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No. 23 - Commodore Cheryl Rikka Evelyn Marian

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:18 am
by Valentine Z
Name: Commodore Cheryl Rikka Catherine Emily Paulie “The Slashing Fury of Oceania” Hermione Lauren Rebecka Joyce. Dorcas Shermaine Temperance Sabrina Juliette Rachelle Evelyn Marian Hitch
  • 633,41 centimeters (20 ft 9.38 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 238,13 centimeters (7 ft 9.75 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 177,17 centimeters (5 ft 9.75 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Australian

In the literal shadows, one would see her as the Harbinger of Doom or Death, ready to reap the souls of anyone that crossed her path. In actuality, it is none other than Commodore Cheryl, a high-ranking Valentian that wields a scythe as her weapon of choice. Growing up in Australia and just a few years before the Cold War escalates, Cheryl has been considered a survivalist, fighting off the usual animal infestation that one would see in the outback. A childhood friend of the now Anarchist Jamison "Mad Max" Peyton Nathan Renard Arielian, the leader of Vidunderlige Nye Verden, the two of them have known each other for nearly 2 decades and facing the world alongside each other.

Sooner or later, Cold War broke out, and the Western Hemisphere was poised to invade Australia as one of the first targets, owing to the isolated nature of the country from other landmasses. To make matters worse, the Eastern Hemisphere knew that they were fighting a losing battle and as a result, fled away from Australia and left the locals to fight for themselves. These series of events have enraged Jamison, making him rally as many of his countrymen as possible to face against the invaders with whatever weaponry they have.

It was at this moment that Cheryl showed her fighting nature. Fashioning herself a scythe and a lust for protecting her home, she, along with Jamison and many others, pressed on and slowed down the invaders' progress, swearing rather to die than to have their nation occupied and taken over by the West. Cheryl was exceptional with her scythe, being able to control the crowd and at times, even as going as far as to deflect bullets; it was her relentless spirit and the thirst for blood that rendered her unstoppable.

Eventually, the inevitable happened, and the nukes hit the scene (a few of them already chosen by Valentijn), Cheryl and her friends were forced to retreat inside their makeshift bunkers. However, with Cheryl busy helping out her fellow friends and family, she was too late to retreat into her own bunker and as a result, was hit with several dosages of radiation before she safely made it inside the bunker. The effects were not as pronounced as Valentijn, but she was blessed with elevated senses, as well as a taste for foes' blood that would literally give her a life force and strength.

A few more weeks have passed, and it was at that point that Cheryl met Valentijn; his people were being sent to fan across the entire globe to save the survivors, and they happened to came across a good thousand Australians, including Jamison and Cheryl. While the terraforming was being done, they were given a shelter to live in, along with all the accommodation that they could ask for. A good 40% of them stayed, including Cheryl, but Jamison and the other 60% decided not to, owing to the loss of trust in any form of governance, even from Valentine Z. Cheryl and Jamison bid each other farewell and separated on good terms, with the former promising to visit the latter often.

Cheryl is primarily a Tank-class, being able to take hits and absorb damage due to the large pool of HP. Her damage per second is nothing to write home about, but this was all amplified by her scythe swing speed, coupled with her ability to hit multiple enemies in an arc. This make her an effective unit when it comes to crowd control, i.e. holding off multiple enemies. This was then coupled with her Insufferable Sate – which increases her attack speed (stacking up to 200% of the normal speed) for every enemy that she struck, with each 4% increment lasting for 4 seconds, as well as with Vampire ability where she receives back a percentage of the damage that she deals on the enemies, healing her. This is capped at 200 HP per strike. She can also backstab an enemy, whereby she will materialise behind an enemy to do massive damage; if Insufferable Sate is stacked more than 25 times at that point, the backstabbing would interrupt abilities of the enemies. Cheryl can also induce a Deep Would on a target, draining 1% of HP from it every 4 seconds, and the affected enemy moves 40% slower, and suffers additional 2% of HP loss if they try to move, effectively bringing them into a lose-lose situation. Other than dealing damage and crowd control, Cheryl can also redistribute her heal to each of the nearby allies, at up to 5 allies, though she can die from excessive channelling. Her Ultimate ability is Sealed Fate, which doubles her attack speed for 8 seconds, and this also stacks with Insufferable Sate. Furthermore, this ability drains 0.5% of max. HP from the enemies that were struck.

Image needed.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Medium-range scythe that does Area of Effect dmg. in 2 meters. The Area of Effect Damage is 70% of the primary damage.
Insufferable Sate (Passive): + 4% attack speed with every enemy damaged. Stacks up to 200%. Each 4% increment lasts 4 seconds.
Vampire (Passive): Cheryl will receive back 20% of the damage that she deals on the enemies, healing her. Capped at 200 HP / strike.
Backstab: Materalise behind an enemy and does 800 damage. If the Insufferable Sate is more than 100%, this will interrupt abilities.
Deep Wound: Drains 1% of HP from an enemy for 4 seconds. The affected enemy moves 40% slower, & if it moves, +2% to HP loss.
Redistribution: Channels 10% of current HP to each of the nearby allies. WARNING: Can die from excessive channelling if HP < 10%.
Sealed Fate (Ultimate): + 100% attack speed for 8 secs., which stacks with insufferable sate. Attacks drain 0.5 % of HP from enemy.

No. 24 - Field Marshal Jacob Dalston Szoke

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:22 pm
by Valentine Z
Name: Field Marshal Jacob Dalston Sullivan Kelvin “Az Alvilág Örök Fenyegetése” Jamilian Svi Donald Zobor Tres. Taylor Xavier Ryman Axel Simon Váradi Szőke Mészáros Barnabás András Krisztián
  • 729,69 centimeters (23 ft 11.28 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 274,32 centimeters (9 ft 0 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 213,36 centimeters (7 ft 0 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Hungarian

Nothing much was known about Jacob’s past beyond his career in the Hungarian Army during the Cold War itself. Serving as one of the high-ranked commanders for the war, he was then transferred out to help Valentijn with the efforts of Project Resolute, while in turn being promoted to a Field Marshal. Initially, the two were not exactly fond of each other, due to Valentijn taking the more peaceful route, and Jacob being more direct and shooting first before asking questions later. A few weeks passed since their first encounter and realising that both of them needed each other, they decided to get to know each other more in hopes that this would bring them closer and establish a genuine friendship. While Valentijn worked on building the project, Jacob helped with defending the perimeter of the dome and making sure that he did not get interfered from his line of work.

It went well as far as both of them were concerned. Valentijn was able to build the project on schedule, while Jacob was secured a place that he would be safe from the apocalypse. However, things did not go according to plan, as while he was busy loading up the people onto transportation to send them off to the dome, he was struck by a smaller cruise missile and incapacitated, and swallowed alive by a tremor deep down Earth. Rescue efforts were considered, but considering the timescale, they have no choice but to leave him to his death.

Or his supposed death, that is. A few weeks have passed since the nukes hit and the terraforming has been conducted, and a radio transmission was sent from the middle of nowhere, from a man in a strange set of power armour, along with some glyphs on it. It turned out to be none other than Jacob. According to him, he actually died during the Cold War, when he was rescuing some people, but after being swallowed into a pit and falling into lava, he ended up in literal Hell. After an episode of recouping himself, he managed to find this particular suit of armor, along with some weapons scattered across the realms of Hell. As per his personality, he managed to break through horde after horde of demons, so much so that after a unanimous vote, the rulers of Hell (particularly Satan himself) figured out that Jacob needed to stay the hell away from the underworld. As a result, he was not only given an extra life, but he was exiled from Hell. As with other Valentians have put it, Jacob’s strength comes from his unquenchable rage and thirst for destruction, with much dismay to Valentine Z’s support towards pacifism and negotiation. One can only imagine the kind of hobby that he will take in his free time.

A shot of Jacob in his armor. Credit: Doom 2016.[/center]

Due to his armor, Jacob's movement and melee speeds are rather slow compared to his other Offensive and Defensive friends. However, he more than makes up for it with an assortment of weapons that is an answer to any kind of situation, as well as having the highest HP out of all the DPS heroes. His primary weapon is a short-range pump-action shotgun with manual reloading sequence, while his melee is a chainsaw that deals tremendous damage to the enemies around him, though with a slow rate of swing. If all else fails, he has a hard-knocking punch that hits harder than almost every other characters, dealing more damage from the back if the enemy is unaware. On the list of active abilities, if an enemy nearby is below 5% of its base HP, Jacob can perform a Glory Kill on the enemy; enemies that died from this attack will give Jacob their essence, essentially healing him. He also has a rocket launcher for long-range situations and for dealing splash damage, as well as a Plasma Rifle if he needed a rapid-firing weapon with good splash. There is also a Chaingun that is hitscan, and has the highest rate-of-fire among all of his weapons. He also has a Ballista that is more or less a pseudo-sniper-rifle. Note that using any of the weapons will lock switching to another active-ability weapon for 3-4 seconds. That is, Jacob will switch back to his shotgun and he won't be able to use his other weapons. He has three ultimates - a huge weapon known as the BFG, which causes devastating damage to enemies in a rather large area, as well as slowing down enemies that are caught in the radius of the projectile; and Berserker, which makes him severely tougher in both melee offensives and defensives, though this locks him to his melee attacks, i.e. no ranged weapons. The new ultimate - Hell's Tears, are two cluster bombs launched from a double-barrel that deals a tremendous amount of damage in an area, and offers up to 72,000 devastating points of damage.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)
Offense40008 / 4 / ∞1111 / 600 / 7001 / 0.4 / 0.351111 / 240 / 245

Primary: Short-range pump-action shotgun with good spread. Reloading is automatic, that is, rounds are added one by one back into the shotgun when not firing. 8 round reload takes 5.0 seconds.
Secondary: Short-range chainsaw that deals 600 damage with each of the swing. If the enemy is less than 50% of Max HP, deals 850 damage instead. ROF is 0.4. Needs recharging after 4 swings.
Tertiary: A melee attack that deals 700 damage, compared to the typical melee damage of 300 damage. Does 1600 damage from the back. Beserker (Ult) increases damage by 900%. ROF is 0.35.

Glory Kill: Instantly kills an enemy if it is below 5% of max. HP. Heals at 10% of target's max. HP. The kill process depends on enemy size, and also can be interrupted; Jacob can be stunned during it.
Rocket Launcher: Switches to a rocket launcher for 13 seconds. 600 damage at 3-meter splash diameter. 0.45 ROF. No reloading is needed for duration. Other weapons'll get locked for 3 sec after.
Plasma Rifle: Switches to a plasma rifle for 13 seconds. 100 damage at 8 ROF. The damage is splash, & varies from 90-1 depending on range. No reload. Other weapons'll get locked for 3 sec after.
Chaingun: Switches to a chaingun for 13 seconds. 80 damage at 12 ROF. The damage is hitscan, and the bullets spread out as time goes on. No reload. Other weapons'll get locked for 3 sec after.
Ballista: Switches to a ballista for 12 seconds. 1800 damage at 0.33 ROF. Fast projectile that's neigh impossible to escape from. Can pierce. No reload. Other weapons'll get locked for 4 sec after.
BFG (Ultimate): Fires a BFG projectile in a straight line. -80% movement sp. to enemies in a 5-m radius. Explosion deals up to 5000 damage, with 1000-4000 sec damage. Can collide with objects.
Beserker (Ultimate): Increases the damage of melee attacks (punches, Glory Kills, etc) to 1000%, but at the expense of locking all the other weapons. Offers additional 80% damage reduction. 12 s.
Hell's Tears (Ultimate): Launches 2 cluster bombs that explodes with 8000 damage, which then splinters into 10 cluster bombs with 2000 damage, which then splinters into 10 bombs with 800 dmg.

No. 25 - Marshal Benjamin Donnie Timothy

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:25 pm
by Valentine Z
Name: Marshal Benjamin Donnie Derrick Taylor Andrew A. “Ceann láidir” Harley Bennie Wattson Sidney Greyson Donovan Ó. Patrickson Moires Archie Jesse Gibbons Timothy Martias Sam Fiannaidhe
  • 689,15 centimeters (22 ft 7.32 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 259,08 centimeters (8 ft 6 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 198,12 centimeters (6 ft 6 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Irish

A man with a more hand-on approach and spewing out epic one-liners along the way, Marshal Benjamin is a formidable person, however far or near you are towards him. Benjamin is a man with a knack for more explosive and heavy weapons, and he has proven time and time again that he has both the brains and the brawns to wield them all.

An Irishman from another parallel Earth, whereby the years and everything else was more or less the same with RL Earth. Unlike Valentine Z, there was the lack of extremely tall people, and that the Cold War ended on a rather positive note without the usage of nukes. Benjamin’s early life was more or less a rather energetic one, leading an extremely active and healthy lifestyle starting from his teenage years. He was more or less regarded as one of the fittest in his school, using it to his advantage to take up several sports. Of course, this did come with a disadvantage of not having enough time to focus on his studies and other matters and as a result of further recommendation from his parents and teachers alike, Benjamin dropped, albeit reluctantly, most of the clubs that he was in, narrowing down to three of them: football, self-defence, and swimming.

He had a rather uneventful graduation from his college as time passes on – while not a valedictorian, Benjamin still got what it takes and is told to be rather knowledgeable in most subjects. Though, he would favour Physics and Physical Education, as far as anyone is concerned. Guided by his own passion and with the support of his parents, Benjamin joined the British Army to test his mantle, considering going as far as the SAS itself, or at least the equivalent of the SAS in that parallel world. His army career went exceedingly well, with several of his officers and NCOs alike impressed with his fitness, as well as his potentials as a mortar/support, given his quick-thinking and some calculations to boot. However, Benjamin insisted that he would rather be on the frontlines.

And that wish came true… unfortunately in the wrong circumstances. Somewhere in the forested area of Scotland, an ancient artefact was found, which the arachnologists deemed to be some sort of a pedestal for a religious ritual, or something of that effect. As soon as it was found, a huge swarm of unidentified objects came swooping in from the skies, decimating everything in their path. These objects later identified (no longer UFOs, then) as spacecrafts, unleashed dozens of bloodthirsty aliens, wreaking even more havoc in their path. It would then turn out that there was a huge alien invasion on the entire Earth, and the countries have no choice but to mobilise everything that they have and launched a defensive. This was the beginning of an adventure for Benjamin.

As he tore through hordes of aliens by himself, with a couple of help from his allies all around him, the invading aliens would then find themselves fighting a relentless force that is not keen on giving up Earth to random hostile visitors. Fortunately for Benjamin, his speciality in defences have outclassed the aliens’ offensives by many folds. Unfortunately for him, was that the aliens have devised “derailing” the Earth out of the orbit, to send it hurtling towards the Sun. How exactly this was done was still unknown, and he and his friends would find themselves in increasingly unstable odds, with waves of stronger enemies that are let loose to kill Benjamin and the other Earthlings, every time the weaker ones died. As days passed, he would receive news from the local science teams that he could try using the portal that was unearthed a few weeks back. Everyone else dismissed their views as flights of fancy in the time of war, but Benjamin took it up on the offer, citing that “This is the only hope we got. I will go out, and find help.”

And so they fought through the thickening bush of enemies, coming in even larger numbers and sizes. Benjamin was not worried; he and his friends have enough bullet and firepower for everyone, and by estimations, Benjamin cited that they “killed so much in the thousands, and perhaps even in tens thousands, that the rotting stench of death permeated the once-beautiful landscape of rural Scotland areas”. However, with no time for sentiments, he would then be the first one to teleport through the portal… and to the world of Valentine Z. Unfortunately, this was where he learned about the truth of the matter; none of his other friends were around him because the teleporter could only carry one person, and Benjamin was teleported to around a group of confused onlookers, who in turn then called the Valentian police along with Jolyn and Gwen for the good measures. Explaining how he got in the middle of Valentine Z’s London, Jolyn and Gwen would take note of his extraordinary tale, though the former did it with some cynicism, not believing Benjamin’s story completely. As they were thinking about it for a long while, Benjamin asked for some beer money, citing that “I need to drown out my pain,” referencing his friends and family that have presumably perished in the invasion.

Despite the Irish stereotypes, Benjamin is not a heavy drinker, and he only drank a pint just to relax himself, planning out on how to go back to his world, let alone to save it from the possible invasion. He thought of the possible options, unaware of what Gwen can do for him. Hours passed to days, then to weeks, and after he was introduced to Valentijn, he was given a spot in Valentian Defense Forces. With Benjamin increasingly gaining trust of the people around him, he would then be approached by Gwen regarding the matter of his world. She stated that she can indeed try to help, but she will need to take care of a few loose ends (but that does not involve killing people) in order to make sure that paradoxes do not happen and cause a chain reaction that she will have a hard time undoing. “This will take a while, Ben,” Gwen said, unusually solemnly to him, perhaps being aware of the loss of his friends and more importantly, his family. Whilst he was waiting for that, he made new friends in Valentine Z, catching up to their diet, got himself a new synthetic body to go along and blend in with the Valentians, and would live happily ever after… all the while waiting for Gwen’s response for years and decades. Perhaps one day, he will get a closure…

Benjamin is an Offensive hero, using his strength and brawl, as well as a couple of artefacts that he got from his world to aid him and defend the Valentians just like he defended his home world. His primary weapon is a minigun that has a short to medium effective range due to its spread; the spin increases the rate of fire with the time activated, so there is a gap of time before Benjamin can unleash the full potential of his weapon. He has no passive abilities, and instead has 2 active, and 2 ultimates. The two active abilities are Missile Barrage and Energiser; the former fires 4 missiles at 0.5 second intervals, with each rocket dealing 300 damage. The damages stack, and the missiles can hit the same target consecutively; the other active ability is an Energiser, whereby Benjamin damages an enemy from its insides, dealing 1500 flat damage without any splash to other surrounding units. His two ultimates are Serious Damage and Linking Death; the former increases Benjamin’s damage output by 300% for 6 seconds, which also applies to the active abilities; the latter links 6 enemies (all within 4 meters from one another) together with the one-time improved Energiser, dealing 2000 damage to each of them. This has a 3 seconds link time, and the links can be broken if the targets move away.

Portrait shot of Marshal Benjamin. Credit: Sims 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Short-medium range minigun. Spin increases the Rate of Fire with the time activated.
Missile Barrage: Fires 4 missiles at 0.5 second interval. Each rocket deals 300 damage. Stacks.
Energiser: Damages an enemy from its insides. Deals 1.5k flat damage, without splash damage.
Serious Damage (Ultimate): +300 % damage for 6 seconds. Also applies to the active abilities.
Linking Death (Ultimate): Links 6 enemies with the Energiser, dealing 2000 damage. 4 m leash.

No. 26 - Ensign Raymond Ivan Zaire Kenneth

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:29 pm
by Valentine Z
Name: Ensign Raymond Ivan Tyler Frederick Marcel Daniel “The Persistent and Undying Might” Mahora Tereiti Anton Zaire Lawrence I. Kaleb Gordon Thompson Viole Dante Gardner Andreson Kenneth
  • 653,68 centimeters (21 ft 5.36 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 245,75 centimeters (8 ft 0.75 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 184,79 centimeters (6 ft 0.75 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: New Zealander

A man of few words, yet caring and a beacon of hope for his troops and the people around him, Raymond is the Ensign of the Valentian Army, with most of the land forces and military under his command, and he uses it with much efficiency. A military man since the age of 26, he believes that the military is his true calling and additionally believes in the betterment of humanity through respect and treatment for one another. He always goes with his personal motto and creed: “Attentiveness in Peacetime; Decisiveness and Order in Wartime.”

From the lands of New Zealand and being born to a rather normal family, Raymond’s life up until the ages of 24 was rather normal, marked by a fair share of friends he would hang out with, as well as slightly-above-average grade for his studies, and is generally a reserved man. He always had a passion for physical education since those days, yearning for those days where he would join his friends and classmates in physical exercises, as well as a few rounds of the sports that they would play on that day.

After graduation, Raymond started looking for a job, having tried at least 20 jobs, ranging from accountant, to businessman, driver, chef, and none of it seemed to be enticing him. He additionally tried for Physical Education, re-applying at his old school as one of the coaches, but after a few weeks, he had burned out once again. He wanted something more… something much more than the normal activities of physical exercise or sports; that was when he realised that the military might be the choice for him.

Seeking approval and consulting their parents, he finally made his dream come true when he finally enlisted at the aforementioned age of 26, and would prove himself to be one of the more exceptional soldiers that the New Zealand Army has yet to seen. After finishing the recruit and private training with little to no problem, he figured to try out as a Specialist, and eventually went to the rank of an Officer (2nd Lt. at the time). His superiors, seeing the passion in the man’s eyes, decided to recommend him to attend the British’s SAS forces as a full-time troop there. Bidding his parents farewell, he flew to Britain and that was when he further received training under the special forces. It was rather daunting even for him at first, failing his tests several times and nearing failure and a possible ejection. This devastated him, making Raymond pondering to himself for hours to no end in his own barracks. He could simply pack up and leave back to NZ, but since this was the dream job that he was looking forward for, he persevered on, taking a little longer than the others to complete his training, but ultimately, he finished off strong as the Top 1% candidates to be chosen and initiated into SAS. It was finally done, and the nightmarish trainings were over.

At that time, it just so happens that the world was entering its crazy era, i.e. The Cold War Era, and as it was known, the world was divided into two hemispheres. Britain’s geographical location made it a little peculiar, having to play the meditator while receiving attacks from both the Western and the Eastern Hemisphere. Raymond generally did not care much for the war and would rather see it end, though he remarked that he would love to see his folk once again in the future. However, as cruel fate would have it, that day never happened and instead, Raymond learned that NZ was under attack by many of the Western powers that came through by ship, and that the entire landmass of NZ was a total mess with 90% causality rate. Upon reading the newspapers and several sources, Raymond further learned that his parents have been killed in their own home, though with a quick death through artillery fire.

Even more devastated, but angered even more, Raymond convinced the SAS and eventually the whole of Britain to side with the Eastern Hemisphere and to blow the Western powers back to where they belong. He sworn vengeance and vowed to avenge his family and his friends that he could have been protecting, eventually spearheading most of the operations and plans all by himself, along with the help of the British’s secret forces (MI8 would be a possible guess) and the Russian spy Jolyn (not a Vice Foresittend at the time), Raymond showed utmost and ruthless efficiency in dispatching the enemies, while showing care and concern for his squad. His operations were so successful that he and his squad would survive and finish most of the missions without heavy causalities, or light causalities… and sometimes without wounds at all. Raymond first attributed it (falsely) to his luck, but after a session to de-classify his methods, Raymond reveals that he is in possession of an exotic device that when thrown and activated, would provide an invisible field that would deflect or soften the impacts of the bullets entering it, as well as making those inside invulnerable if they are nearly dying; the means of deflecting bullets seems to be through a series of electric fields, but the idea of everything being deflected and minimised in terms of damage, as well as providing sanctuary for those vulnerable, was still unknown. Regardless, Raymond proves himself to be able to ensure that his friends and squadmates survive through the missions; whether or not he used the device was rather secondary, though it does help at times.

Come the climax of the Cold War, Raymond was shifted to Burma, being asked by the SAS to help out Valentijn with the extraction of people who were chosen by the randomiser. It was because of this assignment that he managed to survive, though he protested and lamented the loss of his other friends that Valentijn did not save. Still, after a while, Raymond finally started to understand why, and moved on from his losses, forging new friendships with the new people known as the Valentians. Still, he vowed never to forget the friends and families that he has lost. From here on out, he was promoted to the rank of Ensign for the Valentian Armed Forces, now spending most of his time as a commander of the special forces, as well as giving the newly recruited a taste of his own trainings and activities.

Ensign Raymond is an Offense character, equipped with a medium-long range Assault Rifle that has a low spread, and is best to be used in burst shots for the best performance. Due to his rugged training, his melee attacks do 10% more damage compared to the other characters, effectively at 220 damage per hit. He can Sprint indefinitely, though while doing so, he will be unable to fire his weapon or use other abilities, and is instead used for repositioning tactics, as well as for possible retreats. Raymond is also equipped with a Null Field that when thrown, provides a sphere of protection that is 3 meters big in radius, and enable himself and his allies in the field to take 50% less damage, and making them invulnerable when their health is at 10% of their base value. This lasts for 5 seconds, and has 1200 HP. He also has a defibrillator that he managed to use as a weapon instead of applying health to himself, giving him +30% movement speed and a further +150% melee damage for 4 seconds, rendering Raymond dangerous for those enemies that dared to get near him. Additionally, Raymond is able to provide medkits that would heal back 40% of the target ally’s maximum HP. However, instead of being used instantaneously, it can be thrown onto the ground for a maximum of 100 charges and from there, both Raymond and his allies can use them if they need to. The medkits are visible to the enemies and has 200 HP, thus can be destroyed. Ultimately, Raymond has the ability to call a Predator Missile from a friendly UAV, which can be guided around and hits the ground with a devastating 3000 damage in a 10 meter radius. The Predator Missile has 1000 HP and when exploded prematurely (i.e. shot down), it will deal 400 damage in a 5 meter radius.

Portrait of Ensign Raymond. Credit: Call of Duty, Modern Warfare.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Medium-Long Range Assault Rifle. Melee damage is 10% higher than the other units.
Sprint: Runs at an increased speed indefinitely; unable to fire weapons while sprinting around.
Null Field: Allies inside the field takes 50% less damage, and invulnerable at 10% of HP. 5 sec.
Defibrillator: +30% movement speed and +150% melee damage for 4 secs. Sprint unavailable.
Medkit: +40% of maximum HP. The medkit can be dropped for another ally, or use for ownself.
Predator Missile (Ultimate): Calls a guided Predator missile. 3000 damage in a 10 meter radius.

No. 27 - Head of Specs. Ops. Isaac Logan Washington

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:31 pm
by Valentine Z
Name: Head of Special Operations Isaac Logan Carlson Phillip Randall “Det Hvislende Slange” Trevor Celin Mathias Mørk Nuller Taylor Anceolitti Virality Evans Alexis Brooks Slyder N. Ps. Washington
  • 648,61 centimeters (21 ft 3.36 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 243,84 centimeters (8 ft 0 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 182,88 centimeters (6 ft 0 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Danish

A man with a knack for explosions, ironically with a mix of covert operations, Head of Specs. Ops. Isaac is that person with one of the flattest expressions amongst the Valentians, seemingly more or less apathetic to the world around him, though deep down, he does care to a certain degree.

Starting his job as a stuntman out of passion, he has been featured in many films of the time before Cold War, with the unique take being that he did not use special effects or anything to safeguard himself and instead, he was a fan of practical effects, so much so that he would partake in some of the most dangerous stunts. Being a stuntman and a replacement for actors would not be a limiting factor for him, so he would go deeper into crafting his own show, ones that featured mainly him in the most dangerous of situations. Of course, at the end of the day, while he did most of the work by himself, Isaac acknowledges that his stunts would not be possible, and he probably would not be living, without the help of the many others and crew that were around that calculated down to the very last detail of how his stunts would go. Along the way, he also loves the idea of toying with explosions, though smaller ones, that would spice up some parts of his films and shows. However, even he is aware of too many explosions ruining the atmosphere of his acts, so he toned it down for the public viewings, while he would rig explosives as a hobby.

That was his job before and during Cold War, before he got dragged into the whirlwind of madness and war. Being a man with a few damns to give, he would rather see the war end on its own instead of sacrificing more soldiers, but he also figured that in contrast to the loudness that he had been doing, the good people of Denmark could use his speciality for covert operations. He saw the benefit in having a few men and women like him behind the enemy lines and sabotaging their operations and war efforts in order to slow down the war machines, and that was where he figured that he would come in handy – his death-defying stunts and his apathy for death itself would make him more or less unstoppable despite the odds, and his knack for small and controlled explosives would yield success in disrupting the enemy. And just like that, he was hired by the Danish Army, ready to serve them and slow down the impending war that would come to the Western Hemisphere and its allies.

Eventually, while his promotion was nearing, Isaac grew tired of the covert operations life, and from there, he resigned. He was still up for protecting his people, but he simply could not feel that he was up for it. With that, he operated as a mercenary for Denmark and her people, as well as for the rest of the Western Hemisphere that would need his expertise. Eventually, he got hired by one Burmese guy that was busy building a project to save everyone, akin to the Ark, except that the Ark was Project Resolute, Noah was General Valentijn, and the great flood would be the impending nuclear doom. Isaac accepted the job, and pretty soon he was working alongside Valentijn with a few others, including Field Marshal Jacob, whom he struck a close friendship and comradery with. He would be seen with Jacob for most of the missions, assisting each other with curating the people needed for the project, as well as keeping Valentijn away from harm.

Soon after, Cold War happened, Isaac became one of the people that was saved from the Nuclear Holocaust, and he would soon get the promotion that he has shared to Valentijn about; he became the Head of Special Operations, utilizing his explosives, as well as his apathetic and death-defying attitude to get him by and potentially making himself one of the best of the Valentian Defense Forces – sabotaging when needed. He would soon find himself working alongside Jolyn now and then, though the latter was a little wary at first, given that explosions and covert operations don’t exactly match. However, her fears were later relinquished as Isaac happens to be competent with them, and that they were meant as secondary items, or if necessary, the explosives being part of the job.

Isaac is a Defensive Character, being able to use his explosive devices to clear a room, as well as to make a perimeter for himself. His primary weapon is a grenade lobber that fires drunken grenades, at a rather slow rate of 180 BPM. The paths of these grenades are unpredictable at best, and they have a maximum range of 50 meters, but if they did hit their mark, they deal a high amount of damage. His passives are two-fold; Last Laugh, whereby Isaac activates his explosives inside his suit that works through dead man’s switch, and will spill out and deal damage if he dies; Apathetic Adrenaline is what happens when Isaac couldn’t give less of a damn, and is immune to his own explosives, and takes 5% less damage from the enemies around him. His two active abilities are two types of mines – Concussive Mine that causes 1000 damage and has a bigger radius, and a Proximity Mine that auto-explodes at 4 meter range, though deals less damage and blast radius. Ultimately, he has Bombard, which is an upgrade to his grenade launcher; it has infinite rounds for 6 seconds, deals 600 damage per bomb at 2.5 ROF, and the grenades travel much further and faster in a predictable arc. This ability can be interrupted with Crowd Control methods.

Image needed.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Grenade-lobber that fires “drunken” grenades at a rather slow rate. The paths are unpredictable, though deals high damage.
Last Laugh (Passive): Upon his death, Isaac unleashes a flurry of 8 grenades from his coat, each grenade dealing up to 500 damage.
Apathetic Adrenaline (Passive): Isaac is immune to his own explosives, and can use them for mobility. 5% less damage from enemies.
Concussive Mine: Places a mine that sticks to walls and grounds alike. Has 400 HP, and is destructible. Explosion causes 1000 dmg.
Proximity Mine: Places a mine that sticks to walls and grounds alike. Has 350 HP, destructible. Auto-destructs at 4 m range. 800 dmg.
Bombard (Ultimate): Automatic Grenade Launcher with infinite rounds. 2.5 ROF, 600 damage per bomb, and lasts for 6 sec. Interruptible.

No. 28 - Head of Spec. Forces Hendrick Morrison Lexus

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by Valentine Z
Name: Head of Special Forces Hendrick Morrison Damaris Tony “De Försvarare Ov Ljus” Gaaf. Sone Backström Edvin Joacim Skoog Erickson Albert Mikael Phoenix Aiden Ryder B. N. T. Fawkes Lexus
  • 645,24 centimeters (21 ft 2.03 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 242,57 centimeters (7 ft 11.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 181,61 centimeters (5 ft 11.5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Swedish

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Needs image.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Heavy Laser Cannon that fires in a straight line. Extremely accurate, but at the expense of a shorter range.
Secondary: Accumulates 25 points of ammo and fires it as a bomb in an arc. Mid-Long range with decent splashing.
Amplification (Passive): Damage absorbed by the shields provide bonus damage to Hendrick, up to +100% damage.
Personal Shielding: Provides a shield for self that absorbs all forms of damage. Shield lasts 3 sec, & has 2000 health.
Alliance Shielding: Provides a shield for an ally that absorbs all forms of damage. Shield lasts 3 sec, has 2000 health.
Graviton Surge (Ultimate): A black hole that pulls all the enemies into the center. 8 meter radius range, 25 dmg / sec.

No. 29 - Senior Colonel Clarke Hattori Seng. Setari

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by Valentine Z
Name: Senior Colonel Clarke Hattori Jansen Hanzi Beatrice Grace “De Kong Na” Emmet. Trace Shawn. Kimo Setari X. M. F. Allan Jamison Vakheeds Keola Somphone Vick Sengprachanh Kommandam
  • 638,48 centimeters (20 ft 11.37 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 240,03 centimeters (7 ft 10.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 179,07 centimeters (5 ft 10.5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Laotian

A hitman for hire from the land of Laos, Clarke has a fair share of intelligence and efficiency when it comes to landing his shots or doing his missions. Not only he managed to finish all of them with staggering accuracy, he also got away undetected most of the time, since after all, there were moments when he simply couldn’t hide away or was compromised. Even then, he would almost always get away, only being captured once or twice during his career.

Not much was known about Clarke’s background, other than the fact that he was serving the underground sector for many years after finishing through his own assassin’s training. He and Valentijn encountered each other in a rather surprising manner, i.e. Clarke was tasked with eliminating Valentijn... at first. Given Burma’s infrastructure at that time, the information given to him was rather sparse and after infiltrating into Valentijn’s temporary office space, it turned out that he was not lied to, but simply given bad information. Clarke was not tasked with assassinating Valentijn, but towards someone else that looks like Valentijn.

After a series of blown covers and awkward conversations, Valentijn simply forgave Clarke for his honest errors and asked if he would like a space at Project Resolution. After all, other than the planned 500,000 people, Valentijn could save a few more people to serve alongside him. Clarke didn’t give it much thought at the time, thinking that this Cold War would simply blow over. Eventually, with the nukes being rumoured to hit the scene of almost every country, Clarke decided that he would need to get away from his current employer – a shifty voice on a telephone that promised millions of dollars for holding onto Clarke for months as his personal hitman. Clarke, in turn, decisively thought that whoever behind the telephone must have wanted him dead if the said voice wanted him to stay in his mansion. He eventually faked his death and joined Valentijn, ready to take on any long-range tasks that Valentijn would ask of him. So far, due to the pacifist and diplomatic nature of Valentine Z, Clarke saw himself having little to no use as an assassin, but still, the Valentian office treated him well and was a family of its own, so he decided to become a Senior Colonel and taught his underlings on the art of stealth and using silence and subtlety should the Valentians ever go to war.

Senior Colonel Clarke is primarily a defensive character, having mastered the art of long-range combat, and if needed be, to be able to disable or kill flankers and other assassins with utmost efficiency. His primary weapon is a sniper rifle, and while extremely accurate and deadly, it does suffer from a slow rate of fire, and the unscoped shots deal half the damage of the scoped shots. His Art of Stealth renders him invisible from wall-hacks, thermal sensors, and other kinds of devices, though he can still have his channelling abilities interrupted if someone found out. If sufficiently near a target, he can perform an assassination that completely kills the target, though this takes 3 second to cast, and it is interruptible. Clarke is also armed with a poisoned dart, which deals some initial damage from the impact, followed by 100 HP per second drained for 3.5 seconds (effectively 350); this can be neutralised by shields or other forms of healing abilities. On the other hand, Clark is armed with a bolt shot, which acts similar to a poison dart, but instead of a damage over time, it deals a large initial damage, followed by a one-second stun, and disabling enemy’s abilities for 1.5 seconds after that (the duration does not run concurrently with the stun duration). Ultimately, he has an Infrasight, which reveals all the enemies’ locations on a map for 15 seconds, and this will continue to work even after Clark dies.

Shot of SC Clarke. Credit: Hitman.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Long-range Sniper Rifle. Extremely accurate and deadly, but slow rate of fire. Unscoped shots deal 50% dmg.
Art of Stealth (Passive): Renders self invisible from wall-hacks, thermal sensors, etc. Still can have abilities interrupted.
Assassinate: 100% of max. HP drained to a target enemy. Takes 3 s to cast, and must be at melee range. Interruptible.
Poisoned Dart: 500 initial damage to an enemy, along with 100 HP per second drained for 3.5 secs. Can be neutralised.
Bolt Shot: 800 pure damage to an enemy, along with an 1 second stun. Also disables enemy's abilities for 1.5 seconds.
Infrasight (Ultimate): Reveals all the enemies' locations on a map for 15 s. Infrasight will work, even after Hattori dies.

No. 30 - Colonel Adrian Dominic Trenton Holmes

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by Valentine Z
Name: Colonel Adrian Dominic Markus Austin Manuel Ridley Lùcas “Waffenmacher” MacIomhair Aindreas Dannon Anglo Blair Trenton Mya Uw Holmes Gallacher Fletcher Jayden Henderson McKenzie
  • 648,61 centimeters (21 ft 3.36 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 243,84 centimeters (8 ft 0 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 182,88 centimeters (6 ft 0 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Scottish

Colonel Adrian has been a man of rich history, if said rich means that he was involved in action-packed adventures ranging from being an arms-dealer in Africa, to charting a boat for someone in Micronesia. Born in Scotland, Adrian was more or less a thrill-seeking person since young. Ever since the young adult years, the usual activities of bungee-jumping, skateboarding, and even being a stuntman wasn’t enough. With that, he tried his hand at travelling to this small country in Africa, which had more or less devolved into a civil war ever since Cold War started. Taking this opportunity to seek a thrill, he travelled to that said African country with nothing but his clothes on his pack (as well as the necessary documents).

However, luck struck him rather well, depending on how you look at it: As soon as he arrived at a small hotel in some small city, the truce between the two warring factions broke up and soon escalated into a gunfight. Adrian was caught in a cross-fire without any supplies, but he managed to escape on foot with a rifle that he picked up along the way. This was when he hatched up another plan – with his experience in repairing weapons and doing a heavy amount of ironwork, he would set up his own arms deal and fuel the efforts of both sides. By the time the war dragged on and was dying out, he would simply pack up and use these illegal earnings for early retirement. He succeeded in this as far as anyone was concerned: Within weeks, he managed to collect an assortment of broken or degraded weapons that were dangerous to fire in their current state, but they could be repaired and given a fresh new life with some spare parts.

Eventually, with the war dragging on for months, some hot-shot mercenary was hired to track and take him down, but the mercenary himself was exposed to the deadly effects of malaria and thus was unable to kill Adrian. The two were playing a game of catch for a fortnight until Adrian nearly got killed from another cross-fire; he took this opportunity to meet up with the mercenary with promise of truce and something else – that Adrian would stop fuelling the arms to both sides of the conflict and instead would use the illegal diamonds to bribe the border guards. The rookie mercenary took up on the plan, being tasked with bribing the border guards to allow himself and the refugees through, while Adrian “died” sparking the car battery with some explosives together to block the route and prevent the conflict from hitting the fleeing refugees.

Turns out, his detonator was just fine, and with his sins more or less cleansed by saving thousands of lives, Adrian decided to get back to the civilization in Southeast Asia to run a small boat-running service. There, he was hired by none other than Vice Foresittend Jolyn, who at that time was sent on a spy mission to Micronesia to investigate the illegal biological experiments happening there. Adrian’s life has been never uneventful and with that, he once again set off for an adventure that definitely went wrong, spending hours on the island fending off the private military and the mutants that broke loose on the archipelago.

After a series of heart-pounding adventure, Jolyn and Adrian were united once again and after effectively sabotaging the entire operations within the island, they got off from it and went back to Myanmar, with Adrian eventually meeting up with none other than Valentijn himself. Despite all that he has more or less went through, Adrian commented that other than feeling shame for profiting off the deaths of many, he would do all over the adventures again, and many more. He has been appointed as a Colonel for the Valentian Army, providing the Valentians with the much needed survival skills across all the terrains.

Colonel Adrian is an offense character, having a long-range rocket launcher to fend himself, though he will suffer from the splash damage if fired too closely, as well as having a rather slow rate of fire. He has mastered the Art of Survival, being able to heal himself at 80 HP / sec if he is not taking damage for 2 seconds. He can reinforce himself with a mixture of painkillers and adrenaline shots, which decreases the damage that Adrian takes by 31% for 6 seconds. At the same time, due to the adrenaline overload, Adrian is able to deflected a channelled ability that is targeted towards him (he can do this once during the entire duration). Thanks to infiltrating the lab, he got a physics-based ability, namely a small black hole synthesiser that, as the name suggests, launches a small black hole with manual detonation. This pull enemies in a 3-meter radius upon impact, and stuns them for 0.2 seconds, brief enough to disorient them. Ultimately, Adrian has a Homing Missile that chases a target non-linearly, and it can be shot down mid-air. It deals a tremendous amount of damage - 4000 damage at point blank/primary enemy, to 200 damage at the furthest 4 meter radius.

Image missing.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Long-range rocket launcher. High dmg, but at the expense of slow ROF. Splash damage (1000 to 200) affects enemies and self.
Art of Survival (Passive): Heals self at 80 HP per sec. The ability is activated 2 seconds after taking damage. Interrupted if taking damage.
Reinforce: Decreases damage taken by enemies by 31 % for 6 seconds. Also deflects a channelled ability that is targeted towards Adrian.
Gravitational Pull: Launches a small black hole with manual detonation. Pulls enemies in a 3 meter radius upon impact. Stuns for 0.2 sec.
Homing Missile (Ultimate): Heat-seeking missile that chases a target non-linearly. Can be shot down mid-air. 4000 - 200 dmg at 4 m AoE.

No. 31 - Lt. Col. Farzin Alexander Marcus Dylan Farad Safavi

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by Valentine Z
Name: Lt. Col. Farzin Alexzander Marcus Dylan Marquis Nelson Vox. “The Backup Plan” Danesh Tobias Rockington Caleb Riley Harv. Philip Safavi Yvonnes Johannes Vixer Dexter Lenn. Farad Arsalan
  • 645,24 centimeters (21 ft 2.03 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 242,57 centimeters (7 ft 11.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 181,61 centimeters (5 ft 11.5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Persian

"Life throws a curveball."

Born in the Persian Empire in the 9th Century AD, only to went through a completely spontaneous incident that brought him into the full-blown attention to just about everyone around him, Farzin is an extremely agile character to boot, being able to navigate through just about any physical obstacle or predicament that befalls upon him.

In his own time in the Persian Empire, many would speak about the young man named Farzin who would accomplish great feats that would be deemed impossible for many - running along a wall, aerobatics, great swordsmanship, he has learned his trades starting off on the streets of his town. Whenever the guards thought that they might just be able to catch him, they failed time and time again, with Farzin always running and dashing multiple steps ahead of them. However, even all of this agility could not help out the young Farzin, especially when it comes to the Empire simply sending a hundred men to surround and capture him in the plain grounds with no buildings or structures to use to escape from. Finally conceding defeat after months of being unable to be captured, Farzin simply followed the men to the court whereby he was charged with a few too many counts of petty theft. Still, simply for feeding himself and not hurting anyone else during his escapes and thievery, the Empire decided to give Farzin a chance and offered to let him serve as the Empire's guard. Alternative would be rotting in jail for an undisclosed amount of time, so Farzin chose the former.

Quickly accepted as a guard of his town, he then used his abilities for good this time, being able to catch thieves and criminals with the utmost ease and in many ways that were deemed impossible. His rise to fame, even after leaving the street life and becoming a footman, went even further when news about the man that can "vault over 5 blocks of houses and sprint along walls and over the gates" spread throughout the Empire. For the good amount of years in his life, Farzin enjoyed his life as an athletic chaser, with 2-3 years of addition to his life not slowing him down one bit.

However, things would have to take a turn for Farzin, and through the most unorthodox means. One slow day in the 8th of January 898 AD, he was simply doing his duty being manned to a guard tower - nothing much exciting happening, with citizens doing their usual walks of life, and criminal activity non-existent. As he got slightly sleepy, Farzin closed his eyes for a brief moment, dozing off for a few minutes. Soon after, upon opening his eyes, his senses were thrusted forward by the most unfamiliar of sights and sounds - metallic transportation without horses, lights that work without oil, people in extremely different outfits (and towering him, no less), and more importantly, he was no longer outside the fort he was stationed at. Dazed, confused, and exclaiming in raised but calm Persian, to which not a lot of people around him understood. As a result, the personnel of the country, who has experience dealing with such anomalies, were dispatched to his point of origin, with the others trying their best to calm him down through hand gestures.

It turns out, according to an assessment by Chief Aviator Gwen, Farzin spontaneously tunneled from his guard tower in 898 AD, to the world of Valentine Z in 2083 AD. Vice Forsittend Jolyn and Lead Ambassador Germaine, along with a few other Iranian historians, were brought near Farzin in order to communicate with him and explained to him what happened. With Gwen being a master of time and space at that point, she asked, though translations, on whether or not Farzin would like to travel back to the Persian Empire. He agreed, though his curious nature also would make him wanting to stay in Valentine Z for an undisclosed amounts of time. Upon reaching an agreement, Gwen escorted Farzin back to the exact same spot where he disappeared, making sure to prevent nasty paradoxes that she would rather not solve. She would also make it a point to make herself discreet and watch Farzin from a distance, assessing his extraordinary abilities.

Getting slightly bored with his life in the Persian Empire, he realised that he was not aging in the slightest, which would explain why he was still going strong and well even after all the years. Even with physical exercise, a decade-long duty should have aged him, but passage of time was not affecting him. Taking this in interest, Gwen and Farzin eventually went back to Valentine Z, explaining to the rest of the Sixty on what happened over the years, and that they definitely have something extraordinary albeit unexplained (at least, Gwen didn't want to) going on. With the power of friendship and knowing each other for a decade, Farzin gotten himself approval from Gwen, as well as the many other Valentians around, and would serve as the strangely-high rank of Lt. Col. in a short stint of time, perhaps attributing to his unusual abilities.

Farzin is an Offense character, being able to use his custom-forged Shamshir with unparalleled efficiency thanks to his spontaneous abilities. The blade can cause bleeding damage of 100 DPS for 4 seconds. Passively, Farzin has resistance to time-slowing and time-stopping powers, though the latter has more effect on him; he can also do extraordinary aerobatics while sheathing his weapons in order to get a better vantage point or ground for his advantage. As active offensive abilities, Farzin can do a running kick in combination with aerobatics, or dual-wield a small dagger that he can use to further his DPS. The dagger, additionally, can be thrown for 500 damage, and takes 10 seconds to regenerate back if he throws it off. In the case that he gets seriously wounded or in a predicament, he can Short Recall that reverses back up to 20 seconds of time and restoring 100% of his HP. He can use this ability even after death, but such a scenario would add 40 seconds to the ability's cooldown. Ultimately, he has the Atsa'e Zman (Time Dilation), whereby he can stop time for 6 seconds and attacks 300% faster, with all but the Tank-type characters not being able to withstand him.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: A custom-made Shamshir that has a good melee range and has the ability to cause bleeding 100 DPS for 4 secs.
Un-phased (Passive): Farzin has 70% resistance to time-slowing powers around him, and 33% resistance to time-stopping.
Aerobatics (Passive): The ability to climb walls of up to 6 meters, and run along a length of wall for up to 8 meters.
Running Kick: In combination with wall-running, Farzin is able to interrupt and spring forward for a 200 damage kick.
Dual-wield: Takes out a smaller dagger that Farzin can use to slash at enemies with 200 DPS. Can be thrown for 500 dmg.
Short recall: Reverses back up to 20 seconds of time for Farzin, rewinding back to previous positions, restores 100% HP.
Atsa'e Zman (Ultimate): Stops time for up to 6 seconds, with Farzin having 300% bonus to his attack speed for 2560 DPS.

No. 32 - Major Jamie Justine Layla Lim Tian Zhi

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by Valentine Z
Name: Major Layla Jamie Stefanie Symmantra Evangeline Jaiden Autumn Celeste Jane Justine Emma “Shen, The Bringer of Light” Samara Kaitlinn Char Madelief Kat Mvst Astrella Janice Lim Tian Zhi
  • 632,85 centimeters (20 ft 9.15 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 237,91 centimeters (7 ft 9.67 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 176,95 centimeters (5 ft 9.67 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Mainland Chinese

"Sometimes you just weigh your options and... leave, really."

One of the head scientists from PRC during the Cold War era, Layla was once tasked with weapons research for the country, eventually being involved in one of the secret and experimental projects that the nation was doing at the time, specifically the usage of plasma and energy-based weapons for the Mainlanders to gain an advantage over the Western Hemisphere, as well as to reign themselves as the superpower once the whole war thing is over, as well as the government desiring to gain massive profits from them.

However, what Layla did not actually know was that her research would be used for violent gains of weapons; she was doing her part in a belief that whatever she has researched and created would be used for generating energy alone, since the usage of plasma as a fourth state of matter and charging them up to hold energy, could have household utilizations, or as electrical generators. Still, it was not as if Layla could simply deny or refuse to further her research, since her life was more or less on the line, and that they could simply make her disappear and no one would ever know.

Distressed and being somewhat deranged from what she had to contend and was forced to do, Layla hatched up a plan of herself - she would develop a weapon system for herself such that she would be able to escape the secret labs, and simply to halt the researches, even at the expense of her motherland. After all, for Layla, winning the war is not exactly worth it if billions of people are going to die as a result of her weapons. She secretly designed her own weapon - a “plasma” caster (only for the namesake), that uses a combination of heated up ions and anti-ions to make a massive explosion as a result of the annihilation. She eventually ditched the ions and went with matter-antimatter instead since it was more plausible. Even better was that the weapon would be environmentally positive, since there was no radiation fallout from it, and that the annihilation of matter and antimatter resulted only in a clean energetic explosion without any other by-products. On top of that, only a small amount of payload was needed for an explosion and as a result, she could separate two of them in Penning trap spheres that separated the respective charged matter and antimatter.

A few more weeks would have passed, and Layla was ready to test her weapon out, consisting of a few projectiles that were to be fired from a crossbow of sorts that she made out of lab equipment while evading the watchful eyes of the guards. The idea was to fire a single projectile in her lab as soon as the rotation of guards were done, and to make her escape. Not knowing of what was happening outside of the world other than an "impending nuclear war", Layla only had a single chance of making it out alive, else she would die trying or spend her years rotting in some political prison. Weighing her options, she struck at approximately 2 AM in her area and hoped for the best, using stealth to subdue as many guards as she can before being found out. Her escape time was made worse by the fact that she had little to no idea of where to go, and the lack of combat expertise other than simple shooting proved to be insufficient for whatever she was facing. Injuring (and killing) guards left and right, Layla eventually made her escape out of the secret labs (and the military base), only to came across and get kidnapped by another group of secret forces that took her away to a remote area.

Thousands of kilometers away from her home, without immediate family members and blind as to where she was, Layla was relieved to see that it was less of a kidnapping and more of a rescue from none other than the Valentian Armed Forces, who were there covertly to gather as many civilians (and other important personnel) as they could and conveniently enough, Layla looked the part in being an important personnel given her status as a head scientist. With the promise that the old world and whoever confined her will no longer be able to get to her (literally, what with the nuclear bombardment), Layla was asked if she would like to join the armed forces of then-small and city-state Valentine Z in order to further defend herself, and perhaps to further development her weapon. She accepted the offer to join in as a soldier in-training, but was distrustful that the Valentians might possibly use her weapon to develop much more destructive successors from it. After reassurance and years of working with them, Layla realised her error and gave her weapon's schematics in order for the Valentians to gain the knowledge that the Pre-Valentian Era had tried antimatter before. Unfortunately, that knowledge was lost in the secret labs that Layla was working on, and the crude crossbow was simply a weapon of utility, not of knowledge. Nevertheless, by studying the particles alone in the projectiles, the Valentians got a small boost in research at a breakneck speed of a mere 10 years, nearly-perfecting their craft by 2040 instead of the projected 2050.

Layla was promoted to the rank of a Major in the Valentian Armed Forces, and with her “plasma” crossbow firing out matter/anti-matter annihilation, though the thought of upgrading to a semi-automatic was considered but not followed through. The name "plasma" stuck only because the annihilation looks like one, and for the namesake of keeping it a secret if the enemy were to find out in some foreseeable future.

Major Layla is an offense character, being able to deal a high effective DPS of 800 thanks to the impact of the arrows that they made on impact, as well as the explosion from the matter-antimatter annihilation. Unfortunately, due to the slow rate of fire (0.667 shots per second), Layla is slow to shoot her targets in quick succession. As a head scientist and avid researcher of knowledge, Layla gets a perk that lets her deal 10% extra damage to enemies of any type if they shot or damaged Layla with at least 300 damage. This does not stack against the same enemy, but Layla has no limit in the numbers of enemies to learn from. As an active ability, Layla is able to attach a coil of electromagnets that lets her fire 3 bolts at a faster projectile speed that doubles the impact damage whilst keeping the explosive damage the same. The EM coil lasts for 8 seconds, or after the 3 shots are depleted - whichever comes first. Alternatively, she has the ability to attach a single bolt with a larger matter-antimatter payload, resulting in 50% increase of damage from the explosion, along with a slightly bigger radius. However, due to the strain it has on the bow, it needs to be readjusted after such a shot, taking 2 seconds of downtime. As an ultimate, Layla has another weapon that she has developed separately in her time in the Valentian Army - the Ion Laser, that fires a stream of ions that pierces through a considerable number of enemies for a total of 6000 damage. The laser takes 3 seconds to charge and can be interrupted, necessitating another charge-up sequence.

Actual portrait of Major Jamie. Credit: Shutterstock.

A stylized shot of Layla. Credit: Resident Evil 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)
Offense2000200 (impact) + 1000 (explosive)0.667800

Primary: "Plasma" crossbow with medium effective range. 200 damage upon impact, followed by a 100-1000 explosive damage at 5 m radius.
Quick-learner (Passive): Deals 10% extra damage to enemies of all types if they have shot Layla a cumulative 300 damage. Does not stack.
Accelerator: Fires 3 bolts at a faster projectile speed, resulting in 400 damage upon impact. Lasts 8 seconds, or after 3 shots, whichever comes first.
大爆炸 / Dà bàozhà: Attaches a single bolt with a bigger payload, resulting in 100-1500 explosive damage at 7 m radius. 2 sec delay after.
Ion Laser (Ultimate): Fires a stream of ions in a 20 meter range, piercing through up to 10 m thickness worth of enemies. 6000 damage.

No. 33 - 1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Tan Fang Ling

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by Valentine Z
Name: 1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. “The Eternal Explorer” Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Lynette Hannah Tan Fang Ling
  • 665,51 centimeters (21 ft 10.01 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 250,19 centimeters (8 ft 2.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 175,26 centimeters (5 ft 9 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Canadian

A lifetime-long explorer and adventurer, 1st Cpt. Angela is the personnel of Valentine Z that revitalized the space program, as well as being the in-charge of running it and expanding the program itself. She is also one of the few Valentians from The Sixty who was born after the events of Cold War, at around 2002.

Born to Canadian survivors that were taken in from the Cold War, Angela would find herself amazed by the skies, and the space itself in general. Ever since as young as 4 years old, she would find herself fascinated by the stories of astronauts and adventures in space from the pre-Valentian Era, as well as on what lies ahead. Unfortunately for her at the time of her birth, Valentine Z was undergoing intensive development on Earth itself and as a result, could not look into the stars just yet; General Valentijn himself was toying with the idea of sending men and women alike back to Moon and the beyond, but for that time being, all the resources they have were used to re-develop and re-establish the cities and civilizations that were lost due to the Nuclear Holocaust. She waited patiently for the countries to redevelop, and for Earth to be back from what it once was.

Eventually, by around 2025, by the time she was 23 years of age, Valentine Z was in economic and population boom, with humanity once again back to its former glory and beyond. Peace was the way of life for a good 99% of the Valentians, and they have the necessities taken care of. As a result of that, Valentijn and his officials and friends started to look at the prospect of space exploration, with considerations for future generation of Valentians since Earth is not going to be enough to accommodate for the growing population sooner or later. As a result of this, Valentijn started looking for volunteers at first for exploration to the Moon, and Angela volunteered, with full approval from her parents.

After a year-long intensive physical training and schooling, Angela was more than ready, and thus made her first trip to the Moon. It was more than successful, with Angela being able to walk on the Moon for a more than 5 hours at once before heading back to Valentine Z. After that was done, she proposed to Valentijn to give her a ship of her own so that she could travel to the stars. And possibly beyond the Solar System. The latter thought of the idea and gave it some consideration, but he only accepted after 5 years later; understandably, it was not because he did not want her to go and rather, Valentijn was worried that the spaceship technology was not there yet, and that she would need to wait a little bit more before this becomes reality.

Thus, Angela waited until 2032 and by that time, the technology has more than advanced than expected and along with the economic boom and prosperity experienced by the Valentians, Valentijn approved of Angela's proposal and granted her a princely sum of NSD 800 billion to start it off, with more funds to be funnelled in later as years go by. He made it clear that he would support exploration missions such as this, and that this would not be a one-time grant. Elated, Angela, with the aid of several other Valentian scientists, built their very first rocket ship, nicknamed "Stella 1," and was designated to set off from Earth, to Mars (at which Angela will walk around a little and send planet atmosphere and terrain data back to Valentine Z), then Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the great far beyond. Venus and Mercury were skipped for the time being due to the intensive heat. She was confident that this is going to go well, mainly because of the advanced rocket technology that has far surpassed the predictions, and also because she would be accompanied by Adriana, and Tiffany – two of the most powerful AIs of Valentine Z. Clarissa decided to stay behind and keep a backup of Angela, Adriana, and Tiffany; in the very case of mishaps, she would be bringing them back to life. The synthetic bodies made available back in 2032 also proved itself beneficial since in the case of sudden or gradual death, Angela would have a new body waiting for her.

Wishing her parents well, as well as thanking Valentijn and her peers for making it possible, she set off to Mars, walked a little, followed by exploring other planets in the Solar System at first. The journey took her a total of 1 year, thanks to the fact that if gunned up, her spaceship was more than capable of FTL (Faster-Than-Light) travel thanks to a combination of the usage of tachyons (FTL particles), as well as space-warp (stretching the space behind while compressing the space in front). After zipping back to Valentine Z to present her findings, Angela was ready to go off by 2040 to further beyond. During her travels, it was determined by Angela, Adriana, and Tiffany that they have indeed went as far as 5 billion light years away (4.73e+22 km), with her spaceship, travelling at speeds nearing 1e+20 km/h. They have charted nearly all the sectors of space in the radius of 3 billion light years away from space in detail, bringing in valuable data to Valentine Z, as well as an astonishing find that when one travels at FTL in Valentine Z universe, time dilation would simply tick them down to 0 (same as travelling at the speed of light), stopping them from aging altogether. It was with this fact that Angela was able to travel around without aging much.

Then in 2055 was when Angela got a new travel companion, with Chief Aviator Gwen. The two of them would be going around the black holes, watching them from a safe distance. However, whilst doing so, the spaceship suddenly lost power and the tether that was holding onto Gwen to the spaceship snapped, with Gwen being swallowed by the black hole and presumably dead. Angela took off to a slightly safer distance from the black hole and mourned her loss, feeling powerless that she was unable to stop Gwen’s demise. At least, that was what she believed for years before the latter came back…

Angela still runs the space program of Valentine Z as of today, whilst at the same time encouraging and inspiring the younger Valentians with the stories of her adventures.

Combat-wise, Angela is a Tank class, being able to take up more damage than the others thanks to her vigorous physical training. Her primary weapon is a rapid-firing “Martian” pistol that has a short effective range of 40 meters, as well as low damage of 8 per shot, but it more than made up for her insane rate of fire of 100 ROF. It also has an overheating ability, and while it would shut down the weapon for 3 seconds to prevent damage, continuous fire of 1200 shots (or ~2000 including the reload), will have the weapon discharge 200 damage in 2 meter AoE. Angela also has Searing Laser and Tetrashot; the former fires a beam of heated ions that deals 100 damage per sec for 4 seconds, and it disables enemy’s abilities for 2 seconds when they are hit with the laser for 1 sec; the latter fires 4 rounds per shot, consuming 4x the ammo, and the shots are spread with 10 degrees of arc between one another, effectively 40 degrees. For both offensive and defensive uses, Angela can place a teleporter between her current location and another designated area of up to 100 meters, allowing herself and the allies to use it for 8 seconds, or its 1500 HP to be depleted, whichever comes first. Ultimately, Angela can use her Spaceship, which has 8000 HP, can carry two allies, and flying around with it deals 500 damage per collision. The ship lasts for 14 seconds, or when its health is fully depleted.

Portrait shot of Angela. Made using Sims 4.

Stylistic Shot of 1st Cpt. Stella. Source: Star Tap: Incremental Tap Game.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Rapid-firing Martian plasma pistol. Short effective range of 40 m, but insane rate of fire. Overheat is used to its advantage.
Burn-out (Passive): Fully heats up after 1200 consecutive shots. Discharges to the surrounding at 200 damage in 2 meter radius AoE.
Searing Laser: Fires a beam of heated up ions that deals 10 damage / 0.1 sec for 4 s. Disable enemy's abilities after being hit for 2 s.
Tetrashot: Fires 4 rounds per shot, consuming 300% more ammunition. Shots are spread that they are 10 degrees apart one another.
Teleporter: Places a teleporter between Stella's current location and the designated area, allowing allies and herself to use it. 8 sec.
Spaceship (Ultimate): 8000 HP ship that can carry up to 2 other allies. Flies at 70 km/h while dealing 500 damage per collision. 14 s.

No. 34 - 2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Corinna Tricia Kora

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by Valentine Z
Name: 2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Whitney Zoey Luminisa “Femeia Simțurilor Extraordinare” Claire Estevi Danielle Tricia Kate Carrie Kora Costiniu Frumoasa Emiliana Georgeta Melanie Ioannes Corinna
  • 682,40 centimeters (22 ft 4.66 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 256,54 centimeters (8 ft 5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 195,58 centimeters (6 ft 5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Romanian

"Nothing is truly out of my sights."

A woman with extraordinary perceptions, 2nd Captain Annabelle is truly the one that can literally see it all, hear it all, and sense it all. Born to a somewhat ordinary family in Brașov, Romania as the only child, Annabelle had a relatively normal upbringing for as a child, always seeing the world around with better clarity and colors than those around her. At first, her parents along with her teachers and her friends, dismissed it as something that a normal kid or someone of that age goes through - to be able to see the world in much more vivid colors as an expression of a child's innocence. It would also be said by her parents that Annabelle just might have a sixth sense that lets her see beyond the material world, and perhaps into spirits and ghosts. The restless nights she had would have been diagnosed as ordinary insomnia and subsequently would be given aids to fall asleep. On top of that, due to her constant complaints about her room being too bright for her eyes, her parents would redecorate her room to be as darkly painted as possible. It helped for a brief moment of time, though she would still see dim shades and blobs of colors here and there. These would carry on for a few more years until her 9th Birthday, to which her parents and those around her has finally saw what Annabelle sees with her own eyes.

This was perhaps the most vivid memory of my childhood, one that I remembered the most. My parents - Dumnezeu să-i binecuvânteze - were doing everything they could and was preparing a large birthday party for me and my close group of friends. There were about 20 of them, I believe, who RSVP'ed that they would come in. So there was that. The extraordinary part happened on that day when I walking around the kitchen and helped my mother out. In the meantime, I was watching the red and white glowing aura that was emerging from the stove. It was not exactly fire, but it does look pretty, I thought to myself back then as a little girl. In a rush to answer the doorbell that chimed at that moment, my mom almost swiped her hand over the oven, to which I yelled at her and pulled her hand away. It turned out later that the electric stove somehow turned itself on due to a defective circuitry, and what I saw was heat, something that humans are not supposed to be able to see.
- 2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Whitney Zoey Luminisa “Femeia Simțurilor Extraordinare” Claire Estevi Danielle Tricia Kate Carrie Kora Costiniu Frumoasa Emiliana Georgeta Melanie Ioannes Corinna

At first, her parents thought it was simply because Annabelle could feel the heat, not see it, but given that she was not around the stove in a dangerously close proximity to feel such a heat, only one thing came into her mind, on top of her saying that she could see everything with much more vivid colors - she has the ability to see other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Seeking approval from herself, Annabelle was taken to the family doctor for further screening, to which he could not seem to find anything too unusual with the equipment he had. "This definitely is extraordinary, especially with her eyes. Though, I cannot make thorough conclusions about her, not here, sorry. I think you might be better off seeing a physicist, or a scientist." A further slew of doctors from various hospitals, coupled with the scientists, then eventually knew what exactly they were looking at - Annabelle was born with an unusual set of eyes – an extraordinarily high number and variance of sensors in her eyes. Various controlled tests were done in secrecy to ensure that this news does not escape Romania (given the political landscape of the world), they could then conclude that the 9 year old in front of them was able to see part of the EM spectrum that is as low as microwaves, to something as high as high-UV to low-X-rays. In fact, when she took the X-ray examination, she stated that it was too bright for her and that it gave her a headache for a while due to the brightness involved with the equivalence of staring at the sun.

Eventually, I was given this set of contact lenses that acts like little polarisers - to help me able to adjust the part of EM spectrum that I would so choose to see and to perceive. That was quite good, because I was sick of the world being a little too bright at times, or closing my eyelids and seeing ghostly shades all over. It does make me wonder how did I - as a kid and a teen - managed to get away from this all without as much as going insane, you know?
- 2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Whitney Zoey Luminisa “Femeia Simțurilor Extraordinare” Claire Estevi Danielle Tricia Kate Carrie Kora Costiniu Frumoasa Emiliana Georgeta Melanie Ioannes Corinna

Eventually growing up to above legal age, with antics from normal life to boot, Annabelle decided to sign up for Romanian Special Forces with the approval of her parents, offering her skills to their advantage and for her motherland. Her time in army was rather typical - they used her special senses for a handful number of missions ranging from sabotage, espionage, and to disrupt the flow of war from reaching Romania (it was saddled between Western and Eastern powers, and was attacked from both sides). Annabelle came into Valentian interest when she bumped into one Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Helen Ceeta, who was in Romania for her own assignment for the government there. Respectfully dismissing the rather ordinarily tall woman in front of her at first, Jolyn then realised that she was talking to the person whom she keeps hearing about in her own reports - something about "The Woman with Many Eyes".

I met this woman in one approaching winter of 1993, and given the state of the war we were in, she was understandably peeved at every single interaction she had with the local populace. Her name is Jolyn, Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Ceeta, among a few others, as time goes along. Anyway, I bumped into her one day, we struck up a conversation and then was going to part ways, then she asked, "You would not happen to be Annabelle Grace Ioannes Corinna, would you?" and I was like, "Oh my good God, that was so weird. How did you know me?" she took my hand, told me to trust her, and lead me to somewhere secluded. Oh great, I thought. I was going to be drugged like my dad warned me, but if I can fight out of it, no problem.

But, of course, I did not fight her. I did not even lay a single finger on her, because I did not need to. Jolyn had good intentions. She showed me documents that she and the organisation she worked for has procured up on me - not exactly the most creepy of information with everything accurate, but nevertheless good educated guesses. They heard about me, and with Nuclear War probably coming in, Jolyn asked me if I wanted to go to a distant faraway land that would protect me and my parents. No friends, though, she said. "Sorry, random lottery only picked you and your parents," she told me. I protested a little, making sure the others around did not hear us bickering, but I eventually came to my senses. I lamented leaving my home country, but when Fate chose me to hop onto Arca lui Noe, I might as well.

"As long as you promised to take my parents," I told her, which went surprisingly well. Woman of her own words, I like that! And that was how I got into Valentine Z, and also became Jolyn's friend a little. It's amazing how The Sixty seems to have a bit of a connection with each other like this.

- 2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Whitney Zoey Luminisa “Femeia Simțurilor Extraordinare” Claire Estevi Danielle Tricia Kate Carrie Kora Costiniu Frumoasa Emiliana Georgeta Melanie Ioannes Corinna

Nowadays, Annabelle is the Second Captain of the Valentian Armed Forces and the personnel, preferring to be on the frontlines half the time, while for the other half, she would stay at the back and provide them the much needed recon with her special sights and senses.

Annabelle functions both as an offensive and a defensive tank, though much more geared towards defensiveness. She has a short-range axe that hits enemies in a line. That is, while the front-line enemy suffers 100% damage, secondary targets behind her would take from 0.80x to 0.95x of the primary damage. She also has a confidence level, whereby with more damage dealt and from hitting others with her axe, she is able to further increase her damage output by 10%, with each increment from hitting each enemy, e.g. 4 enemies hit at once would provide 40% damage boost. These boosts stack up to 200%, and each stack lasts 8 seconds. When needed, Annabelle can unleash a fan of blades in a 360° angle, dealing 800 damage per target. This ability could launch up to 16 blades, for 16 targets. Defensively, Annabelle can also provide a Battle Sphere to a nearby ally, dispelling the abilities (both positive and negative) they have, while also providing the immunity to stun effects for the duration. Offensively, she can embue Judgment on either the enemy or an ally, dealing damage to enemies around them in an interval. That is, when casted on an ally, the enemies around the ally will take damage. When casted on an enemy, the enemies (enemy’s teammates) will take damage. Her ultimate is the Whirlwind, whereby Annabelle spins around with the axe for 6 seconds and deals devastating damage to enemies around her. Note that she slows down to 0.6x of the normal walking speed while casting Whirlwind.

Portrait of 2nd Cpt. Annabelle. Made using Sims 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Short-range axe that hits enemies in a line. Secondary enemies take from 80% to 95% of the primary damage, 4 m range.
Confidence Level (Passive): Increases damage dealt by 10% with each successful hit. Each increment lasts 8 sec. Stacks to 200%.
Fan of Blades: Unleashes 2-16 blades in a 360 degree angle, depends on number of targets (1 per target). 800 damage per blade.
Battle Sphere: Provides anti-stun shield to an ally. Dispels abilities casted on the ally, both positive and negative. Lasts 6 seconds.
Judgement: Embues an ally or an enemy with enchantments. Deals 150-600 damage to enemies every 3 sec in a 4.5 meter radius.
Whiriwind (Ultimate): Spins around with the axe for 6 secs. 800 damage per hit at 3 meter radius. -40% move speed while casting.

No. 35 - 3rd Cpt. Linus Maverick Winston Karmatha Merrick

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by Valentine Z
Name: 3rd Cpt. Linus Maverick Winston Nelson Esteban Drak Veer Hanuman “Mī Cheāwn̒” Stefan Sanda Claude Ecta. Yao-Yun Karmatha Nikki Dragoslav Darius Er. Leonidas Finn Davis P. Sy. Merrick
  • 650,84 centimeters (21 ft 4.24 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 244,68 centimeters (8 ft 0.33 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 183,72 centimeters (6 ft 0.33 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Thai

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Twin micro submachine guns with high rate of fire. Fires one bullet from each gun per shot. 60 m effective range.
Saving Grace (Passive): When Linus' health is below 10%, 4 s bullet time is given to kill an enemy. If successful, +1000 HP.
Bullet Time: Reduces damage taken from attacks by 50%, while giving a 40% chance to completely avoid an attack. 8 sec.
Painkillers: Heals 20% of the maximum HP, while also rendering Linus invincinble for 4 s. 1.2 sec channeling, interruptible.
The Matrix (Ultimate): Takes out a revolver for 6 sec and locks on enemies in line of sight. 100 - 6000 dmg, uninterruptible.

No. 36 - 4th Cpt. Hayes Trevon Leon Victor Gannon

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by Valentine Z
Name: 4th Cpt. Hayes Trevon Licht Leon Sergio Omarion Toch Meng Sangha Amelie “Itthipl Changveak” Strider Sotearith Tg. Kastovook Victor Harley Lucille Preston Holland Addison Vintar J. Gannon
  • 645,24 centimeters (21 ft 2.03 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 242,57 centimeters (7 ft 11.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 181,61 centimeters (5 ft 11.5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Cambodian

An inspiration using music alone, Hayes is that sort of person that you will see when you realise that your battlefield has a theme song, and it is not a theme song that was played just because you are in the game. In fact, Hayes would be right alongside you, playing some beats that would turn the tide of the battle in your favour, as well as giving you the buffs that would suit the situation.

Growing up in the streets of Cambodia, Hayes would live his life in somewhat of a poverty after leaving his orphanage. While he still had a roof under his head after living alone, the situation in Cambodia (along with a few of the other Southeast Asian nations) was such that there was a shortage of almost everything in terms of supplies due to the beginning of the Cold War at hand. Food and other necessities would arrive as much as days later than their intended dates, and this would result in many of the citizens, especially the children, starving out or suffering from malnutrition. Even the relatively well-off were suffering from the same problems as the common men, since after all, war is said to be a great equaliser and with money having less value than food and necessities, absolutely no one was immune from it.

This in turn means that non-necessities were in lesser demand and as a result of that, the items that were considered “wants” would become less pricey, even down to the point of being offered for free. After all, what use is a smartphone if electricity is becoming a rare occurrence, or that one needs food to fill their stomach? With that, Hayes, then around 20 years of age and ready to tackle the life outside of his orphanage, would get a mixture of turntables and other DJ-ing equipment, as well as a few other musical instruments that he believed would suit him. Hayes realised that while he is not a musical prodigy, he has an interest in making music, and he figured that this would be a good break for himself and his citizens (especially for the kids) to get away from the everyday poverty and divert their attention to something else entirely. Hayes would bring his people’s spirits up with music.

After a month or two of trying it out in his own home, he found his love for a mixture of jazz and electronic, and figured that he would try it out with his first ever audience, in his own neighbourhood. The problem began not with himself or with the people, but with the logistics that would be involved – due to the ongoing war, the electricity is unreliable at best, and unavailable for days at worst. Electric generators also fetched an extremely high value due to the demand for them, and thus, Hayes was out of luck with most of his equipment. He would need something that would be able to generate electricity, and possibly portable without needing a fuel like diesel. Saving and scavenging for parts, he has managed to create something that is akin to a gun, alongside enhancing his turntable - these would run on high-capacity capacitors that would be able to hold off a charge to run his equipment continuously for 15 hours. They are able to be charged through solar power, which in turn would prove to be a rather slow process, but not as slow as those solar panels on RL Earth; after all, Valentine Z’s Earth was pretty advanced in terms of tech during Cold War. The turntable would have built-in speakers for portability, while his soundwave gun would prove to be a deterrence in case of some mishap, though Hayes was not sure on what exactly he would be shooting if trouble comes.

After some more time has passed, Hayes was ready for real this time, being able to have enough charge in his equipment for 8 hours. After securing a place in some restaurant and with the permission of the owner, he would play it off, and he played and pulled it off very well. His mix of techno, combined with jazz and electronic genres, would prove to be a hit amongst the Cambodians, and they would continuously ask for an encore over and over after hearing his music. Hayes was delighted not just because of the popularity, but also because he realised that his music would lift up the energies of these people; he has never seen anything like this in a while amongst the populace and as a result, was pleased that it would work, after all.

Getting much more funds and gaining a positive reputation in the streets of Cambodia (which then expanded to cities, then to the entire country, then to other nations), Hayes would play his best songs to crowds numbering 10,000 to 100,000, even encouraging the audience to have a dance-off while he plays his music. Hayes is not in it for the popularity; rather, he is playing his songs to keep his people away from the horrors of war that they have absolutely no part in.

Much more time has passed, and it was time for a few of the Cambodians to be selected by the Valentians to preserve the human race. Hayes was one of them, but he absolutely refused to go and be saved by Project Resolute. He cited that he would gladly give and share the equipment that he has made, but under no circumstances he would abandon his people. After all the songs and dances, he has grown too attached to his countrymen and would rather die alongside them, he remarked. Having no choice but to respect the decision of the undeterred man, the Valentians picked the other Cambodians and set off, while Hayes would stay in his home, tinkering with his weapons and the turntable equipment.

At the “end” of the Cold War, Cambodia, just like the rest of the countries, were unfortunately nuked into oblivion, turning the place into an irradiated wasteland. The Valentians, while in their safe haven, would search and fan out the entire globe in order to search for survivors. When they came back to what was once Cambodia, they were perplexed to find out that Hayes was alive, though with dangerous amounts of radiation on him. After giving him anti-radiation medication and measures, the Valentians took him along with the rest of the survivors back to Project Resolute before terraforming. Upon waking up in a field hospital, Hayes acted in shock, lamenting the death of his people and his country while he wondered how he survived. It would turn out that recalling from his memory, Hayes was tinkering with his device, specifically the gun that he has created, and decided to charge and discharge all the capacitors to assess their health. Turns out, the nukes were blown up at that time, and the capacitors he was testing were overcharged and overblown. However, instead of short-circuiting his device, the gun induced and generated a massive soundwave that would repel most of the nuclear energy and radiation that would be heading his way. In other words, the gun provided a shield that mostly protected him from the disaster, similar to living in a not-too-sheltered nuclear bunker for a few days, judging by the amount of radiation in his body when the Valentians extracted him.

Being an optimist, Hayes then began to see things the Valentian way, and while he lamented at the loss of his friends and his countrymen for a while, he moved on, citing that the memories of their joy and happiness will always be in his head, never to be forgotten even if they were vaporised away by the nuclear fire. Nowadays, Hayes served the Valentian Army with a 4th Cpt. rank, and while not a frontman or an infantryman, he would use his near-magical musical skills to help his team.

Armed with an assortment of musical beats, as well as using his trusty sound gun, 4th Cpt. Hayes is a Support that has the right tunes for the right occasions. His weapon is a shockwave launcher that fires linear soundwaves at 1.5 shots per second. This pierces up to 3 targets in a line. Passively, he can wallride around the map in order to give him a better manoeuvrability advantage compared to the rest of his teammates and enemies. He has three songs that he would always carry with him – one that gives health regeneration, another that increases movement speed, and another that increases damage of the allies around him. The aura for all the songs has a 4 meter radius, and additionally, he can Amp It Up! so that they will have increased effects for 4 seconds. Additionally, he can crossfade between the songs effortlessly, not interfering with any of his abilities, save for his ultimate, which in turn provides a 6000 HP Sound Barrier to himself and allies in a 10 meter radius. This lasts for 5 seconds, that is, the shield will decay at 1200 HP / sec, faster if they are being attacked.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Shockwave launcher that fires linear soundwaves. Pierces up to 3 targets in line.
Crossfade: Switch between the 3 songs. Switching songs are effortless with no cooldown.
Wallride (Passive): Enables Hayes to skate and bounce around walls at increased speeds.
Amp It Up!: Increases the effects of the songs by 4 secs. Crossfade still works during this.
Song 1: Health-regenerating song that heals at 100 HP / second. Amp it up at 200 HP / sec.
Song 2: Increases movement speed by 20%. Amp it up’ll increase movement speed by 100%.
Song 3: Increases damage of the allies by 15%. Amp it up will increase allies’ dmg. by 50%.
Sound Barrier (Ultimate): + 6000 health to allies around in 10 meters AoE. Lasts 5 seconds.

No. 37 - Commander Michelle Karen Shirley G. Pavlina

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:13 am
by Valentine Z
Name: 1st Commander Michelle Karen Kassandra Zann Harley Iliana “Nezastavitelná Síla” Breya Angelina Jayne Valérie Vítková Breanna Shirley Geigen Deborah Beveline Tegan Evelyn Saniya Pavlína
  • 621,03 centimeters (20 ft 4.50 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 233.47 centimeters (7 ft 7.92 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 172.51 centimeters (5 ft 7.92 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Czech

An undercover agent working for the Eastern Hemisphere, Commander Michelle is the definition of "Justice, Law, and Order," having little sympathy (by Valentian standards) towards the wrongdoers. Still, one can rest easy knowing that Michelle is completely against torture to get information out of people.

Back in her espionage days, she was working under one Vice Foresittend Jolyn, who at that time was trying to gather more information about the Western Hemisphere, specifically the United States. She sent Michelle off on a long-term espionage mission, posing her as a police officer. It was her stay in New York that garnered her the reputation of a decent officer, though her use of force and non-lethally shooting people in the leg is something that was more than what people could ask for. She reminiscences her time in the police academy to be a rather meaningful one, even as going as far as to having close friendships with people there. Eventually, the jig was up, and her loyalty was tested when it was eventually time for her to apprehend and torment a few suspects, specifically the visitors from the Eastern Hemisphere. She refused to do the dirty work and as a result, she was apprehended on the grounds of suspicion as a sympathiser towards the opposing enemy.

However, that arrest did not seem to last that long, as Michelle was eventually let go of by the police office, due to the genuine friendships that were forged during the trainings together with them. This in turn means that Michelle simply did not have the heart to relay all the information she had gathered back to Jolyn, since that would weaken and cripple the very police officers that she had worked with. As a result, Michelle and Jolyn have a little falling out with one another, condemning her for the lack of potential loyalty. Though at a later point, she commended Michelle for beign compassionate with her actions, since her refusal to do the dirty work would suggest that.

"There are some things that I would not do, Jolyn. I am so sorry. I simply could not betray my new-found friends in the force."

Eventually, after a year or two, the two are slowly warming up with one another, with Jolyn letting go of the fact that even if she got the information she needed, it was an exercise in pointlessness, since the nukes wiped out most of the humanity in the end. It still leaves a dilemma for the both of them. On one hand, Michelle should be commended more for not betraying her newfound friends and warming up to the people that she has around her. On the other hand, whilst it was not a betrayal towards Jolyn, it potentially mean that Michelle is suspectible to the people around her, and ironically a policewoman with a Stockholm Syndrome, if that’s the implication.

Michelle is primarily an Offensive character, being able to take down her enemies with her trusty service revolver, with abilities obviously taken from Overwatch's McCree. Effective DPS of 570, along with higher DPS if with headshots, Michelle is rewarding to those that can utilise her gun’s pinpoint accuracy. Michelle is equipped with a stun grenade that can do rather a decent amount of damage to the affected enemies, as well as blinding them and robbing them of their sight and hearing for a few seconds. Michelle has a Combat Roll that not only thrusts Michelle forward to avoid damage, but also reloads her weapon. As a selfless Chief of Valentian Police for the people around her, Michelle dons an unlimited supply of shields that she can use for herself, as well as to protect her allies behind her back. The shields have 3000 HP and when thrown, it can deal 80% of its damage to the enemy within the 50 meter range. The Minimum / Maximum damage cap of the shield is 200 to 1800 HP; a pristine shield won't one-hit kill, and a nearly broken shield still has a chance to pummel someone. The shield, when struck, can also stun a target for 0.5 seconds. Michelle's Ultimate is the Electric Shield, which electrifies the shield that Michelle is currently holding. The electricity deals 20 damage per second to enemies 2 meters in front of Michelle, as well as boosting the shield's health by 100%, to 5000 HP. The Min-Max cap is also raised accordingly, i.e. 400 to 3600 damage, as well as dealing 40 damage per second to the struck enemy for 4 seconds, as well as slowing them down by 50%.

Portrait of Commander Michelle. Made using Sims 4.

Inspiration of Commander Michelle. Credit: GTA 5. Yes, that is totally based on her false name and her actual name. Hilarious in hindsight when she’s an actual head of police for Valentine Z.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Semi-automatic revolver, effective at ranges up to 70 meters; 70% damage falloff at 70-120 meters. Little to no spreading.
Combat Roll: Rolls in a given direction for a quick 0.5 second. Reloads the revolver whilst doing the roll. Still interruptible as usual.
Stun Grenade: 500-10 dmg to enemies in a 8 m AoE, jarring their vision & hearing for 4-0.5 sec. 3 second fuse that can be cooked.
Forward Shield: Michelle extends out a shield, covering most of herself, as well as protecting her allies behind. Shield has 3000 HP.
Shield Throw: Michelle flings her shield at a target, dealing damage that is 80% of the shield's health. Min/Max cap is 200-1800 HP.
Electrified Shield (Ultimate): Charges her current shield with electricity, boosting its health by 100%, dealing 20 / sec to 2 m in front.
Shield Throw (Electrified): Deals electricity damage (40 dmg. / s) to the target, as well as slowing them down by 50%, for 4 seconds.

No. 38 - 2nd Com. Carissa Beatrice Amanda Bonnie Natana

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by Valentine Z
Name: 2nd Commander Carissa Beatrice Amanda Sammi Astriella C. N. Dawn “Tere Toa” Schlechter Mavis Trina Arona Harriet Bonnie Zaira Adaline Eliana Sophia Diamond Isobel Rena Jolana Natana
  • 699,29 centimeters (22 ft 11.31 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 262,89 centimeters (8 ft 7.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 201,93 centimeters (6 ft 7.5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Maori

Known as the “femme fatale” of the Valentians, 2nd in Command Carissa is a woman of beauty, both inside and outside, as well as an expertise in Maori martial arts. She came from a rather simple village life, a humble woman that has little to no desire from the world that she lives in. However, with the nukes hitting the scene, she became one of the people that Valentijn chose in order to preserve the way and life of every single culture, and Carissa being a Maori satisfied that, along with a few of her fellow friends. Suffice to say that Carissa was a little mad at Valentijn for not saving all of her friends. Through the lengthy explanation from Valkyrie General Valentijn softened the blow, she begins to understand because after all, Valentijn is simply trying his best with whatever resources he had at that time.

Many years have passed since Earth has been terraformed, but Carissa kept her traditions alive. Along with the many books that she brought along with her, she along with her Maori friends shared their culture along with the others. Along the way, Carissa realised that she has a penchant for blades. That is, while she is as sane as ever not to use the knives and swords around other people, she would be found in her home alone, honing and practicing her skills. This was all up until the point where she was limited by her own human reflexes. With the Valentians developing and honing their own technologies further and further, prosthetics and enhanced external limbs became readily available, promising to increase the speed and strength of a person just by slipping them on, instead of the usual inconvenience of requiring surgery.

To keep up with the modern times, she dons herself a medium-range Uzi that she can use to fend herself decently well, though not exactly as a crowd control. Her strength and her power are at their fullest when she unleashes her twin blades, pinning down a target and striking at it with unfathomable speeds. She can also grapple onto the walls in order to get a better vantage point, as well as to escape from a heated fight. Carissa is not for crowd control, but rather to do tremendous point damage to a single target.

Along the way, she tends to have a few disagreements with Vice Foresittend Jolyn every now and then. While Jolyn is adamant on keeping it stealthy, Carissa usually prefers the loud method, to see the world around her go down in a blaze of chaos. With that said, at least both of them can agree that they both do not want unnecessary deaths and would rather knock out someone temporarily. Also known to lure people, both men and women alike, into being her friend, and taking every opportunity to incapacitate her enemy.

Carissa is an offense character, equipped with an Uzi that has a medium range, though at full-burst, it has a much shorter effective range. It has an effective DPS of 702, though it can be much higher if accounting for the headshots. If things get tougher, or when Carissa gets surrounded, she can simply grapple away by shooting a hook towards a ledge and launching towards that point, or at other times, she can simply suspend in the air for 8 seconds while shooting enemies at that state of suspension. To deal massive damage to a single enemy, Carissa can do a Hit-mark, i.e. to pin down an enemy and strike it at 1 hit per second, which eventually increased so much to 8 hits per seconds. Each interval has 2 seconds strike, and 1 second rest, for 3 intervals. If she needs other forms of retreat and damage, she can skid off in a single direction at high speeds, until a stop is prompted, or she hits a wall or an enemy; if she hits the latter, damage was dealt. Her ultimate are Dual-blades, which is similar to Hit-mark, except that it does slightly more damage, and there is no rest interval along the way. The blades last for 8 seconds.

Image to be added.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Medium-range Uzi. Decent amount of damage and a fast rate of fire, but at the expense of short 30 meters effective range.
Grapple: Shoots a hook towards a ledge, retracting towards it, launching Dawn along with it. Suspends her for 8 secs. Interruptible.
Hit-mark: Pins down an enemy and strikes it at 1 hit / s, increasing to 8 hits / s at 2nd sec. 150 dmg / strike for 2 sec with 1 sec rest.
Skid: Slides off in a direction at 15 m / s. until stop is prompted. 600 damage if Dawn strikes an enemy along the way. Interruptible.
Dual-blades (Ultimate): Unsheathes a pair of blades that deals 200 damage per strike. Rate of Fire is capped at 9 strikes / sec. 8 sec.

No. 39 - 3rd Com. Colleen Selina Heather Irene Tessa

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by Valentine Z
Name: 3rd Commander Colleen Selina Heather Lizzie Clarisse Andrina Leoni Verônica Leah Whitford “Pássaro de Fogo” Vale Zakiti Adelaida Codorniu Irene Alexandra Karina Domini. Zina He. V. Tessa
  • 628,35 centimeters (20 ft 7.38 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 236,22 centimeters (7 ft 9 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 175,26 centimeters (5 ft 9 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Portuguese

“If it moves, burn it.” That is the statement that Colleen always go with when it comes to getting rid of the enemies that she encounters. Colleen has always been described as a pyromaniac since young, and she took it as a compliment rather than an insult.

Ever since young at the age of 5, Colleen has always been fascinated by how fire works, specifically with the science behind it. It is also important to note that while she has an undying interest for fire, she is not an arsonist – she only believes in controlled fires and its majesty, rather than a chaotic one that has the potential to consume everything she loves. During her schooling years, the idea of controlled fires landed her a place in advanced chemistry and physics, showing a heightened interest in these subjects. Strangely enough, she never had any problems with the classmates and schoolmates around her, despite her rather geeky and exceedingly crazy nature. She was never picked on, and in fact was popular amongst a few of the people and groups. Even with the nickname, Colleen would never find herself harming anyone with her extensive knowledge of fires and improvised devices. The teachers and even the police would watch her slipping up and literally flaming someone, so much so that at one point, they suspected her of being a sleeper agent from the other side of the war. However, she never did it, and records have proved that she was indeed clean.

And with that, she graduated from her schools and moved on to find a job for herself. However, the dream of a normal job proved to be too difficult with the Cold War on-going and escalating. She joined the Portugal Army as a pyrotechnic expert, on one condition that she be allowed to fight with her own weapons and that she would be given full rein of the chemicals. The army was a little sceptical at first, but her skill and technique with a simple napalm-based flamethrower was rather impressive and indeed proved herself to be able to handle all the fire that the world can give to her.

She too was selected by Valentijn’s randomised list, and after a few days spent on tracking her down, Colleen acknowledged the fact that the world was going to burn with such intensity. With that, she agreed to go to Burma along with a few of her Portuguese friends that were picked up along the way, also on another condition that she would get the front seat for the nuclear explosions.

Despite the rather ruthless nature when it comes to dealing with enemies around her, Colleen is soft-hearted towards her friends and people that are close to her. She is well-reserved for most of the time, though it won’t take much for her to go onto a flaming rampage.

Colleen is a defensive character, equipped with a medium-range flamethrower that engulfs targets into flames and making them take fire damage over time. The flames can stack 10 times, that is, the initial DPS from fire is 15, but it can be amplified to 150 with continuous usage towards an enemy. Her years of expertise with fire has rendered her immune to her own weapons, as well as taking less damage from the enemy’s fire attacks. Her expertise is in Defence, whereby she was able to set up oil patches that make them take more damage from fire attacks, though it does make them move faster. Colleen can also shoot a napalm bomb that would deal a large initial damage, followed by a small health drain to the enemies that are caught in the blast radius. A fireball can also be thrown at a target, dealing absolute damage, and additional bonus damage if they are splashed with oil; this ability is uninterruptible. Her Ultimate is an Inferno, whereby Colleen shoots out a circular wave of flames that deals some initial damage, but its strength lies in the overtime damage the enemies take from the inextinguishable fires that last for 5 seconds.

Shot of 3rd Com. Colleen. Image Credit: Oxenfree, drawn by Pershun from DeviantArt. Unfortunately, I cannot trace back the animator.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Short-range flamethrower. Fire damage at 15 HP / second for 4 seconds. Flames stack up to 10 times max, at 150 HP / second.
Flaming Spirit (Passive): Immunity to Colleen's own fire-based weapons, as well as a 60 % damage reduction from enemy's fire attacks.
Napalm Bomb: 400 initial damage in a 5 meter radius. Additional 100 HP / sec for 5 seconds in the affected area. Flames last 5 seconds.
Oil Patch: Splashes oil on targets, making it take 200% additional damage from fire, but increases move sp. by 10%. 8 seconds duration.
Fireball: Shoots a fireball at a target, dealing 600 absolute damage. Extra 300 damage dealt with oil patch. The ability is uninterruptible.
Inferno (Ultimate): Shoots out a circular wave of flames, dealing 500 initial damage. Additional 300 HP / second damage dealt for 5 sec.

No. 40 - Lt. Com. Linda Valerie Scarlett Sandra

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by Valentine Z
Name: Lt. Com. Linda Valerie Scarlett Anne-Marie Annalise Mercedes Jasmine I. “Exagerar” Fatima Candela Serena María Barrueco Nazaret Rafaela Esperanza Yvonne Np. Sandra Nicole Manzanares
  • 614,83 centimeters (20 ft 2.06 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 231,14 centimeters (7 ft 7 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 170,18 centimeters (5 ft 7 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Spanish

Known to her Valentian friends as a woman that is a little loose in the head just like Valentijn himself, Lt. Commander Linda is elegant and formal for the most parts, and yet it only takes a bit to turn her into a manically laughing mess and effectively making her a loose cannon.

She was born to a royal family in Spain, in the Valentian universe where Spain was still a monarchy. Though, suffice to say that the royal family itself was not a boring and uneventful one, and instead were made out of an assortment of performers, stuntmen and stuntwomen, daredevils, the works. Effectively, the whole of the royalty was so pumped up for adrenaline and even was called borderline crazy by the whole of the Spanish populace. Still, despite their craziness, they ruled with utmost rationality when it comes to politics, and Linda quickly became the next in-line for the throne when his father literally went out with a bang – by doing one of his signature stunts whereby he would stand in front of a car rigged with explosives, so as to get a good shot of him. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he was a little too close to the car and was killed (not-so-immediately) by the blast. While the rest of Spain mourned the loss, Linda and the royal family took it as the way of life, and because all of them (even Linda’s father) knew that sooner or later, they would die from their outrageous stunts.

With her becoming the new queen, Linda ruled the nation by day, and during her off-days and night time, she would drive her APC around in rather crazy and jackass-levels of danger, and at one instance, trying to drove off a 40-meter high ramp and surviving it. She did manage to do it, though the suspension systems on the APC were more or less screwed. Instead of sending it off for a repair, Linda decided to fill it up with explosives, drove it off in a straight line, set the charges, then bailed out of the vehicle. The explosives went off and the APC blew up in a giant inferno, while Linda was more or less untouched. The Spanish citizens that witnessed the explosion were told to remark it as rather exciting, while others show concern that their leader was a little bit loose in the head, and this was even after several times and assurance that she is trustworthy when it comes to politics.

Fortunately for her, she was chosen as one of the citizens to be picked up by the Valentians in order to save the Spanish part of the humanity. Unfortunately for her, due to the conflicts of Cold War getting stronger at this point, and with the people relying on her, she could not go. Fortunately for her, however, she got a personal nuclear bunker for herself, which she promptly used when the nuclear missiles hit the scene. After all of that was done, she drove one of her many APCs towards the coordinates that was given to her by the Valentians, while picking up a few other survivors along the way. They reached Valentine Z on time, were promptly cleared and washed off of radiation, and the rest is history, with Linda becoming a Lieutenant Commander for the Valentian Armed Forces.

Linda is an unique character, being able to serve the both of the tank, as well as a defensive damage-dealer when she is ejected out of the APC. Her primary mode of attack and going around is her Armored Personnel Carrier fitted with twin machine guns, dealing effectively 320 DPS (more if headshots are counted). The machine guns take some time to rev up and fire at their full rate of fire, but when they do, they are more or less unstoppable. Linda's APC is also able to carry up to two allies, whereby the allies inside the APC will not receive any further damage from the outside elements (though their buffs and effects, both positive and negative, will remain for the duration), as well as healing them at 4% of their max. HP per second. Allies inside the APC will break line-of-sight with other fellow teammates or enemies, so additional healing effects, as well as damage modifiers, will not work on them. The APC has Turbo Boost and Cluster Rockets – with the former increasing the movement speed of the vehicle and dealing crushing damage to enemies that gets hit by the vehicle; the latteer launches 16 micro-rockets in a 5-meter radius, dealing 20 damage each (up to a maximum 320 damage). When the APC took too much damage, or when Linda activated the self-destruct button (dealing tremendous damage in a large radius, as long as the enemies are in direct line of fire), it will be destroyed, and Linda (along with the other allies inside) it will be auto-ejected out of it, and at this point, Linda will be armed with an auto-pistol with a rather large magazine to fend herself. When she has done enough damage, or whenever ready, Linda can call up another APC, whereby it will be dropped from the sky via a zeppelin. This deals 400 damage in 2 meter radius to enemies near the drop-off point. Alternatively, Linda can wait for 200% ult-charge in order to call-upon a Zeppelin while she is outside of the APC – the zeppelin drops bombs in a 16 meter AoE, at 1 bomb / second, and each bomb dealing 2000 damage each (effectively 16000 damage). The Zeppelin can be shot down, having 6000 HP, or will disappear after 8 seconds of bombing run is completed.

Portrait of Lt. Com. Linda. Made using Sims 4.

Inspiration for Lt. Com. Linda. Credit: Minions.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)
Tank5000 (APC) / 1800 (On-foot)100408320

Primary: Armored Personnel Carrier with twin machine guns (160 DPS per gun x 2). Decent range and rate of fire, but with slow initial ROF.
Capacity (Passive): Ability to carry up to 2 allies. Allies inside the APC will not receive any damage, as well as heal at 4 % max HP / second.
Auto-eject (Passive): Upon damage of the APC, Linda will eject out of the damaged vehicle. Linda herself has an auto pistol to fend herself.
Call-up (Passive): As a separate "Ult", Linda can call up another APC to drive around if meter is filled up. Airdrop deals 400 dmg in 2 m AoE.
Turbo Boost: Boosts up the APC from 16 km/h to a decent 50 km/h. Enemies along the way will take 800 crushing damage if getting hit by.
Cluster Rockets: Launches 16 micro-rockets in a 5-meter radius, dealing 20 dmg per micro-rocket. The rockets don't have a splash damage.
Self-Destruct (Ultimate): Sets the APC on fire, priming it to blow up 3 secs later. Deals 8000-400 dmg in a 25 m AoE. Grants new APC after.
Zeppelin (Ultimate): Drops bombs dealing 2000 damage each at 16 meter AoE. Rate of fire is 1 bomb / sec. Zeppelin has 6000 HP, lasts 8 s.

No. 41 - 1st Lt. Robert Calvin Stanley Lawerence

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by Valentine Z
Name: 1st Lt. Robert Calvin Osbaldo Patrick Stanley Bartev “Mt’ut’yuny” Atam Armen Dzovag Vanagan Gogbashian Jettison Edwin Hyman Granville Nathaniel Oswald Jackie Solomon Y. N. Lawerence
  • 648,61 centimeters (21 ft 3.36 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 243,84 centimeters (8 ft 0 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 182,88 centimeters (6 ft 0 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Armenian

Informally known as the Prince of Darkness, 1st Lieutenant Robert been a rather mysterious figure, having the power of the shadows and a degree of unholy beings to work for him.

His early life was rather uneventful, living the typical middle-class Armenian life before Cold War happened and dragged on. During the peacetimes, he signed up as a police officer for his home city, which he later rose up as a detective and doing more behind-the-table office work instead of patrolling the city. He has amassed himself a rather fearful reputation amongst the criminal underworld, and this was all thanks to his meticulousness when it comes to crime scene investigations, as well as proficient with a pistol as his sidearm in case things get a little too violent. However, with this fearsome reputation, comes the masterminds of the criminal underworld working together to foil him. So far, Robert had survived 48 such attempts to kill and ambush him, though most of this resulted in his friends and some distant relatives being killed in the crossfire. Angered but determined, Robert seek out to punish and arrest those responsible, working his way up crime family after crime family. Still, it was his ambition that proved to be his literal downfall, as in one firefight, Robert was overpowered by another group of criminals (who were suspiciously overpowered), and just like that, he was gunned down by no more than 500 bullets into his body. It turned out to be a syndicate ran and funded by the governments of the Western Hemisphere, determined to cause chaos and violence in Eastern Hemisphere nations to destabilise them. And as that happened, so were the nuclear missiles that followed.

Still, death was not the end for him. Robert ended up in Purgatory, but dragged further to Hell by the imps and Satan himself. The reasoning behind was that the beings of the underworld has seen his determination and persistence in hunting someone down, and they figured that Robert would make a good candidate to elimate another person – someone who was wreaking havoc in Hell itself: Field Marshal Jacob. With no other options available, Robert accepted the proposal and he was soon fitted with his own dark and evil minions to control and command, as well as a few soul-bending abilities to help him with the quest.

In some undisclosed time in Hell (the clocks of Hell and Earth ran rather differently), Robert and Jacob faced each other and they simply fought to the death, though it was still unknown on what exactly would happen to them if either one of them dies in Hell. After a lengthy battle, Jacob reigned victorious through sheer strength and violence, and escaped Hell, though not before giving Satan and the rest a hard time all-around. During Jacob’s escape from Hell, Robert followed him along, citing revenge for the pain that he has inflicted on him, and sworn to give him just the same amount of pain that Jacob has inflicted. However, in a surprising turn of events, Jacob talked Robert out of it and after all, Satan was a little short-sighted to give a failsafe to Robert (in the very case that the man turned against the devil in some righteous fury), and after all, Jacob could pull a few strings so that he would not have to go back to the depths of Hell to serve the Devil.

Still having control over the darkly minions, as well as the dark powers that he was infused with, Robert stepped forward to Valentine Z, swearing to maintain law and order for Valentijn, through death if necessary. Valentijn stated a degree of concern regarding that statement, though he was later assured that Robert would only use his powers when all forms of negotiation and peaceful manners were exhausted. And thus the police detective with the power of darkness to aid him, was born.

Robert is a defensive character, being able to dish out a stunning 600 DPS with his pistol that shoots out orbs of Void. Not only they dish out good damage, but they are also homing projectiles with no damage falloff, and is certainly overpowered for most situations. Though, he could not perform headshots with this weapon, since the orbs home in automatically at the middles of the body. He has two large tendrils coming out of his shoulder, whereby they can eat a soul to replish Robert’s health, as well as making the enemy unrevivable by Lead Ambassador Germaine. They can also do a tendril strike, which deals small initial damage when latching on the enemy, followed by slamming the enemy down and dealing significant damage. Other than that, the tendrils can simply latch onto the enemy’s head, draining their health rather quickly in the span of 5 seconds, though this is interruptible. Indirectly, Robert has a soul-drain ability, which shoots out an orb that rather than deals significant damage, does small amounts of damage per second, as long as the line-of-sight is kept between Robert and the enemy (they don’t have to look directly at each other; simply being in each other’s line of sight will do). Ultimately, Robert can unleash the powers of darkness at their full potential, amplifying his health and damage output by 100%, while also draining a large amount of health to enemies in a 4 meter radius. This lasts for 6 seconds, and it is uninterruptible.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Orbs of Void that is amassed and homed at an enemy. Projectile, homing and no damage falloff.
Soul-eater: Eats a soul, rendering the enemy unrevivable, though respawn timer remains. Heals 500 HP.
Soul-drain: Attaches an energy sap to the enemy, draining 50 HP per sec as long as line-of-sight is kept.
Tendril Strike: Shoots out a tendril at an enemy, dealing 200 initial damage, then slams it at 700 damage.
Tendril Bite: Shoots out a biting tendril at an enemy's head, dealing 300 HP / sec for 5 sec. Interruptible.
Darkness (Ultimate): +100% HP and +100% dmg to self. -200 HP / sec drain to enemies. Lasts for 6 secs.

No. 42 - 2nd Lt. Sylvie Peyton Amy Cx. Katrin

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:57 am
by Valentine Z
Name: 2nd Lt. Sylvie Peyton Amy Ximena Melanie Ying Kristina “Празнина” Rakocevic Sharrat-Sippar Zorana Bosiljka Đoko Jovana Acacia Katie Rosanna Marjorie Helen Nelly May Cxk. J. Lois Katrin
  • 372,45 centimeters (12 ft 2.63 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 140,02 centimeters (4 ft 7.13 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 79,06 centimeters (2 ft 7.13 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Serbian

A self-proclaimed citizen of Serbia, no one exactly knows where Sylvie comes from, or on what kind of species she is. For her typical appearance, she is a typical 14 year old girl, but with completely black eyes that actually has some faint stars inside of them.

Her origin is rather brief, with several questions left unanswered. She was born from another dimension simply called The Void, for the lack of a better name. Couple this with the fact that Sylvie is made out of dark energy, one of the more mysterious aspects of the universe itself. Again, she came into attention of the Valentians during the Cold War itself, whereby the Serbian government detained her for “anomalies that they cannot exactly account and explain in terms of science,” along with several recordings of her chanting in an unknown language. Upon being asked, Sylvie answered that she had underlings that she usually resides to and take comfort in, along with the fact that she attempted to sacrifice (i.e. disintegrate) several of her schoolmates to “Please The Void, and that they were bothering me!” but was quickly stopped simply because she was startled and shocked by the police’s special forces. No one was hurt on that day, thankfully.

Whether Sylvie is a by-product of The Void, or a manifestation of the dimension, is also up for debate. Sylvie currently does not seem to serve any old Gods or any overlords, which would imply that she might be the one pulling the strings of the dimension, or The Void itself. Currently living together with the Valentians in generally good terms, though her creepy nature, such as staring at someone for far too long, has made even the Valentians uncomfortable around her.

Is she a servant of The Void? Is she Void herself? Why did she come into this world? How many other possible Voids are present in the multiverses? We will not know, and Sylvie is not accepting questions of that nature.

Sylvie is classified as a support-character, though there's nothing stopping her from being on the offensive front. In fact, she is one of the only support characters that does not have healing abilities, and instead, her ability kit relies on intimidating and lowering the defences and resistances of the enemies around her. Her long-range void rifle is an unique entity, having a mind of its own that serves its master, Sylvie herself. The damage is rather small for starters, but it can build up with her Feeding passive ability that deals more damage (up to 2x) with consecutive shots from the rifle. Her enemies will automatically suffer from her unnerving gaze, taking more damage until they break LOS (line-of-sight) with her. On top of all that, Sylvie can disrupt the working of an enemy terrifyingly well, being able to nullify just like Jenny and Jolyn's hack ability, as well as being able to pacify her enemies into shooting with less efficiency. One of her ultimates, Negotiate, is simply the bigger version of Nullify and Pacify that can affect enemies in a radius instead of just on one target. If she is at the lesser odds, she can make a Death Pact for herself such that if Sylvie dies during this pact, she will be revived in a flat 5 seconds, which is not affected by Overtime or any other factors that affect respawn rate.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Long-range Void Rifle. High rate of fire, but the damage is rather small for start.
Feeding (Passive): +5% damage taken by enemies if shot with void. Stacks up to +100%.
Unnerving Gaze (Passive): +20% damage taken to an enemy within Sylvie's line-of-sight.
Nullify: Disables all abilities of a target. Lasts 5 seconds. 1.5 sec. cast time, interruptible.
Pacify: Reduces attack of a target by 80%. Lasts 4 seconds. 1 sec cast time, interruptible.
Negotiate (Ultimate): Nullifies and Pacifies all enemies in a 6 meter AoE. Lasts 4 seconds.
Death Pact (Ultimate): If Sylvie dies during the 1 min Pact, she will revive back within 5 s.

No. 43 - 3rd Lt. Leonard Clinton Van Der Linde

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by Valentine Z
Name: 3rd Lt. Leonard Clinton Tyrell Clement Danny “Meedoënlose” Yusef Stiaan Heinrich Christo Philippus Kores Jonathan Isabeau Zander Cronie Aitan Mattys Karl Fale Erco Winst. N. Van Der Linde
  • 655,37 centimeters (21 ft 6.02 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 246,38 centimeters (8 ft 1 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 185,42 centimeters (6 ft 1 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: South African

"I guess sometimes, the better part of your past should stay with you. Uit die nagmerrie, kom 'n droom."

Having seen his fair share of wars, including being involved in a few of them, 3rd Lt. Leonard was born 1978 in a small village East of Cape Town, Africa, during the time when the pre-Valentian Era was not exactly the best place for one to grow up in. Having its own internal problems with the Apartheid, on top of the then-looming Cold War that soon escalated on its own, Leonard unfortunately lived a rather gruelling life, constantly on the line. With a mother passed from natural causes when he was still relatively young, along with no siblings to take care or look out for, Leonard and his father looked out for each other, with the latter having to teach a young boy about the ways of close-quarters combat and gun practice (and safety). Leonard's father expressed regret and reluctance over having to teach his son about the ways of killing, but he feared that if Leonard did not lean to defend himself, he would not have a future. As a result, from as little as 6 years old, Leonard was taught basic self-defense and close-quarters, and only at 11-12 years old then he was finally taught how to handle a gun, with the reasoning that as much as someone needed to learn in the time of war, no kid should be handling a weapon.

As the years went by, he turned 19 without much of a problem. In-between these years, the town that he lived in had frequent skirmishes, but with countries focusing on other kinds of warfare, the South Africans did not exactly have much of in-fighting going on, with most of the aforementioned skirmishes due to the external threats. That one faithful day in 1997, the violence escalated much more than usual due to Cold War and Apartheid getting more hellish with each passing day. The bloodlust was seemingly endless, and by this year, around 1.3 billion people - both civilians and military personnel, have already passed. With no way out but to fight, Leonard and his aging father fought their way out of the town. The escape went well for a short while thanks to a small number of neighbors that have teamed up to help each other, but eventually, explosions and bombing runs did them in, with Leonard and his dad both suffering from moderate injuries from the shrapnel. With this, he collapsed on the ground, blinking out his final moments.

4 hours later, Leonard found himself conscious but still in a somewhat bearable amount of pain. He attempted to upright himself in a moving truck full of corpses (the clean-up crew thought that he was a dead weight), but a bump dropped and had him tumbling on a side of the dirt road, spending the next 10 minutes getting his wounds tended to. As he checked his bearings, Leonard found that he was in the middle of a desert - just a stretch of dirt roads with little to no vegetation in-between. Finding a small hut, he rested for a few hours before tasking himself with finding his lifesaver throughout his life - his father. Still, without even a map to go around, other than a distant roadsign here and there, on top of not having food and water as far as he could see, Leonard was a little taken aback by his odds of survival. Undaunted, however, he made his way with the help of the road signs, reaching a local town after 70 minutes of nonstop walking. Severely dehydrated, he collapsed on the ground once again, though this time the townsfolk at least checked his pulse and nursed him in. The townsfolk, as it turned out, was a local mercenary post consisting of fighters determined and sworn to help the South Africans as much as they can.

With no other way around, Leonard figured that he would join this group and do favors for them while searching for the whereabouts of his father - dead or alive. Hours become days, and days become weeks, weeks become months, and sooner or later, Leonard found himself belonging to these group of mercenaries, finding them surprisingly pleasurable to talk to, as well as teh camaraderie that were around. It also helped that he saw no sign of children running around with guns, or talk of this group doing anything deplorable other than having to force persistent intruders with a few bullet wounds. "Everyone has lost their families and friends. But here, we made a whole out of the parts." After more and more general positive reputation amongst his friends, it was time for Leonard to ask if he could go back to Cape Town, the place that he once used to be. "I don't care if it is bombed to oblivion, I need a disclosure." Borrowing one of the cars that the mercenaries have, Leonard made his way to Cape Town, then to his village. To no surprise, his village was bombed, his home torn to shreds just like the rest of the small place. However, but it would seem that the dead have been buried and put to rest, with graves that were dug long ago, it would seem. Additionally, he looked around where his home used to be, and found a small letter inside from an anonymous person.

Dear Leonard,
Unfortunately, the old gentleman succumbed to his wounds shortly after. We could not rush him to the hospital, and he told us not to save him but to write this down for you. "Be safe, my son," he said, "Hope I taught you everything you need to know to get around this world." That was sadly it. He wanted me to put this letter and his watch in this box. I hope this reaches you soon. I need to go quickly, we have only 8 hours before next bombing, and we need to bury these bodies.

With one part of his life ending with a closure, Leonard traveled back to his outpost and shared his news with his more sympathetic friends. For what it's worth, while he moaned the loss of his only family member to live with him throughout, Leonard was stoic about it, citing: "Well, goodness knows we won't last long on this hell."

As their activity went on normally and help protecting local communities, the external invasions were starting to get stronger and much more violent. At one point in 1998, Leonard and the people in the outpost (both mercenaries and whatever civilians that were left) were caught in a surprise attack that overwhelmed their perimeters, picking victims left and right. With no other choice but to retreat again, they loaded up the remaining survivors and hauled out of the town, with Leonard manning a LMG fixed on the truck to deter their attackers. However, as he was doing so, a stray bullet once again his left shoulder, followed by an explosion that toppled the truck and killed a good half of the people inside. He would, once again, let out his seemingly last breath.

3 hours later, he woke on a plane later, patched up, with the other survivors from the truck around him. As his vision and hearing were still blurry, he remarked that he faintly heard a young woman talking in the background, "I guess you have been luckier than ever," to which the other survivors thought that he was simply hallucinating. Eventually, they touched down safely in a place that would start it all - Burma. It was there that Leonard realised that he and his friends (and the other survivors) were picked up by these mysterious group of people to covertly save a handful of people as they can. While he would question why they could not save everyone or stop it altogether, he realised the limitations of their powers and abilities, and thus was simply grateful that he was chosen to be saved, along with his friends.

Nowadays, Leonard is a proud part of the active Sixty, serving as a 3rd Lieutenant that gives lectures to his subordinates about survival skills, as well as writing a biography about the war from his perspective.

From the days of old, Leonard knows that he is the person meant for Defensives, using his old-timey GPMG and his other abilities to provide the much needed defense that he has learned from. Other than the spraying methods, Leonard is also an expert in marksmanship, having a spring-loaded M1 Garand that he has modified with additional scopes. Being a commander, Leonard has the ability to Force March his subordinates and allies around him, increasing their movement speed by 100% if they are on foot; this lasts for 4 seconds. He also has an immediate on-site Art of Command, which increases the melee output of his allies by 200%, and this lasts for 10 seconds. In the defensive side again, Leonard has the ability to order his allies to dig a trench that has a 20% damage reduction for 20 seconds. As his signature ability, growing up with setting up perimeters and defenses, he has the ability to drop 5 oil barrels in designated spots, with each barrel dealing 1000 explosion damage in a 4 meter radius, with 300 fire damage per second in a 6 meter radius for 10 seconds.

Shot of 3rd Lt. Leonard (right) with one of his old-time friends. Source: Far Cry 2.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)
Defence2200100 / 850 / 15001020 / 0.3850 / 450

Primary: General-Purpose Machine Gun MG-42. Retrofitted to fire .30-06 Springfield rounds. High ROF, but inaccurate.
Secondary: Spring-loading M1 Garand. Hard hitting and accurate, but with slow rate of fire from manual loading mechanism.
Forced March: Increases the movement speed of all allies in a 10 meter AoE by 100 % for foot units. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Art of Command: Increases the damage output of all allies in a 10 meter AoE by 200 % for the melee units. Lasts 10 seconds.
Entrench: Forces Leonard and his allies in a 5 meter AoE to dig trenches. The trench lasts 20 sec. 20% damage reduction.
Firewall (Ultimate): Drops 5 oil barrels in a designed spot. Each barrel has 100 HP, and deals 1000 - 300 fire damage in 6 m AoE.

No. 44 - Chief Warrant Officer Joshua Kelly Allen Valench

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by Valentine Z
Name: Chief Warrant Officer Joshua Kelly Allen Valench Dimitri “Nguvu” Rashid Fanaka Darweshi H. Terv Kertarajasa Winstin Clayton Voshon Shawnee LeMaun Grady V U. Olwethu Nkokheli Mthobeni
  • 668,88 centimeters (21 ft 11.34 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 251,46 centimeters (8 ft 3 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 190,5 centimeters (6 ft 3 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Ugandan

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Heavy shockwave rifle that produces large sound waves. Knocks back enemies a distance of 6 m to 1 m in 10 meter range, 45-deg. cone.
Soundquake: Generates a shockwave in a circle, propagating 5 meters outwards with 300 damage to all enemies affected. Stuns for 1.5 seconds.
Barrier: Generates a 8 meter high cylindrical shield that has 8000 HP. The shield will break when the HP reaches 0, or it has lasted more than 8 s.
Induced Nausea: Targets an enemy with low frequency soundwaves, lasting 6 sec if meter is filled. Enemy moves 90% slower. Meter refills itself.
Power! (Ultimate): Increases the damage dealt by self by 100% for a duration of 8 seconds, while initially knocking enemies in 8 m AoE, 800 dmg.

No. 45 - 1st Warrant Officer Stanley Walton Orion Mako

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by Valentine Z
Name: 1st Warrant Officer Stanley Walton Orion Mako I “Patience” Donovanna Valery F. Annison Mikel Hiamovi Bayden Hakim Lawrence Wilkerson Levell Vance D. T. Sequoyah Degotoga Cheasequah
  • 621,59 centimeters (20 ft 4.72 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 233,68 centimeters (7 ft 8 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 172,72 centimeters (5 ft 8 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Cherokee

More information to be dis-assimilated at a later time.

Shot of 1st Warrant Officer Stanley.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Semi-automatic volley of energy orbs that travels in a straight line, and are projectiles. Does not have falloff damage.
Orb of Harmony: Attaches an energetic orb to an ally. +10% damage dealt and heals at 60 HP per sec. Requires Line-of-sight.
Orb of Discordance: Attaches a damaging orb to an enemy, increasing its dmg. taken by 50 %. Requires Line-of-sight to work.
Tranquility (Ultimate): 1500 HP per sec heal to an allies in a 4 meter radius. Stanley is invincible at this duration. Lasts for 6 s.
God-Hand (Ultimate): Amasses all the energy into his arms and delivers a straight punch. 4000 damage strike, holds for 5 sec.

No. 46 - 2nd Warrant Officer Adrian Deston Emile Immanuel Jo

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by Valentine Z
Name: 2nd Warrant Officer Adrian Deston Emile Immanuel Warren Jack “Шокер” Sammie L. Marston Josyp Oleksandr Mykola Leonid Henadij Eduard Mikhael Wr. Kostyantyn Volodymyrovych Dudnyk
  • 641,86 centimeters (21 ft 0.70 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 241,3 centimeters (7 ft 11 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 180,34 centimeters (5 ft 11 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality: Ukrainian

Born in the land of Ukraine during the Pre-Valentian Era, Adrian is a Valentian with a rather shocking personality attached to him, perhaps even literally. Calm and determined, he was in the middle of studying for his Masters in Electronics and Physics when he was called in to serve in the Ukrainian Army, in order to protect his own and his motherland, and ultimately part of the Eastern Hemisphere initiative. Behind the lines, he served as a Private for a few months, before being promoted to Sergeant, then to become a Warrant Officer. The superiors of Adrian saw potential in the man himself, citing that “Your electrical skills certainly would have a lot more use into our program,” in the letter that was handed out to him. With no way out, along with an added benefit of not dying on the front lines, Adrian decided to take up his duties as an electrician and maintenance head for a military base at Pripyat. He would quote this experience as “It doesn’t really matter if you are going to have a Masters at it; if you know that a short circuit can happen, you are qualified.”

After working at Pripyat for a year or two, he eventually got transferred to the inner sanctum and much more sensitive areas, even going as far as to not needing supervision of what he is doing for most of the time. Adrian simply did his job at the power plants and military bases around, and he did a fine job at it. One day, Adrian was tasked with fixing up the electrical grid of Lab X16, the one near the nuclear power plants that supply the entire region with electricity. He accepted the offer, while going as far as to promise not to leak out the state secrets, or to read anything that he might came across along the way. With the amount of trust mounting on him, Adrian did what he did best with the Lab to keep the power grid going. However, as luck would have it, he stumbled across a carelessly open room of one of the scientists, one that he was not supposed to go into. He was not intent on going in and was about to close the door, when he was suddenly held at gunpoint by a certain woman that was going after the same thing in that lab. After a short kerfuffle, the woman reigned victorious but she had other plans in mind: She introduced herself to Adrian and convinced him to work together with her, citing that "There's certainly something that they don't want you and me to know. Could be life and death, you see?"

With no other word, the spy woman left and got out of the lab, finding no useful information, or whatever she was going after. Adrian wanted to question her, but given the questionable and private nature of the lab, he decided to go with the spy woman that he have just met, though he made it a point to not tell anyone. After all, Adrian was never sure in whether or not she might kill him if he revealed that.

A few more weeks would pass, and Adrian got a mysterious letter from that special someone yet again. The letter read: "Best you get out of Pripyat, friend. Your place is going to explode. Love, Jolyn."

Using the day off as an excuse, Adrian quickly packed his belongings, told his family to wait for further instructions, and went to the meeting point that Jolyn designated in the letter. When they were alone and covert, Jolyn finally let out the truth: The fact that Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, from what has read, was not going to meltdown by accident. “Your people wanted to make sure and stop the usage of nuclear power. And they have rather… unconventional methods to try to make sure that people would not use that.” Unnerved but getting increasingly convinced, Adrian questioned Jolyn more and more, until he realised that the truth was right in front of him, in the form of papers that Jolyn has managed to snatch. Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown was an ill-planned measure by the Ukrainians to stop the usage of nuclear energy, and ultimately, the creation of nuclear weapons. Jolyn and Adrian was no longer enough to stop the entire horror show and as a result, they were forced to go back, through a series of train and plane networks, to Yangon, where Jolyn promised that safe haven awaits for Adrian and his family. The woman that once forced him at a gunpoint, is now friends with him, Adrian thought to himself. He would take this positively, to the point of thanking her personally and working together with Jolyn, and eventually joining The Sixty to save the world from further turmoil. Chernobyl Incident and the eventual Nuclear War might have scarred Adrian as just as many others, but at the end of the day, he is still a confident Warrant Officer, the promotion that he was waiting for since his Ukrainian Army days.

Adrian is a Defence character, using his knowledge of electricity to establish perimeters that would prove to be a shock and awe for many unfortunate enough to be fighting against him. His primary weapon is a semi-automatic crossbow that fires lead spears, which are slow-travelling, but they travel linearly and deals high-damage. As a secondary attachment, Adrian also can fire smaller electrified bolts that travels faster than the lead spears, deals lesser damage, but stuns the target for a bonus attack. Adrian has two types of trip bolts to help him out with a defence situation – trip bolts that electrocutes enemies when tripped upon, along with an incinerating bolt that ignites an enemy with fires that last for 5 seconds. In the event that Adrian needs to escape, or to get a far-reaching enemy, Adrian can grapple and hook an enemy towards him, only to bash the target with 700 damage for 1 second stun following after. Ultimately, Adrian can fire a capacitor in a 5-meter area, unleashing formidable damage over 10 seconds. The damage is multiplied by 2.00 when the capacitor is in a water.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)
Defence240020 / 10700 / 50021400 / 1000

Primary: Semi-automatic crossbow that fires lead spears. Slow-travelling, but linear and high-damage dealers. Damage fall-off of 50 % at 100 m.
Secondary: Semi-automatic attachment that fires electrified bolts. Slightly faster, lower base damage, and stuns for 1.5 seconds. Does not stack.
Trip Bolt: Reloads all the bolts in the magazine with trip wires. Electrified line wires last indefinitely, has 50 HP, & deals 600 one-time shock dmg.
Incinerating Bolt: Reloads all the bolts in the magazine into fire bolts. Ignites an enemy, dealing 200 impact damage, 1200 damage over 5 seconds.
Grappler: Fires a grappling hook at an enemy (50 dmg), dragging it towards Adrian, who then melees and stuns the enemy for 700 damage & 1 s.
System Shock (Ultimate): Lobs a Supercharged Capacitor in a 2.5 m area, deals 800 damage / 0.7 sec for 10 sec. 200% damage when in water.

No. 47 - 3rd Warrant Officer Celine Amelia Pinky

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by Valentine Z
Name: 3rd Warrant Officer Celine Amelia Pinky Felicia Florence “Nezaustavljiva Duša” Katarina Mirjam Tihan Elle O. Laura Marina Nevenka Veronika Dora Hana Anastazija Rosie Sarat. Ruža Magovac
  • 616,52 centimeters (20 ft 2.73 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 231,78 centimeters (7 ft 7.25 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 170,82 centimeters (5 ft 7.25 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Croatian

A postgraduate mastered in Psychology and Biology from Croatia, 3rd Warrant Officer Celine is a woman with supernatural gifts, quite literally. After a series of seemingly unfortunate accidents that befell her, and realising that she has the ability to be in full control of her afterlife, Celine has gained an even bigger perspective on the life around her.

Born and raised in Croatia, she was an ordinary woman just doing her job and excelling at school. Her life in the university was nothing noteworthy, and she was a slightly above student, not having the desire to become a valedictorian or anything of that sort. In fact, she loathes the idea of people recognising her too much, or herself gaining too much popularity. She has a fair share of friends, but she never got close to any of the people around her to form a clique and thus would spend most of her time alone. The people around her, in turn, described her as “While not being anti-social, it must be said that Celine is someone that would usually wander around in a garden, given her nature.”

Post-graduation, Celine began working for various companies as a biologist, offering her expertise to earn enough to get by, and her payment was more or less decent. Her work life has been more or less eventful for 8 years, until she was called for an emergency meeting from an unknown source. Her boss and manager had transferred her to another facility to act as a psychiatrist for the people stationed there, though with one strange detail: Instead of being transferred as described, official paperwork and front would say that Celine was let go due to unforeseen circumstances. Celine accepted it anyway, and soon travelled by ship to her new workplace – which was none other than an archaeological site in the freezing fields of Greenland.

It was at this point that Celine wondered on what she has gotten herself into. It turns out that the organisation that hired Celine was in turn trying to scale and survey Greenland to check its hospitality towards survivors. That is, much like General Valentijn’s project, they too were trying to build a bunker (along with a research facility) for the apocalypse. However, the repopulation project was temporarily halted once they found out that there was something of possible historical value on the site, prompting the science and archaeological team of the company to reside here as well.

For this part, it has been going well for Celine. The calls and requests for help ranged from insomnia, to dread or fear that was attributed to working underground and way from civilization for prolonged periods of time. However, as time passes on, things were getting more desperate. Patients that were admitted in were getting increasingly aggressive, and at one point tried to threaten Celine with a knife. The patient was quickly subdued, but not long before Celine got a slash on her wrist, fortunately barely missing her major arteries and veins. At this point, Celine showed some outrage, and requested that she be let out of here. However, the truth has finally settled and dawned in on Celine; there was a reason for her being written off as “fired”.

The facility was a secret site, along with the organisation and its staff. It initially tried to get some space for a fallout shelter, that much was sure. However, as they were digging around, they found something extraordinary, and something out of line. An ancient artefact was found, and with it, came an uncontrollable power. It was this force that hit the people with much dread and sinister and in turn, was the main catalyst that attacked Celine. The loneliness and emptiness of people, amplified by the artefact. Perhaps at this point, Celine finally realised what loneliness feels like, and for the first time, she would feel better with more people around her.

However, that was not meant to last. As she was given a side task of moving the findings around, she managed to pick up the artefact and curious, inspected it from top to bottom. At the same time, a security guard came into the room and already at the end of his wit as well, quickly drew his gun and fired a shot at Celine’s head. The later account would show that the artefact, for that brief moment, made Celine a monster to those people around her, and the guard, not knowing better, shot her as a result of the illusion.

The situation in the mines and the underground facilities deteriorated. More and more people either killed each other, suicided, or were simply lost, never to come back. After 95 days of operation, the branch was dead, and the place became forgotten and lost to time, with the Valentians not knowing about the place before terraforming (and thus demolished effectively). However, for all this time, Celine was watching; Celine watched the people go crazy, and she could not do anything about it. Additionally, she has watched the world on fire, and also has managed to watch the terraforming happening and bringing life back to the place. It was at this point that she set herself free and explored around the world, being able to turn back into a materialised person she once was when she had enough energy. With this, she eventually met Valentijn, in ghost form. The latter was understandably shocked by the presence of a ghost. However, Celine has good intentions - she was not vengeful about her workplace being destroyed; rather, she was thankful for setting her free, and that she would like to be friends with the Valentians. She was quickly accepted into the ranks of Valentine Z, and would soon become a psychiatrist turned ghost that can not only heal her friends, but also damage and frighten those people that might have wronged the Valentians along the way.

Celine is a Support character, being able to summon Ethereal entities and streams to home in on an enemy, which in turn locks onto the nearest enemy to the reticule, as well as having a 20 meters max. range. These spirits don’t do much damage at 266 DPS at 2 spirits per second, but they do stack up over time. Celine also has a small Howl of Terror, which increases damage taken by enemies from 5% to 50%, with the roar having a maximum range of 10 meters, and these spread in an expanding sphere with lessening effect over the distance. She can also summon another spirit to aid her, with the said spirit possessing the enemy and dealing up to 18% of its maximum HP for 6 seconds, along with -10% attack and movement speed. However, Celine is not primarily meant for damage-dealing. For instance, she has the ability to summon Healing Spirit(s) that surrounds and heals a nearby ally at 80 HP / spirit, with 15 spirits. The spirits will stay around the ally for 10 seconds and will only heal when more than 80 damage is taken. Defensively, Celine can switch forms between her human form and her ghostly form. The ghostly form grants the ability to fly, but the Human form grants 700 HP and 40% extra damage. Ultimately, Celine can let out an ear-piercing scream that while it’s short-ranged compared to Howl of Terror, it increases the damage taken by enemies in the 7-meter radius equally, from 1000% at the 0th to 3rd second, then to 0% after the 3rd second at a decay rate of 400% / second).

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Ethereal stream that homes in on an enemy. 20 meters max range. Automatically locks into the nearest enemy aimed by the reticule.
Howl of Terror: Increases damage taken by enemies by 50% - 5%. The roar's maximum range is 10 meters, spread in an expanding sphere.
Healing Spirit: Surrounds an ally with the spirits that transfers energy to the ally. 80 HP / spirit, with max. 15 spirits. They will not overheal.
Possession: Have a spirit possess an enemy for 6 seconds. Enemy suffers 3% HP loss per second, along with -10% attack and move speed.
Form Switch: Turns into a human, or back into a spirit. Human form grants +700 HP and 40% extra damage, but loses the ability to free fly.
Pure Terror (Ultimate): Weakens all enemies in a 7 meter AoE. +1000% damage taken initially, then slow decay back to +0% at 3rd second.