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THE Barn Directory

Postby Cavirfi » Fri Apr 09, 2021 12:58 am

Hello, dear members of NationStates, now don't mind me here. This is simply the directory to the various buildings of the village known as "THE Barn".

THE Barn (known in Estiman as: DE Farmænhœsæn) is a village located 15 km North of the city of Barnumberg, the business center of Cavirfi. It is home to 94 people, all of whom are the officers of the Cavirfite Government (including the Wolf Pack). It is also the house of 3 buildings: The Wolf Pack's Barn, the Technocratic Council, and the Great Tribunal. All 3 buildings will have their own seperate forum topics, for they cover 3 certain processes within legislation, so therefore requiring their own seperate topics to properly organize the action going on with debates, constitution readings, and many others.

Don't mind me :)

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