Hydisk City Government [closed]

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Hydisk City Government [closed]

Postby Argentinstan » Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:57 am

Hydisk City Government
Mato Grosso County, BR

Hydisk is a border city on the Argentinstan-Hiram Land border. The city is part of Mato Grosso County, Brasil and is a principal city on the Argentine-HL border, the second largest in terms of population, only to Guyapuil in Amapa County.

Mayor: Annelise Louise Dupont
Deputy Mayor of Vamerais Borough: Felipe López-Garcia
Deputy Mayor of Boroughs: Sandrine Clark

Legislative President: Xavier Sanchez (Borough of Janeiro)
Borough of Vamerais: Ronald Müller
Borough of Markus: Gust Van Dijk
Borough of Beringer: Arabella Jansen
Borough of Montmapassé: Adhemar Pierre
Borough of Jersey: Amanda Stock
Borough of Hassan: Alicia Hsien Lee
Borough of Janeiro: Xavier Sanchez

District Attorney: Paul Lorence Burton

Hydisk Water, Power & Electric (HWPE)
The HWPE is the utility company owned (55%) by the Hydisk City Government and responsible for servicing Hydisk with water and electricity.

Hydisk Police Department (HyPD)
HyPD is one of two police forces in the city of Hydisk. The HyPD operates police stations in every borough and the headquarters are located in the borough of Vamerais.

Mato Grosso County Police Department
Département de Police du Comté de Mato Grosso (French)
Departamento de Policía del Condado de Mato Grosso (Spanish)
The MGCPD is one of two police forces in the city of Hydisk while also servicing the entire county of Mato Grosso.

HyTrans is the public transportation agency and the parking enforcement agency in the city of Hydisk, operating buses, light rail, and is part of a consortium of Mato Grosso transportation agencies operating MatoRail, commuter rail trains. The agency is headquartered in Vamerais.

Mato Grosso County Libraries
The MGCL is the library system encompassing Hydisk, with 5 branches located within Hydisk including Vamerais Library Branch, Markus Library Branch, Beringer Library Branch, Jersey Library Branch, and Smithfield Library Branch. The Central Library is located in the county seat of São Silva.

Hydisk Airport
Hydisk Airport (Dutch: Hydsk Luchthaven) is an airport located outside of Hydisk's city limits but owned by the city and serviced by several airlines like Air Argentine with flights to Guyapuil, Brasilia, RIo de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Argentinstan City. Greenfield in Hiram Land is the only international destination.
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