tue Apr 05, 2022 4:05 pm

Have posted in a similar thread before, but here's a quick revision to bring this in line with current worldbuilding.

The ceremonial title of the High Queen of Dvardis is over a thousand words in length. In official communications, this is often reduced to a three-line salutation. Among the ordinary people of Dvardis, this is in turn reduced to Luna Celestis ka'abhdhan—an English translation would be "Her Immortal Majesty Luna Celestis"—though never shorter than that; to refer to the High Queen by her ceremonial name alone would be vaguely sacrilegious and possibly subversive. No one is quite sure, or wants to find out.

(Further complicating this is that Luna Celestis is in itself, like the name of every kajirit Dvardi'a, a ceremonial title. It is not her real name, i.e., the name she was given at birth and still thinks of herself as, on some level. That name is Antonia Dalbhrani; it is unknown to the general public or really anyone outside certain intelligence agencies and her immediate family. Her parents are dead, and due to her subsequent coronation at age four, her other surviving relatives are not permitted to use it. Citizens who refer to her that way are definitely up to something subversive, and are likely to mysteriously disappear into some sort of black van with tinted windows.)

The official short form, i.e., name, official title, official salutation, and feast day of her coronation, is i'kajirit Dvardi'a Luna Celestis ka'abhdhan LiYog-Sothothna 'iya: Her Immortal Majesty Luna Celestis, High Queen of Dvardis, crowned on Yog-Sothoth's day. This is also the first line of the salutation attached to any communiqué, press release, legal statement, or political declaration released via the kačša Kajiriti (Press Secretary).

The full form consists of:
1) the short form;

2) the twenty ceremonial titles: (English / translation)

Protector Autungadhir
Champion Támna
Law-giver Az'adikh*
Speaker Ekavjiad
Slayer of Dragons Bmeirot-na-ktluazhxei
High Commander Addirouí'zhath
Peacekeeper Khunati'a
Teacher Derašxi*
Guide Minai*
Deliverer Aš'avji*
Counselor Xurath'thli*
Architect Shun'a'zhat
Harvester Tuluxi*
Intercessor Yarlantha
Keeper of the Flame Kohleš LiAzif
Chosen One Axtluzhna
Righteous One Khyčashla
Saviour of the Repentant Mnrithkála
All-Powerful One Xekhamina
Messenger of the Gods LiThothani-tizhai'akou

Asterisks indicate titles for which Her Immortal Majesty has chosen to use the masculine form rather than the traditional feminine one, as is her prerogative. (Men cannot rule Dvardis, but the two forms have slightly different historical connotations.)

These titles date back approximately 1500 years to the era of the Dvardi'i Reformation, and have remained largely unchanged since then. They are mostly meaningless—it's unlikely anyone's going to need to slay a dragon anytime soon, for example—but to some extent influenced the development of various government ministries: education, police, military, welfare, agriculture, infrastructure and so on. Plus they are traditional. In a place like Dvardis, traditions matter.

3) a section listing all the dominions over which she rules, these reflecting the traditional divisions predating the formation of the Dvardi'i state as well as every province and ceremonial city. (e.g., Law-speaker of Dvardi'a'shun, Queen of the Kriev, Great Lady of Nakhhan, Warlady of Tsashajvi, Archon of Xuxaklia, etc.) In the modern day, this section is irrelevant, since all of these entities have been part of Dvardis proper for three thousand years, making the titles implicit in the appellation i'kajirit Dvardi'a. That said, when it's read aloud prior to her public addresses, the audience usually contains people from each region listed, who cheer loudly as the name of their home city or province is stated.

4) a section listing her other duties: Grand High Priestess of the Diocese, Supreme Judiciary of the Citadel, Commander-in-Chief of the Dvardi'i Armed Forces, and so on. Theoretically speaking the monarch is final authority in every area of government, deriving her authority directly from the Gods. In practice, every monarch appoints a large body of ministers to attend to all of these duties and grants them a relatively free hand in keeping with their areas of expertise, with Her Immortal Majesty being no different in this respect.

5) a short final phrase. This phrase also concludes the salutation, which therefore in full is written:

i'kajirit Dvardi'a Luna Celestis ka'abhdhan LiYog-Sothothna 'iya
LiThothani mani ša ki shašja mira'ada, liDvard'ani mana'a ša ki uja az'ajna, khusanxi lhuaka'ji ha'Tanixa r'lyaghit [16]* chuša,
'yadhzani šakhna.

Her Immortal Majesty Luna Celestis, High Queen of Dvardis, crowned on Yog-Sothoth's day,
who, by the grace of all the inner and outer Gods, and by the authority vested in her by the Dvardi'i people, acceded to the throne in the Great Hall [16]* years ago,
may she live forever.)

* Replace as appropriate for the current year, obviously.

When this title is said in public before an audience—almost always to introduce the kajirit's annual addresses, as well as her other occasional speeches—it is customary for the audience to echo the last two words in chorus. In fact, practically any time the High Queen's name is mentioned in passing in a conversation among a group of Dvardi'i citizens, a few people will usually remember to mumble 'yadhzani šakhna in much the same way as citizens of other nations may knock on wood or cross themselves. This is partly superstition and partly because the infamous Department of Intelligence, the dale Kajiriti (lit. "Queen's Ears"), is known to actively monitor a great deal of the population for subversive influences and no one particularly wants to risk it.
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Postby CtarlCtarl » Tue Apr 05, 2022 4:14 pm

The full titles of the monarch of CtarlCtarl is Her/His Supreme Imperial Majesty, By the Grace of The God of All Ctarl, Emperor/Empress of the CtarlCtarl Empire, King/Queen of Ctarl Prime, Patriarch/Matriarch of the Imperial House of AuranAuran, Commander-in-Chief of the CtarlCtarl Military, Protector of The Empire, Successor of Leonja. Their official title also includes the reigning titles of every planet CtarlCtarl has conquered but that would be too lengthy.
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Titles of your nation's leaders?

Postby Celestial Iracenna » Sat Apr 09, 2022 2:20 am

The Celestial Thearch has three titles used during ceremonies, especially during state rites and national days. Here are the three titles:
His Golden Sovereign under the Dominion of Unending Heaven
Supreme Head of Celestialism and of Sacred Iracenna
God of a Thousand Minds and Faces
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Postby Christos » Sat Apr 09, 2022 6:21 pm

Christos has two leaders that share power, the Supreme Emperor King and the President.
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Postby Sulasburg » Sat Apr 09, 2022 6:37 pm

We have a King/Queen (Ilclo’ès) and a Prime Minister (Euen'ès'üy).

The current head of state, who because of some wartime assassinations is both the monarch and the head of government, is Ërlu I Hyárdustír, Princess of Sula, Regent of Sulasburg, Queen of Potenzia, Mistress of The Council of The Nine Kingdoms, Head of Government for The Sula Nation, and Supreme Authority of Vaërna, Amra, Hystar, Hëmendil, Chelêndur, Eväbedil, Bécharion, and Chalénor.
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