The Cube (Q&A)

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]
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The Cube (Q&A)

Postby A m e n r i a » Sat May 18, 2019 8:33 pm


You find yourself in front of a cubical structure on an island floating in space. It doesn't matter how you got here - maybe you went through a specific mirror in your world, or maybe you got here by chance after entering through a random door. All you know is that you now stand before a bar that serves as a neutral meeting ground for beings from different dimensions and universes. You step inside and look around. A bartender wipes a glass as he welcomes you. At the far end of the room is a fish tank, with plants and animals you probably never seen before. Near it is a pianist wearing a blindfold over her eyes, the rest of her appearance depends on your preferences. She would nevertheless look beautiful.

One other patron is visible, seated and enjoying the calm of the atmosphere. You walk up to him/her and ask if you can sit with him/her. You begin to recognize him/her as a either a figure from Amenrian politics or someone that had to do with the empire otherwise.

  • Please be clear about who you're addressing your question(s) to.
  • Also be clear about who's doing the asking. If no name is provided, I'll asume it's your leader or you yourself, depending on the nature of the question.
  • The available characters may be a few amongst the most powerful being in NS multiverse, but this is a bar. Relax! Talk to them as you would any other person.
  • Some questions may not be answered because they're too sensitive and would cause the universe(s) to implode. Asking Cheonsa's real name is one of these questions.
  • Standard NS rules apply.
  • Roleplaying (describing your character's outift, mannerisms, etc) is encouraged, but not required.
  • Conflict and hostilities are accepted, but don't get physical unless you want the hidden eldritch abimination to pop up and drag you character to a fate worse than death. You wanna pick a fight? Send me a PM and we'll cook up a juicy plot.
  • Don't be shy, tell me who you want next as a character available to this thread. Advice and criticism is always welcome.

  • Cheonsa, Heavenly Emperor of Amenria, Patriarch of the Ramadhan Family
  • Camille/Miao Tianshu, former Matriarch of Miao Coven, a Ramadhan Family subsidiary
  • RMD, the man behind Amenria and its related universes (direct OOC questions to him)
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Postby Valentine Z » Sun May 26, 2019 6:01 am

Out of all the places and Q&As that I have been to, I must say, this must be the weirdest, and also the most fun! I am glad to be around these parts, hahaha!
Anyway, first question.. for the Emperor, is it? What kind of powers do you exactly have, and do you find yourself hitting a limit at points of time of your life?

Second question would be, does your people believe in destiny, or a Fate? Well, I am one.. non-canonically, but that's not the point of this question for now!
Do your people think of determined fates? Like, they feel that there is something bigger in hand that is controlling their lives somehow, like perhaps, a God?

Third question would be, what is the tallest person in your history, as well as the currently tallest person living and alive? This is just some curiosity for us!
We Valentians are a bit curious about that, not because we like to flex our heights, no no, but rather, it's just a topic of interest that we talk a lot about, hah!

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Postby A m e n r i a » Sun May 26, 2019 12:59 pm

Cheonsa looks at the approaching Gwen, smiling at enthusiasm, and chuckling slightly. He welcomes her to sit with him. "Well to answer your questions, let's start with the first one. My powers, huh? So, this form you see right here? The one that looks like your average handsome guy? I can only use the powers I was born with in this one. Pyrokinesis. Fire punches, fireballs, flaming tigers, that kind of thing. Now, my second form, watch." Cheonsa stands up, and a small burst of light and darkness appeared from his back and formed a pair of feathery wings, one black and one white.

"In this form, I embody Yin and Yang. In case you're wondering, Yin is the is the black one and Yang is the white one. I can control light and darkness, visit the Realm of Ghosts, and detect souls by their Qi, among other things. There's also my third form, which I can't really show right now because it has to trigger under the right circumstances. I'm not even sure what I can do with that third form, or even if it's my final form, to be honest. I'm sorry about that. By limits, I assume you're talking about the limits to my powers, correct? Well, there are some times where I've been in a real pinch and can't change to third form. My powers come from God, but I ain't Him."

"Fate...that's a beautiful question. Yes, God has created Fate, and belief in it is the sixth pillar of faith in Islam. The exact extent of how much of life is predetermined and not is still subject of debate. A general rule of thumb is that a person's wealth, true love, and death is Fate. That's all I can say that's exact. If you're looking for opinions, then I'll share a bit of mine. Take murder for example. It's unnatural. Someone, somewhere, decided to kill you and end your life prematurely instead of let God do it in the way He would've wanted. You could be fated to die peacefully in sleep, but then this happened. This isn't an act of God because this is caused by a person, who has a mind and heart outside the control of Fate. Of course, I couldn't say that the non-Muslim Amenrians believe the same things, but that's my take on it."

"Tallest person in history...hmm..I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I know, actually. I've met a lot of tall people, some of them I've accepted as concubines, but I'm pretty sure they aren't the tallest. As for the tallest person alive, it's probably a mutant or something, given how weird my world is. I also know a guy who can turn into a forty-metre alien hero, but I guess he doesn't count because it's a temporary transformation."
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