Karu Presendential Capaign/Election

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Karu Popular Green Congress [KPGC]
Karu National Conservative Party [KNCP]
Party Nasau Karu (Republican) [PNK(R)]
Party Kommunil Karu Nadu [PKKN]
Birku Party
Beru Addak Karu [BAK]
Liberal Party of Karu Nadu
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Karu Presendential Capaign/Election

Postby Karu Nadu » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:06 pm

Karu Presidential Election 2019
President's office, Mangaluru.

The position of the president of Karu Nadu has almost always been an honorary position. The official role of the president is to "protect the Karu constitution, and its people". In reality, however, the president visits various Karu people or significant places and debates with other politicians over the constitution. The main roles of importance which the president plays is to act as a tour guide across the country for various foreign leaders and dignitaries, as well as act as the prime minister's acting replacement if they are indisposed, resign, or are killed. In the case of he latter, the president will serve till the end of the former prime ministers term, then they may run for another office. As the position of president is a ceremonial position, it is often a place where minor parties attempt to expand or spread to different states by campaigning in other districts. The current president of Karu Nadu is Jatta Rao, a member of the centrist Karu National Conservative Party (KNCP), a party whose support among the people of Karu Nadu has dropped due to a massive corruption scandal.

Political Parties:
Karu Popular Green Congress [KPGC]The KPGC was founded in 1972 as a liberal, environmental labor party. at that time the KPGC was a split-off from the Karu Popular Congress, a party that has remained in a coalition with the KPGC since the split. The KPC eventually shrunk, and is today known as the Liberal Party. Today the KPGC is the main left wing party in Karu Nadu. The KPGC elected its first PM in 1993.Candidate: Deepika Rai
Karu National Conservative Party [KNCP]the KNCP was created in 1828, in an attempt to preserve the monarchy of Karu Nadu. The party has a reputation for being one of the most corrupt in Karu Nadu. Politically, the KNCP is a center-right party, without very much support. The last time a KNCP member was elected PM elected was in 1990.Candidate: Jatta Rao
Party Nasau Karu (Republican)[PNK(R)]The PNK is Karu non-aligned political party. In 1830, during the monarchist "Crisis" that struck Karu Nadu, the PNK split into republican and monarchist. The PNK(R) has had several members of their party lead the country, most notably Padma Rao, the first female PM, and longest serving PM of Karu Nadu.Candidate: Jiru Rao
Party Kommunil Karu Nadu [PKKN]The PKKN is the oldest communist party in Karu Nadu, and was elected to power several times, from 1957-1960, and then from 1978-1984. The PKKN is also an extremely corrupt party which often makes empty promises. To the Karu people, the party is seen as a joke, due to the fact that it is lead by Multi-Millionare Adhuy Rao.Candidate: Venkan Adda
Birku PartyThe Birku Party is a right-wing anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, and at times Anti-Semetic party. The party was founded in 2003, by Bengali immigrant Udhayan Bose. The party mainly known for its association with the 2006 Mysore riots, during which almost 2,000 Muslims and Christian were killed. The main stronghold of the Birku Party is in Panaji, and along the border with Maharashtra.Candidate: Panduk Rao
Beru Addak Karu [BAK]The BAK is the oldest party in Karu Nadu, having existed since 1802. The BAK is primarily an anti-corruption party, and for a short period of time was the only legal party. The BAK has elected the majority of all Karu PMs. The general ideology of the party often changes, and currently the party is aligned with more liberal parties such as the KPGC.Candidate: Deepika Basari
Liberal Party of Karu NaduThe Liberal Party, formerly the KPC, is a left wing centrist party. formerly a major player in Karu politics, the Liberal Party has been eclipsed by its former splinter faction the KPGC.Candidate: Meera Asib

Explanation of System:
Unlike the 3-year term of the Prime Minister of Kadu, the President is elected to 4-year terms. The president can only serve 2 terms as opposed to the PM's 4 term limit. The Coalition System used in Karu Nadu runs like this: several parties form coalition. If this coalition gains more votes than any other coalition, or singular party, the Coalition will jointly elect the next president from the coalition Parties' candidates. It is not uncommon for a candidate from a minority party in the coalition to be elected as the president by the coalition.
-Liberal Party of Karu Nadu
-Birku Party

-No national leader/government can endorse one of the candidates
-Endorsements can only come from major politicians within your nation, or from Karu nationals in your country.
-The campaign donation maximum is 400,000 Karu Rupees (less than USD 50,000).
-Unofficial (illegal) donations may only be made to the KNCP, PKKN, and PNK(R) (these are the most corrupt parties).
-Illegal donations can excede no more than around USD 300,000.
-All Donations must be made in Karu Rupees.
-There will be no attempts to assasinate a candidate, or declare war.
Thanks to Steppe Khanate for inspiration for these elections. This thread is based off their election, as well as that of Kroraine.
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