Legacy of the Yukons Regional Recruitment/Application Thread

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Legacy of the Yukons Regional Recruitment/Application Thread

Postby The Yukons » Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:27 pm

Legacy of the Yukons is a new Past Tech roleplaying region inspired by the novels Fitzpatrick's War, Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America, and The Peshawar Lancers. The region also takes some inspiration from the excellent roleplayers over at The Cornellian Empire. This is a region open to those who want a Past Tech roleplaying experience with some steampunk elements. This is not a Fantasy region, and there is (for the moment) no magic.

Feedback on the application itself, or the thread in general, is welcome! Please send it to Parina and Atlantian Dominions

Introduction & Background
"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."
Proverbs 16:18

Perhaps the Yukon Empire was always destined to collapse, but not even the most ardent and bloodthirsty of its enemies ever wished for the Fall. On that horrible day, more than a century ago, a massive comet was sent crashing to Earth to shatter the bloated and corrupted edifice that the Yukon Empire had become. The island of Yukon was struck directly and utterly destroyed, broken in two. Other impacts followed this climatic centerpiece of destruction, forming a long band running across the northern hemisphere of the region and plunging the region into a long winter. This was the Fall, the moment when the old world finally received the judgement that it had earned. But the Fall was merely the beginning of the False Tribulation.

Civilization, so long maintained by the Yukons, broke down. Even in areas not directly affected by the Fall, the damage it wrought on the climate led to crop failures and food shortages. Nations long oppressed by the Yukons seized the moment to cast off their shackles and soon even once-loyal provinces of the empire were in revolt. Diseases, some deliberately spread by the last Yukon Emperor in a bloody-minded attempt to restore the old order to simply bring humanity down with the empire, ran rampant. In many parts of the world, hungry people turned on one another and committed one of the ultimate sins: cannibalism, consuming the flesh of another human. Civilization shrank back to small pockets of light surrounded by darkness and the cold quiet of the grave.

Out of the chaos of the False Tribulation, new powers arose. Parina claims the mantle of successor to the Yukon Empire. The Confederacy of Atlantian Dominions, independent after centuries as a part of the core territories of the Yukon Empire, seeks to establish a pious nation worthy of being the site of Christ’s return. Many lands remain shrouded in the darkness of the Fall and the False Tribulation. These Unorganized Territories are home to petty kings, minor warlords, outposts of civilized peoples, and man-eating savages. As the new empires expand, the terra nullius begins to fill up…

The region has a map with plenty of open space for new members! There are also a handful of existing NPC nations, designed to make sure that every continent has someone to interact with.

Current Regional Map


1) Applicants must fill out the application (below) in its entirety before they will be considered. Once accepted you will be sent the password to enter the region via Telegram
2) New members, once accepted, must post some kind of introductory RP. This can be of any nature but should generally serve as an introduction to your nation and show how it will interact with the rest of the region.
3) Applicants must abide by the tech level of the region, which is laid out in this Technology Guide
4) For purposes of cross-regional RP, this RP is considered to be taking place in the late 19th century of the Common Era – while it is the “present” for the region, if you want to integrate your presence in this region with other canon, it is happening around the 1880s or so.
5) Applicants cannot make extensive land claims in their initial application: leave room for others!
6) Applicants are free to utilize the existing NPCs in their histories, but any major changes (for example, saying that at one point your nation conquered an NPC) have be to approved by one of the co-moderators of the region – either Parina or Atlantian Dominions.
7) New members who wish to add an NPC nation must use that NPC in their introductory RP, and it cannot occupy more than one piece of territory unless the pieces are very small
8 ) More rules to be added as situations requiring rulings arise
9) Telegram Parina or Atlantian Dominions with any questions – do not Telegram this nation! It is a caretaker account and is not checked regularly.

Player Nation Application
Nation Name: please provide the full title and the shortened version
Demonym: what do you call a citizen of your nation?
Capital City: What is the name and location of your nation’s capital?
Currency: what is the name of the currency your nation uses? Does it use multiple currencies?
Government: who rules your nation and how does your government work?
Economic System: is your country industrialized? Rural? What does it import and/or export? Is it wealthy or poor?
Population Level: you don’t need an exact number, but is your nation densely or sparsely populated? Do most people live in cities or the country?
Military: Is your military large or small? Does it use modern (for the region) technology or is it behind? What kind of funding does it receive? Does your nation emphasize the army or the navy? What kinds of strategies do your nation’s officers use?
Describe your nation: Write a paragraph describing your nation. Some things to consider: is your nation homogenous or made up of many different cultures? What is the geography and climate like, and how does that affect the people who live there? What religions do your people practice? What sort of problems does your nation have: is it corrupt, does it have ethnic or racial or religious tensions, is the government unstable? Try and fit as much information as you can.
Pre-Fall History: The Yukon Empire dominated the region for centuries. How did your country interact with the Yukon Empire? Were you conquered and occupied or simply forced to bend the knee? Were you destroyed by the Yukons? Did you somehow manage to hold out and remain independent? How did you accomplish this feat?
Post-Fall History: What did your nation do when the Fall happened? How did they fare during the chaotic years afterwards? If your nation was destroyed by the Yukons, how did you rebuild?
RP Sample: Either a link or if you do not have any RPs under your belt, provide a paragraph or two of writing under a [spoiler]
Requested Location: where on the map do you want to be? Either link to a map with your claim colored in or be very specific about which piece(s) of land you want
RP Preferences: What sort of RPs are you interested in? Do you prefer RPs with large scopes or small scopes? Are you more comfortable with character writing or technical writing?
Describe how you see the nation fitting into the region: Do you want to be an antagonistic state that others have to counter? A lawless haven for refugees and criminals? A noble-hearted interventionist? What sorts of stories do you want to use your nation to tell?

NPC Nation Application
Nation Name: please provide the full title and the shortened version
Demonym: what do you call a citizen of this nation?
Capital City: What is the name and location of the nation’s capital?
Government: who rules the nation and how does the government work?
Pre-Fall History: The Yukon Empire dominated the region for centuries. How did this country interact with the Yukon Empire? Were you conquered and occupied or simply forced to bend the knee?
Post-Fall History: What did the nation do when the Fall happened? How did they fare during the chaotic years afterwards?
Requested Location: where on the map do you want to them be? Either link to a map with your claim colored in or be very specific about which piece(s) of land you want
Describe how you see the nation fitting into the region: What sorts of stories do you want to use this nation to tell?
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Example of a Completed Application

Postby Parina » Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:29 pm

Nation Name: The Empire and Dominions of Parina, or just “Parina” for short
Demonym: Parinan, but Parinese is also common
Capital City: Parsius. It’s exact location is TBD.
Currency: The guinea. Parina is on the gold standard.
Government: A neo-feudal system. Consul Philip DeShay, a distant relative of the Fitzpatrick family which ruled the Yukon Empire, is elected from among the Lords who make up the Assembly. The Lords receive oaths of allegiance from the inhabitants of their territory. The Assembly runs most of the internal affairs of the state.
Political Climate: The government is very stable and corruption is limited.
Economic System: Parina has industrialized, but some of its newer Dominions are more rural. Parina is very wealthy thanks to its imperial power, which it has used to force many countries into trade agreements favorable to Parina.
Population Level: Parina is sparsely occupied. Laws on inheritance and taxes levied on families who have more than two children keep the population down. However the recent addition of Freiderichsland to the Empire as a new Dominion has swelled the population.
Pre-Fall History: Parina was the heartland of the Yukon Empire, second only the island of Yukon itself. It was colonized and populated by Yukons. While the Yukon Emperors came from the island of Yukon itself, their spouses always came from Parina.
Post-Fall History: When the Fall destroyed Yukon, it was Parina that served as the final bastion of civilization. While the rest of the Empire broke away or collapsed, Parina endured and established itself as the inheritor of the Yukon legacy. Parina retained the institutions and traditions of the Yukon Empire. After the False Tribulation Parina began to re-conquer the lands of the Empire under its own flag. Most recently, Parina absorbed the collapsing Holy Empire of Freiderichsland as a semi-autonomous Dominion.
RP Sample: LINK
Requested Location: On the map
Culture: Parina has a conservative culture that emphasizes being stoic and avoiding displays of emotion. Men in particular are expected to be composed at all times, while women are permitted to be more open in displaying “feminine emotions.” Outsiders see Parinans as cold and unfeeling, and unable to understand humor of any kind. Parinan culture is religious and haughty, seeing themselves as the chosen of God and all others as inferior in either manners, breeding, or both. There is also a large gap between the aristocratic culture of the upper classes and the more open and free expressions of the lower classes, but even the lowest Parinan farmer or worker believes he is superior to his counterpart anywhere else.
Geography and Climate: Parina is a colder land, with cool summers and very cold winters. Rain is also very common. Parina has large tracts of rich farmland which are parceled out to soldiers after their military service.
Religions: The Unified Yukon Church of Parina is a hyper-Calvinist church which rose from the destruction of the original Unified Yukon Church during the Fall. It is the only permitted religion in Parina. Other Christians are discriminated against and non-Christians are not tolerated. This has become a problem with the absorption of the Catholic Freiderichsland, including the Papacy.
Ethnicities: Parina is a white supremacist state which discriminates against non-white people.
Military: Parina has a large imperial military, especially its Navy which is the largest in the region. Its Army is deployed at imperial and colonial outposts across the region, as well as on the new border with the Gilani Caliphate. Parina’s military is modern in both weapons and doctrine, thanks to plenty of experience fighting everyone from Caliphate armies to cannibal bands of barbarians. Both receive large amounts of funding, more than any other part of the government.
RP Preferences: I much prefer smaller character stories to big military RPs, but I’m not opposed to working on larger war stories so long as they don’t get too bogged down in troop movements and forget the human level.
Describe how you see the nation fitting into the region: Parina is the new imperial power in the region, which other players can either work with or against in various ways.

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Moralistic Democracy

Atlantian Dominions Application

Postby Atlantian Dominions » Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:17 pm

Nation Name: The Confederacy of Atlantian Dominions, often shortened to “Atlantia” or “the Atlantian Dominions”
Demonym: Atlantian
Capital City: The capital city is Cumberland, it is in the northeast part of the country on the Cumberland River
Currency: The official currency is the Comstock dollar, a gold coin. The Atlantian Dominions are on the gold standard.
Government: The Confederacy of Atlantian Dominions is run by a President who serves for eight years without term limits, and the Dominion Senate which is made up of Senators who serve for ten years without term limits.
Political Climate: The government is stable but incredibly corrupt. Bribery of government officials is common as is electoral fraud. Large businesses are virtually above the law.
Economic System: The cities are industrialized by most of the country is still rural. The largest exports of the Atlantian Dominions are agricultural products. There is a massive wealth gap between the upper class and the majority of society.
Population Level: The Atlantian Dominions is populous but there is still plenty of land which has not been developed yet. The cities are very densely populated.
Pre-Fall History: The Atlantian provinces of the Empire were among the most loyal to the Yukon Empire, second only to Parina. The Yukons destroyed the original government of Atlantia and re-colonized the territory. Despite their loyalty, Atlantians were always seen as second-class members of the Empire, below Yukons and Parinans.
Post-Fall History: When Yukon was destroyed in the Fall, the Atlantian provinces were cut off from the Empire. Nationalist movements rose up during the chaotic years after the Fall, which became known as the “False Tribulation,” and overthrew the Yukon administrators who ruled the provinces. They created the Confederacy of Atlantian Dominions, an independent nation, which claimed to be more Godly than the Yukons. The Atlantian Dominons expanded across the continent, fighting one war against the Parinans over the island of Jersey and another against Honduragua. Now they focus on trade and missionary work.
RP Sample: Taming the Wildlands
Requested Location: Already on the map
Culture: The people of the Atlantian Dominions are socially conservative. Women have few rights. LGBT people are not accepted. The Protestant Christianity of the Dominion Church is pervasive in every aspect of society. They are xenophobic and generally not accepting or trusting of outsiders, especially non-white outsiders. Atlantians pride themselves on being the most free country in the region, without any sort of nobility, and on being a land of opportunity. They both believe in a small government that does not intrude on their lives but they also believe the government should regulate matters of morality.
Geography and Climate: The weather and geography are very similar to the RL United States. There are several large rivers and mountain ranges. The west is covered by massive prairies, while the east has many large forests. Winters in most places are harsh and cold, but summers are mild and not too hot.
Religions: The Church of the Dominion of Christ is the official state church of the Atlantian Dominions. It is Protestant Christian church which preaches that Atlantia is God’s chosen nation and that Atlantians must work to prepare the world for Christ’s return. Other Christian churchs are tolerated but stigmatized. Jews are also tolerated but face discrimination. Other religions are not permitted to build places of worship or gather in large numbers, and thus are forced to operate underground.
Ethnicities: The vast majority of Atlantians are white, due to genocidal policies enacted by the Yukons when they conquered the old Atlantian government. People of color are rare in large cities, except for ports where they find work on the International Trade ships. The two populations of non-white people in Atlantia are Honduraguans who found themselves on the Atlantian side of the new border, and indigenous peoples who rebounded during the False Tribulation but are now facing renewed pressure from Atlantian settlers.
Military: Atlantia has a relatively small army and a larger navy. Both are equipped with modern weapons and technologies. The military’s main job since the Jersey War against Parina has been to fight against “the savages” in the west and against the Honduraguans, so the military is not well developed in strategic thinking. The Army receives limited funding because of political concerns about maintaining a large standing army, but the Navy is well-funded because it is seen as apolitical.
RP Preferences: I prefer to write smaller-scale RPs that focus on characters, rather than technical descriptions of warfare. I have more experience with military RP but I also enjoy writing non-military stories.
Describe how you see the nation fitting into the region: The Atlantian Dominions are one of the two established regional powers and a successor of sorts to the Yukon Empire. They will mostly throw their weight around against smaller countries. Atlantian missionaries can be found pretty much anywhere. There is also a large frontier where anyone can go to start over, so they’re a common destination for people looking to leave their old lives in other nations behind.
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The Confederation of Atlantian Dominions
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My nation can be referred to as "the Atlantian Dominions" or "Atlantia"
Red Dead Redemption & Red Dead Redemption 2, Bastion, Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America by Robert Charles Wilson, Fitzpatrick’s War by Theodore Judson, The Peshawar Lancers by S.M. Stirling, The Stand by Stephen King

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