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Knessian Press [NEWS/READ ONLY]

Postby Knessniet » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:49 pm

Knessian Press

Authorized News from Knessniet

This is a collection of news authorized by the Dpeartment of Special Services as approved sources of Knessniet-related news. It consists of state propaganda media meant for consumption of Knessians and foreigners alike.

The lineup:
Knessian News Network
The premier news organization in Knessniet. It covers general news intended for a wide audience. Topics include nearly everything, and it is known to all citizens with radio, television, and/or internet access.

The Knight's Gazette
This is the official paper for military matters, printed by the Minsitry of Defense. It covers news of operations, promotions, and any news that would concern a soldier. It also posts official notices about conscription and militia service.

The Knessniet Herald
This is the official civil legal paper. It publishes notices about executions, inheritance, land purchases, name changes, outstanding debts, bounties, thefts, criminal convictions, and any other thing that must be published for legal purposes. It also announces deaths of noblemen, and grants of knighthood or landed titles.

Knessian Free Press
This does not exist, officially anyway. Nor is it approved. It is articles collected from various dissenters who generally remain anonymous, as they fear for their lives. It is a dissenting opinion to balance your morning news, however unwelcome it is to the authorities. Do note that possessing a copy carries the death penalty within Knessniet.


You are welcome to subscribe with a single post tagging the thread. No other posts are permitted at this time, though comments may be permitted at a later date.

Questions, comments, and concerns may be addressed in telegrams, or in our Q&A thread.

Thank you for your interest!

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The Grand Duchy Of Nova Capile
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Postby The Grand Duchy Of Nova Capile » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:49 pm

A certain Capilean living within Knessniet, with ties to the Capilean Intelligence Service, takes out a subscription in all major Knessian newspapers, and also arranges to have issues of the Knessian Free Press delivered to his secure apartments. (Ahem, tag.)
Capilean News (Updated 6 August)
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Where are the revels in the hall?
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Alas for the splendour of the prince!
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Postby Zitravgrad » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:43 am

The Zitravgradian ambassador in Knessniet makes his subscription major newspapers in the Knessian Press.
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The Black Party
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Postby The Black Party » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:46 am

[The_Social_Party] has subscribed to the Knessian Press
Thank you for subscribing. - Department of Special Services
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Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Postby Knessniet » Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:19 pm

News for 1/15/19:

Knessian News Network
Ministry of Internal Affairs announces new health insurance database. Now, all persons covered by Knessian insurance companies will be in a database searchable by hospital officials, thus allowing them to receive insurance benefits with just a photo ID, instead of also bringing an insurance card. "This will prevent costly mix-ups when emergency medical care is required, and the patient cannot get home to retrieve their [insurance] card.", notes Bishop Job Sessions, who is also the director of the Newman County Hospital.

The Knight's Gazette
Recent Commissions:
- Lt. Malachi White, 42nd Line Inf.
- Capt. Paul Alberts, 14th Bomb Wing
- Midshipman Hubert Vormann, KMS Stalwart

Recent Executions:
- Sgt. George Portman, 14th Line Inf., Assault of an officer
- Airman Roland Volgak, 27th Reconnaissance Wing, Profiteering
- Lord Phillip Westmoor of Westmoor, 8th Curiassiers, Corruption

The army has announced that in order to ensure soldiers eat where they are supposed to, base quartermasters are now charged with issuing meal tickets that are redeemed at the base's cafeteria. They will only be valid at that base's cafeteria, except for orange tickets issued by Army High Command, which are valid at any army base.

The Knessniet Herald
As per Article 3 § IIIc of the Bevington Plan, the titles and Estate of Lord Phillip Westmoor of Westmoor have been revoked upon his conviction for corruption. Upon his execution, the estate and title of Lord of Westmoor have been placed in escrow by the government until an appropriate appointment has been found. Until then, the local government of Westmoor shall be managed by Col. Alfred Utrecht of the Westmoor Militia in a temporary military government.

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Friday, January 15th, 2019

Postby Knessniet » Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:31 pm

News for 1/18/19:

Knessian News Network
Today, Marshal Bevington has announced that a new land survey of Knessniet is due to take place. This will replace the maps created in 1924, which according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, require "...major corrections and additions, quickly."

The Knight's Gazette

The 26th and 31st Engineer Battalions have been informed to standby for domestic deployments related to the proposed land survey ordered by Marshal Bevington. To aid the engineers, volunteers have been requested to serve as aides, laborers, and transport drivers. Any soldier who is not assigned to a garrison or other duty is eligible to volunteer, which will allow them to earn full pay instead of off-duty half-pay. Non-enlisted citizens are eligible to volunteer as well, committing to a 6 or 12 month contract, and receiving full army benefits for that period, along with a private's salary and a 30 Knessmark (~$500 USD) signing bonus.

The Knessniet Herald
Marshal Bevington announces that a list of candidates to receive the now-escrowed Lordship of Westmoor has been compiled, and that an announcement will be made soon regarding the fief's future lord. Westmoor is a small farming community in western Knessniet, and has remained under the family of Westmoor since it's record in the first edition of the Knessniet Herald, until this week.

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