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Argentinstan City Metro

Postby Argentinstan » Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:46 pm

Argentinstan City Metro

The Argentinstan City Metro is a metro system serving as the backbone of the Argentinstan City transportation infrastructure. The system serves points across the city with over 40 stations across 8 lines. The system is the second busiest in the nation, after the Mariobo Underground (Tube) system. The system carries an average of 12,758,201 passengers daily, over 4,656,743,365 passengers annually on its system.


The metro system has 8 total lines with over 40 stations.

Blue = Menem Line
Cyan = Hyde Line
Dark Purple = Paris Line
Light Purple = Elizabeth Line
Yellow = Monument Line
Red = Ashmont Line
Orange = Central Line
Light Green = Roissy Line


Argentinstan City Metro operates a flat rate of $2.50 SAD for travel within the Downtown Branch (Montgomery Station to Vauxhall Station) on any of the 3 lines traveling down the branch. All other travel has a flat rate of $5 SAD. A reloadable smart card, the Beluga Card is available as well as a debit card offered by a partnership with Bank of the Atlantic. Both smart and debit cards offer a $0.10 SAD discount per ride taken with the cards as form of payment/fare.

Notable Station Imagery & Station Information Cards

These collectable station information cards are available for sale at all Argentinstan City station ticket booths with each station offering its own station card. This are not sold online.

Hyde Park Station
Hyde Park Station is located between Vauxhall Station and Athens Station on the Hyde Line.

Gare du Nord Station
Gare du Nord Station is located between Astoria Station and Filbert Station on the Central Line.

Genève Station
Genève Station is located between Seine Station and Balboa Station on the Monument Line.

Monument Station
Monument Station is located between Gare du Sud Station and Bank Station on the Monument Line.

Lexington Station
Lexington Station is located between Ashmont Station and Embassy Row Station on the Ashmont Line.

Constitution Place Station
Constitution Place Station is located between Presidential Palace Station and Capitol Station on the Roissy Line.

Bank Station
Bank Station is an interchange station located on the Monument Line and Roissy Line.

Civic Center Station (City Hall)
Civic Center Station (City Hall) is located between Market Station and Arc de Triomphe Station on the Ashmont Line.

Lawrence Square Station
Lawrence Square Station (Swedish: Lawrence Square tunnelbanestation) is an interchange station located on the Roissy Line, Paris Line, and Elizabeth Line.
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