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Alitheia News Stand 2 [Alitheia Only]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 6:13 pm
by Empire of Donner land

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Welcome to Alitheia

The purposes of this Thread is to allow the posting of News Events in the "In Character Canon" of Alitheia. This is the sequel to the previous long-running News Thread created by Ratte over a couple years ago and is in some serious need of a refitting and restoration. And since he's stepped down and made me the new head of Alitheia, I've decided to create this thread to help new people get into what's going on and have a place for people to post News Stories in to help foster a kind of living world for when they've either got nothing better to do or their nation has something to say or show.

If you're reading this and would like to join, the links above go to our RP Repository, Application Thread, Region Page and Steam Group. If you're apart of the region and/or have been accepted in the Application Page, feel free to post news about your nation or continue on from where you left off in the old News Page if you're an old member.

Now, if you're new to this sort of business, a News Thread is basically where you post important events about your nation about anything. These can lead to international incidents, diplomacy, trade deals, economics, and other important events that others may find an interest in.

From the OP and onward is now IC, keep OOC to the Discord, Region Page or Telegrams.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:19 pm
by Empire of Donner land
New Donnish Times
Long Live the State!
"Donnish Service Act" remains gridlocked, could this legalize conscription?

2 Hours ago, Jurn Ster, Senior Domestic Reporter(@Jster).
Bögt, Donner Land

Following the apparent suicide of Vanzen Keenes, the Political Landscape of Donner Land, despite foreign Conflict in Modeno, is relatively calm, though the usual bouts of partisan arguing still erupt. One thing however that caused a ripple in the Council and Military Council is the "Donnish Service Act" brought up the 5th of November by Female Conservative Council Member Yenzehg Yurs. While contentious, legalizing conscription in of itself wasn't the reason that some Liberal Faction Politicians opposed it.

Conscription has always been a point of debate within Donner Land. Religiously, the proper way to fight for one's nation as stated in the Book of Euostustism is through volunteering one's self, making the Donnish Military the largest Citizen Soldier force in the world because of this, and according to Generals, "makes highly motivated soldiers who don't fight because of what's in front of them, but because of what is behind them." And indeed, in polls, protecting their family and the country rank highest in reasons Donnish Citizens volunteer for military service with "Religious Reasons" being 3rd place and "For the benefits" in 4th.

But religion isn't the reason it's being opposed, but could it be because of International Reasons? Some nations, such as the Dominion, may see this as Donner Land preparing for war and a threat to their nation themselves. But no, it isn't, the real reason for the Liberal Faction opposing the Donnish Service Act at the moment is because of Donnish Ethnic Heritage in foreign countries, either due to migration, ancient ancestry or Donnish Soldiers and Civilians staying in foreign countries to raise a family.

The exact reason that there is Liberal Opposition is that there is no clause that calls for foreign Governments to hand over citizens of Donnish cultural heritage to return to the country to protect it. Such as, for example, Esgonian Nationals with Donnish ancestry. The Liberal Faction argues that there is precedence for this within the "Lost Soldiers Act" of 2004 which allowed foreign Nationals to enlist in the Donnish Military if they had Donnish ancestry confirmed with a DNA test.

Conservative and Moderate Factions have argued that this addition of a clause calling for foreign Governments to hand over their citizens for conscription into the Donnish Military is "ridiculous, no sane government would agree to this. We do not need foreign National fighters." While the Liberal Faction has fired off shots claiming that the Conservative Faction is being needlessly discriminatory, mirroring that of Voy's racism. Author of the act Yenzehg Yurs answered liberal opposition by stating that they are "suffering from having too much power in the Donnish Council."

The Military Council has confirmed that should the Act go through the Civilian Council, they intend to block the Act and deny it from passing into becoming a law.

In other news, see our other articles.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:22 pm
by New Roma Republic
Citizen's Independent News
"Senatus Populusque Romanus"

Alt History Book Making Waves

Rome – The recently published alt-history book, The Fall of Rome, has swept across the nation in popularity, rising quickly to the top of the Best Seller List. This book has captivated audiences, from young adults to old retirees, civilians and citizens alike. This book explores what would happen to the great state of the NIR should Faun terrorists destroy the government in one fell swoop by detonating a thermonuclear device in the capital.

This book was previewed by this news agency, with renditions posted as news, to gain hype. Though it did confuse a few in the international community, most knew that those were in fact only hype articles.

This news station shall now continue its regular news coverage following this article.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:44 pm
by Anowa
Language: NOR | GER | INU | PHY | ESO | ALB


Home > World > Foreign Events

Grunalia Undergoes a Change in Management
3 hours ago, Terrenus

Less than 12 hours ago, a small haphazard company of revolutionaries stormed the Kitzstadt Common House and all but cleaned house, in the culmination of nearly a week of fighting in the nation's capital and it's urban municipalities.

It started 7 days ago, when protests in the third and fourth largest cities, Přírov and Jaża respectively, Escalated into lethal force from the National Police. With weapons fire tearing into civilian crowds, the protests were either dispersed or escalated into full blown riots. Citizens took up arms, and by dawn most of Jaża had descended into a war zone. The number of deaths and the number of wounded have yet to be fully tallied, but as of now it sits at a somber 130 dead or missing.

The next day fighting in Jaża lulled as people started a mass exodus from the city into the countryside, where potential families and safe havens started being sought out. But again by dawn, Jaża had been reduced to a warzone.

5 days prior to today, the Government of Grunalia called upon the Anowan military to respond, but without any framework fro a defense from internal parties, the Anowan government both refused to apply it's military to what can only be seen as a domestic dispute, and further pressed for a non-violent means to end hostilities within the nation.

On nearly the other side of the country, a group known as the Grunalska Oslobodilačka Fronta [Grunalian Liberation Front](GOF), before now only being a small civilian run militia, soon took it upon themselves to seize control of the border crossings and nearby woodlands around Dulanta near the southern tip of the nation. Across the nation, similar groups took up arms to achieve a sense of order to the ongoing chaos.

4 days ago, former members of the Federal government openly broadcasted that they were deserting their posts and seeking their own end to the hostilities before whole units going missing or found fighting government forces, either fighting the militia groups that have been springing up on their own terms, or simply turning to fight with said militias.

In the countryside, reports of civilians being gunned down in hamlets and secluded villages were abound but not wholly confirmable, as ethnic Anowans and those of a Maccabean faith all but swarmed Anowan bases seeking asylum, in which the Anowan military was unfortunately forced to turn down due to a strict neutrality policy in the turbulent nation's affairs.

At the beginning of the weekend, a ramshackle collection of civillians, government defectors and foreign mercenaries likely hired to take advantage of the situation or arriving of their own volition began a siege on the city of Kitzstadt. Culminating in three days of fighting, and the result of a successful revolution of a now fractured nation under a patchwork of allegiances and leaders. Though with that said, the nation's new interim government is looking to rectifying hostilities and "Looking towards a solution of the Anowan Protectorate Deal."

We will be updating this story as it unfolds.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:56 pm
by The United Remnants of America

Remnant National News

Your Daily Update

Olympia, URA, GRCS

- After preliminary negotiations, the Southern Alliance System has officially been announced between the nations of Daoine, Longsheng, New Roma, and the GRCS. Soon after formation and signing of the founding charter, Bayan Neuva announced its intent to join the SAS as well as subordinate SAS trade organizations, the Longjing Economic Accord and the Roman-Remnant Trade Highway. Non-SAS nations, such as Pakiranistan and Asilerkedeyari have voiced their intent to join the LEA, while Daoine has been contacted about joining the RRTH. Further information on this is forthcoming.

- International Gladiatorial Championship 3 is scheduled to take place at some point in the coming weeks. The format will be a 16-person tournament, similar to the previous championships. Many of the famed participants of the IGL will be participating again, including Remnant favorite son Chrom Averin. Further information can be found on the IGL website.

- The semi-annual Patriot Sea Games are due to begin in the beginning of December. The nations of Daoine, Longsheng, Rome, and Bayan Nueva have been invited, marking the first time to largely GRCS-oriented naval and amphibious war game has been opened to other nations.

- Due to recent budget cuts as well as the nebulous claim of a stalling economy, the Contracted Personnel Department has laid off 150,000 employees. The former CPD employees have been promised CPD positions as they become open, and in the meantime, several smaller private security and investigation firms have either opened or pledged to hire the recently laid off CPD employees. The CPD still remains the largest private security firm in the GRCS, as well as one of the largest private entities and employers.

International Tensions have been rising as Aegaeon convenes for their bi-annual summit in order to discuss the matters of the state of global affairs, such as the decline of the Dominion following the Liverpudlian invasion of Modeno, as well as the rise of the Southern Alliance System causing a threat to the Pan Ausozera Coalition Treaty. World leaders have reinforced a sense of global stability and calm, despite a populous rise in international communities' calls for war. On-again, off-again rivals Valaran and GRCS have mirrored each others concerns for stability in the face of the rise of war, but have issued differing statements on how such a peace can be maintained, especially in high-conflict zones such as East Helsa, East Sishai and South Ophir.

This has been your daily update.

- Dmitry Valazhov, Junior Correspondent, RNN

In other news:
- Possible Merger Between Wildfire Industries and Asys Technology In The Works?
- Modeno Recovery Slow Since "Grim Winter War" Debacle.
- NW URA, Pragmata Expected To Receive Large Snowfall This Weekend.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:33 pm
by Daoine
+ The Tuskroost Gazette +
"Your trusted source in 'free,' daily news!"
Price: 10¢

Microwaves: are they giving Your Kids the awful disease of Autism? Our Trusted Experts speak their Piece. Page 2
Sultry, forbidden Affair between Governor's Son and Stable Boy uncovered: Juicy Details for the Ladies within! Page 3
"I killed a Dumbo with my bare hands, and lived to tell the tale": The Incredible True Testimony of Hefton Copper, Mountain Man. Page 5
The Latest in practical winter fashion from the Daoine Fur Company: Mail-In Catalogue on page 7.

New Railroad for Rare Earths Rush Being Built: Fortune Seekers, Foreign Investors Congregate in the Mountains

Asperdena Mountains near Edgewrath, the Queenlands

A flurry of industry and activity has broken out today with the arrival of a number of private mining companies in the region. After a recent geological survey showed that the mountains of Daoine were rich with rare earth ores, penniless prospectors and colossal corporations alike have been flooding the area in an effort to stake the first claims they could. Sparkrun, one of the first major ore veins that has already become a hotbed of mining activity, is getting a railroad built from the mines to the Inland Seaport Network, courtesy of the Republic.

Not everyone is all happy about the new going for gold, however. Plenty of the Sinican natives, particularly those in Chusheng tribes or Fantong clans and villages in the way of the new mining rush, are expected to push against the movement (which is perceived as Torian-dominated and exploitative to their kind) and have even threatened to stop construction of the railway by force. In response, the Governor of the Queenlands has requested 15,000 Alpine Rangers from the Republic to garrison the mines and protect workers.

Overtures have also been opened internationally, with Daoine's new membership of Roman-Remnant Trade Highway opening up new avenues for economic growth and international trade. Stocks reacted well to the news, despite the socialist tendencies of the block, as foreign Capital, interest, and equipment are expected to flow into the once-neglected mountains soon enough.

More on this story, as it develops.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:58 pm
by Anowa
Language: NOR | GER | INU | PHY | ESO | ALB


Home > World > Foreign Events

Grunalian State Descends into Chaos
2 hours ago, Terrenus

Less than 2 hours ago, a live stream of an execution of 120 villagers from Northern Grunalia via firing squad was broadcasted from an officer in the New Grunalian Action Plan, a far right paramilitary group that previously held a minority of seats in the Grunalian parliament. This live stream was followed by a number of other social media posts, both from those in the area, as well as those in other regions witnessing similar atrocities.

Coinciding with this was a seizing of several factories and munitions plants as well as their stockpiles of munitions and weapons. Followed by a rather unorganized assault on the Vodice Air Force Base in an attempt to gain control of it. Of the materiels seized from the plant include an estimated 1700 small arms, 8 light patrol vehicles, and 3 MBTs.

Reports of mass executions and ethnic cleansing s from both the western and southern provinces have also been spoken of and confirmed. Those being targeted are those of primarily Anowan ethnicity or nationality, Faunus ethnicity, and Maccabean spirituality. Reports of tourists from across the world and those of a different region of Grunalia being lumped in and killed en masse have also been shockingly reported.

As of now, Grunalia has been declared a no fly zone by the Anowan government and advises all foreign nationals to flee the country as soon as humanly possible and is offering Vodice, Ulog, and Zenica Air Bases as safe havens, while also offering Split and Mostatd Naval Bases, as well. The ISCF has declared a state of emergency in the nation, and is currently making attempt to dissolve the ongoing situation though the arrival of blue caps may take weeks to arrive. As of now, the Anowan 2nd Cavalry Division is the only non-Grunalian force capable of acting.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 11:49 am
by Camaalbakrius
Camaalbakrius Times

Nationalist Group Attacks Azen Neighborhoods

Around roughly 11:00 pm last night, the Constantis Police Department received a cry for help from multiple citizens in Gratis, a predominantly Azen neighborhood near the south of the city limits. When the police arrived on the scene, 3 buildings were engulfed in flames, of which were two apartment buildings and retail clothing store. 20 people have been hospitalized and 3 people have been reported dead so far, according to information from the Police.

Evidence from the event shows that the fire was caused by the nationalist group known as the United Nationalist Camaalbakrusian Front, as police found multiple instances of graffiti art with "UNCF" written on walls of buildings adjacent to those which were attacked. Police agree that this group was most probably the cause of the fire.

Supreme Chancellor Grabowski has deemed the actions of the UNCF as "unforgivable acts of hatred and terrorism" and promises justice for those who are the victims of acts such as these. "We shall not rest until these criminals are brought to justice" says Chief Leopold Mistal of the Constantis Police Department.

Buildings being burned in south Constantis by the UNCF

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:48 pm
by Asilerkediyari

Asilerkedi Military Launches Operation Hop I For Intervention in Sishai Federation

DAHAKARAHISAR - When I was given the opportunity to report on the conflict occurring just south of the border with Asilerkediyari and the Federation of Sishai, I was quite interested in the idea, but at the same time nervous. The reason why I was being asked to report on the conflict was because a force of Sornian Republicans, this group in particular calling themselves the Democratic Army of Northern Sornia (DANS) had recently crossed the border in a unprovoked raid and occupied the village of Karcalar. I took an airplane to the region the next day, arriving at the village of Ishakuşgi by the end of that day. Ishakuşgi, about 12 miles from Karcalar was being occupied by units of the Asilerkedi military that had deployed to drive out the Sornian rebels. In the end though, they mostly stalemated with the rebels. Nine dead soldiers later, General Cemal Budunoglu declared that Asilerkediyari would 'set an example' to the various groups in Sornia. Military operations continued, reducing the holdings of DANS to a small border post and a few houses. As the country wondered what example Budunoglu promised to set with the removal of a small force of rebels back to their side of the border, the Asilerkedi military's forces assembled.


Great efforts were taken to hide the assembling of Asilerkediyari's entire II Southwest Corps and it's soldiers, given what their intended mission was going to be. In private, General Budunoglu - Commander of the II Southwest Corps, had been informed that Asilerkediyari's leaders wanted to stop the instability along it's border by using military force to sort out the Federation's inherent stability problems, since the Federation could not solve them. This forceful solution, named Operation Hop I, came into effect this morning at 10:30AM. Units from several brigades and divisions of the Corps crossed the border, mainly on it's western regions, and began moving to take several objectives. Meanwhile, the Air Force launched several bombing missions in force, attacking locations held by the Democratic Army of Northern Sornia. The intervention of Asilerkediyari into the internal problems of the Federation of Sishai is certainly concerning, and could further destabilize the area. It could potentially lead to outright war with the Federation even, though it's response still remains to be seen.

This article was written by the war journalist Omer Ozkan. You can view his biography and other articles here.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:38 pm
by The United Remnants of America

Remnant National News

President Drake Shot At Rally

Olympia, URA, GRCS

President Drake was shot in the chest today by a shooter, suspected to be acting alone, while President Drake was stepping offstage after a quarterly support rally outside of the Presidential Residence. A member of the President's personal Sentinel security guard and a local ISA agent were also injured in the shooting.

The President is reported to be in stable condition at Olympia State University Medical Center after going through ninety minutes of emergency surgery. "The prognosis is optimistic," says Chief of Surgery Dr. Sergei Grozny, "He should be able to make decisions by tomorrow and be admitted by later in this week."

A spokesman for the hospital stated that a 9mm pistol bullet was removed from Mr. Drake during surgery. The bullet had struck Mr. Drake in the chest, breaking a rib as well as collapsing one of Mr. Drake's lungs.

A rapid series of four or five shots rang out at about 12:30 P.M. as Mr. Drake left the stage. A look of stunned disbelief swept across the President's face when the shots were fired just after he raised his left arm to wave to the crowd. Nearby, his chief of security, Major Matthew Fisher, fell to the sidewalk, critically wounded.

Eyewitnesses said five shots were fired at the Presidential entourage from a distance of about 10 feet. The assailant had positioned himself among the television camera crews and reporters assembled outside a gateway exit.

The authorities arrested a 25-year-old Pragmatan man, Arkady G. Gerasimov, at the scene of the attack. He was later booked on State charges of attempting to assassinate the President and assault on a State officer.

Mr. Drake, apparently at first unaware that he had been wounded, was shoved forcefully by a Sentinel Plainclothes agent into the Presidential limousine, which sped away with the President in a sitting position in the backseat.

Behind him lay a scene of turmoil. A Sentinel Plainclothes agent writhed in pain on the rain-slick sidewalk. Nearby a Olympia City ISA Agent. The Olympia City ISA agent lay face down, blood from a gushing head wound dripping into a nearby steel grate. A pistol, apparently dropped by one of the security aides, lay near his head.

At the fifth shot, uniformed and plainclothes agents had piled on a blond-haired man in a raincoat, pinning him against a stone wall. ''Get rid of him,'' a gun-waving officer yelled as the President's limousine sped off.

Only then, according to some reports, was it discovered that Mr. Drake was bleeding. The vehicle turned south toward the hospital. Upon learning of the shooting, Vice President Canis returned to the capital from Nongsi, Nongea, where he was to address the Nongean Parliament. In Olympia, Secretary of State Jack O'Neal and other Cabinet officers began gathering in the Presidential Residence situation room as soon as they learned of the assassination attempt.

At 1:14 P.M, Mr. O'Neal, in a voice shaking with emotion, told reporters that the Administration's ''crisis management'' plan was in effect, and citing provisions for Presidential succession, Mr. O'Neal asserted that he was in charge.

Mr. Drakes's mistress, Amelia, his two children, and senior Presidential advisers rushed to the hospital and talked to Mr. Drake before he entered surgery at about 1:35 P.M.. Despite his wound, the 51-year-old President walked into the hospital and seemed determined to assure his mistress and colleagues that he would survive.

At this point, Mr. Drake had apparently not been told of the grave wounds to the two men who went down in the spray of bullets aimed at him.

A Sentinel Plainclothes agent, Matthew Fisher, 48, was shot in the right side and surgeons at the hospital removed a bullet from his liver.

The other wounded man was James L. Thompson, 31, a Olympia City ISA agent, who was listed in serious condition at the Remnant Hospital Emergency Center with a bullet lodged in his neck.

Noting that Mr. Drake's lung had been reinflated, Dr. Grozny said that the President ''was never in any serious danger'' since the bullet did not damage the heart. Dr. Grozny said Mr. Drake probably would be hospitalized for about two weeks.

Mr. Reagan regained consciousness early today, according to a Presidential statement. It said: ''At 4:45 this evening, the President joked with his doctors in the recovery room and, despite the tubes in his mouth, he gave them a handwritten note that said, 'All in all, I'd rather be in Twin Falls.' ''

The status of Maj. Fisher and Ofc. Thompson are yet to be determined.

This story will be updated as information becomes available to the public.

- Jace Wazinsky, Senior Correspondent, RNN

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- Modenian President Ball Wins Reelection
- Grunalia: A Weatherbell Of Failed Imperialism
- Is Pakiranistan A Rising World Power? Experts Say Never
- Roman-Remnant, Valaran-Remnant Bilateral Conferences Planned

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:52 pm
by The United Remnants of America

Remnant National News

GRCS and Fed Close Deals, Begin Further Talks

Twin Falls, URA, GRCS

The Greater Remnant Cooperation Sphere and Federation of Sishai recently closed a closed-doors arms deal earlier this week, according to several GRCS sources. The details and full extent of the deal are yet to be covered, but many of the transactions involving several member states of the GRCS were released.

The Nongean Navy issued the sale of two Gwanggaeto the Great-class destroyers to the Federation of Sishai. The Modenian Navy issued the sale of 2 naval tenders, as well as 4 Brandenburg-class frigates. The Zhanguanese Navy sold 2 auxiliary ships and 12 Grajau-class patrol ships. The Canaamese Coast Guard sold 2 Salvage Tugs. Finally, the Canaamese Navy sold off 4 naval tugs, 4 Tarantul-class corvettes, and 6 Pohang-class corvettes. This was all reportedly purchased by the Federation of Sishai's military for a total of $2.7 billion.

Further military sales talks are ongoing, according to unnamed sources close to the negotiations, but details have yet to be released surrounding the negotiations. These talks are in line with GRCS leadership's stance on military assistance to friendly nations as well as diminishing the size of the GRCS military with the eventual goal of major units being officially disbanded, such as with the recent closure of various GRCS law enforcement agencies in favor of the standardization of the Internal Security Agency.

Other talks are seemingly underway to reopen several Remnant military installations in the Federation of Sishai which were formerly open at the request of Azenyanistan and promptly shut down at the downfall of the previous regime in the region. Some details have been released, such as the allowance of joint operations from these installations, as well as humanitarian aid and restructuring of base necessities. Representatives of the GRCS talks on this issue have cautioned that the talks are still underway and nothing is set in stone as of now, but they have commented on their optimism of reentering the region to stabilize their newfound ally amidst growing international instability and concern.

- Ian Koronovsky, Senior Correspondent, RNN

In other news:
- ISA Becomes GRCS Law Enforcement, Other Agencies Disbanded.
- Roman, GRCS, Vacifican trilateral agreements planned.
- Could Erebonia Be The Next Flashpoint?
- Valaran: Friend Or Foe?

Another one? marvelous.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:20 am
by Loistava

On this episode of Terra Unraveled! As the world boils down around us, Lets look at the bright side of our times, Like....Okay onto the Episode!

Hello, Welcome to Terra Unraveled, I'm your host Kris Navel, Everyone knows about the horrible ongoings of war and nearly!wars around the world, I mean how can you not! Have you been living under a rock? I don't mind joining you there to be fair, But don't let that depress you even more than you really are, Look at the bright side of our times!

The Loistavaan Government, With the partnership of several other private companies has issued a magnificent plan to interconnect the society of Loistava better than ever! With several infrastructure projects that would let you breeze through the deserts of Loistava like its a really god awful hot day of summer without dying is nearing, Thats not just it! With several other plans to upgrade and expand already present infrastructural facilities, The future is looking less grim!

On other news, The Loistavaan Majlis House has expressed an interest on conducting several deals to expand the Military's Technological Capabilities and working partnerships that would last...Atleast..Still!
Joke of the day? I-I can't think of one....

Goodbye and Thank you, I've been your host, And I bid you Good Day!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:58 pm
by Urran

Cargo Mishap Raises Questions About Urranese WMD Capabilities

A spilled cargo container at Xinjiang International Airport in Guangdong Province was found to be loaded with hundreds of gallons of dimethyl methylphosphonate, a chemical compound necessary for the manufacture of the chemical weapon, sarin gas.

The spill occurred at 0500 local time as a forklift driver accidentally flipped his vehicle under the weight of the container, causing the then unknown chemical compound to spill onto the tarmac, temporarily shutting down air traffic to the airport until hazmat teams could arrive on scene to remove the chemical agent. The air port is now fully functional once again.

The container that held the agent was being shipped via All Urran Airways Air Cargo from Taiichi Chemical Corp. to an address in the small town of Mizuho, a very rural area known for mining.

The FAA and Federal Investigation Bureau have noted that the chemical has many industrial uses and is harmless and that "there is no cause for alarm".

However, government watchdog groups were quick to point that Taiichi Chemical Corp does not exist and that the address set for delivery was an abandoned warehouse far from any other chemical plants or other industrial sites. Some watchdogs also noted the town's location near Mizuho Air Force Base, a known weapons testing facility, as being highly suspect.

This has raised alarm for Urran's WMD programs and brought into question just what the country has stockpiled or is currently developing.

it is well known and publicized that Urran possesses a large nuclear arsenal and is still in development of low yield warheads and newer delivery systems. The program has seen a pivot in recent years from large scale warheads capable of destroying enemy cities, to smaller scale weapons useful for destroying military installations or conducting area denial operations. The government has constantly maintained its commitment to mutually assured destruction throughout the years and will continue to develop and field nuclear weapons for the foreseeable future.

When it comes to other forms of WMDs, however, Urran has been much more tight lipped. Throughout the 20th century Urran was known to have tested what it deemed "nonlethal" chemical and biological agents such as coxiella burnetii, and several types of chemical vomiting agents. While the government labels these as "nonlethal" experts claim that these weapons may have casualties as high as 5% when used in combat.

Urran's past WMD programs also included a large anti-agricultural warfare program aimed at using chemical and biological agents to destroy an enemy's crops early on in any large scale war to destroy morale on the opposing side.

The government has denied that it ever experimented with lethal agents and claims that all of its chemical and biological warfare programs have been terminated.

Experts are not so sure. In 1983 a yearly report of an infectious disease research lab run by the Ministry of Health found that samples of the plague, cholera, and malaria were unaccounted for the lab's inventory. A self identified former MoH scientist fled abroad in the ensuing media fallout and claimed that the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Intelligence branch of the Central Intelligence Agency had asked for samples of the diseases and tried to recruit several scientists into what was referred to as a "black project". The MoH and MoD both dismissed this as a disgruntled former employee attempting to gather attention. The MoH later contradicted this statement by stating that the scientist was never in their employ. This has led many to believe that the government's WMD programs are still fully operational.

This latest incident is raising similar eyebrows. Foreign policy expert Dr. Saji Nakamora at Sakura City University told this reporter that Urran "undoubtedly has a large NBC program. Dr. Nakamora said in an interview that Urran feels that it needs to field such weapons as deterrents or even first strike weapons because it is finding itself increasingly at the forefront of global affairs and surrounded by potentially hostile nations. Dr. Nakomora believes that the programs are likely all black projects to hide them from public criticism and constantly changing public opinion. When asked how large he thought the stockpiles are, the Dr. replied, "bigger than we will ever know".

We reached out to the government for an official statement and received an email from the MoD stating that "Urran never possessed and never will possess any form of lethal chemical or biological weapon and will publicly condemn those that do. There are no stockpiles".

The jury remains out on the subject.

-This is Urran Central News.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:20 pm
by Arktic
Excerpt from North Point Civilian Alert, Christmas Edition: “Unusual Christmas Gift from RoA Promises Much, Leaves Much to be Worried About”

Evergreen City, IRT, RoA. 25 December 2018

A historic announcement issued from the government has taken the peninsula by storm this Christmas season: the Republic of Arktic is beginning their own nuclear power program. A joint announcement from the Arctic Commission for Energy (ACE), the Bureau of Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability (BERaS), the Arktic Republican Science Institute (ARSI) and the Republican Armed Forces explained the new development in a press release in Evergreen City this morning: plans for five reactors and three uranium enrichment facilities, in a network that includes over a dozen uranium mines already operating in the northern mountains and southern Crater Plateau region. The reactors, when completed, are expected to produce up to 15% of the Republic’s energy needs and provide platforms for advanced particle and nuclear physics research.

While this announcement has been praised as a giant step forward for science and for clean energy in Arktic (particularly in line with the government’s goal of phasing out the remaining coal-burning power plants), it also has been met with criticism and concern from environmentalist groups and from international peace observers. Several top BERaS officials resigned in protest after the nuclear project was approved, stating that the creation of five new nuclear reactors would be “irresponsible” and “potentially more dangerous than coal ever could have been”. And despite the insistence of the government that this is a peaceful project for research and for civilian power generation only, several observers have noted a discrepancy in their message, particularly with the unexplained presence of officials from the Republican Armed Forces. International atomic observers have also noted that one of the uranium enrichment facilities, located right next to Wrigley AFB, has production and purity capabilities far in excess of what would be needed for a peaceful nuclear program. President Keme Jones has stated that “the Republic is, at this time, not interested in a nuclear weapon development program”. However, only time will tell what happens as this project develops. The first refineries are expected to begin operating New Years Day, 2019.

Written by Andrew Hoffbrau

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:33 pm
by Swiftea
Dominion Bulletin
Today's Edition: Friday, December 28, 2018


In a surprise turn of events, Vanquaria has stepped down as the leader of the Dominion for undisclosed reasons. Due to Helghan being unable to take leadership, control of the Dominion was promptly handed to Swiftea. As such, the Autarch of Swiftea, Feli Valeran, has risen up as the new leader of the Dominion and its constituent states.

Swiftea has been a member of the Dominion ever since its inception in December 2017, with Autarch Scott as the de-facto leader. As a member of the Dominion, Swiftea has aided the Dominion in countless operations (e.g. the War in Sishai.) Today, just a year after its inception, the Dominion has transferred to Swiftean leadership as a result of Autarch Scott stepping down from his position.

Feli has announced that she will carry on from where Scott had left off, and is promising great prosperity and a great future for the Dominion and its members.


The government of Swiftea has recently announced that they will be sending biologists to different parts of the world to examine the many plants and animals that Ausozera has to offer, and possibly find some life that has remained undocumented until now.

Biologists will be sent to many different corners of the world, including the native terrain of Helsa, the war-torn deserts of Sishai, the depths of the oceans, and even the frigid polar regions. With so much ground to cover, we can expect new information released daily from our biologists on government websites and social media posts. New, never before seen discoveries will be shown to the world on all channels.

We can expect this project to carry well into 2019, with factors to put into consideration such as the seasons, environmental conditions, and many others.

Other News:
- Coronation ceremony to commence in Rapidia
- New Roma to join GRCS?

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by Anowa
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Home > Domestic > Economic Events

20 Year Green Action Plan Achieved
2 hours ago, Terrenus

21 years ago on the eve of 1998, King Garris IV and Prime Minister Jeramias Brunhold met with members of the Anowan Cabinet and Anowan parliament and discussed the risks to the world that climate change and overuse of non-renewable resources was causing. A road-map was planned over the next year, charts brought out, potential legal routes brought up, and a plan was made. With the 387 of 445 seats of parliament voting in favor of the 'Green Action Plan' on December 30th 1999, a road-map to achieve a green nation by 2025 was seen by the world, and a challenge was issued to the Anowan people.

The first steps had already been taken in the years prior. The Anowan nuclear program had resulted in a sizable energy infrastructure based on nuclear power in the lowlands of Germania and the remote regions of Nordland, with geothermal plants in the Olympus mountain range. Rather the issue was propping up the energy production based on fossil fuels, and the base non-renewable essence of nuclear fission. At this point Nordland had already achieved a remarkable 100% reliance on green energy, but Nordland was in the unique situation of having a veritable motherlode of rivers and geothermal vents. So the rest of the nation had to look to other methods.

While the energy problems were being solved, the legal side of things started coming out. In 2001, soft bans on plastic disposables such as straws, grocery bags, water bottles, and snack food bags would be required to be phased out within 365 days, or each item would be given a 800 Drachma fine. In 2003, a tax was placed on motor vehicles who utilized diesel fuel. In 2006 the same law followed for regular petrol using vehicles. In 2007 An anonymous man sued his municipal government over charging him 3,000 Drachma for using plastic bags in a re-usable capacity. While he lost the lawsuit, the Anowan government was forced to adress the issue, and in a rather embarrassing move, offered a 20 Drachma incentive to anyone who brought a plastic bag from home.

By 2009, roughly 47% of Anowa's energy needs had been supplied solely by hydroelectricity. By the end of 2015 Anowa had achieved an 80% reliance on Green energy. From a variety of hydroelectric dams, nuclear powerplants, wind farms, solar plants in Pyrrhas, and geothermal plants in Nordland. Tidal stations have since started dotting the west coastline.

In 2005 roughly 40% of the vehicles on the roads of Anowa were either electric or Hybrids. In 2012 the first liquid hydrogen powered production vehicle -a Dios Type 2 Coupe- rolled off the line in Pteleraki. In 2016, less than 5% of the vehicles on the road were diesel, and less than 23% were vehicles that used any fossil fuels. In 2017, the Anowan military started exploring avenues to create green military vehicles.

In mid 2018, The Anowan Space Administration announced it was looking into space based solar power, and expressed it was looking to see if any PACT nations would aid in such an endeavor. But it is now the eve of 2019, and where are we now, 20 years later?

In the past 20 years, Anowa has achieved it's goal, with 87% of the national power grid being supplied by environmentally sound sources. But the nation continues to move further. Goals have been renewed with the hopes of never needing to rely on fossil fuels again, the Anowan government, and it's people are looking for new avenues to find and share with the world. In the hopes to not only help make our planet clean, but to keep it clean for future generations.

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by Swiftea
Dominion Bulletin
Today's Edition: Tuesday, January 1, 2019


After recent talks between the Dominion and the Valaran Empire, both factions have agreed on a non-aggression pact to improve the relations between the two nations. This pact was created amidst the recent reforms of the Dominion implemented by Autarch Feli Valeran, by introducing new policies and anti-expansionist ideas to improve the image of the Dominion.

Despite ongoing tensions between the Dominion and Valaran, Swiftea and Valaran have remained good business partners, more so than the rest of the Dominion. The pact was created to further strengthen relations, as well as to possibly mend the relationship between the two factions by promising no conflict.

This pact is expected to benefit both groups in the long term, despite issues regarding Donner Land and other members of the Union.


After a series of negotiations over the last week, Swiftea has been accepted as the newest member of the Aegaeon Pact, becoming the second Dominion nation to do so after Vanquaria. It has been stated that Swiftea's admission to the pact could help inspire further warming of relations between pact members (especially between the Dominion and the rest of the pact.)

The influence the join the pact has resulted from the recent reforms by Feli Valeran to the Dominion, turning it into a more peace-loving organization, and the long terms relations between Swiftea and Valaran. Amidst tensions between Vanquaria and Valaran, the inclusion of Swiftea could help to further improve the relations between these two nations.

It has been speculated that Swiftea could bring new ideas to the pact, which could help it to become a greater organization, and open opportunities for possible expansion.


In an announcement made by Feli Valeran at her inauguration ceremony, she has stated that she has reformed the Dominion into a more pacifistic organization, and that she has her eyes set on improving relations with nations across Ausozera. Under Scott's rule, the Dominion has received a generally unfavourable image amongst the international community, and as such, Feli has made it her goal to improve the image of the Dominion, and to mend and improve relations with other nations and factions.

The first goal of the Dominion at the time this article is being written is to improve relations with the Union and the rest of the Aegaeon Pact, and to potentially end all tensions between the the Dominion and the groups mentioned. It has been stated that Feli is showing a new glimmer of hope in a world that is falling more and more into disarray, and that she may be the answer to the resolution to conflicts between the Dominion and the rest of the world.

The Dominion has sent foreign ambassadors to many nations around the globe; in particular, Valaran, Donner Land, Free Asian Ports, Ratte, and the Union of Autocratic Empires, in the hopes of improving relations between the Dominion and other nations.

Other News:
- Kirana to provide base for trade
- New glimmer of hope in a disintegrating world
- Parliamentary elections to commence

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by New Roma Republic
Citizen's Independent News
"Senatus Populusque Romanus"

Roman Forces Invade Gileanas

New Rome – The Caesar announced an operation to liberate Sicilonia from the Gileanian invaders. This announcement comes after a couple months of sanctions and evacuations of the Vestal Virgins, the leaders of the island, and religious leaders for the Cultum Deori. Not all the Vestal Virgins, including the Vestalis Maxima, made it out alive. Vestalis Maxima was stoned on live television, then uploaded on the internet.

Details on the invasion were not provided, but sources from inside the government say that two legions were deployed at two different landing sights, on opposite sides of the islands. It is believed by experts that the Roman Government will exert direct control over the island after taking it from the Gileanian forces. The Vestal Virgins will be kept in New Rome, regaining their rightful place in the College of Vestals, which was appropriated by the College of Pontiffs after the Vestal Virgins were kicked out by the Senate in the 1820s. They moved to Sicilonia, where they eventually gained full control.

The Ministry of Defense will update this station as time goes on.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:32 pm
by Urran

Government Developing Ice Cutting Lasers

SAKURA CITY (AP)- The MoD's Office of Naval Research has announced that it will be developing high energy laser systems to combat heavy sea ice.

The MoD announced in a press release that the program, though still in its infancy, is a continuation of the Navy's HELLADS program, though is aimed at both military and civil customers. The MoD has announced that three private companies are involved with the development, though did not disclose which ones.

The news comes in the wake of the Coast Guard announcing another program for a larger armed nuclear powered ice breaker to complement the current Kuma class vessels.

The Urranese Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a sub-sector of the Ministry of the Environment, jointly operate large polar icebreakers for various missions including scientific research, international ice patrol, and aids to navigation. Similarly, the Coast Guard operates armed ice breakers for environmental protection, law enforcement, and wartime missions. Private companies also build and operate these types of ships for hire.

Thick hulls allow these vessels to cut through up to eight feet of sea ice, however, sea ice can, in rare instances, reach thicknesses of 16 feet. Adding high energy laser guns to arctic vessels could enable smaller icebreakers to cut through ice of a higher thickness than what they are rated for.

While the government was clear that this project was for government use, that any such device would be approved for commercial use. This could allow smaller,cheaper ice breaking fleets so combat sea ice in a more cost effective manner.

The MoD has already seen success with such devices, with the four main service branches to combat UAVs and small boat swarms.

-This is Urran Central News

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:57 am
by Imperial Valaran
Valaran MP Says Empire Should Leave PACT


Alex Cestan (
14:12, 14/01/19 | Astaria, The Valaran Empire

National-Conservative decries lack of PACT unity; suggests joining IFH instead

Astaria, Valaran — A senior MP of the Valaran Conservative National Party has caused an uproar by suggesting that the Valaran Empire leave PACT. In a speech given to the prestigious Veldaron Society, the Parliamentary Member Andurs Korik called the alliance “completely useless” and advocated terminating its membership.

Korik set out a litany of grievances in his speech. He first declared that the alliance “had no ideological substance”, pointing out that PACT’s member states lacked a “unifying factor, in either geography, history or political affinity.” Korik noted the prominence of “borderline dictatorships”, such as Anowa, within the alliance, and questioned how they could contribute to a shared vision of international peace. He went further and suggested that there was no shared vision at all, but “only the vaguest of committments to an undefined notion of national sovereignty.”

In absence of a shared vision, Korik suggested that Valaran would become “shackled to an assortment of dictatorial and rogue states, who involve us in their petty conflicts, regardless of whether it is in our national interest to be there.” He gave the Modenan Intervention as an example of this, noting that ultimately “the only winner of this conflict was not international stability or national sovereignty, but instead the Remnant agenda of vassalising [sic] other countries.” The MP expressed concerns that PACT was setting up Valaran to be involved in future conflicts of this nature through the RRF system, whereby Valaran might end up defending Donnerland against “our friends in the Imperial Federation of Helaa” or aiding Anowa’s continuing subordination of Grunalia. “Valarans will die only for others, even as the government witters on about international responsibility. How does this serve our nation? Our people? PACT will bleed our Empire dry.”

Korik ended by suggesting an alternative role for Valaran: “Instead of being shackled to PACT, we should be joining our fellow Empires in the Imperial Federation.” He pointed out “centuries historical connection” as well as a commitment to upholding “Valaran’s true values. The future need not chained such bleak, sterile principles that those in PACT would have us espouse. There is a better path for us to follow, and we must seize it.”

The speech provoked swift rebukes from the Social-Democratic Government. A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister called the alliance a “cornerstone of international stability” and noted its successful intervention in Modeno. Many Social Democrats MPs attacked Korik for calling into question Valaran’s commitment to its allies. “We entered into these partnerships with obligations of our own,” said Errin Vatch, Minister for International Trade. “We can’t simply abandon them.” Liberal MPs offered more qualified criticisms. Several agreed with Korik’s points, but were at pains to stress that this was not a rejection of bilateral allies like Donnerland. Others pointed out that IFH members were no more Democratic than PACT states like Anowa. “Its not as if the Conservatives have cared about the government types of allies” thundered former Defence Minister Hastan in an interview with ACN. “Their party has a long and illustrious history of not giving two shits who they shook hands with.”

Some have detected the hand of Lord Osteric in Korik’s speech. Speaking on radio after the interview, international analyst Elric Daran said that Korik would not have given the speech without “the tacit assent” of the Conservative Party leader (and Duke). Lord Osteric has not accepted interviews on the matter; however his press office gave a public statement in which it noted “the rights of its MPs to foster public debate and to question the benefit Valaran derives from its international obligations.”

Osteric’s reticence did not stop other National Conservatives taking to the airwaves to defend Korik’s viewpoints. Lord Tyburn declared that “there has been growing disquiet at Valaran’s international position.” Many were happy to note that under Prime Minister Hesseren, Valaran has increasingly found itself engaged in international committments, such as peacekeeping exercises or the War in Modeno. Several noted that while Korik’s tone was too strident, his vision of a “better path” was one they shared. Pressed on this, Lord Tyrburn concurred: “When we were strongest, we were strongest alone.”

This perception of Valaran’s role traces itself back to the period of imperial height, where Valaran disdained most formal alliances and sought to act unilaterally. This view was a prevalent feature of national policy in the 1930s and 1950s. However, it was been all but abandoned in the second Ausozeran war, and largely considered unaffordable since the late 1960s, where the Empire had found itself engaged in financially ruinous conflicts and diplomatically isolated. It was subsequently replaced by a period of wary neutrality, and then by the “Alstan Compact” of the late 1990s, which married muscular interventionism with a strong commitment to ‘international order.’ While Alstan’s policies have been considered a foundation of Valaran Foreign Policy for a quarter of a century, their present utility, or at least their articulation under the current Prime Minister has been brought into question.

Daran noted this also: “It is fair to say that Andurs’ speech has blown open the lid of a Foreign Policy debate that was raging ever since the 2014 [election].” The renowned analysts continued: “This is about whether the Empire considers its reach amplified by organisations such as PACT, or finds itself overburdened by the committments. It is a question of where power really lies in the international system, and is Valaran shaping events or being consumed by them?”

The latest polling data puts the National Conservatives at 28%, 7 points behind the Government.

More Headlines
  • Op-Ed: Korik is right and we should go further: leave the Union, ICSF too.
  • Emperor to not attend Charity Ball; sends William instead
  • Arcan Consortium EBIT rise 5%; strong domestic demand, exports
  • Twin explosions wrack Rathras: rebels blamed
  • Op-Ed: Artalian Nightclubs are Overrated




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by Vanquaria


Autarch Scott has made a return to the affairs of international diplomacy by making his first move, since his announced resignation from the position of being the central leader of the tri-Autarch empire that is the Dominion, being a claim to said position!

Thankfully, possible civil unrest within the Dominion was averted when Autarch Feli Valeran gracefully accepted Autarch Scott's claim to leadership, ceding the position back to its original occupant.

Now, back as the leader of the Dominion, Autarch Scott He has conveyed his desire to prepare the people of the Dominion against what he has described as the rise of aggressive militarism across the continents of Ausozera.

Soon after his first public appearance since our regal Liverpudlian allies were forced back from the borders of the radioactive wasteland that is Modeno, Autarch Scott received an invitation from the Union to attend a high-class ball for international VIPs. An event of significance as this would be the first diplomatic event that Scott would attend in person within Aishai ever since his father, Autarch Vlad, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt during, ironically, a ball held by the Cirillans many years ago.

However, Scott's line of succession is secured by his children and thus, the Autarch will once again attend a ball despite the dangers posed by Southern extremism in the hopes of finding common ground with his fellow Ausozeran leaders. His entourage will include his 3 wives, all of them attractive princesses or duchesses.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:58 pm
by Pakiranistan

April 2, 2018

CPWA Completion Projection Fast Forwarded to 2022


A shot of the newly constructed Arroyo Marina.

The year of completion for the CPWA or the Cooperative Public Works Advancement Programe has been reduced from 2025 to 2022 after immense and fast progress was achieved by the Al-Charneh Walhi Group, the firm in charge of completing the programe. In an interview last night at a party hosted by the ACW Group at the new and luxurious Arroyo Marina, ACW Group's spokesperson Raza Ali Multasam attributed the fast progress to the Pakirani military and citizens of Azenyanistan "Our immense project which has saw the development of thousands if not tens of thousands of homes and jobs for the people of Azenyanistan would not have been possible without the help of the Pakiranistani military and the cooperation of the Azenyanistani people!", moreover, the ACW Group has announced they have lodged a requestion for an additional 20.5 billion dollars for developmental purposes in Azenyanistan.

The current progress statistics were also released last night and are quite intriguiging. According to the official audit Phase One has nearly reached completion with three new 6 lane motorways M2,M3, and M4 respectively built. The new motorways officially connect the major cities of Arroyo, Yaneza, Sevenyah and Mallisha together. Adding to this 40 apartment complexes and 11,593 new homes have been built to house the citizens of the major cities, having been provided at no cost to the local populace. Maybe the most needed feature of this phase, which is the renovation and upgrade of public buildings such as Police Stations, Fire Stations and hospitals has also been completed in the said cities. This was much needed as due to war, attrition, lawlessness and sickness has been rampant in the area and with these new establishments life will once again turn to normality for the local populace.

While Phase One of CPWA is nearly complete, preperations for Phase Two and Three have already begun with heavy construction and machinery being spotted near waterways and remote terrain far from civilization being guarded by Pakirani military elements. When asked about the precense of military forces near the construction equipment a source in hiearchy of ACW Group stated "No, there is no danger in the area, the precense of military forces in the area is just precautionary measures and protocol due to an agreement signed with the military as part of the contract being awarded to us for this great project" however, this conflicts with various reports of insurgents in the area terrorizing the local population and forcing them through violance to not accept the humanitarian aid. However, a military source assured us this was not the case and the insurgents are a minor problem.

In Other News

IADA officially disbanded?
A Closer Look at Violant Portean Biker Gangs
New Hit Song in Pakiranistan



Mark Twain · 26 minutes ago
Great to see that this project was not just a bluff as expected by most of the world!

10,334 up · 78 down


Aegyptian Patriot · 32 minutes ago
20.5 Billion more! what! The ACW Group has a long history of corruption!

5,456 up · 3,445 down


Jack McKroski · 58 minutes ago
Waiting for Azenyanistan to enter a civil war again and watch this all go to shit lol.

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by Anowa
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Home > World > Foreign Affairs

Concerns of PACT membership after recent election
4:17 PM, January 23rd, 2019. Terrenus, Anowa.

With the recent election having closed up and positions filled in earnest, the backroom and interview based rumormill of the Anowan Capital returns in force. Though the normal talks of public affairs, foreign aid, and military functionality are commonplace in a country like Anowa, the rumors of potentially pulling out of PACT from members of all parties has a number concerned.

Based on what could be garnered, reasons range from a lack of alliance support during the Grunalian Civil War, to simple issues such as 'they aren't Anowan'. Donner Land, one of Anowa's eldest allies, has taken anunusually large chunk of the lashing, PM of the Anowa First Party, Tristan Rosengarten, has been quite vocal in such views, decrying a betrayal in "Aligning itself closer and closer to a state which has time and time again threatened Anowa's national security and scientific progress." He further states "If one cannot rely on one's allies to defend them or support them in times of peace, how can one expect them to do the same in times of war?"

Prime Minister Brunhold has also been quoted as voicing his disappointment. Mainly on PACT leadership's public views on the Anowan military action in Grunalia. "Anowa had decided early on in our involvement in Grunalia to distinctly remain clear of their internal affairs, leaving them to govern and rule themselves. Yet there is great disappointment in me when the blame for faulty elections falls on us. There is further concern in me when we are slapped across the face with ridicule and denouncement for stepping in when people are being killed en masse via genocide, and a country of millions falls into chaos." he is further quoted as denouncing the ISCF's donor nations for support as well, "For an organisation such as the ISCF to perform as poorly as it did is no fault of it's own, a lack of investment and support from it's signatory nations is to blame, not those who organized and attempted to ease the pressure of the situation.

Though asked for an opinion, no members of the royal family responded to our requests and obviously refused to comment, likely to stick to a level of political neutrality. Though rumors of improved relations between the Anowan and Vanquarian royal families have recently been brung to the air, there is no real solid evidence.

The Anowan public also seems to be split on the issue of PACT. With the deaths of the Seven Days War still somewhat fresh, there are a number of parents wondering what real validity PACT has. Retired military analysts and tacticians have generally reached a consensus that if PACT hadn't gotten involved the resulkt of the war would've been the same, with an estimated lower number of casualties. Retired Brigadier General Minos Vlachos has publicly stated "The expansionist greed of The Dominion is in a decline, their borders are easing up, and they're becoming more and more reliant on exports as time goes on. With things the way they are, PACT's mission of Dominion containment simply isn't a justifiable cause anymore. Global unity and collective security remain on the list, but the only real wars that have been fought in the last 30 years years haven't been much more than internal conflicts or insurrections. Nowadays state on state conflicts are short, and usually resolved within weeks or months."

In terms of parliament itself, most members now owing a nationalist alignment have been in favour of PACT membership as time moves on, but whether or not foreign events may sway more to either side of the debate remains to be seen.

Other News
RAMP Officer sentenced to death over unlawful use of force.
95th Birthday Celebration of Zimra Aidallbery.
Cosa Nostra over 120 years.
126 Arrested in freak car accident.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:08 pm
by Anowa
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Home > Domestic > Defense

Marshal Action Plan of 2019 enacted
5:03 AM, February 2nd, 2019. Terrenus, Anowa.

At 5:00 AM this morning, Anowan parliament signed into law the Marshal Action Plan of 2019. The third such law in the entirety of Anowa's history, the only other two examples being the 'Marshal Action Plan of 1943' during the Second World War, and the 'Marshal Action Plan of 1968', a mere month before a 75kt nuclear warhead was dropped on the Argaritan 2nd Fleet during the Patagon War.

While not all the details of the plan have been released, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Wolfram Herrman gave a statement: "The goals for this plan all but mirror the last two. During which we vastly expanded our capacity for military projection, national security and nuclear arsenal. The main proposition to do so is to greatly increase funding to the Anowan Navy and increase our capacity to send our troops overseas on more definitive deployments if need be. As it stands our navy is in a miserable state and we seek to correct that before all else."

When probed about how national security would be improved Herrman stated, "We'll be launching a series of some 12 spy satellites to help give more recent images of any incoming threats to our nation, such as ships, planes, or if need be foreign lands and facilities if we feel they're a threat." He further stated when question about potential interference or action against said launches Herrman continued with, "In accordance with international law, destroying such craft while launching, in ascent or in orbit, will be considered and act of war and will be pursued as such. Furthermore it would be seen as a humanitarian issue due to the cascading effect it could cause in orbit if destroyed."

When questioned what provoked such a change Herrman declared that it was rather a somewhat eye opening experience in Modeno that triggered such a distinct reply. "Had we the budget and understanding of the situation, we likely would've been able to create a more peaceful solution to the conflict. Thus we are here now."

Of the following questions asked, the Chairman couldn't give an answer due to either not having enough information at the time or simple security risks. Regardless, Anowa's military is largely under the wing of change.

Other News
Bill to dissolve Anowan Space Program in works.
Olympian II Program hinted at in recent press release.
14 Suspects of Anowan extranational lynchings arrested. Suspected Ultranationalist ties.
Munitions of the future: Smart bullets, lasers, and servos!
Rollos Bay Free Travel Zone sees an increase in security.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:55 pm
by Vanquaria

Autarch Scott of the Dominion has publicly announced Dominion diplomatic and military support for the state of Kirana.

Kirana is an ex-colony of the Valaran Empire, having become independent from Valaran in 1971. After 2 wars against their former oppressors, Kirana is at peace with the Valaran Empire though their former oppressors are actively attempting to isolate Kirana from the rest of the world particularly in terms of diplomatic relations.

The Autarch says he won't stand by and has pledged the support of Vanquaria's Diplomatic Corps for Kirana. Government authorities from Kirana will be able to contact Dominion diplomatic channels and embassies will be established between Kirana and Auraxis.

Besides diplomatic support, Autarch Scott has also declared military support for Kirana in the form of Vanquarian special operations units being deployed to Kirana to train and advise their military. Besides training, the Vanquarian military will prepare the transportation of advanced weaponry, such as modern anti-air weapons systems and unmanned combat drones, in order to modernize the military of Kirana.

Alongside the announcement of support for Kirana, the Autarch has declared that there will be a renewed mass mobilization of the Vanquarian military to return to the state it was in during the Iron Will Alliance era under his father, Autarch Vlad.