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Postby Pan-Asiatic States » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:35 am

The NationStates Urban Dictionary
This is a thread miscellaneous compiling common constructed words used throughout NationStates' multiverse. Often these expressions reflect and refer to eras in history or commonplace experiences in the lives of those nations. This thread attempts to create a dictionary of slang, or cultural words or phrases, not typically found in standard dictionaries, yet is now used to define any word, event or phrase in nations across the NS Multiverse.


Examples in the Pan-Asiatic States
More words may be posted over time, and an official WIP Factbook is under way.

  • Yoin (Japanese, Pronunciation: Yoh-in)
    Tantamount to calling someone a Nazi, calling someone Yoin is seen as a slander in the Pan-Asiatic States. The Yoin or UN (for "United Nippon") were Japanese-organized Fascist guerilla fighters who voluntarily fought Soviet liberators during the Battle for the Philippines, and were responsible for maintaining concentration camps throughout the Pacific War. Other terms for slander relating to Japanese-organized movements are calling people "Makapili" (Filipino collaborator movement) and/or "Kenpeitai" (Japanese secret police").
  • "I should have been informed!"
    A popular meme catch phrase coined after a Federal Congressman from Neo-Manila's Laurel District fell into a pit of mud while inaugurating a new pond-side park statue in the middle of the Typhoon Ondoy. It can be used ironically when doing something stupid despite being fully conscious of its repercussions beforehand.
  • "Panahon pa ni Homma 'yan!: (Filipino, English Translation: "That was still during Homma's day!")
    Refers to a very, very old event. This is in reference to the Japanese occupation of the Philippines through the military leadership of General Masaru Homma; often used by senile citizens who actually lived during that era.

What are some unique words or phrases from your nation?
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Postby The Huterric Union » Sat Aug 24, 2019 1:08 pm

  • To Lamder (Lamdering): to perform better than the person/thing you aimed to compete with. The term derives from Huterric airline LAMDER International, which was founded by Catherine Lamder in 1975 to compete with Lansaddian Airlines, which it eventually outperformed by the 1990s and in 2010 LAMDER bought out Lansaddian Airlines, and the two airlines merged under the LAMDER brand. The youth often shorten the word as λ, given it is the airline's after the surname Lamder was misinterpreted as a misspelling of the word Lambda.
  • Lakeland Eyes: A slang term used by young Huterrics to indicate same sex attraction towards someone. Derives from the song lyric "I hope he sees me with Lakeland Eyes" from the song of the same name by singer Ryan Clatcheter. The term is a reference to the city of Lakeland's debated status as the gay capital of the world.
  • "You can't preach Article 12 and get what you want": This essentially means "you can't use the fact you're part of a minority group to get away with stuff other people normally wouldn't get away with".
  • To Backside (Backsiding): to behave like a sycophant. In a sentence: "Tony was backsiding Luca like no other could"
  • "Wae nikt angeslot wit Barbara Chapman" (Huterric to English: "We are not affiliated with Barbara Chapman"): A meme phrase coined by the Chapman Alcoholic Company on twitter to kill the rumours that presidential candidate Barbara Chapman had some kind of link to the company. It's become such a meme in Huterrica that a United Huterric Airlines A350-1000, H-UBRB, is named "We are not affiliated with Barbara Chapman".
  • "We've gotta take good care of you, don't we?": A phrase used to call someone out either on their blatant stupidity or ignorance.
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