Embassy Exchange Program Of The Holy Kingdom Of Cassadia

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]


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Postby The Green Union » Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:22 pm

The Kamooko Pact embassy in Carthage, Cassadia serves as a single mission to the entire Krillin region on behalf of all the KP's member states. After the establishment of the alliance, different embassies from the Green Union, Albatan, Durradon, Isae, and Ameria were either relocated to the old Placeodermsian mission building or, if they had no representation in the country beforehand, became newly represented through the Kamooko Pact. The embassy is on a street in Carthage's older districts, occupying an old Victorian-style building, squeezed in between coffee shops and office buildings.

General Information
Official Name of State: Kamooko Pact Of Non-Aligned Nations
Head of State: Kamooko Pact Governance Council
Head of Government (if applicable): Kamooko Pact Governance Council
Ambassador's Name: Barramundi Ruste
Ambassador's Description (short description or a picture): Black hair, olive complexion, brown eyes, slightly below average height and heavyset.
Ambassador's Family: Galjoen Ruste (Wife), Trutta Ruste (Daughter) are not accompanying him on assignment
Ambassador Bio:

Military Attaché's Name: N/A
Military Attaché's Rank: N/A
Military Attaché's Description (short description or a picture): N/A
Military Attaché's Bio: N/A

Embassy Details
Embassy Staff: 50
Embassy Security: 10 personnel from the Amerian Army’s Embassy Security Brigade, armed with
10 x C1 SBC
10 x FN Five-seven
10x Tasers
10x Expandable Baton
Embassy Domestic Staff: 40
Embassy Vehicles: 3x Toyota Land Cruiser Armoured in addition to private vehicles
Please List any Special Concerns or Needs: The Amerian security force supports two German Shepherd Guard/Bomb-sniffing dogs

Moral System
Slavery(Living Property Units): Outlawed
Sexual Equality: Legally Guaranteed
Racial Equality: Legally Guaranteed
Communism: Unregulated Ideology
Capitalism: Unregulated Ideology
Fascism: Outlawed Ideology as per association with FASC and Sevevill
Socialism: Unregulated Ideology
Private Property: Laws vary by member state
Public Property: Laws vary by member state
Alcohol Consumption: Laws vary by member state
Recreational Drug Consumption: Laws vary by member state, but harsh restrictions are frowned upon by the Governance Council
Corporal Punishment: Outlawed
Censorship of Political Views: Views considered damaging to the Pact's mission are outlawed in Pact discourse, mostly imperialism and harsh nationalist rhetoric
Censorship of Nudity and Sexually Oriented Entertainment: Laws vary by member state
Gun Ownership: Laws vary by member state, but the Governance Council occasionally enforces rulings about gun laws that are too lax and allow firearms and ammunition to be purchased legally and then smuggled to other member states
Hunting: Laws vary by member state
Homosexuality: Legally protected ground
Role Of Religion In Society And State: Laws vary by member state, but the Governance Council has
Use of Mines in Warfare: Mechanical (non-battery powered) and non-metallic mines banned under the Himmelsdorf Convention
Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Discouraged for individual ownership by member states, with almost all WMDs rolled into the Defence Council's collective command
Ecology: Laws vary by member state, but all answer to the Governance and Commerce councils for excessive or negligent environmental destruction and the KP makes an effort towards clean development
Animal Testing: Testing which causes unreasonable physical or mental suffering is outlawed, but no limit is placed on testing with braindead animals or even humans
A federation of three independent states and their Arctic territory, currently torn apart by competing interests.
Calendôr is in the GU heartland, located along the Green River. Francophone, it is the most urban nation. Dominated by boreal forests.
Urlistan covers the west coast and mouth of the Green River. English speaking, it is a rocky country based with industry and culture based around the sea. Currently under the control of the Arcadian Empire.
Arasland is a large northern landmass dominated by rocky forests and, above the treeline, tundra. Speaking several dialects of Emerstarian and Arcadian German, and culturally dominated by small communes organized in tribes.

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Postby Qassadia » Wed Jan 06, 2021 8:57 am


To: The Komooko Pact Secretariat
From: Joachim von Ribbentrop, Royal Secretary of Foreign Affair
Subject: Embassy
Encryption: Moderate

To Whoever It Concerns,

On behalf of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Relena Von Peacecraft. I bear with the greatest pleasure and honor that I Joachim von Ribbentrop, on behalf of Her Majesty's Crown-Government, would like to inform your government that your application has been APPROVED.

We look forward to meeting Mr. Barramundi Ruste and we hope he will come around to enjoy his stay in our kingdom's never-sleeping capital. We hope that this embassy will make it possible for both our Great Nation to realize the dream of having our two Great Civilizations, to eventually enjoy close and prosperous relations concerning trade, military cooperation, and peaceful communications between our two Great Nations.

Her Imperial Majesty has herself stated that his most noble person looks forward to meeting Mr. Barramundi Ruste, to discuss establishing a framework of bilateral ties that are to last throughout the generations of our descendants. We hope that this embassy will make it possible to enjoy close and friendly relations with regard to economic ties, technological exchange, and peaceful communications between our countries.

The address of the designated housing for your country's Diplomatic Mission to the Holy Kingdom Of Cassadia is located on Ulitsa Ryleyeva, 35, Carthage, Holy Kingdom of Cassadia, 29090.

We hope that you find this embassy acceptable for your standards, as specified earlier in your last correspondence. Furthermore, I look forward to discussing closer relations between our nations through your new ambassador, and for myself directly with your own office in the quest for attaining the desirable outcome of successfully furthering the prosperity of both our Great Nations nations.


Best regards,
Sir Joachim Von Ribbentrop
Royal Secretary of Foreign Affairs

“All men are NOT created equal! Some are born smarter, or more beautiful, or with parents of greater status. Some, by contrast, are born of weak body or mind, or with few, if any, talents. All men are different! Yes, the very existence of man is discriminatory. That’s why there are wars, violence, and unrest.”Emperor Charles (VII) Von Peacecraft


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