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Greta Thunberg pass in your nation to protest Climate change

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:17 pm
by Fauzjhia
So how would your nation react to Greta's improvised visit ? How your citizen react to this government, how your government react ? and etc. How green is nation ?

Fauzjhia, and its provinces have always been known to be clear. So we welcome Greta's visit. She would notice the multiple efforts our government, especially our King Audrey-Satania Darklight does in order to limit the impact our society has on the environnement.

She would note that since Meat-eating was banned in the nation, the impact of agriculture has on the environnement and on species is quite limited. But Its truth we love seafood, and so we got pretty large seafood farms arounds, and we do our best to limit the impact, these farms might have on the environnement. SO, we are not a vegetalian nation.

Since the beginning of the Communist kingdom, Fauzjhia been using Hydro-electricity, dams, to power up itself, so we can say that we got a pretty limited Green house gaz emission.

We also banned multiple pesticides, leaving biological pesticides to be used when its really needed, like we need to fight off resistant invasive species.

IN Fauzjhia, Greta Thunderb, would be welcome by the king Himself.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:54 am
by Skyhooked
If she decides to visit good ol' Skyhooked during the Grand Festival, our people would offer her a ride in our nuclear powered cabriolette, while butchers will give her lots of sausages, T-bone steaks, lard, horse jerky, blood sausages, and a fried piglet. Fishermen shall give her calamari, oysters, shrimps and of course fish. At the end, after hunters gave her a pair of antlers. And our best gendarme will promise, that he will do everything to find her stolen childhood!

Then, we shall record her speech and put it everywhere, so everyone of us can utilize freedom of speech and comment.

And when it's finally over, since it's cold in Sweden, we shall give her nice leather jacket. Let's just say, she would not forget this lil' trip!

While Skyhooked is green enough, thanks to the technology, and can even bring back extinct species, it won't become vegetarian or something. After all, attempting to ban meat in Skyhooked is one of the fastest ways to retire from political career.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:58 am
by Sapporo Hyperspace Riftgate Laboratory
Greta Thunberg would be seen as free real estate for people studying 21st-century history. It's because Greta Thunberg was the Gandhi of climate change, at least according to the history books from the United Terran Republics. Her legacy was tainted by some guy named Terranov which murdered people in the name of the environment. Luckily, he was ousted after he finished the removal of climate change

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:52 am
by Ivory Coasts
Within the Ivory Coast, climate change is an issue overshadowed by the economic growth of its economy, as well as threats of a trade war with the United States. Many Ivorians have taken to Facebook to comment on the situation, with the general opinion ranging from "I get where she's coming from, but if a third-world economy doesn't grow, what are we supposed to eat?" to "I think that she should begin to propose solutions" to "she's changing the world at age 16, and I'm just stuck here playing Fortnite..."

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:30 pm
by Confederate American SU
There would generally be a cold reaction to Greta. The notion of surrendering even a shred of national (or even state) sovereignty to a global government is taboo.

Greta probably would not like the expansive manufacturing and mining sectors of the economy, but the nation's reliance on nuclear power as the primary source of electricity and well-off public transportation system would have it's emissions be lower than that of the United States OTL. The lower population due to the lack of immigration would have the same effect. Suburbs are also less extensive due to lower all-around home prices, and the lack of white-flight has led to shorter commutes and thus less emissions. Tourism and global travel are also less prevalent, which in turn makes emissions even lower. Due to much higher average incomes, the average American has the ability to afford more expensive and fuel-efficient cars.

Incidentally, the reliance on domestic manufacturing also would mean that more industry has to follow environmental regulations, and this would in turn lead to less emissions coming from third-world countries. (Though, their economies would be much weaker. Though, this is also a bonus for the environment.) The same is true for mining. However, agriculture, due to being more decentralized, is going to be more land intensive.

In light of this, her demands would be considered even more of a threat to the first-world lifestyle of Americans. Banning meat definitely wouldn't sit well. Still, not much attention would be put on her, and the most amount of protest she'd get would be BBQ festivals hosted right next to her speeches. Environmentalist groups might support her cause, though she might be a little too extreme for them. Some of the smaller, more radical groups will definitely support her though. Workers from industries most affected by her proposed policies will be very much opposed to her. Autoworkers, miners, meatpackers, ranchers, and oil-field workers would be protesting against her speeches.

However, the moment that she starts inviting Native Americans and starts claiming that they 'protected the environment for centuries' is the moment that she might face fervent counter-protests, which could turn violent. Some might even consider her to be a foreign agent of the UN. The only thing protecting her from government deportation is the First Amendment, and even that won't protect her from a possible lynching. Of course, the people behind Greta's campaign probably would be smart enough to not have her attack the RCAS's system of white supremacy, at least not while she's in the country. If they want to attack that part of the RCAS, then they're better off using other activists.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:40 pm
by Outer Sparta
People will react positively if she ever came to visit, like if she were a huge celebrity sensation. Since Outer Sparta is very close to being a carbon neutral state, coupled with robust environmental protections and strict controls on carbon emissions. She will praise our government's efforts to fight climate change and promote a more sustainable, green future. Of course, Greta can still give us a message or advice, even if it's just along the lines of "keep doing your work and make sure to help other countries who are more vulnerable than you." Our leaders will be very receptive and will invite her to Parliament to discuss policy and how the current goals were realized. However, Outer Sparta is not vegetarian, and although we have a very strong high-speed rail system and public transit in general, people still travel on plane domestically. She'll be impressed by our public transit network and the vast connectivity our high-speed trains offer. Even though we aren't vegetarian, we have perfected in-vitro meat and even fish, which doesn't require cultivation of livestock. We don't know what she'll think of our lab-grown meat, but it's more environmentally friendly than raising the actual livestock themselves.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:06 pm
by UniversalCommons
We would do nothing. She would be like any other person with a political cause. She could appeal to the people she agreed with and they would have a nice march and demonstration.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:37 pm
by Tornado Queendom
We use the NS MACHINE BROKE virus (in a "Red Pill" capsule), to turn Greta into a Zombie. Greta is nowhere NEAR as Climate Alarmist now, because Zombies don't care about the environment.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 2:51 am
by Pan-Asiatic States
While Greta Thunberg would be free to do what she wished, speak where she liked, and criticize whomever she deemed needed to be criticized, it is likely that the Pan-Asiatic States government, an active proponent in fighting for climate change, would invite her to speak and have dialogue with several of its agencies.

The Asian Communist Youth League (ACYL) and Red Science Youth League (RYSL) would likely show great interest most especially. The Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources (MENR) would also likely want her opinion on how further to improve the state of climate policies in the Pan-Asiatic States.

While she might not be able to secure a meeting with the Federal Congress, she might also be invited to speak to one of the various District Assemblies or soviet councils throughout the Pan-Asiatic locale.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:35 am
How do you best accomplish a political or propagandist goal? Cruelly exploit a child, of course!

As stated in the Bible, a political movement led by a child is cursed. Thunberg would likely be denied entry because of her hateful reputation and uppity antics directed at her betters.

On the presumption she plays nice and keeps her propaganda civil, she would likely be fairly pleased with the climate situation in TurtleShroom. Environmental responsibility is centered mainly on clean up projects, total reclamation and restoration after strip mines are exhausted and, most of all, strict liability enforcement when accidents happen. TurtleShroomers generally don't litter, nor do they allow unfiltered pollution into the air and water without treatment and catalytic converters.

On arrival, she would find out about the following:
  • Central TurtleShroom is covered by the Great TurtleShroomian Jungle, which is a stunning and well-preserved rainforest. Only sustainable logging is the name of the game, and the deep, rich soil the jungle grows on means that development won't wash it away. This rainforest is a crown jewel of TurtleShroomian national pride and is one of the primary tourist attractions of the country.
  • TurtleShroom is an agrarian state. TurtleShroomers are traditionally environmentally friendly. They have a deep connection to the land and a Biblical interpretation of Dominion equating to sustainable stewardship with man as a noble conservator. That means that most TurtleShroomers recycle.
  • Almost all electrical power in TurtleShroom is nuclear. That means there are few, if any, atmospheric pollutants from electricity. This makes the country one of the cleanest power producers in the region. While environmentalists are known to raise a stink about it, they shouldn't.
  • One of the few non-Blue laws enforced on the private sector are strict dumping regulations and fanatic liability laws. Following legislation in TurtleShroom, businesses go to great lengths to dispose of toxic waste (NS Issue).
  • TurtleShroomers are deadly serious about poaching and its jungle rangers are authorized to shoot them on sight.
  • Private car usage is largely limited to freight and trucking unless you happen to be in such a remote area that you can't reach a train or bus line in a tractor or golf cart (etc.). This general submission to mass transit is especially healthy for TS' environment!

That isn't to say there are no problems:
  • TS is an oil exporting nation and its deserts are covered in endless seas of oil infrastructure. Saying that TS should give up the livelihood of millions would not fly.
  • Where there are farmers, there is animal husbandry. Livestock farming, while not as large as crop farming, outpaces any country that Greta might be aware of, and trying to take meat out of TurtleShroom might as well be an act of war.
  • Until recently, air travel in TurtleShroom was limited to international tourism, wealthy charter flights, and the government. That is finally starting to change, which will make Greta quite angry.
  • Greta's heart is full of hate and her snot-nosed disrespect to her superiors and elders will anger many.
  • The TurtleShroomian consensus on climate change is that it is an unstoppable, irreparable process orchestrated by nature. Telling a TurtleShroomer that it's his fault and that civilizations can stop it will get you laughed at. TurtleShroomers do not deny the science itself; they simply believe that all society can do is simply be responsible stewards of the warming world.
  • The average leftist solution for climate change is to seize the Means of Production. Insinuating that in a country that survived a Civil War that claimed over a million countrymen because of Marxists will start a riot.
  • Greta herself is seen as a hateful, brainwashed brat with known mental illnesses. She would be institutionalized if she was a TurtleShroomer. The public view of Greta is more of pity than disgust. Either her parents robbed her childhood through brainwashing, or she robbed herself of her childhood by directing her autistic obsession/hang up/single "little professor" issue to anthropogenic climate change.

Lastly, if the speech she gave that made her famous was repeated in TurtleShroom, she would receive a verbal lashing or cause chaos at her rally, because someone is going to demand to go on the stage and debate her then and there.

Other, irrelevant issues that climate collapse cultists tend to obsess over, such as LGB worship and or abortion, would be the stuff of nightmares to the Children of the Climate.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:42 am
by Estado Novo Portugues
If Ms. Thunberg were to come here and deliver the same speech she did in other nations, she'd be in huge trouble with the law. It is fine to protest climate change, but not by encouraging students to skip school. Truancy is a crime in the Catholic State, and any student found on the streets during school hours may be subject to criminal prosecution and severe discipline. In addition, it is illegal to publicly defame or shame the government or any government official, which is what Thunberg's protests are designed to do. In short, very bad idea.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:53 am
by Kronica
If Ms. Thunberg visited our nation for her Skolstrejk för Klimatet movement, she is actually fine to pass. She will be treated well on her hotel, and our leaders will meet with her as well. It is totally fine for us.


PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:00 am
by EndoHills
What the hell. We’re already caring for the damn environment go to someone other nation before we arrest you for loitering.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:02 am
by Pacomia
We’d ask what “climate change” was, then just say we don’t have that here.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:03 am
by Impireacht na Eireann
We'd probably allow her to speak until she starts insulting the Irish Government for our reckless exploitation of New England. Either way, we would have little to no concept of half the things she would most likely talk about due to being 400 years in the past. So, she'd either be arrested for insulting the Irish Government or give everyone a confused face.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:04 am
by Monsone
We're already caring for the environment way to much! I don't need a 16 year old blocking traffic to tell me otherwise!

-Angry commuter on the A-1 in Seversvik

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:13 am
by Aclion
She'd be laughed at for protesting climate change in a country that's cut carbon emission to negligible levels.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:16 am
by Government Handouts
Citizens here would eat up all the stuff Greta brings. Clean plate club.

Even though GH is an environmentally stunning nation that does all it can to minimise its carbon footprint, we can always do more, and spend more money. You know? Carbon neutral is great and all, but carbon negative is better!

The media (state run, of course) and the massive amount of environmental activists would swoon over her. She'd be invited to speak in the Riksdag and afterwards there'd be a fundraiser march.

Catered by a national soy burger chain.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:23 am
by Antityranicals
The visit would probably be a traumatic experience for her. The complete lack of environmental regulations, emissions standards, and carbon taxes, as well as constitutional provisions to prohibit such things from ever existing in the Free Land, would leave her terrified for the future of the world. Unless she brought with her a group of people, she'd also likely be quite alone, as our schools teach that the climate change narrative is a plot to hijack the economy using government diktat, and residents of the Free Land love freedom of enterprise perhaps even more than their other freedoms. She can speak of course, but she'd probably be laughed at by many, and be seen as something of a joke.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:00 am
by Victorious Decepticons
Greta Thunberg is a person who we suspect was intentionally genetically engineered to instantly enrage Decepticons. She uses two tactics that will pretty much cause an instant live-fire response: Alarmism and shaming. With that in mind:

If she arrived on Cybertron:

The vast majority of us would have no idea who this person is, since she comes from a non-Decepticon Earth, and so far has stayed there. This means that, assuming she didn't tell Cybertronian Border Patrol the purpose of her trip, she would be allowed in as a tourist. Of course, if they did know who she was, she would NOT even be able to get close to Decepticon planets. We do not admit dissidents or other rabble-rousers.

On Cybertron, she would find herself almost instantly overcome not by CO2, but by good old fashioned CO (carbon MONoxide) if she wasn't wearing some kind of oxygen generator or tank. If she was properly outfitted, and managed to get to a place to start talking, she would see a sea of stunned faces as she went on about "climate change" and a "stolen childhood." Then, the expressions would turn from stunned to bafflement. "Stolen childhood? Nobody MADE YOU decide to care about that! Go play games if you want to be a kid!!" The first heckler might shout. "This is Cybertron! WTF are you even talking about?!" Another might say.

Then, she'd make the Fatal Mistake: uttering "how dare you" at any of us. Those are fighting words because they presume that the speaker has some kind of authority to say what should be dared and what should not! This "person" also comes at us from some apparent moral pedestal, just by using those words! We would rectify that immediately!

Instantly, she would be vaporized by the energy-blaster fire of all who heard that rot, and quickly forgotten by the general public. Most who weren't present at the scene wouldn't even know that she'd been on the planet, since a human getting itself killed here for being culturally stupid to us is not newsworthy.

Arrival on Decepticon Earth

If she came to Decepticon Earth instead, she would just be seen as a wild (unowned) human, and since she makes herself high profile, some slaver would quickly edit that "unowned" part. She would then disappear into the labor system as an anonymous number, never to be heard from again. However, she could console herself with the fact that under us, humans are no longer able to pollute the Earth, so its environment is actually really great except where our mines are.

Unfortunately for her, a mine is exactly where she would end up, so she wouldn't be able to enjoy Earth's return to nature. Her childhood, and the rest of her life too, would actually be stolen now. Alas, the overseer wouldn't realize the irony of this, because to him, she'd be just another nameless slave to drive. A few brutal floggings would put an end to her attempts to make speeches instead of work, and that'd be that.

If she came to some other Decepticon-owned planet:

She'd be quickly captured and sold into slavery, or if caught by some work site employee, used as a slave by that company. Either way: wayward human on the frontier = free labor. And a few WTF looks. But still, free labor. Gotta keep humans from infesting everything, too.

Did you know that just ONE female human can produce OVER 20 offspring in a lifetime, in batches of up to EIGHT? Do your part to prevent human infestation! Delete or capture and contain any human you see roaming free! ~Pest control poster, oxygen-rich resource world #130

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:11 am
by Mambenga
She would be promptly deported.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:15 am
by Nouveau Quebecois
She won't have trouble entering the country, and the people won't harrass here. Quebec loves it's tourists (allegedly). Though if she were to rile up or incite an illegal assembly, neither the Church nor the Municipal Police Services will take too kindly.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:49 am
by Kasa Tkoth Sphere
The reaction to environmentalists speaking with the K-Sphere varies entirely based on what Holder of Dreams figures it can get out of the exchange. In most cases, anyone visiting a K-Sphere spacecraft is gently persuaded to upload with various superintelligence-based convincing techniques à la AI-box. The more aggressive version of this response is to point out that even existing as an organic being consumes the energy of countless emulated lives.

Ms. Thunberg in particular isn't stupid, and, although she'd probably be as surprised as any Earth human to come in contact with the K-Sphere or its spacecraft, Holder of Dreams thoroughly expects her to be able to tailor a speech in more of an attempt to persuade the vastly more advanced K-Sphere to assist Earth in environmental efforts. This request would most likely be met by an expedition to Earth to uplift all available animals and upload both them and humans instead. If this is deemed uneconomical, it may instead be worth simply handing her the source code to a friendly AGI and hoping she'd be able to persuade someone to implement it on Earth. Such an intelligence will later be contacted and most likely merged into the K-Sphere along with Earth's population.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:55 am
by Eurasia2
If she had come to our country to protest climate change, she would have been shot.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:19 pm
by Christus Empire
Well, there's several possible outcomes, but they all end the same, she'd be shot.

First of all, it's illegal to immigrate to the Empire, any attempt of performing such act ends in either immediate execution by the border patrol, or enslavement according to the migration and race purity act.

If she'd somehow get in then good luck with any commute. Official statement of the National Advisory Council regarding public transport is "It allows lazy, unproductive and godless people to bring their filth to hard working and faithful citizens". So it's not only that public transport is non-existent, but it's also illegal to allow people of lower social status(or possible migrants like Greta) to commute without explicit governmental approval, so again she'd be shot if caught commuting, but so would the person that offered her transport.

If she'd still somehow manage to get anywhere near the capital, or any other major agglomeration, it'd be impossible for her to communicate with anyone. The Empire is somewhat influential on the international area, due to its giant economy(import/export), but it's citizens refuse to learn any other languages, majority didn't even accomplished basic education. So in the end she'd be reported to authorities (as most locals haven't anyone from other cities, forget about foreigners), and again, shot.

But let's say that she managed to go through all of that. Maybe there's some citizens concerned with for example high accumulation of dust in cities, as the Empire have a giant manufacturing sector, what's then? Well, she'd be either shot for criticizing the state(or God forbids the emperor, which by the way isnt even seen as a human, but a literal diety, although nowadays it's mostly eldery that believes it), or for criticizing the wrong company(Oligarchs are as important as the state), or maybe just because the emperor wants.

So in overall, nothing good would come out of it. Noone heard about her in the Empire anyways, as the state controlled media doesn't see any benefit in mentioning her for either the government or any conglomerate operating within the country.