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PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 1:36 am
by Indo States
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Serving in Fatimania for 39 Years since 1981

The National is a Newspaper and Magazine Publisher, The Publisher for The National English Newspaper, Le Nationalé Fatimanian Newspaper, De Nationaal Indoesh Newspaper, Der National Rasmussenian/German Newspaper, Déi National Ramseyian/Marysian Newspapers and Other The National Newspapers in Other Regional Languages of the Fatiman.

The National also Publishes Magazines, Including My Daily Teen Magazine (English/Filipino), Le Sciéncé (Fatimanian), The Journal (English/Filipino), Educationalist (English/Filipino/Fatimanian), Songs (English) and Hello! Magazine Fatimania (English/Fatimanian/Indoesh/Victorian/Filipino).

(Operations Restarted after a Year of Hiatus, Expecting to have a New News Thread.)

* Read Only for Viewers, For Any Concerns, PM Indo States

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:01 pm
by Indo States
About Us


The National is the Largest Newspaper Publications and One of the Oldest English Language Newspapers in the Eastern Siberia. It was the Second Major Fatimanian Newspapers along with The Fatima City Post, Which it was Also in the Fatimanian Language. Founded by Carmelito Quintos at Sinagtala, Polintan City in 1981, The Goal of The National was to Provide Fatimanians Updates and News in English Language.

Not Just The National Totally Focuses on Newspapers, but Also in Other Newspaper Publications such as Fatimanya in Tagalog (Since 1984), and Magazines as well. This Includes The Cosmopolitan, My Daily Teen, The Educationalist, Le Sciéncé, Songs and Hello! Magazine Fatimania.

The National is also Available Online, Which the News, Businesses, Showbiz and International Provide News Articles for Online Users.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2022 6:09 am
by Indo States
The National Newspaper's Online Version for NS Forums has been Officially Revamped
The National Newspaper's Online Operations has been Restarted after 2 Years of Hiatus and Lack of Activity due to Complicated Schedule. In 2022 of this Last Day of the Month, February 28, we had Decided to Relaunch our Online Services with Providing only Quick News and a Few Articles (Possibly within this Year). Please Click Here for the News Page, and we Apologize for a 2-Year Inconvenience, in which, The National Newspaper is now Looking Forward to Give you Better and Shorter News from Fatimania.

- The National Newspaper Team