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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:09 pm
by L3 Communications

Peaceful Protest Ends in Violence

By Maria Walker
Published October 8th, 2022

Police fire tear gas to disperse the crowd. 227 rioters were arrested.

Oct. 6th, Manhattan Island - In what some are comparing to the violent suppression of the "March of Those Who Disagree" protests several years ago, L3 Corporate Security smashed what started out as a peaceful demonstration and rapidly turned violent as protesters began chucking rocks, bricks and glass bottles at riot control officers.

Some have called this act a blatant violation of free speech and rights, however L3 has maintained that the situation was escalated by the protesters, not by police and was therefore an act of self-defense rather than aggression.

With over 1,700 supporters present, the protest was one of the largest this week. The group calls themselves "The Alliance of Freedom" and claim that L3's policies towards personal and civil freedoms are 'draconian' and 'oppressive', citing numerous 'human rights' violations. Security forces quickly established barricades along the marchers' route, attempting to contain the protest and ease traffic flow.
Police being assaulted

After about 30-minutes, several of the more violent members of the protest started shouting obscenities and calling officers out, apparently trying to provoke them into attacking.

Officers reported that they only began dispersal whenever several protesters began picking items up off the ground, including bricks and glass bottles and throwing them at the officers.

Officers detain a suspect.

The demonstration devolved into a riot as police attempted to arrest one of the protesters and were quickly attacked. Water hoses, tear gas, shockmaces and shotguns loaded with 'beanbag shells' were quickly used against the mob, to great effectiveness. Riot control officers quickly subdued the most violent rioters, arresting over two-hundred people.

Within 15-minutes, the mob was dispersed. So far no deaths have been reported, only minor injuries sustained by several officers.

L3's CEO, Douglas Meyers, made an official statement earlier today addressing the protest.

"These demonstrators clearly overstepped their authority today. What started as a peaceful demonstration should have ended that way, however it did not, only because of the actions of few. Hopefully, in the future, this will serve as a lesson to those who wish to use violence to solve political problems, it does not nor will it ever work," Mr. Meyers said in a press release later that day. "I do not advocate the use of violence for any means besides self-defense. Clearly, these protesters were not acting in such a way and I am glad to hear that there were no casualties caused in this incident."

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:09 pm
by L3 Communications

Police Crackdown on so-called 'Freedom Alliance'

By Jacob Anderson
Published October 8th 2022

Armed officers raid Alliance safehouses; 6 arrested, 2 dead

Oct. 7th, Manhattan Island - Following the other day's events, L3 Corporate Security began a massive, city-wide crackdown on the so-called 'Freedom Alliance'. Today, several known safehouses were raided by police and several stashes of drugs and weapons were confiscated.

Police consider this to be the first step in an ongoing war against anti-government forces and so far, they're winning. 6 suspects were detained for questioning and a further 2 were killed in a brief firefight against L3 forces.
Confiscated drugs and weapons

The arrests began early afternoon and ended within the hour, with a total of 4 safehouses raided and numerous caches of automatic weapons, homemade explosives and illegal drugs seized. At least twelve kilograms of heroin and cocaine were discovered in one of the safehouses, along with AK47 assault rifles and Uzi machine guns.

"We wanted to arrest these troublemakers and keep these weapons out of the hands of real criminals," Cmdr. Edwin del Rey, who commands the local district's Enforcement Unit and coordinated the sting operation, said at a press conference earlier today.

Among the suspects detained, Markus Ulrich, charged with assault with intent to kill, first-degree burglary, along with numerous drug and weapons charges. Police say that Ulrich broke into the home one Gregory Leber on October 4th and assaulted him with a knife. So far, no specific details have been released by Mr. Leber's family.

L3 Corporation has so far refused to comment on the situation.