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Extra-Regional Newsthread (Wendler & Friends)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 1:02 am
by Sjovenia
Extra-Regional News


Welcome to the Extra-Regional News (ERN) Thread! This thread is mainly for Markion & Extra-Regional friends to post their news. Here you will find news no matter how big or how small. Everything from Politics, Business, Health, Entertainment, Travel, Sports and more!

The purpose is to showcase what news is circulating in your nation in an effort to strengthen interregional camaraderie and roleplay!

This thread is not intended to replace the Markion Lore thread.

Posts must be more than a single word, Durradon, and preferably consist of some sort of effort and thought into the post. (Posts must be IC)

General NS Rules still apply.

OP has final say.

Place Holders must be labeled as such and must be removed or replaced with a valid post no later than 24 hours.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 2:30 am
by The JVP
JBC, the Empires number 1 in all things news

"Good evening world, I am your host Enn Valk and this is your 3 minute recap here on the JBC"


"The Queen's Knight Forces continue to engage Brown forces in Ivorystan, as the siege of the Brown Ivorystan stronghold moves into its third day.


"Pengumotor's have released their quarterly earnings, and the company has shown a rapid growth after buying out Eteria Zeperi. The company is expected to split their stock, as interest to buy in grows."


"In the world of Boxing. Super Bantamweight Boxer Teimurazi 'The Monster' Oxmaul, fresh off his unification of the three JVP boxing organization belts, now makes the next step in entering the international scene, as he is set to fight Nery for the Vacant WBC Super Bantamweight title. A win here could see the young champ, be the first JVP boxer to hold four titles at once."


"Finally in entertainment news. The Sjovenia Grunge Band, Flow State, continues to play sold out shows around Aels. Talks of a second tour have began, as more venues look to book the white hot band."

"And that is your 3 minute recap. I have been your host Enn Valk with The JBC. The Weather is to follow."

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 11:24 am
by Sjovenia
Cousins War Slowing Down?

Slaveskan Marksman poses for a photo in the Stravene front

The Stravene front has mostly settled down since the start of the war. Two forces have collided on the battlefield equally matched, Slaveskans with their firepower and NLFN Forces backed by the Aels Alliance. A stagnate stalemate war has been going on for the past few weeks with either side taking pop shots at each other.

Rumor has it that a ceasefire is in the works in an effort to deescalate the conflict. Earlier this week we've seen interregional and GDU dignitaries arrive at Camp Kresimir. Its not been made official but allegations say it could be peace talks or the ground works for a ceasefire. One can only hope for an eventual end to the Cousins War...

Interregional MotoGP Is Back!!!

MotoGp Riders at the start of last seasons race

Exciting news for sports fans all around! Markion MotoGP is back and its now open to Interregional participants! Some of the confirms teams this year are Lasko MotoGP, VIlhala, JVP, Eteria, Emerstari, and many more! Stay tuned for more info!

Emerstari Announces Golf Sporting Event

Slaveskan Royal Alps Course

Emerstari has confirmed a Golf Championship is in the works much to the delight of the Slaveskan Sports Committee! Golfing at the national level in Slaveska has been around for quite some time but its been years since a Slaveskan athlete participated in an international Golf sporting event. Stay tuned for more information!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:22 am
by Arcadian States and Commonwealths
GRA Today: The Arcadia-Sevevill cold war heating up, many point to no

Since the fall of the CMEP military alliance in Markion the two largest powers the Federation of Arcadian States and Commonwealths and the Empire of Sevevill have been vying for regional dominance in a cold war that has seemed to be heating up. Now with the Sevevillian invasion of the September Islands, it has put this cold war at its greatest chance of becoming a hot conflict. Forces on both sides are staging and preparing for the worse, as the Arcadian Federation has issued an ultimatum turn the island over to the Kamooko Pact or to the United City States of Oceania within the week for face direct military action, now as the two powers standoff many in the world are left watching. The Arcadian Chancellor has urged the Empire of Sevevill to turn over the island to the Kamooko pact or the UCSO to prevent the great loss of life that is at our doorsteps.

Click here for Full Article

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 1:42 am
by Sjovenia
Slaveško Državna Železnica Seeks International Holdings

SDŽ Locomotive hauling grain between Volja District and Stravel

Slaveško Državna Železnica (SDŽ), Slaveškan State Railways, is the national freight carrier for Slaveška and hauls thousand of rolling stock all across the nation nationally and internationally across borders. Until now the engineers, conductors, carmen, brakemen, track layers, maintenance and management have all been Slaveškan citizens. The SDŽ has expressed interest in setting up shop in Rhamosian & Emerstarian Markion territory as well as Žeknija.

The sudden interest comes at a time when the Greater Drejveškan Railway (GDR), a cross continental rail line, completed its first phase and prepping for its second phase. The first phase included mapping, inspecting, and maintaining current as well as potential new rail line. The second phase will see the actual ground work take place with new track laying and wiring.

The Emerstarian Colony to the east of Slaveška has expressed interest in having a northern line split from Slaveška, to the Emerstarian Colony, and ending in north west Treko. Žeknija, Danlina, and Phoenixia have also come forward for a southern rail line to be split off the main line. With plenty of interested investors excitedly eyeing the new boost in tourism and freight it was no wonder the SDŽ took the opportunity to get international holdings.

A spokesman for the company said that in the Rhamosian territory in Markion alone they were looking to hire 30,900 Rhamosian employees with another estimated 35,000 potential employees should deals be reached with Emerstari and Žeknija. "We could see a rise in employee numbers too as the GDR comes to completion..." the spokesman teased.

JPS moves investment.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 7:31 pm
by The JVP
JPS (JVP Parcel Service) Having moved focus to the Drejveškan, after it's large investment into the Danlina IRA. Has now broken ground on it's Žeknija Sorting hub. The 1.5 billion ₩ hub will be the second in the Greater Drejveškan area, second to the DIRA Hub.

Talks with the Greater Drejveškan Railway (GDR) to build a line between the DIRA Hub and the Žeknija Hub, are in talks, with links to the soon to be Phoenixian JPS Hub.

JPS and PenguMotors owned Eteria & Zeperi, have made a deal for E & Z, to make a delivery version of their eBussy modular electronic Van. The Contract is set to see the van replace most fleets of old diesel Package cars, and would first be rolled out to Centers in the Ameria, Stallenbourg, Žeknija, and Phoenixia, with more to follow.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:57 pm
by The Kingdom of Rhamos


Duke Emile and Princess Greta have begun trending on social media after the couple was spotted together in Phoenixia.

Is love in the air for this future couple? Royal Correspondent Kate Fureznie gives us the inside scoop.


Planning on a family getaway for this holiday season? These 10 destinations are an absolute must to make your vacation a success.


After months of stalemate the Tyrian government has thrown in the towel on their intervention into Zeknyia. We talk with our military analyst tonight on what this means for the Tyrian government at home and abroad.

JVP Withdrawal from the Kamooko Accords

PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:04 pm
by The JVP

"This is JBC, and in a shocking turn of events, the High Queen has pulled her signature on the Kamooko Accords, thus pulling the JVP out of the Kamooko Pact. A statement from the palace was given on the matter.

"Do to disagreements with the JVP Military Advisory border, The High Queen, having added in a pull out clause, has withdrawn the JVP from the Kamooka Accords and the Kamooka Pact. Individual agreements with KP nations will be reached between those nations and the JVP at a later date. "

"Does this move mean a new focus in the Markion Sphere or a withdrawal of the Penguins eye. Only time can tell."

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:03 pm
by Sjovenia
Flow State Tours JVP

Grunge Rock Band Flow State playing in a TV studio as a JVP Daily Show guest

The Slaveškan Rock Band Flow State is rocking and rolling their way through out the JVP after the front man, Ciril Slavko, was invited to an event in the host nation. It was there that Ciril met many new people and was in contact with a JVP promoter who helped coordinate booking venues. After the third venue the band caught traction in the region and venues began booking Flow State as the demand for more locations to be toured came to the promoters attention.

The band's most recent show had them star as special guests for the "Late Night Show with Aslan Varto", a popular Vedoric late night talk show which has claimed Vedoric's #1 Best TV Season and Vedoric's #3 Most shared TV Season. As Aslan Varto interviewed several guests, the second to last guests to be interviewed was none other than the band members themselves!

Aslan: "Welcome welcome! It is a great honor to have you on the show!"
Ciril: "Thank you thank you" Ciril said bringing his hands together in a namaste type fashion.
Aslan: "You've been on the road for what? Almost a month now it seems, how has the JVP culture and people been?"
Ciril: "You know its good especially when you know you kind of..."
Wolfram: "We're kind of a new taste it seems for the JVP..."
Ciril: "Right, and so at first you know the first shows we had were kinda small venues sort of getting feedback from the audience but man after those few shows it just took off."
Wolfram: *stroking beard* " really did. Our JVP promoter started getting calls and it seemed like we were the hottest attraction as far as the grunge scene went in the JVP."
Aslan: "Do you prefer the bigger venues or the smaller venues?"
Vinzent: "Bigger venues means bigger crowds and of course more money for the band but small venues are pretty excellent though."
Ciril: *giving a thumbs up* "Yea yea for real though theres something about the atmosphere of smaller venues. Theres a lot less people so less stage fright. The acoustics are usually pretty good and every one is kinda just jamming out."
Wolfram: "Its almost more of a personal experience. Especially because you can interact with the audience a little better than at bigger venues. Dont get me wrong though...big venues are freakin sweet. When hundreds of people start singing your lyrics in unison its a jaw dropping moment and a true honor of any band to have fans sing their songs back to them."
Aslan: "I think you guys will have a fun time playing in the studio then?"
Ciril: "Studio? Like no..we werent booked for tonight..."
Aslan: "Oh? Going to have to fire my producer he was supposed to book you guys for tonight."
Ciril: "Damn, its a crying shame..."
Vinzent: "Aslan, always passing the buck!"
Alan: *Chuckling* "No not at all, ladies and gentlemen give it up for Ciril Slavko, Wolfram Otso, and Vinzent Ulrik of Flow State!"

*crowd begins clapping and whistling*

Shortly after another interview was given with a JVP celebrity but before the Late Night Show ended with a bang! Flow State appeared as the camera cut from Aslan to the outside of the building and the audience began cheering. Vinzent started opening with a drum beat setting the tone for the song

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:27 am
by Sjovenia

Minister Drago Zevnik released a statement earlier today under the authority of Autarch Tennfjord. The statement’s topic was about travel restrictions as tensions have risen in the southern Drejveškan Region. As the flames of the Cousins War dies down, conflict between Tyria, Žeknija, and Phoenixia causes rifts in the local area and puts strains on national relations.

“My fellow Slaveškans, in a world of danger we must be ever vigilant to any looming threat. We as a nation must look out for our brothers and sisters. A figure was once quoted saying...a bomb knows no an effort to keep our citizens safe in these turbulent times, with information provided to me by the Office of State Intelligence, and under the authority of Autarch Tennfjord, I am releasing a statement on travel restrictions...” Minister Zevnik said during his televised statement.

Travel Restrictions

Tyria - All travel banned
NLFN Territories - All travel banned
Žeknija - Travel restricted to essential personnel with orders
Phoenixia - Travel restricted to essential personnel with orders
Green Union - Travel restricted to essential personnel with proper documentation
Stravel - Travel restricted to essential personnel with proper documentation
Rudony - Travel restricted to essential personnel on relief missions only

Travel restrictions do not effect trade at this current time

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:44 am
by Treko

Ⰹⰿⱂⰵⱃⰹⰰⰾ Ⱀⰵⱎⱄ

(Имперские Новости-Imperial News)

News for you


BREAKING- Thank you for tuning into Imperial News, we have confirmed reports from the coast that the 1st Kitzeh Fleet which has been patrolling the Strait of Zeleny since the start of the conflict with the communist forces in the south is finally moving. It's not known what prompted the fleet's removal from the Strait of Zeleny but it is suspected that the fleet may be heading home to rearm and refuel. Trekkish Naval Command has not given a comment on the situation nor has the Imperial Trekkish Government either. Everything is up to speculation at this point. It may be an effort to ease tensions with the NFLN as the GDU summit continues, but the govenrment is still not making any comment. Thank you for tuning into Imperial News.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 1:02 pm
by Arcadian States and Commonwealths
GRA Today: Hier to the Frieherr confirmed, in Casatolo today with questions of sucession answered

Today Ritter Eva Munche has been named as the heir to the Freiherr today as she turns 17, the age of which the heir is selected. As the responsibility of the first family is on the male side of the family it has been confirmed her heir will be one of her brother's sons in this ceremony. Ritter Eva Munche has pledged to expand the influence of the Arcadian federation while remaining mindful of the nations at their borders and has expressed hopes on beginning a new era of peace not only for the Arcadian people but for the people across the globe. She has also assured many that the Arcadian policy towards the Empire of Sevevill will remain unchanged, and the policy of containment will be upheld.

In other news, the Chancellor's deadline to the Empire of Sevevill draws to a close military forces across the federation gear for war, with many deployed units ready to fight in the looming conflict at a moments notice, today the world still watches as Markions hottest flashpoint seems to get hotter.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:13 pm
by Sjovenia
Command General Marinkovič Raises Defense Readiness Condition

Surface to Air Battery off the Bajveskan Coast test fired during a drill last year

After a teleconference with the Minister of War and the Minister of State Intelligence Command General Marinkovič raised the Defense Readiness Condition from DEFCON 4 to DEFCON 3. Operating under an Office of State Intelligence "Perceived Threat" Order, DEFCON 3 calls for a theoretical "prepared battle stations" situation. The Ministry of the Slaveskan Air Force (MSAF) has been put on Zulu Alert by General Tita Selimi as well as an increase in aerial patrols. Admiral Anna Larsen from the Ministry of the Slaveskan Navy (MSN) has tasked both the Northern, Southern, and Western Major Commands to increase patrols off the coast of Janissero, and the Bajveskan, and Antarkt District. The Ministry of the Slaveskan Army (MSA), under orders from General Besim Aganovič, have begun setting up Anti Air Command and Control measures in conjunction with the Air Force. SAM & THAAD have been activated at an 80% Mission Capable Rate per using organization and set up around the nation.

All four of the MSN's Sea Band Based Radar had been mobilized and configured in accordance with the "Perceived Threat" Order. Command General Marinkovič stated that at this time the perceived threat was merely an exercise for defense readiness though the official change in DEFCON status may say otherwise. The BC-1 Bomber fleet stationed in Janissero started sending off aircraft in an alleged exercise testing pilots and ground crew on their Zulu Alert capabilities.

BC-1 Bombers stationed in Janissero conducting Zulu Alert Exercises

Sea Based Band Radar located off the coast of Janissero

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:49 am
by Treko
Ⰹⰿⱂⰵⱃⰹⰰⰾ Ⱀⰵⱎⱄ

(Имперские Новости-Imperial News)

News for you


BREAKING- In a stunning turn of events, the Imperial Trekkish government has brokered two deals with two foreign companies regarding military equipment. The first deal was struck with the Helsinki Arms Company. After receiving multiple complaints throughout the years about the uncomfortable design and its long trigger pull the TRk-762/B, it's finally be putting down to rest. The Trekkish Military Police had been looking for a small bullpup replacement for some time, however, things were looking quite grim until the Federation of Northern Peoples offered its bullpup as an option. As it stands, the Trekkish Military Police is set to receive to 2 million units from the Federation of Northern Peoples. No other information was given if this was only the only shipment of 2 million units. The second deal was made with Tonnerre Industries regarding the replacement of outdated Trekkish APCs and IFVs. With this deal, The Trekkish Imperial Army is set to replace its current vehicles with the Rhamosian Wallaby A3 APC and the Hyena IFV. The deal will see Rhamosian advisors at Trekkish gunnery schools to train and re-train future crews of the new vehicles. That being said, the Rhamosian government has saw fit to send over unused to APCs and IFVs to aid in the training. This will allow time for the licensed company to prepare its factory to pump out these new foreign vehicles.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:58 pm
by Telroi

Embassy Attack in Kassau
The Tyrian Embassy in Kassau was attacked this morning | 11 confirmed casualties, 27 wounded so far according to Telroian paramedics

It is currently unknown as to who are the aggressors or how so many PMCs got to Kassau. Telroian paramedics reached the scene at what seems to be the peak of the fighting, and as we speak are only able to attend to civilians who managed to get out of the crossfire.
The Phoenixian and Telroian governments are working together to solve the situation. Tyrian representatives weren't available to comment.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 5:48 pm
by Nothern Peoples
A FedNews broadcast
"We regret to inform you that at 8:26 this morning, at least 20 terrorists stormed Kutnturn Hospital, taking at least 400 hostages. We do not know if any demands have been made by the terrorists, nor do we have any live footage at this time"

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:54 pm
by Sjovenia
Phoenixia Labeled A Rogue State

Amphibious Assault Battalion (AAB) entering Camp Krešimir in Rokovo Island, Lietukro District, Slaveška

In a statement released by the Greater Drejveškan Union, the nation of Phoenixia has been unanimously voted out of the GDU. Complications started within the Union when the Phoenixian Government refused to cease operations in Žeknija despite being advised by Trekkish and Slaveškan Military Advisors.

In a report by the Office of State Intelligence the organization labeled Phoenixia a “Rogue State” and advised Autarch Tennfjord that any operations continued in Žeknija would result in political and economic backlash from the international community. A representative from the Office of State Intelligence along with a Slaveškan Diplomat made the case for ejecting the nation from the GDU.

An Amphibious Assault Battalion has been called in to escort the Phoenixian Diplomats to Camp Krešimir’s Air Field for immediate extraction. Phoenixian Marines have been ordered by the GDU to collect their belongings and conduct a formation at a specified rally point to be escorted to the Air Field. Failure to do so would result in Phoenixian Marines being forcibly removed and or extradited to Mainland Slaveška.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 10:07 pm
by Sjovenia
Special Operations Division Creates Joint Task Force

A member of the Special Tactics Group (STG) watches the Special Maritime Operations Group (SMOG) conduct exercises

Major General Henrik Bezjak, Commanding Officer of the Special Tactics Group, announced today that he and Lieutenant General Alan Kitarovic, Commanding Officer of the Special Maritime Operations Group, would be working together to create a Joint Task Force. Joint Task Force North (JT North) and Joint Task Force South (JT South) would implement covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action, and hostage rescue focusing primarily on vessels and rigs.

The Primary reason for creating a Joint Task Force include anti piracy, conducting insertion and extractions by sea or land, capturing high value targets, and search and rescue. Maj. General Bezjak and Lt. General Kitarovic have not yet decided a Field Marshal but are currently looking over packages sent in by qualified individuals.

Celebrity Surprise

Actress and Model Katarina Pavlakovic at a debut for her latest movie

From Pavlakovic to Slavko, Actress Katarina Pavlakovic releases juicy news from the silent lime light couple! Though some may have suspected for quite some time nothing has been confirmed until just recently. Fans of actress Katarina and Flow State singer Ciril Slavko were full of excitment when the couple announced they would be getting married. "We tried to avoid a lot of information becoming public knowledge until the time was right. Its nice to keep some things of your life private but as the marriage date gets closer it was time to announce it. The ceremony will be private but dont fret...lots of pictures will be taken!" Katarina said in an interview for an article in a magazine. Since the announcement not much has been released from Ciril or Katarina. Katarina just finished an event highlighting the debut of her upcoming film "In The Shadows", a thriller spy movie where she plays a BBG Operative in the former Socialist Republic of Slaveska. Ciril had just finished a tour in Joseon with his band Flow State last month.

Slaveskan Olympic Committee Releases Skate Park Images

The Slaveskan Olmypic Committee (SOC) released images of a proposed indoor skatepark

Images for an unnamed skate park was released earlier today by the Slaveskan Olympic Committee (SOC). The park is said to be built indoors in the Volja District with a goal of promoting the sport as well as cultivating a healthy sense of competition and community camaraderie as well as adding an editional venue for such competitions as X Games and Olympic Games. Ground Breaking at the future site is said to commence later this month with an estimated completion time of a year and 8 months.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 12:37 am
by Sjovenia
Air Combat Controllers Competition To Take Place

Special Maritime Operations Group (SMOG) Operators from the Ministry of the Slaveškan Navy on the Janissian Coast control a Janissian Air Defense Force Ni-16 Aircraft

Members from both the MSAFs Special Tactics Group and the MSNs Special Maritime Operations Group will go head to head in a battle of job proficiency and knowledge. Teams will compete in both physically and mentally demanding environments to see who of them are considered the best of the best. The competitors must have their Air Combt Control qualifications in order to be considered for the competition as the competition will mainly revolve around this particular skill set.

Air Combat Controllers (JTACs) are the liaisons between ground commanders and pilots. Their job commonly includes deconflicting air space, conducting Close Air Support, and sending in calls for fire. While they are in Janissero the CAS and Call for Fire while be conducted by the JADF and the Janissian Navy where live ordinance will be used. On top of this the Air Combat Controllers will have to complete a 12 mile ruck in under four hours, swim test, physical fitness test, land navigation, night navigation, convoy navigation, shooting qualifications, and troubleshooting and repairing radio malfunctions and conducting radio checks.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 11:43 pm
by Sjovenia
Verdict For Second Border War Participants

Former Commander Radivoje Borisov accused of War Crimes is seen leaving a Tribunal circa 2016

For many it has been a long and grueling process filled with meetings, tribunals, and intense background and eye witness investigations. For many, they never thought they would see the day they would get to go home again. In 2012 the Second Nosikiv Border War kicked off after a Nosikiv Surface to Air Site misinterpreted its data and shot down an MSAF Ni-16 Aircraft conducting routine training 25 miles away from the Slaveskan-Nosikiv Border on the Slaveskan side. After a year and a half of fighting Nosikiv was annexed into Slaveska as the Volja District, appropriately named "The Rebel District".

Post conflict many Prisoners of War were released back home to begin the assimilation process into Slaveskan and Civilian life. Roughly 2300 POWs were kept in Class IV Prisons on grounds of preventive detention or claims of war crimes. Nearly eight years after the Second Nosikiv Border War, a verdict was reached. 2025 Prisoner of War inmates were set to be released after eight years of preventive detention. Undergoing yearly sometimes monthly OSI background checks and investigations to determine the inmates status. Of the 2300 POWs, 275 remain in Class IV Prisons. 260 POWs remain in preventive detention with an unknown date of release, to be determined by OSI. 15 POWs have been marked for execution by Firing Squad for their involvement in War Crimes. Most notably the Former Commander of the 497th Airborne Division, Radivoje Borisov.

Borisov's charges include but are not limited to - Depriving a prisoner of war of a fair trial, Issuing the orders of Killing a surrendered combatant, Ordering Torture or inhumane treatment of POWs, Ordering the Murder of POWs.

RAD Winter

MSAF Fighter Pilot partaking in Exercise RAD Winter

The Ministry of the Slaveskan Air Force (MSAF) is conducting a base wide exercise testing out its Airmen's ability to operate in CBRN environments as well as testing the knowledge of its fighter pilots and ground crew on proper donning and doffing of CBRN ensemble, PLZT Masks, as well as proper procedures before, during, and after a CBRN attack. The exercise is determined to last 30 days and includes five bases. Stay tuned for more information!

A BC-1 Pilot donning a PLZT mask for protection against a nuclear blast during Exercise RAD Winter

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 10:27 am
by Kanadorika



Senators take brief recess to discuss the proceedings of the day

2021 January 16

The consolidation of the Treulochish regions of Geitland into a separate constituent Kanadorikan nation is an idea which has been floated around Parliament for centuries, yet it had never gained traction until November, when the Senate first formally convened to discuss this very matter. Treulochia, as the nation would be known, would be the first Treulochish nation in the world. Yet while its borders are currently absent on the map, Treulochia is in fact very real, as anybody who has visited Northern Geitland or Callaecia can attest to. These regions have been rich with Treulochish culture since before the first Eyjanic even stepped foot in Eporan during the Venesian conquests. While the influence of this native culture has waned with the rise and domination of Eyjanic culture to the south, Treulochia remains as an ethnic homeland of the Callaecian, Gwynochian, and Oirthirian peoples whose languages are heard and seen as much as even Hvidovian is.

Despite this concentration of Treulochish peoples and regional support for nationhood, the idea had always been rejected by an Eyjanic dominated Parliament and in particular, Hvidovian MPs and Senators who opposed forfeiting Hvidovian lands. Yet in 2019 a nonbinding public referendum came out in favor of nationhood. The Hvidovian National Parliament voted for the referendum in 2020, supporting the concept of Treulochish nationhood even if it meant Hvidovia would lose claims to northern Geitland and the Callaecian Islands. The concept was introduced to the Federal Parliament just months ago, however it has faced considerably more opposition at the hands of the more conservative Hvidovian life peers, at least when contrasted with the democratically elected MPs of the Hvidovian national legislature. Nevertheless, support for Treulochia remained in the the governing People's Party as well as the Liberal Party, with the Lord Konsul herself expressing support for the new nation. A final vote was made just yesterday ascertaining the Senate's opinion on the matter. Those in favor of nationhood won with over 60% of the Senate's support.

From the Senate, the measure heads to the House of Commons, where the Unionist Party, more critical of Treulochia than others, holds a majority. Yet even the Unionists here are at least divided on the issue. The Prime Minister, an Oceanian, faces opposition from Hvidovian MPs within his own party, despite the Hvidovian public's support of Treulochia.

If Treulochia were to gain its independence from Hvidovia, the Imperial Senate would be expanded to match the influx of Senators from the new nation. The House of Commons will be unaffected, as constituencies would be transferred from Hvidovia to Treulochia, as opposed to being newly established.

Copyright 2021 Kanadorikan Broadcasting Corporation
All Rights Reserved

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:48 pm
by The JVP

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:52 pm
by Treko
Ⰹⰿⱂⰵⱃⰹⰰⰾ Ⱀⰵⱎⱄ

(Имперские Новости-Imperial News)

News for you


Tsarina calls for GDU conference at the start of the new year

Following an inspection tour of military bases throughout Treko, Tsarina Annika Trurikovichva and High-Chancellor Vladimir Preobrazhensky stopped in the capital to meet with parliamentary members to discuss future anti-corruption bills and the future of Treko. After the discussion, the Tsarina took to the podium and began her speech.

"Citizens of our fair and glorious Treko, we have endured so much to get back what we lost. However, it is not over. There are forces at work that do not wish to see Treko and her allies prosper and grow. Of course, I speak of the Shogunate of Furusawa and the Federation of Novajinnsk. Despite our efforts to push back the Shogunate in the second great war, they still prove to me a thorn in our side and seek to continue their expansion into the heartland of our beloved Drejveska. Even now they prod the border and seek to find a weakness in our defenses, so they may usher in their new Imperial Age. However, there are nations who do not use open conflict to obtain what they want. The Federation of Novajinnsk is who I speak of. They subvert, bribe, and use subterfuge to bring neighboring nations under their sphere of influence before they absorb them through a ludicrous annexation process. We, the people of Treko, will not stand for either of these nations transgressions against us or our allies. Therefore, I ask that a GDU conference be created prior to the specified time to discuss matters of a Drejveskan nature. I also extend an invitation to Empress Vivi of JVP and King King Maxime Aurther Schonizel Du Neidestatt of Rhamos to sit in on the GDU conference for they too deal with the attempts from our enemies. Through our determination Treko and the GDU will persevere. We can bring about a golden age!"

PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2021 9:34 am
by Danlina
Picture from the conference Friday afternoon. From left to right: Arje Florenčki (COO), Robert Kapci (CEO), Katjá Vamko (PR Administrator), Albert Markovski (Head of Arms Manufacturing Division).

23rd Paralemville Press Conference - 2021 Press Conference

The conference that took place last week opened with a grand reveal of Mikaylski & Aviram's Arms Manufacturing Division most recent project, the ADT-57 weapons system, developed in collaboration with Schwerpunkt Arms as part of the two companies' new partnership. Along with the new system, the partnership included a contract that allows M&A to produce several Schwerpunkt-patented munitions, which is thrilling news for followers of Danlina's military endeavors as this will give the Danlinian Defence Forces access to cheaper and domestically-produced heavy munitions without cutting on the quality they are accustomed to.

The next big thing revealed at the conference was the release of the TPV truck to the market, after several years of service with the Danlinian military. The Danlinian MoD, who originally contracted the design of the truck to be exclusive to the Danlinian military, has approved the truck's release to the public market.