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Toin Inquiries - Q&A from the NationStates Multiverse

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:58 pm
by Toin

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 4:54 am
by West Bromwich Holme
Some tourism questions:

- What are the major dangers to tourists?

- Any scams to watch out for?

Car ownership

- Are people legally allowed to own and drive cars in your nation?

- Will self-driving vehicles be allowed?

- Are foreign automobile brands popular, such as Opel, Honda, Volvo?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:14 pm
by Toin



Greetings, and thank you for your inquiry.

1) For the most part, if a tourist uses common sense, there are no major dangers to their health or safety, but this does of course depend on the activity at hand. One tourist, for example, may prefer hiking and come across an aggressive cougar or bear. These animals pose a significant threat to their health and/or safety, which can cause a necessary but unfortunate air ambulance ride if they are not properly trained to escape from these situations unharmed. Other tourists might prefer seeing the sights of Whitelaw, Anchorton, or wherever they are. Usually, the largest threat to their safety are the scams listed below, but other notable safety threats include simply driving a car, and currently also the coronavirus pandemic.
2) Major scams in Whitelaw and Anchorton include fake parking attendants issuing a false citation, fake beggars, and unlicenced taxi cabs. Taking part in any of these scams are considered to be crimes of varying severity, but nonetheless they persist.

1) Yes, automobiles are 100% legal and are a common sight on the streets of most places in Toin, from the far north to Saint George Island and everywhere else in between. The kind of automobiles greatly differ by region, however. Citizens of Norther tend to prefer large, off-road capable vehicles due to the environment, and thus pick up trucks and snowmobiles are common vehicles, while smaller vehicles are preferred in larger cities. Rural areas also tend to prefer pick up trucks due to the environment, as well.
2) Except for vehicles produced by Tesla, very few actual self-driving vehicles exist. Companies like Google and Apple are permitted to conduct on-road testing with their vehicles, but an operator must be prepared to take control of the vehicle should something go wrong. Tesla drivers are also required to be prepared to take control of the vehicle in these circumstances when Tesla autopilot is engaged.
3) Yes, foreign vehicle brands are common. The most common brands are Ford, Chevrolet, and most General Motors brands, but it is not uncommon to see a Honda, Nissan, or a Volvo on the streets. The general rule is most European brands like Skoda or Lada are considered to be unusual. Holden and other vehicles from Australia/New Zealand are also unusual and most Toinans would have never heard of the brand until they saw one of their vehicles.

We hope we've answered your questions to your satisfaction. If you require further information, feel free to reply in kind or send a telegramme.