Fallenstorm Political Parties [Close]

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Fallenstorm Political Parties [Close]

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Leader Monica A. Palms
Founded 11 May 2011
Headquarters Democrate Hall, Rex
Think tank Palms Institute
Youth wing DAM Youth
Membership (2015) 62,712
Official color: Red
Seats in Parliament [2014-2019] 2 of 19 [10.53%]
Seats in Parliament [2020-2025] 10 of 19 [54%]
  • Centrism
  • Liberalism
  • Populism
  • Syncretic politics

Political position
Centre to Centre-right

Official Site

Supreme Council
Vice President I
Killen V. Bory
Vice President II
Lee T. Castor, MP
Secretary General
Peter T. Landsbrogh, MP
Treasury General
Dr. Ian T. Mooney
Head of Strategy & CEO of Palms Institute
Dr. Jay S. Spocks, MP
Supreme Members/ Women Wing Chair
Lisa H. Hecter, MP
Supreme Member
James T. Lawnbill, MP
Supreme Members/ DAM Youth Chair
Eric O. Besson, MP
Supreme Members
Dr. Ian G. Sawlivich

President Monica A. Palms

Democrat Action Movement (DAM) is a centrist and populist political party in the Fallenstorm founded by Monica A. Palms, the second wealthiest person in the Fallenstorm, owner of Fallenstrom Petroleum Holdings. The idea of founding a new political party came after current leader and founder Monica A. Palms started talking about systemic corruption. Her statements were supported by thousands of Stormian. Democrat Action Movement started as an association in November 2011, and on 11 May 2012 Democrat Action Movement became an official political party in the Fallenstorm. For the first time in history, they won in the 2019 general election and became a government. They also gain major support to set up a states government and appointed states governors.

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Postby Fallenstorm » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:31 pm

United Labor Party

Founder Dr. James F. Oxburn
ex-Leader Dr. James G. von Artemis
Founded 21 July 1956
Headquarters Bornmills Tower, Royalbird
Youth wing Labor Youth
Women's wing Labor Women
Think Tank Labor Strategic Center [Oxburn Center]
Membership (2017) 50,000
Official color: Blue
Seats in Parliament [2014-2019] 17 of 19 [89.47%]
Seats in Parliament [2020-2025] 9 to 19 [46%]
  • Social democracy
  • Secularism

Political position

Official Site

Supreme Committee
Chair: Monica R. Millcrest
President James G. von Artemis
Vice Chair I Dr. Oscar V. de Fingerhawks
Monica R. Millcrest
Vice Chair II Morris J. Flames, MP
Alina R. Webb
Honorable Secretary Charles V. von Popes, MP
Honorable Treasurer Bonny W. Wintergarten, MP
Head of Oxburn Center Peter D. Eagleworth III
Dr. Billy I. Strapp
Labor Youth Leader Sharon K. White
Stan E. Billharp
Labor Women Leader Carla W. Winterweiring
Media Secretary Benjamin S. Spoonhale, MP
Political Affair Secretary Nancy E. Pullman
Eddie R. Millcrest, MP

Monica R. Millcrest, Mrs.

The United Labor Party, or ULP is a multi-racial, center-left Stormian political party advocating social democracy and secularism. Currently a government of the United State of Fallerstorm. ULP founder and leader, Dr. James F. Oxburn was a Fallenstorm first elected president. The party was created by and has always been influenced by, the trade unions, and in practice, Labour Party politicians regard themselves as part of a broader labor movement and tradition. For the first time in history, they defeat in the 2019 general election and became an opposition.

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Postby Fallenstorm » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:31 pm


Founder: Dr. Billy I. Strapp
Founded: 2019
Headquarters: Tillercost Tower, Innerworth
- Liberalism
- Conservative liberalism
Political position: Centre
Official color: Deep pink
Think Tank: Central Democratic Institute
Seats in Parliament [2020-2025]: 0

    President: Dr. Billy I. Strapp
    Deputy: Roberto R. Tamperlli
    Vice President I: Rachel D. Earl
    Vice President II: Admiral [ret.] James I. von Thermont
    Honorable Secretary: Susan L. Ortega
    Honorable Treasurer: Simon T. Cashlanders
    Youth Wing Leader: Rex A. Adamski
    Women Wing Leader: Sharon K. White
    High Council Members & CEO of Central Democratic Institute: Dr. Govin E. Palmyra

Dr. Billy I. Strapp

People Coalition [PC] was founded by former United Labor Party strategist and Head of Oxburn Center, Dr. Billy I. Strapp who's sacked by his party due to an abysmal performance during 2019 general election. Dr. Strapp, and with some other party members who have not satisfied with this action take a bold step to found a new party called People Coalition. Among big-name join, is former Secretary Of State for Foreign Affair, Simon T. Cashlanders, a veteran politician like Roberto R. Tamperlli and Rachel D. Earl, all former ULP MP's and former Navy Commander, Admiral [ret.] James I. von Thermont.
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