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No. 48 - 4th Warrant Officer Genevieve Meredith Amy Sadie Ma

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:38 am
by Valentine Z
Name: 4th Warrant Officer Genevieve Meredith Amy Sadie “Tabïğat Küşi” Rachell. Winter Marhabbat Tamara Talshin Hanifa Sezim Marilyn Enlik Hamima Lapis Tatti J. Dx. Mariam Daniarova Nurlanov
  • 635,10 centimeters (20 ft 10.04 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 238,76 centimeters (7 ft 10 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 179,07 centimeters (5 ft 10.5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Kazakhstani

Born approximately 5 years after the establishment of Valentine Z, Genevieve is an ordinary woman with extraordinary powers, having the powers of basic elements on her side. Born to both Kazakhstan parents who were refugees that Valentijn has randomly taken in before the nuclear bombs hit.

It was exactly unsure on when or how exactly Genevieve got and managed to harness the powers of the elements to her side. The Valentian Scientific Community has failed to provide a reasonable explanation, while Valentina feels that it was simply out of coincidence that some people are born with magical powers on themselves. However, at that moment, Gwen and Ariel seems to know exactly why. Upon further research and a trace back to Genevieve’s lineage and family, they found out a little secret. The great grandparents of Genevieve were from another dimension – the one with Rapture inside, that is, the underwater world with all kinds and wonders of genetic engineering and modifications. What exactly her great grandparents were doing in Rapture was still up for speculation, though Gwen would later found out the reasons for herself. They were able to escape while Rapture was falling apart, taking most of the Plasmids along with them for whatever use cases that they might encounter. Due to the Civil War going on in Rapture at that moment, they figured that they could conjure up a teleportation Plasmid, except to make it much more pronounced; it tore through the fabrics of space and time, and with it, a portal to another dimension.

They ended up in Valentine Z’s world before the Cold War itself, and stayed dormant as normal civilians, revealing little to nothing about the near-magical levels of technology that they have. Eventually, the Plasmids that they have used, along with other enhancements, would then become dominant once again in the future generation, and that person being Genevieve herself. Exactly how the genetic modifications have allowed her to control the elements was still debated, but many Valentian scientists have speculated that it might be due to Genevieve and her ancestors possessing genes and instincts that many animals already have, for example, the ability to shoot out electricity like an eel. However, that was as much as they understood, since other abilities such as being able to set things on fire, or freeze them, is not a power that is possible even by other Earthling organisms. This was even made much more mysterious when the Valentians realised that Genevieve can take abilities from others and make it her own for one-time usage. The targeted entity would not have that ability until Genevieve uses it again. The mechanism is, once again, unknown and is open for speculation.

Despite all of this, Genevieve has proven herself to be the most stable amongst the users of that kind of genetic modification. While Rapture, according to Gwen, would have succumbed to insanity, Genevieve in fact is the definition of being level-headed, being able to use her powers for everyone’s benefit, and with much control that many people did not even realise of her potential. She eventually volunteered as an AVDF (Active Valentian Defence Force) member, as a 4th Warrant Officer in maintaining order and peace throughout Valentine Z, making friends and being an outgoing person, as well as making campfire for her troops or providing cold drinks.

Genevieve is a Defence character, with most her abilities suited for defensive purposes rather than going all-out and chasing around enemies. Her primary weapon is a high-calibre semi-automatic Desert Eagle that has a good range and good damage, but is marred by a rather slow rate of fire. The pistol has a 60% damage falloff at 80-meter range. She has no passive abilities, but have a lot of active abilities to make up for it. The first and unusual ability lets her steal a random ability from an enemy, making it available for Genevieve to use. It lasts for 8 seconds when not used, and the cooldown after usage is equal to the stolen ability’s, e.g. if Genevieve stole an ability with a 6-second cooldown, the Ability Steal itself will have a 6-second cooldown. The Ability Steal cannot be used for passive abilities. Her other defensive abilities include Sonic Blast, which unleashes a gale in a 60-degree cone and a 4-meter AoE, with enemies taking 600-20 damage, and being pushed back from 20 meters to 2 meters; Freeze Blast lets her unleash a flurry of icicles that deals 300 damage overall, while slowing enemies’ attack and movement speeds by 50% for 4 seconds; Incinerate! is of a slightly more offensive ability, being able to unleash an instantaneous bolt of fire at an enemy, dealing 300 damage / sec to it for 4 seconds. The ability can also deal bonus damage when combined with Colleen’s Oil Slicks. On a much more supportive side, Genevieve has Force of Nature that conjures up a field of healing energy, healing their allies at a rate of 2 % of their maximum HP / second, for a duration of 10 seconds. Genevieve will move 33% slower during the duration in order to channel her focus onto the ability, and it is interruptible by stuns. Ultimately, Genevieve has a Faust de Sol, an orb of fire that follows her around and dealing 1200 damage per 0.8 seconds in a 3-meter AoE. It lasts 5 seconds, and it is also interruptible.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: High-calibre semi-automatic Desert Eagle. Good range and good damage, but slow rate of fire. 60% damage falloff at 80 meter range.
Ability Steal: Takes a random ability from an enemy, making it available for Genevieve. 8 secs when not used. Cooldown equal to stolen ability.
Sonic Blast: Unleashes a gale in a 60 degree cone, 4 meter AoE. Enemies take 600-20 damage, being pushed back from 20 meters to 2 meters.
Freeze Blast: Unleashes a flurry of icicles towards an enemy, dealing 300 dmg, while slowing down by 50% for att. and mov. speed for 4 secs.
Incinerate!: Unleashes an instantaneous bolt of fire at an enemy, dealing 300 dmg / sec to it for 4 seconds. Takes bonus damage from oil slick.
Force of Nature: Conjures up a field of healing energy, healing allies at a rate of 2 % of their maximum HP / second, for duration of 10 seconds.
Faust de Sol (Ultimate): An orb of fire that follows Genevieve around, dealing 1200 damage per 0.8 sec in 3 m AoE. Lasts 5 sec, uninterruptible.

No. 49 - Mst. Sgt. Ariel Naomi Diamond Maria Destini Mela

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:39 am
by Valentine Z
Name: Mst. Sgt. Ariel Naomi Diamond Maria Destini Tierra Alita Elizabeth “Wanita Badai” Candace Bastiet Rena Maybell Amalia Carolina Saxon Alice Ys. Jane Vera Cheyenne Melati Ratna Kartawijaya
  • 675,64 centimeters (22 ft 2 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 254,00 centimeters (8 ft 4 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 193,04 centimeters (6 ft 4 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Indonesian

A woman mostly reserved to her own feelings and thoughts, Master Sergeant Ariel is one of those characters who is less technological, and more magical. Hailing from another world, Ariel is a source of wonderment for many Valentians just like Clarissa, and also one of the people to join the ranks of the Valentians after the Cold War, instead of before.

Born in the land of Indonesia when it was still under the Dutch Colony, Ariel have lived a normal and quiet life for most of her childhood, alongside her parents. She recalled that they were around with her when needed, but other than that, they were never that close to her on an emotional level. In fact, Ariel was unsure of if those were even her parents in the first place. At that time in her own world, technology has moved rather substantially faster than Valentine Z’s Earth (as well as with the RL Earth), and the peak in this technological prowess was when the floating city of Columbia was constructed. Ariel described the place as of a steampunk aesthetic, and she actually had the pleasure of one of the persons to be invited to visit the floating city. Her parents, however, never got that chance and would reside behind below Columbia, in an undisclosed place on the surface USA.

Upon being invited over, Ariel was blessed by the many gorgeous and glorious sights of the floating city, glimmering and bathing in the amber sunlight. She described the place was truly otherworldly even for her people, and that apart from the builders, everyone was more or less fascinated by how the place came to be. Columbia is known to be a place of wonderment, and a source of inspiration, for many people, desiring to see the floating city by themselves one day. This lasted for a whole of a few days, as Ariel soon realises that she was surrounded by hostile-than-usual people. They have constantly bombarded her with death threats and accused her of being a witch and having special abilities. For the latter part, minus being a witch, that was proven to be true as it was soon realised that Ariel has the ability to affect the weather around her, from freezing hails that proved deadly, to electrical storms that could spell doom for her perpetrators if they happened to be soaking wet (which is inevitable). With little to no way of a trial, Ariel was quickly ordered to be hanged a few days later.

However, on that fateful day when Ariel was about to be hanged, and in just with 5 minutes to spare, Chief Aviator Gwen managed to teleport directly to the stand and beside Ariel. The citizens of Columbia, as well as the executioner just right beside, were completely shocked by the appearance of Gwen and given her stature as 14 feet in that dimension instead of the usual 10 feet, the fear was amplified; the Columbians thought that they have angered the Gods themselves, and have sent a messenger to warn them about it. In this case, it happened to be none other than Gwen herself. After a lengthy explanation and convincing the people not to hang Ariel (it was not difficult), the people let them go and with that, Ariel and Gwen started talking once again. It turns out that unlike the other Columbians and Raptures that Gwen has visited, this one does not have any Plasmids, or any of the genetic modifications that the other universes have. This has more or less in turn explained why the Columbians sincerely thought that Ariel was a witch, on top of her usually tall height amongst the people. The Columbians, for once, has finally warmed up to Ariel and offered their sincere apologies to her, as well as considering her a savior from whatever else that they might be suffering from.

Upon further conversations with Ariel, Gwen also realised that this was the Columbia (along with Rapture) that did not have the genetic enhancements, i.e. there were surprisingly lack of Plasmids and Vigor. It turns out even more that Ariel was not a native of this world, and that she indeed came from the world where Columbia has Vigors, along with many other enhancements. Her parents were not her real parents, and instead would found out to be just taking care of a “lonely baby that was in the field all by herself, without anyone seemingly nearby” (caused by a teleportation). Ariel, in turn, had these Vigors and Plasmids from when she was young, so it was theorised by both Gwen and herself that Ariel must have been a test subject of sorts in her own actual universe (the one with genetic modifications freely available to its citizens) Being attached to her as a friend, Gwen asked if Ariel would like to come to Valentine Z with her, in order to meet with the rest of the Valentians, as well as to make herself a permanent home instead of being a recluse in a world that never was her in the first place. Ariel considered her options, but seeing that Gwen at that time is more or less a master in space and time, Ariel decided to follow her back to Valentine Z, promising to visit the Columbians now and then if there is a time for it. She also made the Columbians invite her parents/caretakers to live happily ever after in the floating cities as one final wish, which in turn was also granted.

With Ariel now welcomed into Valentine Z’s world with open arms, she once again felt that she was at home, though at the same time, she would yearn and wish to go back to Columbia for whenever she wishes. This was where Gwen was able to help her out, who at that time was experimenting with teleportation chambers and setting up these teleportation nodes for the peoples of Valentine Z. If they could work within the Valentian universe, the reasoning was that they could work inter-dimensionally. Turns out, she was right, though not exactly; Ariel, with the help of the powers that she got, is able to create teleportation gateways, but these are relatively unstable and would only allow her safe passage within the first 10 seconds. Forming these portals, according to Ariel, is energetically draining, being only able to do it once every 30-60 minutes given the intensity of it. One can only wonder if she is willing to go back to her second home (the world that she mostly grew up in), or that she would want to go back to her actual universe of origin to solve her mysteries. Either way, Ariel does not seem to be in a hurry.

Ariel is a Defensive Hero, excelling at suppressing enemies with her burst-fire submachine gun. While the accuracy leaves a lot to be desired, she is not to be underestimated when it comes to covering a ground, or at short ranges. She has a few Vigor and Plasmid-based abilities to help her out, namely Murderous Crow, which unleashes a wave of crows in a 20-meter area-of-effect that follows Ariel around. The crows have a health of their own, and deals 33 damage per strike to enemies. These crows last for 6 seconds. Ariel can also conjure up a tornado to surround herself, making herself invincible for that short amount of 6 seconds, while dealing 20 damage per second to the enemies in a 3-meter radius. Telekinesis-wise, Ariel has two abilities – the weaker one where she can simply pick up a single projectile and hurls it back at the enemy. The damage done varies with the nature of the object, such as the size and its composition. The Higher Telekinesis is where Ariel can pick up an enemy for 5 seconds and hurls them at a distance 4x their height. The damage dealt is height (in centimetres) x 6 to x 1, depending on how far they are thrown. In essence, the normal Telekinesis has a faster cooldown time than the higher Telekinesis. As for her Ultimate, Ariel can conjure up a Thunder Storm whereby a dark of 30-meter radius in size looms around Ariel, shooting out lightning bolts at 0.4 second intervals and dealing 400 damage each. These lasts for 4 second, and will neither hurt Ariel nor her allies.

Ariel looking out into the sea and beach. Credit: Sims 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Rapid firing submachine gun with high damage and ROF. Hitscan weapon that spreads rather quickly. 50 % damage falloff at 30 meters.
Murderous Crow: Unleashes a wave of regenerating crows in a 20 m AoE; follows Ariel around. Each crow has 300 HP, deals 33 dmg / hit. 6 sec.
Tornado: Surrounds Ariel with a tornado that renders her invincible. The tornado deals 20 dmg per sec to enemies in 3 meter radius. Lasts 6 secs.
Telekinesis (Normal): Picks up a single projectile (including the enemy's) and hurls it back at the enemy. Damage varies with the nature of object.
Telekinesis (Higher): Picks up an enemy for 5 seconds and hurls them at a distance 4x their height. Damage dealt is Height (cm) x 6 to Height x 1.
Thunder Storm (Ultimate): Conjures a dark cloud that covers a 30 meter radius. Shoots out lightning bolts at 0.4 sec interval, 400 dmg each. 4 sec.

No. 50 - Staff Sgt. Ezekiel Victor Brennen Sterling Darmaan

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by Valentine Z
Name: Staff Sgt. Ezekiel Victor Brennen Zaine Sterling Cedric Uubato Beelwade “Go’aamiye” Azaria Frederick Salow Sharmarke Xaaf. D. V. S. Pascow Ai. Faris Daltese Joni Xareed Darmaan Maxamed
  • 650,30 centimeters (21 ft 4.02 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 244,48 centimeters (8 ft 0.25 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 183,52 centimeters (6 ft 0.25 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Somalian

“I don't know what is worse - being convinced that you are going to be making a bioweapon... or going through with it knowing full-well."

Born during the Cold War Era, Ezekiel was first and foremost a doctor and a research assistant, helping out the people around him, while at the same time finding cures for diseases that plagued around Somalia and the rest of the East African nations. He worked around the clock, contributing as much as possible to treating as many people as he can and also helping as the aforementioned research assistant. However, as time went on, Ezekiel would realise that Somalia would need to gear up for the upcoming Cold War, as he realised that the world as a whole was becoming much more violent and that peace talks were breaking down much more often. He used this opportunity to pitch his ideas about the potentials of a viral outbreak, which he felt that it would bring the attention towards finding the cure and in turn trying to delay and halt the whole Cold War thing. His idea was quickly rejected and dangerous, even as going as far as nearly losing his doctoring licence due to the violation of the Hippocratic Oath of doing no harm; the consensus was that while the sentiments of trying to have the humanity focus on a common goal was noble, having a viral outbreak would cost many more lives and losses that would potentially become uncontrollable. Defeated yet determined, Ezekiel accepted his fate and continued his work as a doctor, though with a degree of distrust in his name from the leakage of the presentation that he has given.

In particular day during the many heights of the Cold War Era, Ezekiel was researching and handling some sensitive matter, something that involves volatile and dangerous types of viruses. At that moment, it was not exactly to spread a viral outbreak and rather, he was trying to use these viruses to find a cure for them. As bad luck would have it, Somalia was a hotbed of conflicts on its own and one day, he along with his research lab simply vanished out of existence; the police found nothing but an empty lab, along with one dead researcher (who was later identified as Ezekiel’s in-charge), while Ezekiel was still missing. It would turn out that Ezekiel and the contents of the lab were kidnapped by a group of resistance fighters, who in turn happened to be none other than the paramilitary forces of the government itself. Apparently, the government was paying an awful amount of attention to Ezekiel and his research despite rejecting him in public. Now that he was in their hands, they simply forced him, at gunpoint and the risk of his family outside, to work for them and to produce strains of the most lethal strands of viruses in order to gear up with super bioweapons. With no other choice, he complied, and simply worked on and on per their instructions, producing potentially the most dangerous types of biology that the world would have witnessed at that moment.

When Ezekiel was ready with his work and enough strands were produced, the government agencies took it from him and for a good measure, knocked him out in an (unlocked) cell. They would go back to the surface, away from the underground lab, with knowledge that they have the devices and the substances they would need to raise Hell on the rest of the world. However, as luck would have it, the nukes also happened to be fired at that moment, resulting in the ruling government, the secret agencies, and most of the people dead. The viruses were also wiped out completely, a design by Ezekiel whereby he made them vulnerable to even the smallest doses of gamma radiation, i.e. the one that would be found in hospitals. The cure for these viruses would be the weakest form of radiation, which was rather ironic considering the lethality of it all. However, they were purposefully designed that way by Ezekiel, as he would have revealed later, knowing that nukes might have hit the world.

With no family of his own and stumbling out of the desolated and destroyed lab, he would come across the Valentian rescue team just moments before the terraforming as done. He was criticised for his research on bioweapons, given his methods were a bit risky to begin with; if there was no nuclear Armageddon that day, it would have been a lot more different, with the governments of the world getting hold of the virus. He expressed regret in his field of studies. However, given the forgiving nature of the Valentians, as well as the destruction of the Earth during that moment, he was pardoned, and was asked to use his knowledge for good, and solely to use it for defensive purposes. Ezekiel would completely switch from using strands of viruses that could cause a global catastrophe, and instead would arm himself with vials of developed samples for his own use. He was careful enough to exercise caution, since, in his words: "No man is powerful enough to control the forces of biological nature to his will. Time and time again, I'm sure you guys have seen horror movies and games whereby a virus completely overwhelmed them. I would rather not let that happen, yes?"

Given some of the serums that he has taken along the way, on top of the synthetic bodies that were made just for him, Ezekiel is a Defense character, being able to wield a .50 Cal Machine gun that while is inaccurate and consumes ammunition quickly, gives him an impressively large 800 DPS that is sure to bring down a crowd. As a passive, his genes were "Strained", giving him a HP regeneration of 50 per second, which is un-interruptible by any external means other than himself. On him, he has three serums that he can use - one that gives him a larger melee and punching power at the cost of draining his health; another that steadies his accuracy to 100% at the cost of stopping his HP regeneration for 5 seconds. Ultimately, he has the Surge serum that temporarily mutates his arm to a hardened blade that deals 1200 damage per slash with 1.5 ROF (1800 DPS), along with +500% HP regeneration (from 50 HP / sec to 300 HP / sec), all at the cost of taking 50% more damage from enemy attacks.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: .50 Cal Machine Gun - somewhat inaccurate and consumes ammunition quickly, but deals a lot of damage in a short time.
Strained (Passive): Ezekiel has a Hit Point regeneration of 50 per second, constant and un-interruptible by any external means.
Evolution: A serum that gives him 200% melee damage bonus, at the cost of draining health at 100 HP per second drain for 8 seconds.
Hunker Down: At the cost of stopping his HP regeneration, Ezekiel steadies his arm on his MG, providing 100% accuracy for 5 seconds.
Surge (Ultimate): A serum that mutates his arm to a hardened blade, along with +500% HP regen, at the cost of taking 50% more damage.

No. 51 - Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Nicholas Carlos Devin Varuni

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 1:58 am
by Valentine Z
Name: Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Nicholas Carlos Devin Il. Jeremy “Maut de Magere Hein” Ned Jovan Reece Clemmo Josep Morhaedo Warner Lowenan Paras Aastik Prabhakar Varuni Chanda Seth Satavelekar
  • 648,61 centimeters (21 ft 3.36 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 243,84 centimeters (8 ft 0 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 182,88 centimeters (6 ft 0 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Indian-Nepalese.

Once a formidable warrior, and always a formidable warrior, Gabriel went from a member of the famous and terrifying Gurkhas, to being a member of the Active Valentian Defence Forces (AVDF) that would take little to no nonsense from anyone else.

Born during the Cold War just like with most of the other Valentians in AVDF, Gabriel led a rather normal life in his hometown in India, basically anticipating the war to be over on a peaceful note. However, after months and months of waiting and peace not becoming a reality, Gabriel figured that he would join the army just because, and because he is one of those persons that yearns for a bit of a militaristic action. He didn't bother to think that he might becoming a little bit insane if he joined. However, in terms of the war in Asia, and due to the escalation of Cold War into a rather heated one, he figured that while he was just one man, he would try to provide as much impact to his people as possible. And it was made worse with India being in the middle of the Western and Eastern hemispheres, since both sides ended up using the country as a hotbed for politics and worse, for wars. India would receive help from both Southeast Asia and Africa, but at the same time, they would see themselves getting hit by the both of them.

Gabriel figured that even if he was going to be one man, he would try to make as much impact as possible, simply in order to protect his country, and his family. Performing exceptionally well on his military duties and tests, he was recommended by his superiors to proceed to be a member of the Gurkhas, and also because of his Nepalese ethnicity that made it a reality. He quickly accepted the offer and went on the rather arduous journey of becoming a most feared warrior amongst the ranks. He would break every now and then, but if he was indeed suffering, Gabriel did not show it. He was described as a strong, silent type, only speaking when needed, and that he would take every single form of punishment and training with a straight face, only having slight strains now and then. Basically, it was difficult for an outsider to know how exactly he was feeling.

His favourite type of weapons just happened to be shotguns, ones that would fire with much power and kick inside them. And he figured that he would dual-wield them, practicing to reload two of them at the same time. It would prove to be slightly inefficient compared to just using one shotgun, but at the same time, it was not much of a difference, so he simply used both of them anyway. However, for his jungle training, he was told to use other forms of weapons, specifically knives and daggers, in order to provide and do silent kills. He might be a quiet person, but Gabriel’s obsession with shotguns and load explosives were going against the whole point of covert jungle warfare. Still, he complied, though in an effort to use the knives and daggers, would embed little these sharp objects into his military shirts and sleeves so that he would be able to slice and dice his enemies with more ease. As long as the objective was done, and he kept it quiet, he figured that it would be fine.

After graduation, Gabriel went into the battlefield as an active agent, though he more or less engaged in smaller fights with equally small amount of teammates and enemies alike. He would usually go the stealth route, but at the same time, he favoured his dual shotguns so much that to the people around him, Gabriel would be seen charging into the front lines with two guns in hand, blasting every enemy he sees, as well as slashing them up close and personal. However, while he was fighting a good fight in yet another battle, the nukes hit the scene, with no one bothering to tell the troops about it. Gabriel retreated to the nearby shelter, but by then, it was a tad too late; he was not directly hit by a nuclear missile, but he would be bathed with an awful amount of radiation, so much so that his cells would phase in and out of existence and effectively making him a wraith.

With the Valentians fanning around to search for survivors, they came across the ghostly Gabriel wandering around and shooting anything that he sees. It took Valentijn (after he was armoured up and his radiation controlled) to soak up a couple of shots, and several others calming him down, then Gabriel realised that they were here to help, and he accepted it wholly. It was Germaine who would then help Gabriel with controlling his cells and neutralising his pain, while letting him keep his powers for anything that he might see fit. Gabriel then joined AVDF as a sergeant major, training new troops on the basis of jungle warfare, while giving them a taste of what being a Gurkha is like.

Gabriel is an Offense-type character, with his speciality in phasing in and out of existence, and teleporting around to flank his enemies. His primary weapons are dual Hellfire shotguns that have a high amount of damage but with slow rate of fire and range. The range is rather pitiful, having a 3-meter falloff range. Gabriel passively has a Vampiric Aura, whereby he heals back 90% of the damage dealt, and it’s instantaneous and uninterruptible. As both an offensive and defensive asset, Gabriel can Shadow Step, being able to teleport to a designated spot, taking 1 second to cast, and another 1 second to land at the location. Defensively, he can change into a Wraith Form whereby he is invincible to damage and debuffs negative attributes; lasts 4 seconds, and only interruptible by prompt. He has two ultimate options – One of them is a Totentanz, whereby he fires his shotguns rapidly, dealing 3200 damage in a 3-meter AoE for 3 seconds, and it’s interruptible. Alternatively, he has Hand Cannons, whereby his shotguns are enhanced with splash damage and their damage increased by 90%; this lasts for 8 seconds, and it’s uninterruptible.

Shot of Sgt. Maj. Gabriel. Credit: Sims 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Dual Hellfire shotguns with high damage but slow rate of fire and range. Damage falloff at 3 meters.
Vampiric Aura (Passive): Heals back 90% of the damage dealt. Healing is instantaneous and uninterruptible.
Shadow Step: Teleports to a designated spot, taking 1 second to cast, and another 1 sec to land at location.
Wraith Form: Changes into a wraith that is invincible to damage. 4 seconds and only interruptible by prompt.
Totentanz (Ultimate): Fires the shotguns rapidly, dealing 3200 damage in 3 meter AoE for 3 sec. Interruptible.
Hand Cannons (Ultimate): Gives splash damage to the shotguns, increases damage by 90%. Lasts 8 seconds.

No. 52 - 1st Sgt. Gustav Ernest Desmond Jefferson Nojus

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:01 am
by Valentine Z
Name: 1st Sgt. Gustav Ernest Desmond Jefferson “Grūdintas Kareivis” Canice Aldrick Žilvinas Alannis Florijonas Nojus Hs. Kristofora Justin R. B. Di. Skirgaila Ažuolas Steponas Vytautas Ambraziejus
  • 655,37 centimeters (21 ft 6.02 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 246,38 centimeters (8 ft 1 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 185,42 centimeters (6 ft 1 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Lithuanian

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Rapid-firing Light Machine Gun. Good rate of fire, but at the expense of a large spread. 80% damage falloff at 50 m.
Imbued Firepower: Increases damage output by 20% for 4 secs. to self. Additionally negates fall-off damage for the duration.
High Explosive (HE) Grenade: Throws a grenade in an arc. 2 second fuse time, with 800-20 damage dealt in a 4 meter radius.
Backstab: 900 pure damage dealt with a knife to an enemy, but from behind. It takes 2.5 seconds to cast, and is interruptible.
Commando (Ultimate): +200% damage and +50% damage resistance for 6 seconds. Abilities are locked during this duration.
Balloon Bomb (Ultimate): Fills up a balloon with hydrogen and some antimatter. Controllable. Lasts 12 s, with 2000-100 dmg.

No. 53 - 2nd Sgt. Kostas Malcolm Theodore Xavier Sigvars

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:04 am
by Valentine Z
Name: 2nd Sgt. Kostas Malcolm Theodore Xavier Brian Julian Fidel “Ātrs Skrējējs” Seimanis Venantijs Rennas. Alina Sigvars Callum Cadens Reid Shawn Gabrielle Blakes Jesse Vl. Alvits K. Ph. Bērzīts
  • 634,54 centimeters (20 ft 9.82 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 238,55 centimeters (7 ft 9.92 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 177,59 centimeters (5 ft 9.92 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Latvian

To be added.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Wing strike at melee range. Slow rate of attack, but deals high damage and also stuns the enemy around for 0.33 seconds.
Killing Speed (Passive): After every 2 seconds of run, gains extra speed that can knock enemies off with 500 dmg. It stacks 4 times.
Beak Strike: Forward strike at an enemy at close range. Initial dmg. is 800, but can be amplified from 1.1x to 2.5x by Killing Speed.
Jumpscare: Frightens the enemy at close range, dealing 80 damage, while also increasing damage taken by 50%. Lasts 4 seconds.
Blazing Trail (Ultimate): Runs at unfathomable speeds that the trail it took caught fire, dealing 500 dmg / sec to enemies for 5 secs.

No. 54 - 3rd Sgt. Tracie Valentina Kat Pauline Sarah R. Anni

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:06 am
by Valentine Z
Name: 3rd Sgt. Tracie Valentina Kat Pauline Sarah Harper Aceline R. Alexi “Merisotilas” Susanna Casey Caylee Rowan Jemina E. Kyllikki Terhikki Annie Elliah Sam. Ilmatar Hyvärinen Lindholm Heinon
  • 749,96 centimeters (24 ft 7.26 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 281,94 centimeters (9 ft 3 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 243,84 centimeters (8 ft 0 in) (Pre-Valentian Era, Mutation)
  • 182,88 centimeters (6 ft 0 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Finnish

Quick-thinking and rather stern and tomgirl for half the time, 3rd Sergeant Tracie is a hardened war veteran. Born an orphan, suffice to say that she had no idea who her parents were, or any other relatives. She eventually made it into adulthood and with time, it was time for her adoption centre to let go of her after much farewells and goodbyes.

Tracie first voluntarily enlisted into the Finnish Army, and there, it was rather uneventful as far as anyone was concerned. She finished off rather strong in her class, though nothing extraordinary, and she was having a burnout from the regimentation. After all, she was less used to the regimentation, and rather, she wanted to be someone that just does the shooting and other soldier-related tasks instead of learning to march on an everyday basis or learning new drills. With that, she signed up for resignation after a fruitful 2 years with the army, and soon headed off to a nearby tropical island for a quick vacation, while thinking about what else she could do. Along the way, she came across a mercenary camp hiring new blood, with the task mainly to protect a nearby archipelago from invasions or from unwanted visitors. After spending a few more days thinking about it, and with no one to lose at the moment, Tracie signed up for it, and was soon welcomed with open arms. It was rather unusual that the mercenary troops were all men, but for Tracie, she had no problem fitting in with the rest of them; after all, despite the initial cynicism towards her, Tracie does have proper military experience, and with that, she soon found herself promoted to the rank of a corporal.

After a few days of uneventfulness, news soon came in about one boat captain and his accompany (now Colonel Adrian and now Vice Foresittend Jolyn) that were wreaking havoc on the island, disabling communications and key vital areas. And on top of that, Tracie was warned many times over by her friends not to disclose any info loudly about the research - whatever that might be. Her curious questions would lead to nowhere, as even most of them didn’t know about what was happening on this crazy island; whatever information she wanted would have to come from the inner and more trusted sources, and she was simply one of the many grunts that were protecting the least important areas.

Opportunity soon came to her, in a rather bad manner; she got the “promotion” to the inner areas of the islands, that is, near the research centres and basically at the hearts of the operation. She was kidnapped by the elite forces of the mercenary one night and was presented to the labs in question. It was here that she finally knew what was going on – the research centres were running genetic experiments on monkeys at first, followed by humans, though both with adverse effects, i.e. ultraviolence and diminished intelligence. Tracie was one of the “volunteers” for the project, since 1) they needed more human specimen, and that 2) she is the only woman, and the effects on woman (on both primates and humans) has not been tested so far.

Without any other way, she was subjected to the mutagen and was given time in the span of days to transform. Much to her surprise and luck, Tracie found out that she still got her mind in one piece, while showing increased strength and resilience compared to the other experiments and mutants. After establishing a few controls on her, in the case of her going rogue, Tracie was given a power armour that only she herself could wear due to this positive mutation. She was tasked with eliminating Adrian and Jolyn, but she failed on the account that Jolyn managed to short her armour out, and was able to disable the controls, i.e. Tracie could theoretically turn back against the researchers for kidnapping and subjecting her. However, because of the gift she has gotten, Tracie got out of her suit and turned against Adrian and Jolyn once again, taking them a good 20 minutes to take her down and subdue her.

Succeeding in sabotaging the main corporation behind it, Adrian and Jolyn got onto a boat and sailed back to Yangon, along with Tracie, who was tied up and anesthetised. While Tracie was essentially pissed at the duo for ruining her mercenary job and pay, she at the very least thanked them for freeing her from the labs. She was not in very good terms with them for killing her friends, though she does warm up to the rest of the Valentians rather easily, especially towards Valentijn, who in turn took in all three of them come apocalypse.

Nowadays, Tracie spends most of her time on the archipelago that she used to work on, which now is nothing but a thick and lush forest with a fishing village. She runs a small military base, with herself as the commander and a sergeant of the operation, to protect the residents that are living on the island.

Tracie is an offensive tank, being able to disperse her enemies with frightening efficiency using her long-range plasma cannon - while it has a slow rate of fire and a short effective range, it has no spread and is idea for dispatching groups of enemies. Her primary assets are her mobility - to be able to turn into a ball and either travel around the map and terrain, tethering rocks and other objects along the way to give herself a speed boost; when in air and during her ball form, she can slam down on the ground with great force, dealing stunning damage and displacement to her enemies below. To protect herself, she has a defensive matrix that absorbs all forms of projectiles and hitscan damage, though she is still susceptible to the elements such as fire, ice, and electricity. As long as the matrix is up, it can absorb any amount of damage, and is good for blocking out dangerous projectiles such as mini-nukes. Her ultimate is Cluster Bombardment, whereby Tracie reloads her weapon and converts 10 plasma rounds into 1 plasma bomb, effectively making 10 plasma bombs that once fired, deals 1110 damage each and bounces on terrain and walls, making it useful for corner engagements.

ClassHPMag. SizeDmg.ROF / sDPS

Primary: Long range plasma cannon with no spread and good range. Slow rate of fire, and damage falloff of 60% at a 60 meters range.
Defensive Matrix: Activates a matrix that absorbs all forms of projectile and hitscan damage. Lasts 4 sec, regenerates when not in use.
Ball Form: Converts into a sphere that moves 50% faster. Enemies take 500 knockback damage from the rolls. Can't use primary attack.
Slam Down (Ball Form): Slams down a ground with great force, damaging enemies from 50 to 800 dmg., depending on range & height.
Tether (Ball Form): Hooks up to a structure and swings to gain momentum. Knockback damage increases to 700, movement sp. to 90%.
Cluster Bombardment (Ultimate): Reloads & uses up all of the rounds, shooting 10 plasma bombs that bounces up to 4 times on struct.

No. 55 - 4th Sgt. Harris Anthony Leroy Taylor Stephen Tekir

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:08 am
by Valentine Z
Name: 4th Sgt. Harris Anthony Leroy Gabriel Taylor Stephen “Kedi” Ozakar Yakup Farid Reyhan Seda Demirtug Ermis Ceyhun Tekir Andreas Vesa Albert Janna Addi Kai Samuli Jaime N. Q. Dsr. Sezgin
  • 628,35 centimeters (20 ft 7.38 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 236,22 centimeters (7 ft 9 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 175,26 centimeters (5 ft 9 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Turkish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Semi-automatic hunting rifle. 70% damage falloff at 100 meters. Kickback can damage an immediate enemy behind at 50 dmg / shot.
Instinct (Passive): Enemies' locations are given out if they are within 5 meter radius of Harris, and they have less than 80% of their max. health.
Claw: Increases non-ability damage taken by the enemy by 20% for 5 seconds. Location is given away to the allies for the duration. 1 sec cast.
Lick: Heals wounds rapidly at a rate of 400 HP per sec. Lasts 3 s. Harris cannot shoot or use other abilities while using this ability. Interruptible.
Voracity: Increases attack speed by 100%, while taking 10% more damage. Lasts 4 secs. Terror Swipes cannot be cast while Voracity is actived.
Terror Swipes (Ultimate): Melee. Deals 133 pure dmg / strike. Attack rate fixed to 6 strikes / sec. Each strike stuns for 0.5 secs. Lasts 8 seconds.

No. 56 - Mst. Cpl. Chloe Lucy Erin Pharad Ta-roten-sekhet

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:08 am
by Valentine Z
Name: Mst. Cpl. Chloe Lucy Jeanna Tammie Taylor Erin Anna-Maria Beliah Mariah Caitlin Chelsea Quinn Harlee Ellie Lexus Y. Wvs. Lane Pharad Ta-roten-sekhet Zalika Heba Raneem Kattan Sabbagh
  • 616,86 centimeters (20 ft 2.86 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 236,22 centimeters (7 ft 9 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 175,26 centimeters (5 ft 9 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Egyptian

A courier during the pre-war period, Master Corporal Chloe is a person to rely on when a package is simply away from a vehicle’s reach, given her versatile and athletic nature, as well as having an undying endurance. Born in a rather crowded area of Cairo, Egypt, she lived though a rather normal and middle-class life along with her parents, both of which are well-meaning and unlike most clichés, Chloe does not have parental and familial problems.

Chloe’s childhood has been rather normal, attending school just like other students, though she received some bullying here and there due to her relatively smaller stature at that time. However, one noteworthy thing was that from being chased by the bullies, to physical education, her teachers and the people around her remarked that Chloe could never be caught by anyone; she was simply running too fast and for far too longer than most people, so much so that her aggressors quickly gave up as soon as she started running. At that time, no one really paid that much attention to her endurance, simply stating that perhaps Chloe is much more resilient than others. Though, the bullying also became less severe thanks to the fact that Chloe has been growing a little too quickly and a little too much, reaching 180 cm at the mere age of 14, and eventually the 226 cm that we see today.

Come middle and high school, the physical evaluation tests revealed that Chloe was sprinting the entire time during her 2.4 km run (a part of the physical fitness test that Egypt used at that time), clocking in at an impressive 4:00. In comparison, an average performance time for a female of her age for the run is somewhere in the 13-14 minutes mark. Her parents were informed, and some of the teachers were considering and confirming the suspicion that Chloe might have been taking drugs in order to cheat in the fitness test, but one teacher of biology simply stated that, “No one can run that fast and for prolonged periods of time, let along for the entire 2.4 km. Even the best and illegal sports-enhancing drugs could not replicate this effect.” With that said and done, her parents wanted to confirm the theories and sent Chloe to the nearest clinic. It was at that moment that the doctors found out that her lactate threshold was several times (or even infinitely) much more than an ordinary human; her body’s muscles took 400x longer to be tired, with lactic acid build-up being so very minute. And as a result of all of this, Chloe was able to do extraordinarily tasks.

After graduation, Chloe took up several jobs, ranging from small food delivery, to becoming a courier. Being able to scale up walls and sprint indefinitely garnered her a good reputation in the city, and even achieving celebrity status to a certain extent. When the traffic jam proved to be a problem, she would simply take the mail by herself and deliver it on foot. She simply has no need for a bicycle or a vehicle unless there comes a point where her stamina becomes less efficient than the sheer speed of a car on an open road.

However, after a few more years was where things took a turn for the worse; Cold War has brewed over, and she found herself with her parents being unable to leave the country for the time being; even the countries in whatever hemisphere that Egypt was in could not be trusted and as an easy measure, the Egyptian government simply closed down all routes and grounded all commercial flights, preventing anyone from coming in… and going out. Chloe, on the other hand, was undaunted, still running services for her people and delivering mail or messages in and out of Cairo, as well as informing her people and her government about food supplies that they can use in the meantime. It was going well for another few months until wars were breaking out once again in the Middle East, and it was becoming unstable.

Fortunately for most of them involved, the Valentians have come to their aid and would extract a selected few, while they have to do nothing but watch back at the other clamouring for escape. The Valentians could not help it, but at the same time, they have no choice but to leave a few so as not to hit the maximum capacity of Project Resolute. Chloe’s father and herself was chosen, while her mother wasn’t. With no other options, Chloe decided to stay behind while her parents boarded the plane and set off (though this was after several, several convincing for her parents to make the flight) to Yangon. In the meantime, Chloe simply asked one of the Valentians for the address of the dome in Yangon, for she has other plans. After being given the address and realising that Cairo to Yangon was nearly 7000 kilometres away, Chloe simply grabbed a bottle of water and set off.

She sprinted at an average speed of 11 m/s for a total of 10 days, including hourly breaks to recover and eat something that she found along the way. Valentijn was clearly impressed and after reuniting her with her parents, she was given the role of a Master Corporal, to become a courier in case of emergencies, and outrunning every single Valentian and people around her that she see fit. Chloe is also blessed with an armor with a built-in rocket launcher and thrusters that she can use in order to make a quick getaway.

Chloe is a defensive DPS, armed with a simple bow and arrow that she is able to adjust and fire accordingly. Shorter pulls are nothing much to write home about, but the longest pull will net her a 1100 damage, and that is simply from a bodyshot. She can fire a fully pulled-back arrow at a rate of 1 shot every 3 seconds, dealing around 363 DPS. Passively, she has the Parkour ability whereby she is able to sprint on her own without a prompt, and being able to scale up walls and jump further distances compared to her Valentian friends. For the abilities, she first has a Sonic Arrow that reveals all enemies in a 6-meter area-of-effect for 8 seconds, and for this area, the invisibility abilities will not work here. In the case of immediate danger, Chloe has Rapid Volley, whereby she is able to fire 8 arrows semi-automatically (3 shots per second), at the cost of only dealing 70% of the primary damage per arrow. This lasts for 6 seconds, so extra arrows will be discarded. Furthermore, she can do a Dash Barrage where she can lock onto an enemy and dashes in its direction for 10 meters, while launching 6 arrows at once. These 6 arrows will aim towards the center of the target, but any other target that gets in the way will feel the damage or receive a headshot. Ultimately, Chloe has Anubian Spirit, which blesses her with a technological and mystical armor that provides her extra offensive and defensive abilities.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Variable bow and arrow. The longer the pull, the higher the damage and range. Arrows drop in an arc.
Parkour (Passive): The ability to sprint naturally, as well as being able to scale walls and jump further distances.
Sonic Arrow: Reveals all enemies in a 6 meter Area of Effect for 8 seconds. Invisibility abilities will not work here.
Rapid Volley: At the cost of dealing 70% of the normal dmg. per arrow, fires 8 arrows semi-automatically for 6 s.
Dash Barrage: Locks on to an enemy and dashes in its direction for 10 meters, while launching 6 arrows at once.
Anubian Spirit (Ultimate): Obtains a suit of armor with extra 3000 HP, along with a Rocket Launcher. 25 secs.

Anubian Spirit Armor:

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Rocket Launcher that fires fast-firing and explosive shells. Splash damage of 5 meters, does not affect allies.
Thrusters (Passive): Provides vertical flight for up to 8 seconds on a single continuous use. Recharges when not used.
Rapid Barrage: Fires up to 16 micro missiles that can lock onto an enemy. Each rocket deals 400 dmg. Locking stacks.

No. 57 - Senior L. Cpl. Amanda Rhianna Zann Lilly Evlampia

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:09 am
by Valentine Z
Name: Senior L. Cpl. Amanda Rhianna Zann Lilly “Σπαρτιάτης” H. P. Kendall Lexi Ioulita Vesna Euphemia Neola Minerv Evlampia Theoni Stefania Evdoksia Vassilik Athanasia Aleka Kollia Gianopoulou
  • 608,08 centimeters (19 ft 11.40 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 228,60 centimeters (7 ft 6 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 167,64 centimeters (5 ft 6 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Greek

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Needler Rifle. The needles stick to an enemy for 8 seconds. Long range, damage fall-off of 80% at 100 meters range.
Supercombine (Passive): If 5 needles are stuck to an enemy at one time, the needles will combine and explode with 500 dmg.
Crystalisation: Backstabs an enemy with one of the needles from the rifle, dealing 400 damage, and stunning it for 2 seconds.
Crystal Grenade: Throws a primed magazine of dense crystals, exploding 20 needles on impact, each needle deals 40 damage.
Licht Wall (Ultimate): Forms a large light-based shield that spans infinitely in both directions. Has 10000 HP, and lasts 15 sec.

No. 58 - L. Cpl. Duruljiayiji Matthew Russell Victor Asperti

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:11 am
by Valentine Z
Name: L. Cpl. Duruljiayiji Rayleigh Matthew Russell Victor Zackary James Adrian “Гэрэл” Vin. R. Jarchigudai Shinghk Bazile Aspertia Bachart Morris Tedbald Rollon Ingram Emlig Mauci Dayir Yerentai
  • 624,97 centimeters (20 ft 6.05 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 234,95 centimeters (7 ft 8.5 in) (Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Mongolian

"Embrace your tradition!"

Born to the Pre-Valentian refugees that made the selection into Project Resolute, this would make Duruljiayiji one of the Valentians in The Sixty that was born after the Cold War and the subsequent Restoration Project that brought about Valentine Z. As a result, he has no experience in actual for a great portion of his life, and just like Adriana, was only told about the horrors of war and the deaths of billions through the books and historical material that survived the fires. His parents, along with his surviving relatives and fellow countrymen of the old, would tell him all about the wonders of Mongolia - a landlocked country dominated by sparsely populated steppe and semi-desert, and rich in centuries of history. Duruljiayiji showed a particularly high amount of interest in the history of his country, subsequently moving back to the regions of Valentine Z that used to be Mongolia once the radiation levels have reached acceptable levels thanks to the Restoration Project.

Standing and walking amongst the plains, Duruljiayiji took it upon himself to learn more about his country through vast amount of data that the Valentians have saved before the end of the old world, with the Mongolian culture being able to be reconstructed and preserved just like many others, further accelerated by the multiculturalism of Valentine Z. With his parents and his old countrymen (alongside the Valentians) as his support, Duruljiayiji stepped into the world of The Sixty, then-newly established group of specially-trained soldiers, administrators, and personnel alike that are to turn the tide of battles in their favor should they go through a war. To do this, Duruljiayiji started off by acclimatizing to his country's harsh environment, which has hotter and colder extremes due to the Valentian geography that follows after the terraforming. Training alongside his fellow comrades with vigor and determination, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turn into exactly 1.66 years, learning about the art of war, strategy, logistics, and many more. Eventually, he got accepted into The Sixty as a Lance Corporal, fitting to his usage of a lance in his skirmishes that proved to be deadlier due to his inherit size (first-generation Valentians, that is, the ones born right after the Restoration, do not usually see the average heights of the present-day Valentians).

As part of initiation into the Sixty, Duruljiayiji's weapons were both blessed with magic and added some technological upgrades into them - the magic that would sear and blind his foes, alongside the technology from Adriana that solidifies light into terrifying applications. Honored but humbled for such a chance, Duruljiayiji preferred to stay as a humble Lance Corporal, fighting alongside his fresh batches of subordinates and comrades in whatever war and instability that might fall upon the Valentians and his home planet.

Duruljiayiji does not exactly have the best stats if looking from the simple numbers - his damage is nothing much to bring home, and due to his slow rate of attacks, the DPS is paltry. However, Duruljiayiji more than makes up for it by using a lance that affects multiple enemies, with each of them taking as much damage as his primary attacks. This is on top of his base 4000 HP and Acclimatization which lets him tank more damage from elemental attacks, and Duruljiayiji is a formidable Tank that would put pressure on both offensive and defensive front lines. Additionally, other than just his primary attack, he also can do combos with his lance, stacking up smaller but effective numbers of damage with them. As abilities, Duruljiayiji is able to stab and hook onto his enemies with his lance for a maximum of 10 seconds (max 500 damage) before the target breaks loose from it. Rather than simply holding them and letting them go, he can slam them onto the ground multiple times to damage the single target further, or charge with the spear+target towards a group of enemies to do area damage. As an ultimate, Duruljiayiji has the Light Slam, whereby using Valentian magic, he can lifts off the enemies from the ground at a 10 meter radius and hits them twice with solidified rays of light, dealing 6000 damage with both strikes.

Shot of L. Cpl. Duruljiayiji with his subordinates. Source: Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Long lance that hits enemies in a max. 2 m range AoE. Affects multiple enemies, with everyone taking 100 % of the damage.
Acclimatization (Passive): Takes 10% less damage from wind and ice attacks, while taking 8% less damage from fire-based attacks.
Lance Combo (Passive): A series of spear swings that damages enemy for 200, 250, and 300 damage respectively, with a finishing 300 dmg att.
Spear Hook: Stabs an enemy with the spear for a duration of 10 seconds, dealing 50 DPS, after which the target is simply let go of.
Spear Slam: After hooking the enemy, slams it to the ground for 300 dmg per hit with 4 hits, then throws the enemy off for 80 damage.
Spear Charge: After hooking the enemy, charges along with it for 10 m., damages surrounding units for 100 dmg. Throws for 100 dmg.
Light Slam (Ultimate): In a 10-meter AoE, lifts off the enemies from the ground and hits them twice with light, dealing 3000 dmg each.

No. 59 - Senior Pvt. Aziz Freddy Greyson Fayyaad el-Wali

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:13 am
by Valentine Z
Name: Senior Pvt. Aziz Freddy Greyson H. Ericson “Easifat Ramalia” Marvin Anthony Kylan Vooris. Jamison U. Mizgîn Behî Raihaan Razeen Farajallah Tornike Bidzina Babken Nawaar Fayyaad el-Wali
  • 621,59 centimeters (20 ft 4.72 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 233,68 centimeters (7 ft 8 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 172,72 centimeters (5 ft 8 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Kuwaiti

Growing up in the Cold War conflict ever since he was born, Senior Private Aziz has seen it all, and heard it all. A man of Islamic faith and with peaceful intentions, he despised all the conflict that was going on around him, but at the age of 17, he realised that he has no choice but to take part in it. After all, the entirety of Middle East was having a civil war on its own and all of its countries were organising and holding a mass drafting for everyone that is deemed fit for the military; Aziz made it through, displaying extraordinary agility and swiftness while not being able to do most of the heavy lifting.

Also dubbed by his friends to be lucky in almost all the occasions, Aziz has gone through most of the missions unscathed or just with minor wounds. Whether he has the same amount of dumb luck with General Valentijn, or on because he was simply too fast and nimble to be shot, is up for debate. Either way, with the civil war itself tearing families apart and killing most of his friends, Aziz got too frustrated of fighting over nothing; after all, why fight when you cannot protect your friends half the time due to the world up in flames? Fortunately for him, Valentijn’s randomised list has also chosen him as one of the Kuwaitis that needed to be sent to Project Resolute in order to preserve their culture. At first, Aziz was weary, not wanting to live after seeing his friends die in gory details, but after a day or two, he accepted the offer, citing that “Maybe there is still time for humanity as a whole to be peaceful, and to preserve the Islamic culture.”

Equipped with MT-FT weapons, Aziz is a Defensive character, armed with a rifle that shoots ricocheting rounds with 444 effective DPS. The bullets of the rifle bounce off of corners and walls, creating perfect opportunities for ambushes and offensives while keeping himself well-barricaded in some other corner. He has an ability to build a prop that not only fools the enemies, but gives off their location if they are within the 8-meter area-of-effect of the prop. The prop lasts 12 seconds, and has a measly 60 HP. He can also build a sand wall that is 8 meters tall and absorbs a maximum of 5000 points of damage. If the HP of the sand wall is less than the damage of a single projectile, it will still absorb the full damage of the projectile before falling off (e.g. 500 HP strong wall can still block a 8000 damage nuke), and it is cancellable any time. Ultimately, Aziz can produce a sandstorm, which reduces the visibility for the enemies in a 50-meter AoE, lasting for 10 seconds. The sands also deals 50 DPS. Maybe he carries sand in his pocket?

Shot of Senior Pvt. Freddy. Source: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Medium-range rifle that fires ricocheting rounds. No damage falloff, though projectiles disappear after 6 seconds.
Prop: Places a prop that blends in with the surroundings, and gives off location of enemies in 8 m AoE. Lasts 12 sec, 60 HP.
Sand Wall: Places a 8 meter tall sand wall that absorbs a maximum of 5000 damage. Lasts 6 secs, but interruptible by user.
Sandstorm (Ultimate): Reduces the visibility for the enemies in a 50 meter AoE. Lasts 10 sec. The sands deal 50 dmg. / sec.

No. 60 - Pvt. Vanessa Josephina Kelly Estelle Sudha Vumija

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:15 am
by Valentine Z
Name: Pvt. Vanessa Josephina Kelly Estelle Mizuki Vox. “Lidenskapelig Rose” Joanna Devi Mallika Lilan Herdis Luna Lise-Lotte Jeanette Natasja Hanna Rannveig Emilie Madeleine Veronica Langager
  • 617,53 centimeters (20 ft 3.12 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 232,16 centimeters (7 ft 7.4 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 171,20 centimeters (5 ft 7.4 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Old Norse

A magical warrior woman from another dimension just like Valentina, Vanessa is a young and determined fighter that has honed her abilities with her blades and knives. She came into the world of Valentine Z in around Year 2000, just right after terraforming has completed.

Her life in her home dimension was more or less normal, taking up the study of light magics, specifically fire magic, that would help her aid in defending her homeland. Vanessa explained that the only reason she volunteered to be a half-knight, half-mage, was because of the impending doom that she thought her family and the others around were feeling at the moment. Eventually, the predictions and rumors were quickly becoming true, as there were hints of background radiation and energy from outside the space of this magical Earth, as well as radio chatter, which Vanessa and the magical residents could not receive, let alone decipher. The people of this Earth fought valiantly when the time comes, and Vanessa was no exception. Biding and wishing her parents luck, she joined the front lines along with her fellow soldiers and friends, and she proved herself to be rather above average, being able to handle and take care of herself, but ultimately, she simply could not fight alone and most of the time would be scheming with her friends on how to take these monstrosities down.

Eventually, with the entire world in peril, Vanessa encountered a rather large woman that joined her ranks, who infused magic into herself that made her permanently a giantess and an immortal. That woman was none other than Valentina, who is also now in Valentine Z. Overwhelmed by numbers and sheer firepower from The Chaos Bringer and the Decepticons, Valentina had no choice but to jump dimensions, while taking Vanessa along with her. It turns out that Valentina indeed have space for one person, and after some random choosing and with time running out, Valentina chose the person physically closest to her into her palm and jumped dimensions.

While Valentina made it out immediately and later would be found wandering alone by herself somewhere in Norway, Vanessa took a little longer to reach and interact with the Valentians. By her count, she was unconscious in some shed in Valentine Z, for 40 days, and it was only after she got out and talk around then she finally recognised Valentina (who in turn recognised her), and after a short reunion, decided to stay in Valentine Z together as part of the AVDF.

Vanessa is an Offensive character, using mainly her sword, as well as her daggers, to do her tasks. Her primary attack is a series of short daggers that she throws in rapid succession of threes. The daggers have no damage fall-off, and they travel in a line. Passively, Vanessa has Reflexes, which allows her to climb a wall at a short distance of 5 meters, as well as letting her perform a double-jump. Active-ability wise, she has Fire-daggers, which infuses all 24 daggers (a single magazine) with fire, increasing the damage taken by the enemy by 3%. This ability stacks, so shooting all 24 daggers will stack up to 72%. The damage taken is permanent, and only resets through cleaning affects such as personal barriers or medkits. She also has Deflect, which reflects back the projectiles fired towards Vanessa and hitting back the enemy. The deflect duration is 2.5 seconds, and Deflect does not work towards electricity. Ultimately, Vanessa has a Fire-Saber, which lets her unsheathe the sword and douse it in flames, dealing 1200 damage per strike at a rate of 0.8 strikes per second (1.25 second per strike); this lasts for 7 seconds.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Short daggers that were thrown in rapid successions of threes. Projectiles with no damage fall-off, travels in a line.
Reflexes (Passive): Ability to climb a wall at a short distance (5 m), while being able to perform a mid-double jump in the air.
Fire-daggers: Infuses the 24 daggers (single mag) with fire, increasing the damage taken by enemy for 3%. Unlimited stacks.
Deflect: Reflect the projectiles fired towards Vanessa, re-directing it back to the enemy. The deflect duration is 2.5 seconds.
Fire-saber (Ultimate): Infuse flames on the saber, dealing 1200 damage per strike at a rate of 0.8 strikes / s. Lasts 7 seconds.

End of.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:16 am
by Valentine Z
And that is all, my friends. These are the only 60 active soldiers that will fight for Valentine Z, along with billions of reservists. Along the way, I might be doing some bumping here and there, since as you can tell, most of the troops are yet to have their information typed out. The bumps will include changelogs, suffice to speak.

End of log. Have a nice day! :)


Changelog - Part 1.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:34 am
by Valentine Z
The second number is for major changes to the characters and reworks, or added storyline.
The third number is for minor changes, like buffs and nerfs.

v 1.000.000 – Initial deployment and write-up of all the 60 characters.
v 1.000.001 – Nerf General Valentijn.
v 1.001.003 – New Hero Information – Admiral Genki.
v 1.001.004 – Nerf Chief Aviator Gwen.
v 1.002.007 – Texts, More Visuals, Carissa’s semi-rework
v 2.000.000 – Health changes! Health changes everywhere!
v 2.000.006 – Informations Galore!
v 2.001.014 – More Buffs, More Info.
v 2.005.019 – Appearances, Appearances… Also introducing Valentijn’s counterpart – Valentina!
v 2.007.022 – More story and lore!
v 2.013.027 – More characters! MORE!
v 2.015.028 – As if Clarissa isn’t big enough.
v 2.015.030 – General changes here and there. More lore.
v 2.016.032 – Meet Master Corporal Chloe.
v 2.016.035 – Cosmetic Changes.
v 2.017.037 – Introducing Ensign Raymond!
v 2.017.039 – Nerf her smaller, Buff her bigger.
v 2.018.039 – New Character – Head Medic Klarke!
v 2.019.039 – T-1000 Clarissa. SkyNet not needed.
v 2.021.039 – Meet Ariel! And Adriana’s re-lore.
v 2.022.039 – Meet Celine the Ghostly One!
v 2.023.039 – Clarissa Reworked!
v 2.024.039 – Meet Head Aviator Hayes!
v 2.025.039 – Meet Chief Technician Jared!
v 2.026.040 – Meet 4th Cpt. Hayes!
v 2.026.041 – Boxes.
v 2.027.041 – Name Extensions!
v 2.027.042 – The Convoluted HP System…
v 2.028.042 – Cheers, Love! Fate is here!
v 2.031.047 – The Old Guards are back in Town! Name Changes and Ordering!
v 2.032.048 – Valentina The Champion of her people, is here!
v 2.034.048 – Two new characters!
v. 2.035.048 – The Ages of the Sixty!
v. 2.036.048 – Meet the Elemental Genevieve!
v 2.039.048 – More Valentians coming your way!
v 2.040.050 – Marshal Benjamin, is seriously here!
v 2.041.052 – Change of Characters.
v 2.042.052 – Reworked 1st Commander Michelle.
v 2.043.053 – New feature: Templates!
v 2.044.060 – More Templates. Valentijn's Retcon.
v 2.044.065 - Valentijn's Buff. More Templates.
v 2.045.065 - Clarissa's Specs Spectacular!
v 2.047.065 - Jacob and Charmaine's Buffs!
v 2.048.066 – An upgrade for Valentijn.
v 2.049.000 – Twice the Height, Twice the Pride.
v 2.050.000 – Adrian makes an electrifying entry.
v 2.050.001 – Valentijn’s New Ability – … ?
v 2.050.002 – Now Samantha makes sense.
v 2.050.003 – Marcus gets a small upgrade.
v 2.050.004 – Valentijn’s Expansion. Not literally.
v 2.050.007 – Tank Buffs.
v 2.051.007 – 3rd Lt. Leonard Joins the Defensive Network.
v 2.052.000 - Major Layla's New Clothes!
v 2.055.000 – Forgotten Warriors Update.
v 2.056.000 – Same Clarissa, Better Background.
v 2.057.000 – Anastasia’s New Room.
v 2.058.000 – Valentijn’s Life Further Explained.
v 2.059.000 – The Life of Foresittend Marcus.
v 2.060.000 – Clarissa Explains her Mid-Life.
v 2.061.000 – Valentijn’s Rework.
v 2.062.000 – Gwen’s Big Post of Adventures
v 2.063.001 – Jenny’s Spotlight
v 2.063.004 – Looks are not deceiving
v 2.064.004 – Navigation and Signs, made easier.
v 2.065.004 - Gwen's not the Goddess you're looking for
v 2.067.004 – Adriana’s Upgrade. Clarissa’s Equal.
v 2.067.005 – More Lores, More Updates.
v 2.068.005 – The Unexpected – Markus' New Lore.
v 3.000.000 – The New Heights.

Expansion place for Changlog.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:34 am
by Valentine Z

Expansion place for Changlog.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:34 am
by Valentine Z

Expansion place for Changlog.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:35 am
by Valentine Z

v 1.000.001 - Nerf General Valentijn.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:35 am
by Valentine Z
With the newly developed character base, comes the very first nerf.

General Valentijn:
• HP reduced from 524288 to 250000.

We realise that even for a boss-like character, Valentijn is too strong with his combination of high HP and percentage-based regeneration. We hope that with the lowered HP, Valentijn is still a viable character, as well as still making him a formidable foe for the other team.

v 1.001.003 - New Hero Information - Admiral Genki.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:37 am
by Valentine Z
We are proud to release the information of our best close-combat heroes, Admiral Genki. Hailing from Taiwan and excelling at hand and feet attacks, he is the character to be reckoned with when it comes to tight spaces, or 1v1 melee fights. With that said, he does have a semi-automatic hand pistol to fend himself should the needs arise, though the pistol is not to be relied on at all times; when it comes to long-range attacks, you are better off with other characters.

(OOC note: I am totally aware that Bruce Lee is from Hong Kong, but for this Valentian counterpart, just go with Taiwan.)

Other buffs:

Vice Foresittend Jolyn:
• Chance of Critical Strike increased from 5% to 10%.

Pulling off a headshot is difficult enough, so to make the headshots more rewarding, Jolyn’s 3x damage (instead of the usual 100% chance of 2x damage) to the headshots will have a 1 in 10 chance instead of 1 in 20. This is also to increase Jolyn's usefulness when it comes to absolute damage-dealing.

Other notes:

Assistant Secretary Mandy:
• Changed appearance to Erin from the Office.

v 1.001.004 - Nerf Chief Aviator Gwen.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:37 am
by Valentine Z
Chief Aviator Gwen:
- Railgun
• Damage reduced from 4000 to 1500 per shot.
• Cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.

The very obvious and overpowered aspect of Gwen so far is her railgun, which can deal an absolute 4000 damage in one shot, and it is not even an ultimate that takes a long time to charge. With that out of the way, Gwen’s railgun is now reduced from 4000 to 1500 damage per shot, while the cooldown time has been reduced from 8 seconds to 7 seconds to make up for the reduced damage.

v 1.002.007 - Texts, More Visuals, Carissa’s semi-rework.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:37 am
by Valentine Z
General Valentijn:
- Misc
• Help Text added.

Exuberant Surveillant Clarissa:
- Misc
• Help Text added.

2nd Com. Carissa:
- Hit-mark
• Pins down an enemy and strikes it at 1 hit / s, increasing to 8 hits / s at 2nd sec. 150 dmg / strike for 2 sec with 1 sec rest.

- Misc
• New picture.

Carissa’s Hit-mark used to be a one-hit wonder, dealing a great 2400 damage from 400 / strike attacks, coupled with the 8 hits / sec. This was a leftover when the ability from the event was ported over for Carissa. With this recent nerf, we hope that the target will still have a chance of getting out of Carissa’s attacks alive, as while the attack speed will still accelerate from 1 hit / sec to 8 hits / sec within the span of a second, the damage per strike has been nerfed, and she will take a 1 sec rest after every 2 sec hit. She will do this for 2 intervals (hit, rest, hit, rest, before disengaging).

Valentijn and Clarissa were given more help-text for the beginners.

v 2.000.000 - Health changes! Health changes everywhere!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:38 am
by Valentine Z
Vice Foresittend Jolyn
- Health
• Buffed from 1400 to 1900.

Head Secretary Jamie
- Health
• Buffed from 1600 to 2000.

Assistant Secretary Mandy
- Health
• Buffed from 1500 to 2000.

Premier Ministre Kendrick
- Health
• Nerfed from 3300 to 3000.

- Damage
• Buffed from 30 / tick to 60 / tick. This is to increase Kendrick’s offensive abilities, while still filling up the roles of a Tank.

Vice PM Markus
- Health
• Nerfed from 2200 to 2000.

Chief Senator Shannon
- Health
• Buffed from 1225 to 1800.

Intelligence Officer Jenny
- Health
• Buffed from 1900 to 2100.

Lead Ambassador Germaine
- Health
• Buffed from 1700 to 2000.

Head Diplomat Charlene
- Health
• Buffed from 1550 to 2000.

Head Engineer Tiffany
- Health
• Nerfed from 3400 to 3200.

Trade Representative Charmaine
- Health
• Buffed from 1400 to 2400. Due to her low DPS and having the need to use other weapons along the way, we decided to buff her health to that of a semi-tank.

Head Medic Ray
- Health
• Buffed from 1600 to 2000.

Head Aviator Hayes
- Health
• Buffed from 1800 to 2150.

Chief Technician Jared
- Health
• Buffed from 1500 to 2000.

Commodore Cheryl Rikka
- Health
• Nerfed from 4000 to 3800.

Head of Spec. Forces Hendrick
- Health
• Nerfed from 3800 to 3200.

Senior Colonel Clarke
- Health
• Buffed from 1400 to 1900.

Colonel Adrian Dominic
- Health
• Nerfed from 2200 to 2100.

Lt. Col. Marcus
- Health
• Buffed from 1800 to 2000.

Major Jamie Stefanie
- Health
• Nerfed from 2400 to 2000.

1st Cpt. Angela
- Health
• Nerfed from 4000 to 3300.

2nd Cpt. Annabelle
- Health
• Nerfed from 3950 to 3200.

4th Cpt. Hayes
- Health
• Buffed from 1800 to 2000.

2nd Com. Carissa
- Health
• Buffed from 1800 to 1850.

3rd Com. Colleen
- Health
• Buffed from 1500 to 1900.

1st Lt. Robert
- Health
• Nerfed from 2500 to 2100.

2nd Lt. Sylvie
- Health
• Buffed from 1250 to 1800.

Chief Warrant Officer Joshua
- Health
• Nerfed from 5500 to 5000.

3rd Warrant Officer Pinky
- Health
• Buffed from 1300 to 2000.

4th Warrant Officer Genevieve
- Health
• Buffed from 1800 to 1850.

Mst. Sgt. Arielian
- Health
• Nerfed from 2000 to 1950.

Staff Sgt. Ezekiel
- Health
• Nerfed from 2200 to 2000.

Sgt. Maj. Gabriel
- Health
• Nerfed from 2300 to 2100.

1st Sgt. Gustav
- Health
• Nerfed from 2150 to 2100.

2nd Sgt. Malcolm
- Health
• Buffed from 1350 to 1800.

3rd Sgt. Tracie
- Health
• Buffed from 3600 to 4000.

Senior L. Cpl. Amanda
- Health
• Nerfed from 2050 to 2000.

L. Cpl. Matthew
- Health
• Nerfed from 4800 to 4000.

Pvt. Vanessa Josephina
- Health
• Nerfed from 2200 to 1950.

The biggest balancing change yet; this will make more heroes viable and last longer on the battlefield, while also making other heroes less overpowered.

Due to administrative power this needs, the changes are not live, and are still in Testing state. Expect the changes to go live in a few days!

EDIT: It is done, wheeeew!

v 2.000.006 - Informations Galore!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:38 am
by Valentine Z
Chief Aviator Gwen
- Misc
• Added more information and image.

Foresittend Marcus
- Misc.
• Added more backstory and information. New song.

Zastępca Strażnik Adriana
- Misc.
• Added more backstory and information.

Intelligence Officer Jenny
- Misc.
• Added backstory and information.

Head Diplomat Charlene
- Misc
• Added more information and image.

Commodore Cheryl
- Misc
• Added more information and image.

Not much changes yet! Just more added info after some time!

v 2.001.014 - More Buffs, More Info.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:39 am
by Valentine Z
- Vice Foresittend Jolyn
  • Misc.
    • Added more information and tips.

- Head Secretary Jamie
  • Misc.
    • Added more information and tips.

- Assistant Secretary Mandy
  • Misc.
    • Added more information and tips.

- Premier Ministre Kendrick
  • Misc.
    • Added more information and tips.

- Vice PM Markus
  • Misc.
    • Added more information and tips.

- Chief Senator Shannon
  • Misc.
    • Added more information and tips.

  • Electrical Discharge (Passive) Rework
    • Now works on flat numbers instead of percentages.
      • Instead of the old model whereby there is a 4% chance that the bullet from the gun will be electrified, now every eighth shot from the gun is electrified, making Shannon more certain with her shots, and effectively giving a maximum of 5 stuns per magazine.

  • Incendiary Rounds Buff
    • Fire/Burn effect stack increased from 200 damage / second to 300 damage / second.
      • 200 damage / second for 3 seconds only result in a paltry 600 damage being dealt to the targets, and this was a leftover from pre-Version 2.0. With the recent health buffs, it was only justifiable that Shannon receives a buff to one of her offensive abilities.

- 2nd Lt. Sylvie
  • Misc.
    • Added more information and tips.

I tell you, going into nested lists is NOT fun.