Factbook of The Republic of American Maplestory (Closed)

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Factbook of The Republic of American Maplestory (Closed)

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Official Name: The Republic of American Maplestory
Capital: Henesys
Largest City: Henesys
Largest City by Area: Leafre
Official Language: English
Other Languages Recognized at local levels: Japanese, Polish, Mandarin and German
Demonym: Maplean
Driving Side: Right in All Provinces
Government Formation:
Nomadic: c. 8,860 BCE
General Formation as Maple: c. 4000 BCE? Inscriptions on our oldest known building, the Mu Lung Castle suggest that the first king began reign at 4012 BC.
Province Formation: 1126
Commonwealth of Osaka: 1526
Recognized as a Country: 1691 (In Exile)
Invaded: 1727
Re Recognized (Under Limitations of Osaka): 1795
Independence from Osaka: 1952
Democratic People's Republic: 1960-1978
People's Republic: 1978-1989
Republic: 1990-Present
Constitution: 1947 Amended in 1992-93
Total Population as of May 22, 2010: 105,791,900

Military and Defense Statistics
Military: Strong
Total Serving/ Affiliated: 175,600
Land Division: Yes
Air Division: Yes
Water Division: Yes
Nuclear Weapons (weapons of Mass destruction) : Yes, > 2tns w/ 40,000 warheads.
Weapon name: MS-LC10946 (NOT IN USE AS OF DEC 2009)
Type: Hydrogen Bomb
Yield: 250KT
Number of bombs in stockpile: 450
Comments (optional): Common bomb, mass produced within the 1950-1970s in the Republic of Maple and set to Retire

Weapon name: MSHR-5 (Variants of MSHR-7,8,11 and MSHR-U5 depending on Velocity and Range)
Type:Ballistic Nuclear Missile (strategic)
Yield: 13MT
Number of bombs in stockpile: 2,100
Comments (optional): Common bomb, mass produced by the Naval Intelligence and the Department of Defense of the Republic of Maplestory.

Weapon name: MS-THAP054 (Variants of MS-THAP056,077,081, 106 and THAP056 EXTENDED RANGE
Type:Ballistic Nuclear Missile (Tactical)
Yield: 17MT
Number of bombs in stockpile: 3,200
Comments (optional): Common bomb, mass produced by the Naval Intelligence and the Department of Defense of the Republic of Maplestory.

Weapon name: AMTM-406
Type:Thermonuclear Missile
Yield: 35MT
Number of bombs in stockpile: 650 (120 in production)
Comments (optional): Nuclear Weaponry Produced by the Naval Intelligence Commission and The Department of Defense

Weapon name: MSSL-945
Type:Submarine Launched Tactical Missile
Yield: 5MT
Number of bombs in stockpile: 290
Comments (optional): Nuclear Weaponry Produced by the Naval Intelligence Commission, The Department of Defense with the Approval of the Environmental Issuance Commission for Underwater Warfare

Weapon name: MMSDPR- M56 (by 2018 planned M68 Missile with a increased Velocity of 115 mph)_
Type:Intercontinental Ballistic Missile- (High Longevity Inferior Missile)
Yield: 75MT
Number of bombs in stockpile: 16 (with 2 in deployment)
Comments (optional): Rare Nuclear Weaponry Produced by the Naval Intelligence Commission, The Department of Defense with the Approval of the Environmental Issuance Commission for Underwater Warfare.

Weapon name: MSTU- 01
Type:Test Unit -Undetermined
Yield: 136MT
Number of bombs in stockpile: 1
Comments (optional): Rare Nuclear Weaponry Produced by the Naval Intelligence Commission, The Department of Defense with the Approval of the Environmental Issuance Commission for Underwater Warfare.

Maximum Nuclear Tonnage: 107,348.5MT-111,698.5MT
Number of Nuclear Warheads: 6,707- 6,829

Economic Structure Includes:
Capitalism (Free Enterprise)
Regulated Free Market
GDP: 6,942,571,000
GPD per Capita: 18,461
Population Below Poverty Line: 3.68%
Unemployment Rate: ~6.1%
Inflation Rate: 3.97%
Major Industries: Oil, Health care, Insurance, Banks,Agriculture Telecommunications, Technology, Energy
Income Tax: Average of 32%
Household income avg: 53,600 (USD)
Labor Force: 5,067,034
Imports: Agriculture, Common Goods
Imports most common from: China, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada (fish)
Exports: Oil, Agriculture, Diamonds, Gold, Paladium, Zinc, Iron Copper
Relative Location: Off the West Coast of Japan, North of Micronesia, Australia
Absolute Location: N/A
Area: 4,860,457 km2 (7th)
Bordering Nations: China (small strip leads way off the the pacific where the strip expands to a circular shape (ill post image later.)
Coastline Length: 9,156.98 km (longest)
Maritime Claims?
Terrain: Plateaus, Gorges, Mountains, Flat Plains
Elevation Extremes: Highest: 8165m (8th) Sappariotsu Mountain Lowest: Depth of Sakura (-106m)
Climate: Ranges between hot and cool 70-105 Summer Average , -5F-60 Summer Average Rain: Alot
Land Use:76% Rural 23% Urban (1% other)
Natural Resources: Oil, Gold, Platnum, Iron, Zinc, Copper
Irrigated Land: N/A
Natural Hazards: Polonium and Radium levels high at SOME mountainous locations
Environmental Awareness: Low- Medium EPA availability: Yes, Limited

6.[b] People and Population

Total Population as of April 25th, 2010: 5,791,900
Age Structure: Aging, and Young small amount of people between 30-40
Population Growth Rate: 14,000/ day
Net Immigration Rate: 550,000/ year Legally
Life Expectancy: 84 Female, 81 Male
Nationality: Maplean, American
Ethnic Groups: 89% White, 6% Asian 2% Black 1% Hispanic 3% other
Religion: Catholic 69%, Methodist 11%, Baptist 8%, Buddhism 5%, 7% other recognized religions
Languages: (expressed in General info)
Literacy: 99.2% Male 97% Female

7. Communications
Country Code: ROM
Number of Television p/1000 ppl: 1945
Number of Phones p/1000 ppl: 865
Number of Cell Phone p/1000: 1020
Number of Radios p/1000: 394
Radio Broadcast stations: 38
Major Radio Broadcasters: 6
Internet Hosts: Department of Censorship and Public Domain
Internet Providers:Maplestory TTN
Internet Services of Maple
Web: TLD; .rom, .ms OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT: .gms

Airline Name: Air Maple
Main Airport: Maple Henesys Freeport International
Fleet: [b][/b]
2 Boeing 717
2 Boeing 727
29 Boeing 737
16 Boeing 747
3 Boeing 757
20 Boeing 767
22 Boeing 777
31 Boeing 787 (17 Planned)
6 Airbus A300
1 Airbus A310
1 Airbus A318
2 Airbus A319
3 Airbus A320
1 Airbus A321 (2 Planned)
7 Airbus A330
4 Airbus A340 (3 Planned)
0 Airbus A350 XWB (5 Planned 2013-2014)
1 Airbus A380 (4 Planned, 2 Considered)

6 BAe 146 / Avro RJ
1 Douglas DC 8
4 Douglas DC 9 (Set to Retire)
4 Douglas DC 10
2 Douglas DC 11
9 Douglas DC 80 (7 set to retire)
2 Douglas DC 90

Some are Private/ CO Private Owned
22 Dornier 228 (14 Private owned)
8 Dornier DO 28
5 PZL-104 Wilga
2 Dornier 328
9 Dash 8 Aircrafts

1 Antonov An-225 MTT Vairant (1 Planned) Military Strategy Purposes

Fleet Under Suspension since 2005 due to Russian volatility:
2 Ilyushin Il-62 (SUSPENDED)
1 Ilyushin Il-86 (SUSPENDED)
1 Ilyushin Il-114 (Set for 2010 Retired status) (SUSPENDED)
5 Antonov An-124 (3 SUSPENDED) (2 Ltd. USE)
1 Antonov An-140 (Set for 2011 Retired Status) (SUSPENDED)
2 Antonov An-148 (SUSPENDED)

Thats all or now, as you can see we invest in airplanes.

Military Alerts and Warnings for a executive decision regarding the threat or execution of war:
DEFCON 5 - Military is in complete Reserve, as no threats are made or considered by the federal establishment. Most amount of Military Testing Occurs during this time of long term things.
DEFCON 4 The intelligence is vigilant and aware of a country or organization but does not consider the country being at risk for an attack. National Security is strengthened however no additional matters are placed to obstruct preliminary procedures of any body.
DEFCON 3- The military and intelligence is aware of mounting tensions and disagreements that may or not be threatening to the executive branch and may or may not pose a decision for war. However, military is preparing its supplies for the decision of war by the Commander in Chief.
DEFCON 2- Increase in the forces to maximum levels however the military personals are all located domestically. The Commander in Chief is working diligently to provide agreements to prevent war. The people of the ROM are also warned about the imminent threat of war or an attack and are advised to not make non essential travel to the country or region of that country. Defense Budgets are usually upgraded.

DEFCON 1- Usually a full blown war that requires military actions. Military is in an active mission in another country or protective of the country, and defending it aggressively in response to it. This could also mean several administrative decisions could be made to shut down boarders or airports however usually this is not an affirmative decision unless the airports or boarders are considered a threat to the welfare of the country.
DEFCON 0- RARELY USED, IF EVER. This simply means the war is full blown and very threatening to the existence of the country.
The country will do whatever it takes to win the war and postpone all other operations. With DEFCON 0, Nuclear Weapons can be used against the country and ONLY UNDER THIS ALERT LEVEL CAN A NUCLEAR WEAPON BE USED. This might lead the doomsday clock to midnight.
The nuclear weapon can only be initiated with the consent of the Commander in Chief.
Location of the ROM:

Law Enforcement Jobs/ Ranking:

Police Assistant- Maple Judicial Cleric- Helps out in paper work, secretary. (Paid 16,000-25,000 USD)
Public Security- Public Security Corps.- Security of public business. (Paid 20,000-30,000)
Police- Maple Police of the city of ___- Protects the city and patrols it against normal things. (Paid 22,000-45,000)
Municipal Police- Municipal Guard of Maple-Protects the Municipality (Paid 30,000-50,000)
Division Police- Divisional Guard of Maple- Protects the Division. (Paid 45,000-55,000)
Regional Police- Regional Provost of Maple- Protects one of the 13 Regions of Maple. (Paid 50,000-70,000)
Government Criminal Center- Central Unit Of Investigation of Maplestory- Protects matters that involve the whole nation from an internal source. (Paid 60,000-105,000)
Bureau of Aggressive Investigation- Federal Division of National Corrections- Provides the assist to capture the criminals. (Paid 75,000-110,000)
Executive Police- Federal Marshal Agency (Paid 80,000-115,000)
Army- The Army of the Republic of American Maplestory (Paid 20,000-78,000)

Division of Environmental Emergencies- (Paid 40,000-55,000)
Division of Customs and Boarder Patrol- (Paid 45,000-50,000)
Division of Hazardous Material- (Paid 75,000-95,000)
Division of Nuclear Accommodation- (Paid 80,000-100,000)
Division of Terrorist Provision and Tasks- (Paid 95,000-120,000)
Division of Biological Affairs- (Paid 65,000-90,000)
Division of Secret Services and Protections (Paid 150,000- 365,000) (In cooperation with the Department of Central Unit of Investigations of Maplestory and other security forces)
Division of Information and Technical Initiations (Paid: Unknown)
Division of Naval Intelligence (Paid 220,000-1,250,000+)
*Difference between CUI and FDNC= CUI only solves inside the lab, while the FDNC usually goes out into the field.

Army Ranks:
Private Second Class
First Class Private
Staffing Sargent
General Sargent
Executive Sargent (also known as Sargent Master 1st Class)
Sargent Private Staffer of The Army
Warrant Officer
Warrant General Officer
Warrant Executive Officer
Executive Lieutenant
Private Colonel
Sector General (1 Star general)
Public General (2 Star General)
Majoral General (3 Star General)
Executive General (3 and 1/2 Star Extra General)
General (4 star general)
General of The Army of the Republic of Maplestory (5 star general)

Retirement System:
Centeral Retirement Office Building: Social Security Administration of The Republic of Maplestory
Erected: 1990 (Before this time during Communism, everyone recieved a low retirement plan of only 35% of original income, named The Union Pension Office of Public Service.)
System Details:
If you are working until 65 (minimum retirement age) you receive 65% of your original working income.
If you work until 70 you receive 70% of the original working income.
If you work until 72 you receive 75% of your original income.
If you work until 76 or any age passed that you receive 80% of your original income.

If you had military service of 5yrs+ throughout any time in your life in ROM, your original income percentile will increase by +5%, regardless of rank achieved.
This will go into your SSI account and you have the option of withdrawing it in official banknotes (money) or all stores have to accept payment through SSI cards, which have a debit card type of system.

Political Rights
Is there democracy in any form? Yes
Is there representative democracy? Yes
- What type? (Single-member plurality, etc?) Bicameral (Same system as in the United States)
- Unicameral, bicameral, or multicameral?
Is there direct democracy? No
Is there universal suffrage? Yes
- Are criminals given suffrage? No
- At what age is suffrage given? 18
- Are all votes equal? Yes
Are there multiple parties? 3 Main Parties with atleast 5 other minorities with single house representation or none
- How many, if yes?
Is there competition between multiple parties? Yes
Is there gerrymandering? No
Is there secret ballot? No
Is there ballot security? Yes
Is there electoral fraud? No
- How many, if yes?
Is there public access to political campaigns? Yes
Are political parties allowed to use the media as an outlet? Yes
Are those who violate rights of others punished? Yes
Are those who seek to unfairly sway ideas towards themselves punished? No
Are those who have politically controversial ideas allowed to speak? Yes
Are all people allowed to run for office? No, like in the United States, you cant have a criminal record, you need a higher education, and you cannot have a criminal record. Also, you cannot be homosexual, however this is being considered to be repealed.
Is there the right to assemble peacefully? Yes
Is there the right to hold referenda? Yes
Is there the right to speak against the government without punishment? Yes, under most circumstances.
Are politicians who go against the current regime punished? No
Are there unrestricted opposition parties? Yes
Are there guaranteed rights? Yes
Is there a constitution? Yes
Are books or media that propose dangerous political ideas banned? No, but there is minimal censorship.

Civil Liberties
Is there the right to freedom of speech about all social ideas? Yes
- Freedom to slander and libel? Yes
Is there freedom of religion? Yes
Is there freedom from quartering? Yes
Is there freedom from compulsory purchase (eminent domain)? Yes ofcourse, we hate this.
Is there protection from unreasonable search and seizure? Yes, 8th Amendment on the Collection of Human Rights.
Is there the right to bear arms? Yes
Is there the right to a trial by jury? Yes
Is there the right to due process of law? Yes
Is there the right to avoid self-incrimination? Yes
Is there the right to avoid double jeopardy? Yes
Is there the right to a public trial? Yes
Is there the right to avoid cruel and unusual punishment? Yes
- Excessive bail? Yes
Is there the right to consume any type of food? Yes
Is there the right to consume alcohol? Depends, not in excess in public
- Marijuana, medicinal or recreational? NO
- Tobacco? Yes, but not in public places
- Caffeine? Yes
- Cocaine? No
- Other? Yes, but not drugs.
Is there the right to drive? Yes
- Drink and drive? No
Is there the right to view pornographic material depicting consensual activity between adults? Yes
- Underage? No
- Non-consensual? No
Is there the right to wear nothing in public? Yes, however this is very rare as this right goes to local government and most local districts have chose to ban this display.
- In private, save for bathing? Yes
Is there the right to wear any type of clothing, including those with messages that may be viewed as offensive? Yes
Is there the right to gamble? Yes, over 21.
Is there the right to marry freely? Yes, but no homosexuality.
Is there the right to have extramarital intercourse? Yes, however this is civilly frowned upon.
Is there the right to avoid conscription into the military during peacetime? Yes, however under extreme circumstances you can still be conscripted.
- During wartime? Yes

The Republic of Maple is a Socially Developed Nation, and is mirrored to the United States.


All our coins are blue. The bigger amounts are darker blue and for example the 1 Meso is very light.
As for our coins:
$2 cent coins, $1 cent coin, 50 cents, 25 cent coins are golden (golden mixin outside.)
The 20 cent coins, 10 cent coins, 5 cent coins are silver (silver mixin)
and the 2 and 1 cent coins are bronze.

WOW this is embarrassing:

Our embarrassing moments happened to use during communism.
In 1968, 62 year old General Secretary Vladimir Robaniv went on stage giving his Inaugural Address and had a bucket of black paint dropped on his bald head "accidentally" from the contractors from the construction of the federal building. Conspiracy theorists believe that this was done on purpose because the building is almost completely white and has very little black, which was believed to not have been worked on during this time. No charged were filed.

In 1987, 25 year old Rodom Miklivski, the General Secretary, was on stage speaking controversially in favor of torture. A group of protesters ambushed the Secret Service, killing them and had enough time to strip the General Secretary, revealing his embarrassing big erection, toned body, body hair, and sexy abs. He stood stunned and naked on stage for 30 seconds before the SS came in and put a towel around him. He did not make any public appearances for 2 years.
The group of 14 protesters were arrested and are still being tortured severely without clothing until this very day, if they're even alive by now. Before the sentencing, all the protesters (all males) were held naked for 3 weeks on the public square and were beaten by the Police, by the Demand of the General Secretary.

Expect Updates and Pictures!

2010 Official World Census:
Full Nation Name: Republic of American Maplestory
Capital city: Henesys
Nation's leader(s): Min Kim (President 2008-)
Government type: Representative Republic
WA official government category: Inoffensive Centralist Democracy (switches to Father Knows Best State sometimes)
WA economy rating: Very Strong
WA civil rights rating: Good
WA political freedoms rating: Few
Population(can be rp if you wish): 186 million
Total land area: 6,715,468 sq Mi
Tax rate range: WA totals range between 32~46%
Unemployment rate:531%
Literacy percentage: 99.2%
Average age of citizen: 43
Average lifespan of citizen: 82
Religion make-up of population: 69 Catholic, 11 Methodist, 7 Other Cristian, 5 Buddhist, 2 Taoist 6 Other or Non Affiliated
Ethnicity make-up of population: 88% White, 9% Asian (other Pacific Islander), 2% Black, 0.5% Hispanic, 2.5% Other
Strongest industry: PRIMARY: Oil (Petroleum) SECONDARY AND TERTIARY: Uranium, Finance (Banking/ or Management)
Weakest industry: Public Housing/ Welfare
Capitalist/Socialist/Communist(in terms of economy, not government): Capitalist
How much industry regulation (absolute control, high, medium, little, none): Little To None, Medium in Some Sectors. We encourage the Free Market System.
Does your nation have any forms of slavery: No
Does your nation fight in many wars?: Yes, including the War on Terror
On a a scale of 1-10, 10 being extremely involved, how involved is your nation with other nations: 6
Main imports: Agriculture, Retail and Wholesale
Main exports: Oil, Cotton, Military Products, Ores (Crude and Refined) and Gems, Vehicles
Does your nation have a space program: Yes, however its a partial subsidiary of NASA and it does not get too much funding
Energy sources make-up: Oil
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being a wasteland, how polluted is your nation: 3
How many colonies does your nation have: 0
Average number of people in a household in your nation: 2.9
Have you ever been a member of the WA: Yes
Are you currently a member of the WA: Yes
Has your nation proposed any WA resolutions, if so, give the amount: No
Does your nation have a condemn or commend? (if so, which one?): Condemned the Socialistic State of Wyoming for their cruel civil rights
Nation's region: West Pacific
Is your nation involved in your region?: Yes
How much crime does your nation have? (high, medium, low, or none?): None (Thanks to our dedicated Police)
Does your nation have companies native to your nation that have also spread to other nations?: Yes, typically in Finance

Politics Parties (Statistics):
Party: Republican Party of the Republic of Maple:
Seats Senate: 29
Seats Assembly: 259
Colors: Red
Members: Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Interior, Chief Delegate to the Foreign Affairs Council

Party: Communistic Party of The Republic of Maple:
Seats Senate: 34
Seats Assembly: 272
Colors: Black, Brown (until 1970)
Members: President, Vice President, Most cabinet Members

Party: Democratic Party of The Republic of Maple:
Seats Senate: 27
Seats Assembly: 212
Colors: Blue
Members: Advisers, Secret Service Intelligence Positions

Party Minorities Recognized:
Reform Party Senate: 3 Assembly:46
Independent: Senate: 5 Assembly 35
Civil Party: 1 Assembly: 23
Profession and Movement: 0, 17
Front Party: 0, 16
People's Party (Leftist Socialism) 0,8
Socialistic Trade Union 0,5

Total Senate Seats: 100
Total Assembly Seats; 893 (+7 NV Not Counted)

Population: (Biggest Cities)
Kerning City
Lith Harbor
El Nath
Mu Lung(73% Incorporated)
Urban Population: 82% (of total)

Current Leaders: Party:
C- Communism R- Republican D- Democratic
President: Min Kim (C)
Vice President: Wu Sai (C)
Secretary of State: Radles Mier (D)
Secretary of Defense: Bart Bagniewski (R)
Secretary of Finance: Forein Wex (D)
Secretary of Energy: Bradley Fords
Secretary of Interior: Mark Warren (R)
Secretary of Agriculture: Jackson Ferrer (R)
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Stewards Feins (R)
Secretary of Censorship and Public Domain: Rick Harding (C)
Secretary of Commerce: Frank Valor (R)
Attorney General: Stevens Foyer (R)
Assist. Attorney General: Richard Kerney (R)
Commissioner of Wealth: Catherine Sweezy (C)
Commissioner of Labor: Forseith Grammley (C)
Commissioner of Safety: Sickin Bates (D)
Director of Management: Rotwell Sweire (D)

Suffrage Rights:
1405 AD: Voting Sometimes because a way to resolve problems between magistrates at the Saquin Dinasty.
1727: First elections take place. (WHITE MEN)
1808: Elections Revolutionized; Error Margins Reduced
1952: Voting Compulsory (USSR Rule) (WHITE MEN)
1963: Voting Age established at 28 (WHITE MEN)
1978: Voting Non Compulsory; Age drops to 21 (WHITE MEN)
1980: Voting Age 18 (WHITE MEN)
1985: Women Can Vote (WHITES ONLY)
1988: Asians are given the right to Vote, Selectively (Meaning the Communistic government chose which votes to discard and which to count)
1990: Privacy Initiatives Set up (Voting Booths)
1990: ALL people regardless of Sex, Origin, Race, Sexuality, Wealth and Place of Residence have the right to vote at the age of 18.
1994: Constitutional Amendment Ratified by ALL Provinces
1996: Voting Inspections and Provisions Set Up
1997: Every Vote Counts Bill Passed: Every Vote is guaranteed to be Counted and Archived
2006: First Phone Votes
2008: First Internet Voting (Only applied to Henesys and Ellinia Districts)
November 2010 (Planned): Internet Voting Expanded to rest of Provinces, (except Ltd. El Nath (east), Mu Lung.. all but District 3,7,8,14,16, Ariant... all but District 2,4 with Magita under consideration (District 1,2,4)

A History of Justice
We have the Federal All Force Maximum Penetration Prison of The Republic of Maplestory.
it is the biggest and most secure prison within the Republic of Maplestory and houses 6,000 inmates (we dont have too much crime.)
It is often refereed to as the Jail of Lost Souls, as very few people come out of that place. (Designed for people with 25 year+ sentencing)

We have a list of closed jails also:
Mai Bui Unagi Built 1264 Closed 1456) Closed to Public Viewing; Renovation Project
The Final Post (Built 1909- Closed 1964)
The Endeavoring People's Republic's Place of Punishment (Built 1958-Closed 1984)
The Place of Death( Built 1691- Closed 1942) Serves as a Museum
The Empire's Dungeon (Built c.874 AD and closed c. 1510) Serves as Museum and Protected Building
and No Escape (Closed 2002 however plans are issued to possibly reopen after extensive renovations) (Built 1874)

Expect Updates and Pictures!

Tinao Sombwit 196-243
Li Nao Sombwit 243-274
Derfzig Sombwit 274-299
Luk Sombwit 299-351
Leviathan Sombwit 351-371
Gard Sombwit 371-388
Senzhou Sombwit 388-422
Guiy Sombwit 422-483
Xi-Wang Sombwit 483-535
Saigon Sombwit 532-575
Qufu Sombwit 575-599
Reputa Sombwit 599-613
Hu Sombwit 613-669
Min-jing Sombwit 669-690
Senhai Sombwit 690-694
Tai Sombwit 694-715
Rong Sombwit 715-729
Tao Sombwit 729-740
Li Wei Sombwit 740-773
Ping Sombwit 773-825
Quon Sombwit 825-849
Weng Sombwit 849-872
Lao Sombwit 872-886
Ming Sombwit 886-888 (Murdered)
Yuan Sombwit 888-926
Fu Sombwit 926-929 (Murdered by Mongols)
Chen Sombwit 929-944
Fang Sombwit 944-996
Chung Sombwit 996-1005
Bo Sombwit 1005-1022
Da-Xia Sombwit 1022-1066
Hsing Sombwit 1066-1111
Jie Sombwit 1111-1132

Northern Republic:
Drax Sombwit 1132-1144
Li Sombwit 1144-1178
Sakura Sombwit (acting)(disputed) 1178-1181 (-1182?) ONLY FEMALE
Min Yue Sombwit 1182?-1203
An Sombwit 1203-1250
Yamanamara Sombwit 1250-1312
George Sombwit 1312-1349
Quin Sombwit 1349-1376
Heird Sombwit 1376-1379
Saquin Sombwit 1379-1418
Min Sombwit 1418-1432
Gdong Sombwit 1432-1444

Southwestern Republic (Masteria:)
Mas Retraux 1133-1149
Vader Retraux 1149-1168

1. James Murtagh- Federalist (1691-1701) Father and Leader of The Republic of Maplestory
2. Rutherford Letxz- Federalist (1701-1709) One of the Main Writers of the Constitution who became President
3. Grant O'Hair- Federalist (1709-1713)
4. Steven Dopplerstære- Republican Federalist(1713-1717) One of the Main Writers of the Constitution who became President FOUNDER OF THE REPUBLICAN party of Maplestory
5. Evan Rottler- Democrat (1717-1725)
6. John Xeimh- Republican (1725-1737) Father of the Authentication of Independence
7. Franklin Gordston- Democrat (1737-1741)
8. Lucas Bakley- Republican (1741-1749)
9. Patrick Reighles- Democrat (1749-1753)
10. Luclies Buchanan- Republican (1753-1761)
11. Thomas Sessions- Republican (1761-1769)
12. Norman Moore- Republican (1767-1777)
13. Adam Jennings- Republican (1777-1785)
14. Irving Ordöff- Socialist (1785-1789)
15. Fritling Jinkins- Republican- (1789-1797)
16. Lanston Xavier- Republican (1797-1801) ASSASSINATED
17. Andrew Wexler- Republican (1801-1801)
18. John Cole- Republican (1801-1809)
19. Gerald Moriordentelsky- Democrat (1809-1813)
20. Kennith Cross- Republican (1813-1815) DIED
21. David Alwing- Republican (1815-1817)
22. Plot Miklinsek- Socialist (1817-1821)
23. Kinsley Olsews- Democrat (1821-1825)
24. Worth Mendelson- Democrat (1825-1829)
25. Lesner Jackson- Republican (1829-1837)
26. Dwell Straights- Democrat (1837-1845)
27. Henry Steiwley- Democrat (1845-1849)
28. Arthur Grassley- Republican (1849-1853)
29. Wladyslaw Ofszer- Republican (1853-1861)
30. Kipper Raft- Progressive Democrat (1861-1865)
31. Robert Candehair-Socialist (1865-1873)
32. Matthew Bleigheher- Progressive Democrat (1873-1877)
33. Henry Sites- Democrat (1877-1885)
34. Roger Harding- Democrat (1885-1889)
35. Jefferson Blackman- Republican (1889-1897)
36. Bill Stern- Socialist (1897-1905)
37. Jimmy Boldner- Socialist (1905-1909)
38. George Bates- Socialist (1909-1910) IMPEACHED
39. Christopher Blackman- Republican (1910-1917)
40. Zachary Felton- Democrat (1917-1925)
41. David Camp- Republican (1925-1929)
42. Robin Jarvis- Republican (1929-1937)
43. Samuel Gress- Republican (1937-1945)
44. Mitchel Graham- Independence (1945-1949)
45. General Secretary Vladimir Stradev- Communist (1949-1966) DIED
46. General Secretary Samuel Waigtner- Communist (1966-1969)
47. General Secretary Madison Walters- Communist (1969-1971) DIED
48. General Secretary Luther Chester- Communist (1971-1973)
49. General Secretary Albert Ford- Communist (1973-1981)
50. General Secretary Robert Zabriski- Communist (1981-1989)
51. Felt Gorblech- Communist (1989-1993)
52. Serviece Mierhard- Communist (1993-2001)
53. Richard Millardson- Communist (2001-2005)
54. Min Kim- Communist(2005-Present)

My lifetime:
Police Officer- Leaving Rank: Corporal (1957-1963)
Plaintiff Lawyer and Ltd. Prosecutor (1963-1967)
Provincial Judge Presiding over the Provincial Court of the Republic of Maple (Appointed by the Governor of the Province) (1967-1972)
Provincial Attorney General of the Provincial Court of the Province of El Nath (1972-1981)
Census Inspectorate Officer of The Republic of Maple (1981-1989) OFFICE ABOLISHED-COMMUNISM FALLS
Province Assemblyman (Province of El Nath) (1990-1999)
Senator of the Province of El Nath (2000-Pres.)
Secretary of Defense (2006-Pres.)
-Finance Committee (2000-2004)
-Ethics Committee Member (2001-Pres.)
-Ethics Committee Vice Chairman (2005-2009)
-Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee (2004-2008)
-Justice Committee Member (2003-Pres.)
-Honorary Non Voting member of the AFLCIO (2010-Pres.)

Political Party Affiliation:
1960-1989 Compulsory Communist (Under the Communistic Regime of the USSR)
1990-Pres. Republican Party of the Republic of Maplestory

Regarding UFOs

The citizens of ROM are divided upon UFOs, some just dismiss them, while others fear extraterrestrial dangers, while others fear government and its technologies. The government tends to dismiss UFO sightings, and there is no government granted research funds into the extraterrestrial field.
We get about 3,615 sightings every year, with about 300 narrowed down to genuine and a couple of cases per few years that are actually compelling.
We have one sighting in the outskirts of Henesys on June 3rd, 2008 (11.35pm) where a Metallic disk shaped object came down with high speeds and started making very difficult 90 degree maneuvers without slowing down. The acceleration was also astonishing as it would accelerate from 0-500mph in seconds, turn without stopping and decelerate from 500-0 in also a few seconds. Within 5 minutes they left, however 15 miles East of it that night at around 1.45am local time, there was a very loud noise, as if an aircraft had gone into Sonic Speeds, however this is a Noise Controlled zone. This broke windows and the National Guard was notified (not because of Alien Fears but because of fear that other governments might be attacking us.) Over the night, there were many Fighter Aircrafts that were in the 100 miles radius and patrols around the whole nation patrolling but nothing was ever seen. The first event was caught on tape, and until this very day there is no genuine explanation of this case, and this is one of the nation's biggest mysteries. Most notable UFO sightings are in the 1940's, 50s and 60s were UFos were a common hysteria and technology was crude. Now its too long to reexamine most of them. Over the past decade, many UFOs have been reported around skyscrapers, even the Capitol of the Republic of Maple (2003 incident) and most cases are explained to either weather balloons or other things.

The Republic of Maple has no official statements on UFOs and Stratospheric phenomena, explaining to the general public that the government tracks 100% of the air of ROM 24/7 and would place emergency plans if the nation was under attack.

Most people just believe UFOs are classified technologies, since it seems that most UFo sightings are within 50 miles of a Military base, however this is undetermined and very vague.

Biggest Disaster
June 7th, 1993 The Grant Escape (carrying 2,953 people) crashed into the Rigel Expedition (carrying 2,193 people.) It was about 28 miles offshore, and it was very foggy, visibility was less than 1/8th mile.
The ships coordination got mixed up when they both responded to directions to go towards each other, not knowing those directions were supposed to be sent to the broken oil ship that was in the middle of the both Cruise ships. Time line:
June 7th
11.48am both ships are in line to dock within a few minutes.
11.56am directions from controller to move within 2000 feet of the angle (to be straight lined up with the dock.)
12.01pm The MS Sea Creature oil transporter ship lines up with the harbor as it goes on standby to listen to directions.
12.27pm The Grant Escape and the Rigel Expedition are moving towards each other at about 600 feet away from the MS Sea Creature at 26 knots. (22 knots for the Rigel.)
12.33pm The Great Escape collides with the MS Sea Creature going at 19 knots.
12.34pm Within 23 seconds, the Rigel Expedition collides with the MS Sea Creature (and the Grant Escape), moving at 20 knots.
12.34pm The Entire Wreckage explodes into flames as the petroleum becomes mixed with heat and ocean water.
12.52pm The MS New Haven locates a dark cloud of ash rising from the white fog and reports it to the Control personnel on land.
1.47pm Emergency Personnel reach the wreckage with full equipment and attempt to extinguish the fire.
June 18th
Approx 2.48pm The last of the fire is extinguished and burned out.

All of the members on board, including the 2,953 on the Grant Escape, 2193 on the Rigel Expedition, and 194 people on the MS Sea Creature died. In total, all 5,340 people died due to this lack of communication.
only 684 bodies were located.

In addition, 297,000 tonnes of oil (7.33 barrels in a ton) were spilled, due to the Ms Sea Creature sinking, only 26,000 tonnes less then Exxon Valdez.
In the months following, crews made extensive strides to clean the oil slick and about 79.4% of the oil was contained within the first two years, and 2.8% was contained within the following 5 years.
The rest dissolved.

Wills and Inheritance

How is inheritance registered? [Wills,Government,Etc]?
Wills that are signed by the individual who has deceased. In most Provinces, they do not have to be notarized.

Any restrictions on who can give inheritance?
No, however if the individual was involved in crimes or scandals pertaining to fraudulent transactions or theft involving money, commodities or other assets, the government MAY take an amount from the inheritance and allocate it in a manner to give it to the individuals who were stolen from.

Is Inheritance granted under restrictions of:
Human Only
-Any sort of status of the person?
Has to be related, as in Kin (cannot give to Girlfriend for example)
Is there an Inheritance Tax?
Are there restrictions or legal articles on what can be inherited?
No, as long as it is not illegal.
[Specific Types of Property?]
Any types of properties ranging from land, to mansions, to apartments. (Gets a little complicated with time shares and rental, but still possible.)
-Monetary Amounts/Finances?
Yes. This also gets complicated at times. If the person who has deceased is an owner of the company, the ownership of that institution is given to the inheritor. If he is part owner during the time of his death,then only the percentage of ownership may be given to the inheritor. Also, if the ownership requires permits, or types of skills that require a license, the individual can either get the license or he can resort a settlement with the other co-owner. If a settlement cannot be reached, the situation will most likely have to go to court, in which the ownership of both parties and administrative decisions that are involved with the ownership are suspended until the case can be resolved. Monetary amounts, (with the agreement of both parties) may also be given to compensate for the value of the company (which is also determined in the same sense, or by a professional opinion.) Titles like CEOs and other elected positions are not inheritor, however in most position, the individual that would inherit them will receive an honorable mention.
Any specifics on what can be inherited based on any not mentioned factors?
Nothing illegal can be given.
Anything Else?
In the will if the will contains parts that cannot be completed by law, the Provincial Courts will decide a feasible resolution that will be closely concurrent to the original will.

Legislative Buildings of the Republic of Maplestory:


Image (Combined in the back view)

Date Built: 1735
Architect: Jan Merdins
Capacity: 1600-1850
Architectural Style: Dome
City: Henesys
Between 900 Victoria Street and 400 Minar Forest Blvd.
Name of Building:
The General Hall of the Congress of the Republic of Maplestory

Also, our main committee building:
Architect: Samuel Batesworth
Capacity: 2,350
Architectural Style: Reconstructive
Built: 1869
City: Henesys
Between 5600 Victoria Street and 1200 Zipangu Avenue

<iframe src="" height="490" style="align:center;" width="300px" marginheight="5" marginwidth="5" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
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The Current Issues
Gun Laws- The Republic of Maple has gun laws. There is on on going leftist initiative to ban semi automatic guns, however the Senate does not have enough votes to pass it through, and with the November 2010 Republican gains that are predicted, the amendments to the gun laws will probably die. The National Rifle Association is also a big organization in the Republic of Maple that supports the use of guns and considers the ban to be a discrimination to the 15th section of the II Commission Constitution of the ROM. Gun safety initiative are also in place to education the public about gun safety and the potential dangers of misusing one. The Recent Guns and Provisions Act of 2009, granted 23 million dollars in funding towards gun safety, including 4.8 million to go to education in Middle School Education. Gun educations are similar to the American D.A.R.E or G.R.E.A.T programs.

- The Republic of Maple strongly bans abortion in every incident including rape and incest. The writes of a unborn baby are protested by the Abortion Ban and Hold Act of 2003, The Adrick Bill (§3891 65th Representative Congress)(2005) and Serving of Humanitarianism Bill of 2007. One case is eligible for abortion and it is if the mother's life is endangered, as specified under Abortion Ban and Hold Act of 2003. If the mother's life is endangered, the maternal doctor has to direct the patient to two specialists that involve in the matter of ties between a mother and the baby. These doctors have to consent on the fact that the mother's life really is in danger. These two signatures are required to bring to the District Attorney of the District, and will be forwarded to the State Assembly Chamber Halls where a judge will sign off that it is legal to have the baby removed from the womb of the mother. The period where the abortion can take place is between the period of 2-6 months in generally, or in special cases the months can be ranged above this term, with an additional affidavit from the doctor (required with the initial claim consent that the two specialists fill out, however an approval may not require and usually doesn't require both specialists to consent. This can also be the case, as signed by the judge if the case is delayed or if there was a problem that was corrected within the initial view of the case, and the case was initially thought to be dismissed. Additional legal claims may be filed by either the jurisdiction of the District of State courts, or can also be claimed by the defendant, hereby being the patient, known as the mother of the child. Within the case of insect or rape, the jurisdiction presiding over the civil case cannot grant an execution of abortion as it shall be written as a failure of requirements to receive this state provided service, and shall be flagged as an infringement in civil rights. The case however can be perused criminally as rape and insect are punishable by Class A and B Felony charges, and the members involved in these crimes, if found guilty could receive a sentence equivalent to a Class A or B Felony, depending on the circumstances and events that occur in the particular case. In addition, the charges for insect will not recognize age as a factor for disciplinary actions, and all minors under the age of 18 will be charged under Class A or B Felonies as instated above. The minors that are below ages 18 can however file for an appeal within this issue, however the recognition and distinction of the appeal cannot be assured and may not be granted.

Stem Cell Research- Embryonic Stem Cell Research is strictly banned in the Republic of Maple and The Stem Cell Deposition Bill of 2006 recognizes that Embryonic Stem Cells cause loss of potential life. This particular bill is an amendment of the 1997 Stem Cell Overview Law, with tighter provision and regulations on this field. This ban however does not include Adult Stem Cell Research, as it is deemed morally safe to research. The Adult Stem Cell Research accept research in:
Hematopoietic stem cells
Mammary stem cells
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)
Endothelial stem cells
Neural stem cells (including Brain cells from the brain stem)
Olfactory adult stem cells
Neural crest stem cells
Testicular cells (Research)

-These types of Adult Stem Cell Researches are deemed legal by the government and are granted federal money to expand the research. This research is however banned from general hospitals and requires a clinical hospital to receive a permit granted by the federal government. Patients who choose to undergo these experimental treatments (patient signature required) (usually used in high fatality cancers or Stage 3&4 cancers) are also required to obtain a signature from a general doctor of a general hospital, and the doctor has to initiate a transfer, describing the dire situation. The specializing doctor of this procedure is required to give a full exam of the patient before the patient is administered the stem cells.

Same Sex Unions- Within the republic of Maple, same sex marriages are banned in the Constitution of the United States, Article 4 mentioning: "...a marriage may exist only between one many and on woman." While The Republic of Maple does not prosecute individuals flagged as LGBT, several sanctions do apply. For one, LGBTs are not allowed to serve in the military of The Republic of Maple, as the Republic of Maple has adopted a similar system as Don't Ask Don't Tell in the United States. Flagged individuals are also noted in an online database while is accessibly to persons in the field of Medicine, as blood, and sperm cannot be donated by an individual who is recognized as gay. State employed Same sex partners are denied state covered health and retiree benefits and are noted as constitutional in the Supreme Court of The Republic of Maple. The Federal Constitution Amendment of 1972 bans all individual from public intercourse on the streets of the Republic of Maple, however as individuals who are involved in these types of activities are cited and given a ticket, however no criminal charges are filed. This type of force suggests that the cause of the citation is for a type E misdemeanor for Disorderly Conduct. Based on a 1999 Supreme Court Ruling, The Republic of Maple cannot criminally charge a individual for a type E misdemeanor, however this type of citation is one of the only examples of a Type E Misdemeanor.
This includes the following bans as well:
Homosexuality legal: No, against constitutional rights
Equal age of consent: No
Anti-discrimination laws in employment: No
Anti-discrimination laws in the provision of goods and services: Few
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas: No
Same-sex marriage(s):No
Recognition of same-sex couples as de facto couples: No
Recognition of same-sex couples as civil partnerships: No
Both joint and step adoption by same-sex couples:No
Gays allowed to serve openly in the military : No, DADT policy in effect
Right to change legal gender: No
Equal access to IVF and surrogacy for all couples and individuals: No
MSMs allowed to donate blood: No
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The Constitution of the Republic of Maplestory


We the People, of the country of Maplestory, proclaim an order to indefinitely unify and preside by with cunning values for all Mapleans. We hereby instate protection by the legal system and find all men equal. All people within this Union are treasured individually and are respected and protected by the government. We seek to establish protection amongst the faiths of the people regardless of Race, Sex, Creed, Age, or National Origin.
Article I

The Government of the Maplestory Union is divided into three equal sections, to ensure the protection of the rights and liberties of the people that are governed under them. The Executive Branch of the Maplestory Union is vested with the responsibilities of supervising and approving the Judiciary Branch Nominees, as well as approving the bills that are incoming from Congress. The Legislative Branch, using the law from the Judiciary Branch passes bills that are to be approved by the President of the Maplestory Union in the Executive Branch. The Judiciary Branch has the responsibilities of deeming the lawfulness of a bill, according to this article of Constitution.
The Legislative Powers of the Congress of the Maplestory Union are as follows:
Section I:The government body of the Maplestory Union is a bicameral measure and shall remain bicameral unless amended and ratified. The Congress, also known as the Legislative Branch consists of two co-existing bodies which are known as the Houses. These Houses have equal powers, however they serve a different purpose as to their business, their procedural layout, including Standing Rules and Sanction that will be places by the respectful representative on post. Considering the Standing Rules of both the Senate and the Assembly, either of the two Houses are allowed to refer to each other, or each others business during the period of open floor debate.
Section II: The Assembly of the Maplestory Union is the lower house of Congress and shall have a set amount of representatives, being 893. In order to set the amount at a even 900, there shall be 7 delegates, posing as the representatives that are non voting and shall take the place of Speaker of the House in discussions that do not set out a resolution, particularity in the event of a active filibuster or in a vote cloture that is not to be deemed as passed. The 893 members are elected from the Provinces of the Maplestory Union. The amount of representatives each Province is accounted for, is determined by the population of each Province. The greater the Province's population, the more members it shall have in order to represent it on the National Level. Each representative runs for a seat from the Province's District, and responsible for the welfare of that district. The district boundaries are interchangeable and may be changed after each census as the population either increases or decreases, increasing or decreasing the amount of districts within the Province.
Each member of the Assembly of the Maplestory Union must meet the requirement of being a born citizen within the territories of the Maplestory Union, or what at the time of birth was the territory of The Maplestory Union. The member of the Assembly is not required to be born within the Province of his representation, however he must live within that Province for 5 years, prior to the election. The minimum age for a Representative from the Assembly of the Maplestory Union is 26, however there is no maximum age set. If a Representative shall die while under oath, and in serving his term, he shall be replaced by a replacement Representative, which is chosen by the Governor of the Province, until a date for a emergency election, known as a special election is determined, and the people of that district within the province will select a person to become to acting Representative until the original term is finished. On other vacancies, the Assembly will proceed with new business. A quorum call may be allowed, depending on Assembly Standing Rules, when a Vote Roll is cast. The Assembly is responsible for impeaching a President of the Maplestory Union. The Assembly drafts a bill, that is called an article and describes the offenses that the president did, most likely abuse of power. After the articles of impeachment are drafted, the Assembly will vote on all of the articles individually. By voting on each article individually, it will verify the charges that the Assembly is using against the President. A vote of a majority, and the speakers support is required to pass the articles of impeachment. After the articles of impeachment are passed, they will be transferred to the Senate of the Maplestory Union.
Section III: The Senate of the Maplestory Union is the higher house of Congress and shall have a set amount of senators, being 100. Each Senator Represents his province, and has been selected to manage the Province's Welfare on the account of federal levels. Each of the 12 Provinces consist of 8 Senators, including 4 extra Senators from a specially devised Administrative Region, being the Capitol of the Maplestory Union, Henesys. The leader of the Senate is the Senate Chairperson, as he shall have the legislative branch authority to lead the Senate, however he does not have influence upon the votes in the Senate (more than the slot of 1 vote.) The requirements for being a Senator of the Maplestory Union include being a born citizen of the Maplestory Union, as well as reaching the age of 33 before bidding a nomination for a chair of the respectful Province, however no maximum age is set. To run for Senate, apart from being required to be a born citizen, you are not required to be born within the areas of the province however you are required to show proof of residence within that Province of 6 years prior to the bid. If a Senator shall die, the leader of the State
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Questions for the government
Answered by the spokespeople of the Federal Establishment of the Republic of Maple:

Code: Select all
A person has crossed your borders without registering or going properly through any crossings [if there were any]. He is later found not to have registered or filled out any forms whatsoever, but begs to remain in your nation, as he faces persecution in his home nation and seeks refuge in your nation.

This individual would be strip searched, probably whipped (type of punishment carries out 40 lashes) and deported.

Code: Select all
A group of hikers in a neighbor have accidentally without realizing it, crossed your nation's border. When they are found in a nearby town, they apologize and say it was their mistake.

They are still arrested and strip searched, and deported.

Code: Select all
An immigrant who is in your nation legally, having cleared all possible tests for citizenship in your nation, is now found to be wanted in another nation for the crime of promoting Anarchy and Dissidence in said nation. He has, according to their reports, recorded a video of himself burning such nation's flag, and burned it publicly. They demand his extradition, even if some of your populace and national advisors remark it is unfair to do so.

If we have an extradition agreement with the nation, the individual is put in the position in the nation, however if no extradition has been created, the individual remains uncharged in the Republic of Maple.

Code: Select all
An immigrant, walking through the lines to customs, saw his wife who had already entered the country. He happened to cross a designated line in order to hug his wife and their child.

He is arrested, strip searched and deported.

Code: Select all
An Immigrant notable for his outspoken attacks on your nation's policy asks to get a visa to experience your nation's culture. It is a possibility he could launch some attack, but he has promised and signed off he is carrying nothing harmful into the nation and just wants to experience the nation which he has neglected to do.

Based on his history, the individual would be declined.

Code: Select all
A nearby and friendly nation is requesting a student foreign exchange system to be set up between your two nations. They say it will help build up an understanding of different cultures to students from both nations.

If this experience is set up properly, the ROM is open to these types of exchanges.
Code: Select all
A commercial flight, in order to avoid a perilous storm, veers into your territory, only to find its radio has malfunctioned. Will your nation allow it temporary passage, watch it, or shoot it down (As an extreme).

The airplane would be monitored and the Department of Defense/ Homeland Security/ Air, Naval, and Marine intelligence would see if it would be approved. If the plane is approved, it shall pass without harm, however if the airplane is found suspicious it would be ordered to turn back. At this moment fighter airplanes would tail the airplane. If the airplane does not respond to alternative methods of transportation, it would be brought down, and flagged as an attempted act of terror.
Code: Select all
A border dispute with a newly established nation that borders yours (after quite a bloody rebellion in the nation that used to border yours) has ended up in hundreds of said citizens settling into the disputed territory you claim as your own.

The territory of the ROM would remain in the possession of ROM. If the citizens settle in the territory (after a couple of days notice of eviction) the ROM would arrest them, strip search them, and would DETAIN them for life since they are not a part of any existent nation to be deported to.
Code: Select all
A renowned nation that claims itself to be "superior" says it has the right to cross its soldiers through your territory to invade a nearby nation that is not an enemy of yours. The nation pleads you to not allow this for the safety of their developing technology and citizens.

The nation that claimed to be superior would be stopped at the boarder. Upon the initiation of the President, or any authorized person, military action would be taken. If needed, a war would break out to stop this action of invasion upon the territory. Members of the Security Council would be asked to pass sanctions by our representation. We do not sever or accept the plea from the other country, but foreign military actions will not take place on our property, atleast not in this type of authoritarian manner.

General Questioner:

1 - What is the legal drinking age?

The drinking age of an individual is 18 years old. the purchase of beer is also 18 years old, and ID may be requested to prove your age.

2 - Driving age?

The driving age varies among Province, however the National Age is 18 (with exception of Nihal, which remains at 17). For permits, a teenager age 15, or 16 can be issued a permit upon the completion of the test. Several details also greatly vary upon Province. Motorcycles are also permitted upon the age of 16. To drive a vehicle that has a weight of over 5 tns, you are required to get a special license obtainable at the age of 19.

3 - Age of sexual consent?


4 - Voting age?

18 years of age. Suffrage suspended with incarcerated.

5 - At what age would someone become an adult (free from parental control)? -

A teenage who reaches the age of 18 is independent and may to college.

6 - What types of recreational drugs (if any) are legal? -

NONE, Illegal.

-Pot -

-Illegal. Use of Pot may result in up to 9 months in jail (longer after the 3 strikes rule) and/or up to a 5,000 USD penalty.

- Tobacco -

Legal. However, in most public places, the usage of cigarettes are banned, and can only be smoked outside.

- Cocaine

-Illegal. Use of Cocaine may result in up to 2 years in jail and/or up to a $28,000 USD penalty.

-Alcohol -

Legal. Severe Intoxication in public premises may result in up to 200 fines.


-Illegal. Use of LSD may result in up to 2 years in jail and/or up to a $28,000 USD penalty.

- Caffeine -

Legal, Commonly used. No age restrictions.

- Heroin -

Illegal. Use of Cocaine may result in up to 5 years in jail and/or up to a $150,000 USD penalty.

- Other?

Other drugs are also banned, such as meth, crack etc.

7 - Can people have guns?

A person may have a gun. A simple background check is performed and you are cleared.

8 - What is the official full name of your country? What is the informal name? What are people of your nation called?

Formal: The Republic of Maplestory// Informal: Maplestory / Citizens: Maple

9 - Do you have the death penalty?


10 - What is the speed limit?

The speed limit in towns and on urban streets is 35/40 mph. On country roads, the speed limit is 55 mph. On national highways, the speed limit is 75 mph. On High Speed Roadways, speed limits are set at 90, but top 100 mph in some wide roads.

11 - What types of religions would are permitted or restricted?

All are permitted, however mostly Christian affiliates exist.

Which of the following are be legal:

12- Porn -

Yes, however viewing of minors or by minors is punishable. Also, footage without consent is punishable.

13-Prostitution -


14-Polygamy/ Polyandry/ Polyamory -


15-Homosexuality -


16-Stem cell research -

Currently Illegal. Adult Cell Research is Legal though.

17-Human Cloning -

Illegal, however there were some known attempts.

18-Cock Fighting?

Illegal, under common animal abuse laws.

19-Slavery? -

Illegal, under all forms.


Legal, and very popular, however hunting is banned during the months of pregnancy for the animals.

21-Fishing -


22-Eating meat?

Legal. Only 0.5% of the population is Vegetarian.

23-Littering? Misdemeanor.

Charges however equal 50 USD.

24-Unisex bathrooms ?

Illegal. Flagged as a disorderly conduct and public nudity.

25-Suicide? -

Illegal. Medical Emergency Crews will arrest the individual if he or she is saved.

26 - Gay marriage? -


27-Abortion -

Illegal, however with the consent of 3 specialists, the Courts can appoint a special right for an abortion if the mother's health is severely impaired.

28- What types of sexual activity (if any) are illegal ?

Sexual Acts with minors, in public or without consent.

29-Is your country's/culture clothing optional or mandatory?

Optional. No compulsory clothing, ever.

30-Do you have obscenity laws? If so - how would you define "obscene".

Within the Constitution, some laws ban obscenity.

31-What system do you have for taxes?

- Property Tax, Income Tax, Tobacco Tax (HEAVY). We do not have sales taxes. With the exemption of Tobacco taxes, we try to keep taxes relatively low.

31aSales tax?

No we do not. Some businesses however add in an additional couple of cents to cover property taxes.

31bImport/Export tax?

Some, relatively low.

32-What is the criterion for someone to pass to become a citizen?

You must undergo and pass the naturalization exam, and you shall not have a questionable background. You also must speak fair English (sometimes is stretched.)

33-What types of people do you allow (or not allow) into your country?

People with a good background are allowed to come in. If you were arrested in your country of origin, you may not enter. If you are sick you may not enter. (Physical will be performed.) You will also be strip searched by the Customs Dept.

34-What type of government are you?

Representative Democracy- Republic

35-To what degree is your government allowed to censor or restrict the media?

The government has the right to take out things that are classified or what serve as a threat to out National Defense and Security. The government cannot censor any types of opinions, as freedom of speech is greatly practiced.

36-Aside from laws - what sort of unofficial (and unenforced) cultural rules and traditions do you have? For example

Many Asian customs stretching out all the way back to 8,500 BC are practiced.
Also, do not (10 commandments and etc.)
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