Tsarus Q and A: Jozef Kaiser at a Press Conference (ic/ooc)

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Tsarus Q and A: Jozef Kaiser at a Press Conference (ic/ooc)

Postby Strazhnist Tsarus » Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:18 pm

Big MT has scheduled a press conference for Jozef. Open to any questions about topics not covered in factbooks, or anything else.

IC will be 2025-2030 Tsarus, unless specifically requested a different timeline.
OOC questions will be taken, as well. Please clarify, of course.
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Postby Wuchu » Mon Sep 21, 2020 10:14 pm

OOC: How did you come up with the idea of "Strazhnism"?
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Postby Strazhnist Tsarus » Mon Sep 21, 2020 10:52 pm

TLDR: It comes from a lot of personal experience. So undoubtedly not everyone will agree with it.

Economically, I just compared the American economy to how it is in Scandinavia and was dumbfounded at how much better it was out there.
Something must have happened in my childhood where all the sudden I was behind all of my peers and frankly still am, so my future is a bit uncertain. Don’t wanna mope about it here, though. But it definitely made me want to move.
Economy might change- I think it’s a weakening system. Not everyone is going to self improve or be ascetic, so it might end up being closer to the 2142 system where there are classes.

That also brought forth the ascetic society, nobody values money or wealth out north in Europe like we do in the US. I hate materialism, Id love to replace all the materialism with quality time spent with friends or learning to play music or working out or whatever hobbies I have listed in that factbook.

As for race, I just would hate to see the color die out. Doesn’t bother me on a small scale tbh, but with the ever growing threat of globalization, this does worry me.

Gender roles came from my experiences with divorced parents (which was short lived, they’re back together now). Strong families are the cells to a strong nation.

Free Speech stems from, you guessed it, censorship.

Militancy- Ive wanted to join the Wagner Group because I have sympathies for Syria. But this would probably be illegal. Do not like. Men have the right to fight for their beliefs!

Jews- theres compelling evidence to suggest their world domination and all but never bought into it.

Oh yeah, self improvement came from general right wing dogma to lift and read and pray.
And the comfort stuff just sort of appeared.
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Postby Khoronzon » Wed Sep 23, 2020 8:31 pm

    "You've lived a rather eventful life thus far, Ederik. Twenty-five years old, and you've already been selected to lead your people in the highest office in the land. You've served rather proficiently in the military, and no doubt had a few close encounters with death. Of course, one day you'll inevitably run a little too close into such an encounter, and all your efforts will be cut short. I'd like to ask you, Jozef - what would a good death be to you? How do you wish to die, and what do you hope to achieve, to see through to the end, before you pass on? And if you were to perish right this instant, what regrets and unfulfilled dreams would you carry to your grave?"
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Postby Tsarus » Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:16 am

"Naturally, a good and preferable death is a painless one, the time this death takes to occur should hopefully not matter. I'll tell you why, later.
But you raise an interesting question, that is my life mission and how far into it I am. All I want is a 40-50 year long reign as the past Ederiks have had. Nothing special, I don't need 'special'. But I would like to complete whatever goals I set out for myself over the next 1-10 years, and over the course of my reign I want to make sure my people not only live on, but prosper. I would also like to see the end to the constant snuffing out of traditional values and growth of global capitalism across the world before it is too late. That is my vocation, my God given occupation.

I want also to raise my children as best as I can alongside my beloved, the right way. I have learned a lot about the development of a growing child and what went wrong with me throughout my life. Children are one of the most important things in the world to have, you know. They are how our ancestors would pass on their legacy and live on forever.

Now, how long this death of mine may occur would not matter to me should all my tasks be complete. Because by that time, I will be ready for my death, probably years in advance. And the worst way to die would be to die now."
-Ederik Jozef Kaiser
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