School lunches in YN 2

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Imperial States of Duotona
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Postby Imperial States of Duotona » Tue Dec 14, 2021 12:08 pm

School meals vary drastically throughout states.

For example, in the mountainous Muont region, school meals are often hotter foods like porridge or sausages.
In the more hot and humid regions, like the Gulf of Arouras, meals are typical to what western countries have, often including sandwiches and plenty of water to avoid dehydration during the day.

Pupils can receive free school meals if they choose. Otherwise, they must bring in their own lunch or buy other items from the canteen.
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Imperial States of Duotona
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Baloo Kingdom
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Postby Baloo Kingdom » Tue Dec 14, 2021 12:11 pm

In the glorious Baloo Kingdom, children in the enforced standard K-12 public education enjoy numerous cultural cuisines that cycle through every week or so. These cuisines are as follows:
    - Roasted Stuffed Prickly Pear with Cream
    - Aloo Gobi
    - Chicken Tikki Masala
    - Cocoa-topped steamed ham
    - Lettuce wrap
    - Assorted fruit juices
    - Assorted tropical side fruits
    - etc.
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Postby Joija » Tue Dec 14, 2021 12:15 pm

A typical Joijan lunch consists of grilled and sliced protein, diced aubergine, diced gourd and red legumes wrapped in munfu (seaweed) and seasoned with spiced redsalt (a meal known as 'Djorun') with a side of sticky rice. The most common variants are:
Fish - Ves Djorun
Chicken - Poulat Djorun
Beef - Rond Djorun
Tofu - Tofo Djorun

Any grilled meat/fish can be used as well as meat alternatives like tofu, banana blossom and seitan.

Drinks usually consist of water, freshly-pressed juice, Department of Education-approved soft drinks and milk.

Desserts often consist of many colourful fruits with yoghurt or cream.
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Chargé d'Affaires
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Postby Bigpipstan » Tue Dec 14, 2021 12:31 pm

School lunches in The anocratic empire can vary lot depending on what local communes produce. School lunches for majority of people consist only of vegetables with some fruits here and there. With the most common vegetable being rice and the most common fruit being apple.
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Nova Tero
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Left-wing Utopia

Postby Nova Tero » Sun Jan 16, 2022 2:21 am

School lunches in Nova Tero are provided for free in the nation's state-funded public basic (preschool, elementary, high school), further (technical-vocational) and higher (university) education schools. The menu is selected and cooked in the school. The food should be healthy, tasty, well-prepared and familiar. Children with intolerances, allergies or other requests are given substitute food items. Students, instructors and support staff choose their food from the same menu.

A school lunch will be composed of three courses with three food item choices for every course. The menu should be made from the five food types. A regular lunch menu will look like this: a first course of grains, pasta, pulses or vegetables; a second course of meat, fish, eggs or vegan protein; and a third course of fruit, cake or ice cream. This will be served with juice or milk, and water. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be consumed in the school block.

Students in basic education are not allowed to eat outside nor bring food from the outside. Students in further and higher education are allowed to eat outside and bring food from the outside. Only the school's kitchen and dining brigades are allowed to cook and serve food inside the school.
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Postby Saralonia » Sun Jan 16, 2022 2:40 am

In Saralonian schools, it is customary for parents to make their own kid's lunches and leave them in either lunch boxes or plastic bags, but for those whose parents simply don't bother with that it is common for schools to have their own cooperatives which sell food, and snacks, healthy stuff tends to be cheaper than unhealthy stuff, but that won't stop kids from buying sodas, or chips, either way, the kids are fed, in case a kid can't afford food and their parents don't make them in most cases school staff are willing to do the kid a favor, or other classmates which are polite enough to share their food, for higher education in Universities it is common for students to have a common kitchen in their student residency, so usually a floor of the dormitories shares the kitchen and each makes their own meals, or they can go to the school cafeteria and staff prepares food for you and others, Universities within them also tend to include little "shops" they aren't shops in the proper sense but you can get pizzas, hamburgers, and others in them, which can be traded for two things, doing volunteer work with the university which you get to pick what kinda volunteering you wanna do, or for money.
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Civil Servant
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Postby Polozeduck » Sun Jan 16, 2022 2:55 am

Classes can order an organized supply of food for them. In this case, those who want to eat this week pay a small amount of money and receive full breakfasts/lunches in the canteen.

There are also buffets in schools where, for, one might say, a penny, you can buy a pie/snack or a coupon for canteen’s soup/meat/fish/rice/potatoes/pasta /other.

Students have the right to bring approved food to school, but this right is rarely exercised. Usually high school students do this, while junior students eat in the canteen almost without exception.
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Postby Chadtonia » Tue Jan 18, 2022 8:40 pm

Every student must have a minimum of a 20 minute lunch and a maximum time limit of 45 minutes (to be determibed by the teacher) (not including the time it takes to get to the table. Teacher's must not start the stopwatch until all students are ready to eat, and students must not eat until the whole class is served. The next class may recieve food, but may not sit down until the previous class finishes and begin to leave.

Because of this, "school lunches" can occur at anytime, and some schools combine classes for "lunches"

Except in the Dani Province, Chadtonian Schools provide *Traditional Tikunuan meals. Students may also request (prior to the school day) a traditional **Tikunan Staff Desserts. [Each of these are shaped like or similar to a walking staff, hence the name.] In Chadtonia, children under 13 are generally not permitted, with few exceptions, Traditional adult dessert.

**There are five traditional Tikunan Staff desserts:

1. Cinnamon And Cheese Staff
2. Chocolate Walking Cane
3. Cherry Broken Arrow Shaft
4. Thin Staff
5. Fat Staff

Note: With the exception of The Dani Province, most of Chadtonia's customs and traditions are heavily influenced or originated by the Tikunan Tribe.
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Norse Inuit Union
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Postby Norse Inuit Union » Thu Jan 20, 2022 12:40 pm

Lunches are free and tend to be Seafood and lunch last for 30 minutes.
I'm not going into lengthy detail over something like lunch.
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Postby Countesia » Fri Jan 21, 2022 5:24 am

In Countesia, breakfast and lunch is provided by schools free of charge.

The Federal Ministry of Education along with its counterparts at a local level have set specific guidelines for what constitutes a healthy breakfast for a child. The typical school is expected to serve breakfast consisting of cereal, toast and fruits.

Lunches possess broader, less specific guidelines. Menus can can vary based on vendors and availability on produce.

For students with allergies, intolerances, religious and ethical preferences alternative meals are available to be provided by the school, however these are pre-planned meals ordered from specialist vendors and must be applied for in advance.

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Postby Ostrali » Sat Jun 11, 2022 12:38 am

First off a few things:
Lunch times take up 1 hour of school time
All classes go to lunch at the same time hence the longer lunch periods
All lunches regardless of quality are free

A typical meal consists of
Sausage/ham/chicken breast
Salt and pepper
And butter

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Postby Gandoor » Mon Jun 13, 2022 3:43 am

School lunches are provided free for all students in primary and intermediate school. Schools are required to offer five entrées per day, with at least two options being vegetarian or vegan, four side options, and a choice of fruit juice, milk, or water as the beverage.

Secondary schools in the Democratic Republic do not offer traditional school lunches, with students instead expected to bring their own food from home. That being said, nearly all secondary schools will have a cafeteria with a row of vending machines set up for students to choose from. One might contain prepackaged sandwiches, one might have cups of noodles (and dispense boiled water to prepare the noodles with), one might have beverages, and one might have snacks, just as some examples of what these vending machines may contain.
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Chargé d'Affaires
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Postby Somurias » Mon Jun 13, 2022 4:29 am

Every school lunches in Somurias contain rice, vegetables, meat, fruits, and drink (like milk, juice, water, etc), but vegans always ordered the same lunch pack, but without the meat and usually ordered fruit juice instead of water. It is changed every season, and here's the lunches every 3 seasons:
-Normal pack
-Sandwich/salad pack
-Soup pack
And the cycle will continues, until you reach 6th grade. After that, it's up to you to join the military school or other school. The lunch menu in the military school is different from other schools for some good reasons.
Only in military school, the rice will be replaced with mashed potatoes, while the drink is always water, even sometimes students have to find and catch their own food, cook it by themselves, and enjoy it for themselves
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Conservative Christian American States
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Postby Conservative Christian American States » Tue Jun 14, 2022 1:14 am

Schools do not provide lunches; it is not the school's job to feed their students. If the parents can't feed their children, then too bad.
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Novaya Alyaska
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Postby Novaya Alyaska » Tue Jun 14, 2022 7:07 am

School dinners are free for all children in primary schools. In middle and high schools, free meals are provided to students whose families fall below a certain income level. For all other students, school meals cost money but are very cheap, as they are subsidised by the government. Lunchbreaks generally last one hour, usually 12:00-13:00.

Meals provided by Alaskan public schools usually consist of some combination of fish, rice and vegetables, and a piece of fruit for dessert. However, these meals are not compulsory and students are free to bring their own packed lunch, or to go back home to eat as long as they are back by the end of the lunch period.

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Coconut Palm Island
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Postby Coconut Palm Island » Tue Jun 14, 2022 7:54 pm

In Coconut Palm Island, schools have buffet-style lunches. Most of the offerings are consistent, based on availability; for instance, each day, a school will offer a salad bar, cups of fresh fruit, milk and fruit juices, and common sides like french fries. However, different entrees and desert options are prepared each day, following a national menu (e.g., on the 1st of every month, the daily specials are spaghetti with garlic bread and vegetable fried rice, with the desert of the day being a slice of chocolate cake, in addition to all the normal daily offerings of fruits/vegetables/drinks/sides/snacks). Options are available for most common dietary restrictions. Meals for younger students are more regimented-- they are given special trays with room for 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, etc. However, older students are not subject to the same restrictions. This setup is also common at public universities.

All meals offered in this manner are free, paid for with taxpayer money. Students are free to bring box lunches, and, if they are in high school, leave campus for lunch. Because of the nice weather the Island nearly always enjoys, most schools have both indoor and outdoor eating areas.
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Marian Papua
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Postby Marian Papua » Wed Jun 15, 2022 2:13 am

Schools in PRMP don't serve government-funded lunches, a private eatery or cafeteria (usually two or three cafeterias) provides lunches and even snacks for students with a premium price (as a result, PRMPs often bring lunches on their own), and if prices are too high, they can opt for a nearby waroeng to buy cup noodles, snacks and even rice meals cheaper than privately owned school cafeteria stalls but with a risk of being closed by the school's gate once breaktime and lunch has ended.
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Postby Equai » Wed Jun 15, 2022 2:59 am

Schools in Equai, on all levels have a government funded cafeterias, usually one or two if the school complex has lots of students. Menus vary by the state and the school in general. Most menu items are selected by health professionals but some stuff are voted in by the students.
Each day has it's menu which consists of the main dish, vegetables, light drink (such as milk, water, yogurt, chocolate milk, coffee or tea) and a dessert. Portions of meals are served according to the students needs in order to avoid food waste with the staff being made aware about the allergies and health conditions by students. While main dish and desserts switch every day, vegetables stays the same and it's usually a green salad and a broccoli
Wain dishes are mostly selected by the government while desserts are always voted on the menu by students.

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