"the War" in YN.

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"the War" in YN.

Postby Naxera » Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:58 am

Mention the War or wars that have had an important impact in your Nation.

In my case it was Gònava war.

On one hand is seen as a Glorious Victory, as it has been seen, as war won against all odds and it cohesioned the Naxeran society independently of racial and social differences it is considered the most dramatic event on our history and on the other hand is a national trauma, it's human and economic costs were simply enormous and literally struck each naxerran family. We increased our land surface by 300%. Almost all our male population from 16 to 45 was mobilized.

The other wars We fought are the Independence War which was fought in 1953 (lasting 10 days) and the two short civil wars with the defeat of communists by the democrats 1983 in 1989 which were relatively short and bloodless war with less than 200 naxeran casualties and 500 Lololian casualities and of the civils wars the bloodiest one lasted for 40 days and amounted for less of 1500 fatalities between both sides.

La Gònava war fought for the Control of La Gònava region lowlands, a semiarid disputed border region thought to be oil rich at the time (it was not), covered by woods, marshes and grassland, sparsely populated and with little road or rail density. Between us and Lololia again (it was our third armed clash: 1st 1974 and 2nd 1985) from 1998-2002.Which was lenghty, bloody, expensive (it cost us the 20% of our GDP and our public debt reached the 175% of our GDP) and it had been nicknamed the Thirst war. We suffered between 30000 to 50000 fatalities (depending on the source) but the official numbers are 33297, 25809 sick and wounded, 3747 MIA and 2511 Pows. for a population then of 1749450 inhabitants and Lololia between 60000 and 80000 fatalities, 6600 MIA, over 44000 wounded and sick more than 21000 Pows they were then about 4500000 inhabitants. We mobilized 150000 troops, considering our that our prewar army was 8000+4500 reserves and our actual figures are 15000 and 8000 reservists, while lololia mobilized 250000 they (currently our intelligence estimates lololian successors forces 35000 actives + 30000 reserves) proved unable to field at any time more than 100000 at a time.
Our little Airforce and Navy proved capable of standing despite of Lololian numerical and material superiority and at the same time were a key factor during the war last campaigns as We obtained local air superiority and supremacy at sea.
WA Forced a ceasefire and imposed a ceasefire line that gives us 18321 square kilometers from the Region. While the remaining 3rd is still in Lololian successor states hands. Our Population is now 2259900 inhabitants.and we tripled our GDP per capita since the war start.
Our economy is expanding but We still carry the weight of the great debt incurred during the war.

After the War there were two sporadic clashes in 2008 and 2015 that added 100 naxeran and 300 Lololian and West Franian casualities to the death toll. Both sides are in a sort of local arms race since 2012.
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Postby Liberimery » Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:47 am

(Couldn't help but point out

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Grand Unity of the Righteous Nation Cele
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Postby Grand Unity of the Righteous Nation Cele » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:15 am

The Ten-Year Revolution that made our grand nation. It was instigated by the person known today as the Grand Monarch in 1974 to destroy the oppressive and exploitative goverment originally put in power by the Spanish Empire and restore the traditional monarchy.

The Revolution was supposed to be short and succedeed in destroying the standing goverment surprisingly quickly, but that did not stop the military from waging a guerilla war, presumably to kill off the native Celeans and seizing power for themselves. As the ten-year war went on, the military became more and more fragmented, with some units defecting to the Grand Monarch and the others digging bunkers for the only effective weapons they had left: artillery.

Overall, the Revolution destroyed most of the infrastructure on our island and killed almost an entire generation of people, with the estimated death toll being over 10 million.
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Cartel De Medellin
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Postby Cartel De Medellin » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:19 am

Th war against Los Pepes and the remnants of the good guys in the Colombian government in 1992-93 .

This war proved to be so costly and violent that the Colombian nation collapsed.

The president was assassinated . About 7000 police were killed and 5200 special forces were hunted.

The cartel also lost 2000 men . But that's nothing .

12000 civilians died btw
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The Monza Isles
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Postby The Monza Isles » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:21 am

The War of 1960. Otherwise known as the War of Origin. Basically my nation's first leader found the islands the nation rests on and made war on the native inhabitants, killing a lot, enslaving the rest. After that was the War for Silver Independence, where the newly formed nation had to defend itself from the nation we had ceded from. Winning both wars made Emperor Charles very popular.
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Postby True Alimeria » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:22 am

Alimerian Civil War

Government Forces (Alimeria) vs. Confederate Insurgents (Confederate Alimerian States)

impact: 50% of population died
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Postby The neo glactic empire » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:26 am

The imperial teodorian war
Was fought by the empire and the communist nation of teodorias

40% of civilians dead
Debt increases by 200%
Economy was hit alot but teodorias was forced to pay the debt as the empire won the war
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Postby Mangahhan Super Region » Thu Nov 01, 2018 6:58 pm

The Most devastating war in MSR's History is the Magramvelna War, or simply known as Pirozhkova Coup d'etat.
It was a plan to overthrow the President, Vince Nami Nicole Pagranalan and his political party, People's Victory Movement from his position, they used violence against the civil resistance against the National Military Front Party, a military opposition defined by the Armed forces of MSR as an impostor and traitors.

On January 23, 2018. Protestors during a Mass Rally at Tanjong Lumwagan plaza was attacked by Pro-Opposition tanks, shooting anyone and many protestors were crushed when tanks rammed onto them. More than 2,836 were killed and injuring more than 3,000~ people.
The next day, more than 2,200 opposition troops attacked Mariagrad, the Country's Business capital. They bombed a lot of infrastracture including roads, railway stations and offices. more than 3,000 people were killed.

The aftermath of the 1 week war, 21,645 were killed, all of them almost are civillians, the war devastated the capital region of MSR, at least 98 billion USD worth of Investments were halted due to the situation in the country.

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Postby One Chuck Norris » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:11 pm

It depends on who or what is involved. If you meant the most impactful war to personally involve Chuck Norris, it'd be the Roundhouse Redemption War, which started after an American told him that roundhouse kicks aren't the best ways to defeat enemies. If you meant the most impactful war to involve the Chuck Norris Territory, it'd be the war with the long-extinguished "Nazi" "Qing" "Empire," which had the audacity to attempt wiping out any non-Chinese inhabitants with nuclear weapons.
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Postby Gandoor » Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:52 am

The Gandoor Civil War, which lasted from 1953 until 1957. While the casualties of the war were relatively low (a total of 35,000 casualties combined, including civilian injuries and deaths) and Gandoor remained unified as one nation, the war resulted in the crashing of several markets in our nation and the beginning of the post-war economic crisis, which saw unemployment reaching a high of nearly 20%, price increases, and inflation. The post-war economic crisis would officially last until 1972, although Gandoor's economy wouldn't reach pre-civil war levels until 1985.
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Postby TURTLESHROOM II » Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:52 pm

Until 2015 AD, when someone simply said "the war", everyone immediately knew it was referring to the Dark Harvest Wars, in which TurtleShroom was invaded by Future Tech alien forces, which they managed to force into a stalemate before surrendering (having still lost, obviously), on favorable terms.

Beginning at the end of the aforementioned year, the TurtleShroom Civil War began and, over a million deaths later, has left scars on the country that may never fully heal.
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Postby Hamidiye » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:03 am

Ok, this got out of hand and my fingers ran away... story can be found in my factbook, which is here.
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Postby Hokaida » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:55 am

The biggest war in term of impact in Hokaida ? The Conquest of Yamaro, around 1125 A.D. About 30% of the Hokaidian population died within those 15 years of war with the Kingdom of Yomigo, the Principality of Tanakaro and the Empire of Kyonshira. The results were the ever largest expansion of the Empire, a religious schisme, the ban on human sacrifice. It was also the first time the Emperor of Hokaida (Yamada Kuna) married multiple spouses (Yukari of Yomigo and Chiie of Tanakaro, the royal family of the Empire were executed).

Nowadays, it is the most represented war in fiction, and a set of "Hokaidian Army" is one of the most popular gif for children.

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Postby Martian Soviet Communes » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:57 pm

Two wars:

The ExoCorp War, when ExoCorp sought to take over Hammer (before the other colonies were established). ExoCorp landed a ship full of mercenaries, but they were driven back from the domes by a horde of armed drones. Two days later, their oxygen began to run out, and the mercenaries turned on each other. A few survivors were eventually integrated into the colony.

The New Sparta War. New Sparta was a colony established by a pack of white supremacists from Earth. They raided the colony of DeLeon, resulting in a series of skirmishes. Eventually, they directly attacked one of the domes. In retaliation, Red Martian shuttles bombed New Sparta, targeting their own life support systems.

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Postby Destructive Government Economic System » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:59 pm

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Postby Great Celestial China » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:04 pm

A 12 civilization, according to this index.
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Postby The Great Imperator Jeffrey » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:07 pm

There are constant wars going on at our frontiers with xeno scum. They happen so constantly that we just combine them into one big war, that we just call the "Frontier War."
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Postby Karosha » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:11 pm

Both the War for Independence and World War Two.

The War for Independence resulted in the founding of the first Karoshan state, the Kingdom of Krakoduă, which laid a line of Karoshan states to follow; Krakozhia and Karosha.

World War Two lead to Karosha's liberation from Iron Guard Romania and its liberation by the USSR, becoming the State of Krakozhia. However, because of the "Crack" in its name, which was specifically put in to taunt Romania and Serbia, it became Karosha after a national referendum to heal wounds.
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Postby Philjia » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:39 pm

Two wars in particular stand out in Philjia's mostly peaceful history. The first was the Philjian civil war, which occurred between 1263 and 1265, in which Simon, Duke of Blanchland, challenged the oppressive rule of his brother, King Stephen II. Simon defeated Stephen, and upon ascending the throne created the first Philjian parliament, the first step towards the nation's modern representative democracy.

The second defining conflict occurred much more recently, from 1945 to 1947. The neighbouring nations of the Republic of Eisenbaum and the Kingdom of Adamas had been locked in a bloody war for four years. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced, with many refugees seeking safety in Philjia. With no end in sight and Philjian facilitated peace talks breaking down, the Philjian government called a national referendum on the issue of military intervention. The majority displayed preference for simultaneous military action against both nations. The Philjian army swept into Eisenbaum and Adamas, and defeated both of it's opponents in quick succession after one and a half years of fighting. There has been much debate over the morality of the intervention, and the Philjian lives lost as a result, although most are of the opinion that the suffering caused Eisenbaum and Adamas before and during the war justified it.
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Postby Rainengrad » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:57 pm

We have had a hand on some wars, but the only one to be fought inside our country was the Niemeyer Conflict, which started around Year 424. It's a long story, and not a proper war either.

There were presidential elections on years 420 and 424. Primary candidates were Robert Harling of the Prosperous Rainengrad Coalition, CEO of Harling Enterprises and renowned businessman, and Wiffen Niemeyer of the Progress Union, a very charismatic woman with the Rainengradians, though not charismatic enough to win the elections of 420. Harling took the wheel of the country, which was very prosperous indeed, thanks to previous administrations. He would use the country's funds as his own to boost the revenue of his corporation, which made the Rainengradian Federation lose a few ranks on economy lists of the Avalonian continent. Meanwhile, Wiffen would keep growing in popularity, what with her being against the guy who was messing up big time. She would reach a sudden peak on her popularity growth rate on year 423, where Harling, a dirty player if there was one, tried to blackmail Niemeyer into an early retirement (she is on her 30s) with threats of exposing her biggest secret: a romantic relationship with a scientist her age, a female scientist. She would turn the tides around by exposing it herself on a TV show where she was being interviewed. Being a socially progressive country, Rainengrad soon fell in love with her, though Harling was pissed and started considering violent means of keeping himself in the power for another four years, not done screwing with the economy yet.

Wiffen would have to be defended from attacks directed at her life by a new Chief of Security with a lot of experience: her older brother Alistaire. He would keep her alive until the end of the elections, for a healthy wage. Unfortunately, Harling would resort to rigging the next elections on year 424, achieving his goal and outraging the Niemeyers. Alistaire in particular would put himself on a dangerous situation that afternoon by going out without his usual escort. Rainengradian Intelligence agents would attack his car on a high-speed car chase in the middle of the highway, before ramming it into flying off a bridge and sinking itself on the river. Alistaire would survive and escape the assassination attempt with various injuries, thanks to the car window being open, but would start from there on to make all previous help to his sister free, then wage a full-blown civil war as a disproportionate personal vendetta, using his strategic skills and the widely spread disapproval of Harling's corruption, and presenting all previous attacks suffered by his sister, plus the one on his own life, as his casus belli.

Alistaire Niemeyer would go on to start engineering and ordering the particularly vicious murders of various Harling supporters and prime shareholders of Harling Enterprises to slowly become a major shareholder himself and to weaken his rule, preparing himself for the final act while making Harling's most trusted advisors, friends and allies slowly die or perform face-heel turns, one by one. He hired professional assassins, mercenaries and sought the help of neighbouring countries that would benefit from the rise of another president. It all culminated on a nation-wide coup d' etat on December 424, starting with the Battle of Franaberline. The Air Force, two mecha squadrons, a mecha squadron from the Ibernalian Empire, plus various mercenaries and militiamen, some of them armed with their own tanks, suddenly switched IFF codes to Ibernalian ones at 21:00, intent on taking over the national capital, Franaberline. The surprise factor and the fragmentation of the armed forces (Rainengrad not having a serious Navy and their Army being divided over Harling's administration) allowed Alistaire Niemeyer, prime commander of the operation, to overwhelm the loyalists with extreme violence and prejudice, with jet fighters exchanging missiles over the downtown district and giant metallic men mangling each other to pieces with 100mm automatic-fire machine guns. Harling was forced to flee, the Niemeyerists not being able to catch and lynch him. However, as he could not be allowed to escape alive, Niemeyer had AA batteries wait for his airplane's passing over neighbouring countries, and his private jet would be downed over the contaminated skies of Ibernal, killing him, his personal guard detail and his spoilt daughter.

Wiffen Niemeyer would go on to win the elections held days later, which were surprisingly clean, and assume the presidence of Rainengrad just in time for the start of Year 425. Alistaire would not intervene further after accomplishing his goal of avenging the fracture of his left arm, while Wiffen would distance herself from her cruel brother's actions, appointing him as Director of Rainengradian Intelligence and leaving him be, publicly voicing her disapproval for the carnage the Battle of Franaberline was and the wide collateral damage caused by it, but never revealing the man responsible as part of her own circle and letting wild mass guesses take over the nation. Today, year 426, she is on her second year of rebuilding her nation with success and cracking down on corruption, while Harling Enterprises dissolves itself due to bankruptcy and merges with the Bapiran Sysat conglomerate, whose major shareholder is... you guessed it, a certain Mr. Niemeyer.

TL;DRs skip. The message of this particular story is: You do not fuck with a Niemeyer. You just don't.
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Postby Cosmopolitan borovan » Sun Nov 04, 2018 8:09 pm

The war was when an imperial monarch was invading neighboring countries in the east and tried to invade the nation. They almost took control but in the battle in city of Algaea the soldiers enemy were starved and cornered. It didn't help that the cold terrain and mountains that they had to climb were tumultuous

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Postby Zeganas » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:39 pm

458-462 (modern tech) was a period of civil war in Zeganas (current year is 518). This civil war changed a lot in Zeganas. After it was over, there was a big government push to rebuild the infrastructure across the United Republics and this created many jobs. The United Republics developed rapidly through the second half of the 5th century and research jobs became widespread, advancing Zeganas to a PMT society.
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Postby Cult of the Black Beast » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:09 pm

This came to mind after reading the OP.

As the strongest presence of the Cult of the Black Beast is located in the Argustrian Tollerwald, I will mostly be covering Argustrian covens of the Cult of the Black Beast. Given that the Cult of the Black Beast operates more like a culture than a nation in a traditional sense, a number of aspects here are drawn from local flavors, as the members of the cult draw from native populations, especially the disenfranchised.

For Argustrian Black Beast covens, "the war" is several which left scars on Argustria, as well as a number of ongoing wars. A lot of these wars are also important to the general history of the Wartorn Realms setting.

Historical wars that left strong impressions include the Cult of War's pillage of the Clavin-Ra Sultanate in the 14th Era, which left the gnolls without a homeland. While this war happened in a foreign land far from Argustrian soil, Argustria, being a territory of Caligolus, had to supply troops, particularly since Argustria is a land military powerhouse of the Holy Empire. These troops, armed with muskets and cannons, served as the border guard along the edge where Albernadria meets the Topal-Ji desert to the South, along an important trade route to the far East, a trade route which brings the Holy Empire of Caligolus their precious imports of silk, spices, and opium. The border guard was informed they'd be facing only a few stragglers and skirmishers from the siege of Clavin-Ra. Instead the Argustrian troops were assaulted by massive waves of troops appearing from behind the border, as the Cult of War troops had burrowed a network of secret tunnels underneath the border guard outposts, and hide their true numbers underground. The border guard were outnumbered 200:1, and ambushed. Out of the 2,000 troops Argustria had sent to serve as the border guard, only 7 actually returned home, years after the fact, badly wounded and malnourished, having been left for dead by Caligolus. This fueled tensions between Argustria and Caligolus. There were 2,000 Argustrian troops, and 400,000 Cult of War cultist grunts and warriors. It may have been hundreds of thousands of years ago, but it left an impression on all Argustrians, including those in Argustrian Black Beast covens.

Two more important historical wars include the two Troll Wars of the 12th and 15th Eras. Though these wars were more important for the dwarves of the Ragged Peaks, over 50 million Argustrians served on the front lines, in both wars, for the Holy Empire of Caligolus, against the trolls of Iron Tail Mountains to the North West. In both wars, the combat was long and drawn out. In the first war, Argustrian mortars and crossbows fired across the trenches, at troll soldiers on the other side of the trenches. Between the mortars and spells, the land itself became blasted, muddy, gray, and dead. In the first war, it was also not long after fairy dust had been discovered, a powerful stimulant which was handed out to Argustrian troops to help keep them awake and enhance their combat abilities. The soldiers came home battered, bloody, suffering from "battle shock", trench foot, and addictions. Men and women came home to their families, missing limbs, missing faces, missing genitals, and in quivering, nervous wrecks. In the second war, Argustria was hesitant to send more troops to aid Caligolus against the trolls a second time, with many of the longer-lived races, like the elves and dwarves, still having memories of ancestors who fought in the first troll war and the border guard meant to secure the besieged Clavin-Ra, but Caligolus threatened trade sanctions and tariffs, and many Argustrian Landsknecht (wealthy Argustrian mercenaries) offered to go anyways, leading to Argustria reluctantly agreeing to send another generation to die in the trenches against the trolls. Both of these wars left Argustria disillusioned by the Holy Empire they were supposed to be a part of, and lead to a lot of veterans returning home, unable to work, and without money. The veterans, their families, and the whole nation was becoming angry at Caligolus, but the Argustrian government refused to do anything about it, being well-paid puppets of Caligolus.

Many of the disaffected Argustrians turned to cults, outlawed by the Holy Empire, hoping to get some revenge against an empire willing to throw away their lives, and lives of their families and loved ones, to fight in faraway lands, for foreign ideals and reasons they didn't understand. The Cult of the Black Beast was quite popular in Argustria, as it had its roots in Argustrian folklore, and worshipped an Argustiran goddess who had personal reasons to hate Caligolus.

Among two of the current (20th Era) Argustrian wars which strongly affect the Argustrian Black Beast covens include the civil war in Raelinan (a neighboring country), where human supremacists seceded from the Holy Empire and enslaved non-humans, believing them to be inferior; as typical, Argustria was asked to get involved on Caligolus's behalf, and they did so, through clenched teeth. The second such war is against the Cult of War, pockets and encampments of which have been found in Eastern Albernadria.

Currently, the Cult of the Black Beast is engaged in war, in secret, against the Holy Empire of Caligolus, engaging in acts of terrorism against the imperial oppressors. Some of the cultists have gone as far as to call themselves the true Caligolusian emperor, in mockery.
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Postby American Stratocracy » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:26 am

The Second American Civil War and the ensuing Second World War is what shaped the United States into a stratocratic federal republic that it is today, with MacArthur creating a temporary dictatorship for the term of WWII, which he, with the support of Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley, restored a limited form of democracy to the United States, with states being able to set the standards for the franchise in their states, but with all federal branches of government being elected only by and from active duty and veteran military personnel, leading to a Stratocracy similar to that of the (in this country's timeline a couple decades early) government in Heinlein's Starship Troopers.

Not only that, but it gave Citizens and Civilians of the United States a strong distaste and hatred for any extremist politics that might cause disorder and unrest, and that might lead to inefficient government, or, in the most unthinkable of nightmare situations, even a Third American Civil War.

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Postby Jafala » Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:38 pm

The Jafalan Civil War (2014 - 2017) was the war that shaped modern Jafala. from 1968 until 2017, Jafala was ruled by the Far Right-Wing Ultranationalist Jafalan and African National People's Party, Led by the Brutal Dictator Robert Kasilé, who transformed Jafala into a militaristic and xenophobic state often referred to as "Africa's North Korea". The country was isolated from the rest of the world by a series of "revolutions" in the 70's-90's that increasingly cut off Jafala from globalization and the rise of Democracy. The government carried out extrajudicial killings, suspended all civil and human rights, and partook in the attempted genocide of the many minority groups in Jafala. A resistance movement existed as early as the 1970's, but was heavily purged and, until an economic collapse in 2010, it seemed that the Kasilé regime would never fall. Once the economy did collapse under the weight of Jafala's Isolation and foreign Sanctions, the Jafalan Liberation Front was formed. in 2014 tensions boiled over into all-out war after the Army began firing on protesters. A horrific and bloody war ensued, where around 5% of Jafala's population were either killed or gravely injured fighting, and another 5% lost their lives to war crimes and further genocide. The war left a profound mark on the nation's people and their new government, seeing the widespread pillaging and rape as a sign of the dangers of extremism. Thus, when the Democratic Republic was declared, Parties were mandated by law to moderate their views, restrictions were placed on military officers running for office, and arrest warrants were issued for all former Junta members (Excluding those who defected). Insurgencies are still ongoing by former members of the JANPP's Paramilitaries and Secret Police (See Active Insurgent/Terrorist Groups in the Jafalan Factbook for more)

Recently, there has been some controversy as the Newly-Elected President, Dirk Moboté III, who was raised in the JANPP by his father (Who was Vice President of the Dictatorship until his removal and execution in 1995), has submitted an Amnesty bill to forgive some of those who served in the JANPP's government, notably family friends and former Jafalan National Union (his party) members.
National Info:
Government: Unitary Constitutional Semi-Presidential Republic
Main Ethnic Group: Jafa
Main Religion: Christianity
Head of State: Dirk Moboté III
Head of Government: Hassan Adelaye
Languages: Jafalan, Afrikaans, English



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