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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:56 am
by South-America
Bienvenido ~ Bem-vindo ~ Bienvenue ~ Welkom

OOC: This thread is for the nations of the region of South America to post about international and/or internal events via bulletins, breaking headlines or in-depth articles.
In-character only.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:00 pm
by Veraguay
Health Minister Juan Barrios

Juan Barrios Resigns During Ongoing Corruption Scandal

The Veraguayan Health Minister Juan Barrios today resigned from his posistion following numerous allegations of financial corruption and an ongoing investigation into his department. The allegations relate to the Rural Development Fund which is supposed to be used to finance government programs in rural areas but a report released last month showed that around $11 million is missing and currently unaccounted for.

An executive of Petrover, the state run petroleum company, and a former banker, Barrios is a prominent member of the ruling Colorado Party and was considered by many to be a future presidential candidate. When the allegations first emerged Barrios called them an 'embarrassing effort by the opposition to undermine confidence' and had vowed to stay and fight as well as refusing calls for him to step down.

However, following attempts to locate the missing funds the scandal ramped up this week with police uncovering numerous suspicious payments and contracts between the private Neraguan construction firm Gayadin and the Health Ministry. The main thrust of the investigation is now into a large scale government contract awarded to Gayadin by the Health Ministry for work which it was already seemingly paid to do last year by a contract through Petrover and which was signed off by Barrios.

President Valezquez, during a visit to a local school, called the entire scandal 'a distraction from the hard work this government is doing for the people of Veraguay' but a later statement said that 'this administration is committed to fighting corruption'.

For many Veraguayans the growing scandal is seen as 'business as usual' and confirms to many what is already well known throughout the country. What is also notable is that governments attempts to contain this story last month when it first broke have seemingly failed and everyday new evidence of political corruption is coming to light.

The snowball is gaining momentum and it appears that Barrios's fall from grace has done little to stop it.

AP 11 02 2018

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:08 am
by Amwestheim
http://www.amalgamatedpress.en.amw/01112018/Financial_Digest/ServiceErrorPanic originally published 01.11.2018
http://www.amalgamatedpress.en.amw/02112018/GeneralPressReleases/LogoAP originally published 02.11.2018


Nationwide Service Error Causes Banking Panic
By Joeren Wilne
Thousands of independent bank customers were panicking earlier today when their debit and credit cards would not work. Amwestheimer "pin-pad" terminals and immediate electronic payment systems displayed "ERROR 5039: Payment Not Valid In Amwestheim". Panicked customers were left baffled and worried about access to their deposit accounts, as certainly their cards were linked to valid currency. It should be noted that local credit unions and Amwestheim-based banks were not effected as they run independent of the Foreign Banks Regulatory System[commonly called the ForBan System]; which is a system in which transactions involving foreign banks and creditors must be first processed through CERCIF/CARCA[Central Exchequer for Regulation of Commercial and Insurance Finance/Central Authority for the Regulation of Currency in Amwestheim], who did not release a statement until 13:09.

Their Statement, spoken by the Under-Deputy Exchequer of Commercial Finance, Raald Eppens:
Earlier today an unprecedent bug was first reported by a foreign bank after it had received multiple responses from the ForBan System indicating that their funs, being recognized in their originating country's currency, could not be processed through an electronic banking transaction within Amwestheim. We quickly sent in our best IT engineers and software experts. At this time it is believed that the bug was caused by a mistype in the coding of a software update that happened at five o'clock this morning. We want to assure everyone impacted that this was not espionage as software is created on computer systems solely connected to the banking industry extranet with its many firewalls, and with no way to access to any external network via hard wire or wireless. These systems are monitored 24/7 and it was a simple clerical error. We know this does not make up for any potential damage this may have caused and we are deeply regretful that our system techs did not proofread the code before inserting the file into the database. We want to assure everyone affected that their currency held by independent banks is valid and that no internal systems, such as bank atms, were affected as they are not a part of the ForBan System. Our press office will issue any further comments and developments in the form of written press statements. Thank you!

Questions ere not answered at the press briefing.

Foreign banks rushed to get out statements on their websites as well as robocalls to their customers. Three of these foreign banks have promised to give payment breaks for credit card customers and front half the costs of any necessities that were temporarily unobtainable for their customers. Only one bank has so far shown interest in legal action against CERCIF/CARCA; however, it is most likely going to fail as the courts have repeatedly upheld the ForBan System as a necessary tool for national security.

UPDATE 02.11.2018: As of 19:15 yesterday night the "ForBan Bug" has been corrected and commerce can resume as it normally would.


Starting 10.11.2018 we will be using our brand new logo! See it below.


PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:05 am
by Rio Cana
Rio Cana News - Page 10, small article near the left hand corner near the bottom of the page.

Due to the Amwestheim banking "ERROR 5039: Payment Not Valid In Amwestheim" scandal which has only hit foreign banks doing business in Amwestheim it has been decided by the Rio Cana banking regulatory commission to freeze all Amwestheim deposits in Rio Cana until the problem is corrected and fully explained to the commissions satisfaction.


AP 11 04 2018

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:56 pm
by Amwestheim
http://www.amalgamatedpress.en.amw/04112018/ForeignAffairesReader/ServiceErrorFallout originally published 04.11.2018


Service Error Fallout: International Reactions
By Joeren Wilne
After the Under-Deputy Deputy Exchequer of Commercial Finance, Raald Eppens, announced that an error in the oversight system for banks based in foreign countries[ForBan], Rio Cana froze Amwestheim assets in their sovereign territory. They are holding these assets and demanding that CERCIF/CARCA present them a plan to prevent this from occurring in the future. This warranted a response from the higher ups at both CERCIF/CARCA, and the Foreign Ministry.

CERCIF/CARCA's Statement, spoken by the Commissioner of Currency Exchange, Maude Ossnijen:
We want to firstly assure all foreign government and investors that the issue has been resolved and the typo has been corrected. We will be increasing the number of proof-reads from four read through to six. We also plan on setting up an isolated shell in which we can simulate the codes' interactions with the system. However, we will reciprocate any actions requested by the Foreign Ministry to ensure our citizens have reasonable access to all funds abroad. Any banks withholding deposits within Amwestheim will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, up to and including seizure of the with-held assets by force. We would ask the press to refer to the Foreign Ministry's statements as they will coincide in this matter.

Questions were not answered at the press briefing. It is believed only around Lv 160 million in assets are held within Rio Canan sovereignty.

The Foreign Ministry's Statement, spoken by Foreign Minister Polshav Li:
Earlier today I instructed the ambassador to Rio Cana, Mercele Adelie, to deliver an official statement of protest against their use of force against Amwestheim assets. The protest is as follows:
NOTICE: Official Protest and Condemnation of the Actions of the Junta Dominio Ex Praecipium.
Rio Cana has executed force against the customary international law prohibiting use of force that is both non-retaliatory nor proportional. We demand immediate desisting of these hostilities no later than 48-hours after the delivery of this official protest. Firstly, a nation may not use force unless a purposeful attack was firstly carried out against said nation in accordance to international law. No purposeful attack was ever perpetrated by our nation, it was only a clerical error. There was no intent to cause harm nor was there any imminent threat to commerce within Rio Cana or between it and foreign countries. Secondly, the freezing of assets until your satisfaction violates rules and customs pertaining to proportionality of retaliation. We demand the immediate desisting of your actions and expect a response to be presented to our embassy no later than 13:59 November 6th 2018.

The reaction of Rio Cana has undone several months of relationship improvements between our two countries; However, if they are not willing to acknowledge their overreaction, we shall have no choice but to introduce sanctions as well as seek other resolve proportional to their actions. We will give a response if we receive word from their government before the 48-hour deadline or whether or not it was received once the deadline has passed. We ask that the press and citizenry do not try to take actions into their own hands nor speculate at this delicate time.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 2:49 pm
by Monteverde
President Muses 'Small Nations Alliance'

PUERTO VIEJO — President Jorge Santiago Ojeda has announced plans to establish a 'Small Nations Alliance' in South America. "There are many nations," he said, "who are footnotes in this region; overshadowed and overlooked by the more populous and powerful nations."

Santiago's proposal to counter this would see smaller nations, by both population and geography, club together to form a bloc more capable of challenging and competing with nations that he claims dominate the "political and economic discourse" of the region.

The President would not comment on which nations he had in mind and would not confirm if any official contacts regarding the proposal had been made by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:41 pm
by Rio Cana
Official statement from the Rio Cana government to Amwestheim and the region -

The people and government of the Republic of Rio Cana are outraged by this great Amwestheim insult to our nation. How dare the Amwestheim Foreign Minister Polshav Lithe send a top level government to government statement and address it to "His Imperial Majesty" which some in the government consider an act of War! Do they still recognized the former imperial monarch who is in hiding in Aurea has the rightful ruler of our great nation?

Our people and government demand an immediate explanation and apology. Until then, all border crossing to Amwestheim are closed until further notice. This includes air travel and sea trade.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:02 pm
by Rio Cana
Independent Internet Report from inside Rio Cana -

Government troops have been moved to the border with Amwestheim and Aurea. Our sources have told us that militaristic elements of the Rio Cana government have the ear of General Rodriguez. That they have somewhat convinced the General that the Amwestheim foreign banking scandal topped off with that insulting "imperial" comment is just the tip of a plan. A plan which involves bringing back the monarchy to Rio Cana via a military invasion of Amwestheim from the North and Aurea forces from the South. A two front war to seat there puppet. The former monarch would once again be seated on the throne but this time he would become a puppet of Amwestheim and Aurea. Currently, the former Rio Cana monarch is living somewhere in Aurea under that governments protection.

We will keep you posted.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:37 pm
by Aurea
No recognition of Rio Cana regime without a free and fair vote first -- Prime Minister

Marco Basurto, Prime Minister of Aurea
Prime Minister Marco Basurto has said there can be no recognition of the new regime in Aurea's northern neighbor Rio Cana until the country has had a free and fair vote to decide its direction and the status of its exiled Imperial family.

The news comes after the new Neraguan prime minister made suggestions he is willing to recognize and work with the new regime and its leaders to de-escalate tensions in the north of South America. But Prime Minister Basurto has made clear today what it will take to get such sentiments from Aurea: a free and fair referendum observed by the international community.

The Emperor of Rio Cana fled to Aurea after a military coup deposed him. The federal government of Aurea has ever since said it will not recognize the new regime and continues to recognise Emperor Juan V as the legal head of state there. This has led to a government in exile forming in Aurea based out of the city of Petrópolis.

The prime minister has said he is disappointed that some allies want to turn down the heat in the region at the expense of the people of Rio Cana. Basurto said "We do not fear the regime in Rio Cana. It has nearly broken and bankrupted that nation. It is sad to see but inevitable. Our sympathies are with the people. If the junta is as loved as the leader of it claims, he will allow the people to vote freely and fairly and witnessed and observed by the international community. Only then can we talk of recognizing."

Basurto reacted to the latest news from Rio Cana of moving troops to the border and said "The regime under General Rodriguez is no threat to Aurea. Any attempt on the Empire would be met with immediate put down and international outcry. The words and threats are empty. Besides fuer all I have said today, we have no plan to invade. Only the people of Rio Cana can decide their future."

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:03 pm
by Rio Cana
Rio Cana News


In an emergency move additional troops, Rio Cana's southern 4th. army, has been moved to the border with Aurea. This move was taken after the Aurean government finally confessed to the world that they were backing the former Rio Cana emperors plan to illegally return to power by force. In a special televised speech to the nation, President Rodriguez said that it was his duty has President to protect the new Republic against all those that would see it destroyed. That no longer would a corrupt monarchy govern Rio Cana.

In order to de-escalate things, the President did offer the Aurean government a way out of this mess. A mess which they are responsible for starting. The President said that the Aurean government only needed to turn over the former Monarch and his heirs. That once this was done that this act of treachery by the current Aurean government would be overlooked. The president also said that Rio Cana is a nation of laws thus the monarch and his heirs would be fairly tried under Rio Cana law.

After the speech, the President was asked if the mutual defense treaty with the nation of Quintanilla would be activated. He answered, "it depends on how bad the situation actually gets."

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:59 am
by Rio Cana
Rio Cana News

In the southern Rio Cana province of Marina, government owned tv stations have increased there transmitting power and were using directional antennas pointed toward Aurea. There aim is to try to inform the people of Aurea on the illegal doings of there government. That there government is trying to overthrow our free Republic and re-install the former corrupt monarchy. That they should stop there leaders from doing this which violates international law. And that they should instead force there leaders to turn over the former Rio Cana Emperor.

In order to get the message across that the Rio Cana government means business, talk shows, movies and even anime shows which show Rio Cana's determination to not give an inch are also being transmitted into Aurea.

This is an example of such a program but aimed at adolescents of Aurea.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 3:50 am
by Entre Rios
Peace must prevail

Nov. 11, 2018 / 5:50 AM

TRESMONTANAS - President Carlos Vega has said "peace must prevail" as tensions grow again in the north of the continent. Poignantly speaking ahead of Veterans' Day commemorations, the President said that both sides were locked in a "vicious cycle of upping the ante". Vega said: "The only way to resolve this conflict is a full and formal peace process so both sides can air and settle their grievances."

When asked on his positions regarding the current regime in Rio Cana, the President added his voice to the Prime Minister of Aurea's in calling for a free, fair and internationally observed vote to decide the political future of the country. As for the former Imperial family of Rio Cana, President Vega said that was a matter for the "two nations to resolve between them."

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:54 pm
by Neragua
PM: “Do not repeat history”

As the world marks 100 years since the end of WW1, Dean Smith urges continent to learn history’s lessons.

Neraguan prime minister Dean Smith has made an impassioned plea for Smith America to “learn history’s lessons” and not repeat its mistakes. The prime minister made the remarks at an event held this afternoon commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Skies were overcast in the capital at 11 a.m. this morning as Neragua fell silent for 2 minutes to remember all those lost to war. Led by the Governor-General, Sir Alan Brady, figures from politics, the military and civilian services laid wreaths of poppies at Neragua’s National War Memorial by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A solemn but proud procession of military personnel past and present followed.

At a post-event lunch, the Prime Minister spoke to dignitaries and everyday military families about the sacrifices made by Neraguans then for the world today.

“Thousands of Neragua’s sons went readily to fight for the freedom of faraway lands,” he said, “many did not return.” He continued, “On this day one hundred years ago, the guns fell silent, churchbells rang again and the mourning began. The toll of freedom was counted by the many dead. Nameless faces buried where they fell in foreign fields, they now live forever through their sacrifice. We will remember them.”

Although the majority of his words were regarding the service and sacrifice of so many, he also had words and warnings for closer to home, pleading with leaders across South America not to repeat the mistakes of the past. “We have seen brinkmanship like this before,” the prime minister chided, referencing the simmering tensions between Aurea and Rio Cana, “and it ended in the worst way.”

Prime Minister Smith — not yet 2 months in office — assured his audeience that “peace is possible” if both sides are willing to work for it. Repeating the line of prime ministers past, Smith said no option should be “off the table” but reiterated that he was determined South America would not repeat history.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:40 am
by Rio Cana
Rio Cana News

The government today announced that two top level Rio Cana military officials will be traveling to Quintanilla. No word on what they will be doing or discussing in Quintanilla. Both Rio Cana and Quintanilla signed a mutual defense pact many years ago at a time when the region was in an upheaval.

In other news, President Rodriguez was in Marina province where he was giving new home ownership titles to 400 low income Rio Canan citizens. The materials to build these homes were financed by the government while the homes themselves were constructed by the neighborhood people under the guidance of government building engineers. The homes are to be paid off in 15 years at an incredibly low interest rate payment of .05%.


During his visit, he was asked on the situation in the region. President Rodriguez commented that he wants good relations with all the nations of South America especially with those in the Southern cone. But he quite strongly demanded that certain nations in the region should immediately stop from interfering in the internal affairs of Rio Cana. I quote
Our republic does not condone and never has interfered in other nations internal affairs and thus expects other nations to reciprocate.

AP 11 14 2018

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:38 am
by Amwestheim
http://www.amalgamatedpress.en.amw/09112018/ForeignAffairesReader/PowderKeg originally published 09.11.2018
http://www.amalgamatedpress.en.amw/11112018/DailyReader/100thAnniversary originally published 11.11.2018
http://www.amalgamatedpress.en.amw/13112018/Financial_Digest/InNOutFoodParade originally published 13.11.2018


The Powder Keg Reignites
By Joeren Wilne and Kieren Vanhoepper
Rio Cana, often referred to as "the Balkans of South America", is fitting its title almost 100 years to date for the anniversary of the WWI armistice. The Junta Dominio Ex Praecipium that is currently in control of the country, has sent troops to its border with Aurea as well as increasing its presence upon the Amwestheimer frontier. This comes after a slight misinterpretation of the earlier protest of the Amwestheimer government and Aurean protest of the Junta. The Rio Canan Junta has demanded Aurea now hand over the royals of Rio Cana; however, Aurea has refused to recognized an unelected government of Rio Cana yet only recognized the royals as private citizens. The government of Amwestheim is trying to remain neutral on the issue of government legitimacy by recognizing the Junta's ability to exercise power and conduct relations, but does not recognize them as a legitimate government. Rio Cana has also tried to invoke the mutual defense treaty; however, Amwestheim's ambassador to Quintanilla is using economic and reputational pressure for Quintanilla to not recognize the Junta as the sole government of Rio Cana thus disabling the ability for the Junta to call upon the treaty. Critics have said this would also render the ARAGON treaty void; however, the foreign ministry has refuted the idea as being linked citing that, "The Junta is entitled to open relations and enter into treaties but it has no bearing as the successor to the previous Rio Canan government as it has no legitimate claim to it nor any obligations due by said government. However, as it stands the previous government is also not in a position to claim legitimacy. Any treaty compacted with "the government" of Rio Cana only exists in spirit due to the absence of one. The Junta has entered into binding obligations with states it carries out relations with." The Amwestheim Security Agency has been monitoring the frontier and the military has confirmed the RAPID-II[Reactionary Assault and Projectile Intracontinental Deterrent II System are functioning to push back any ballistic incursions into Amwestheim territories.

Going back to the Amwestheim ultimatum, All Rio Canan assets of the Junta within Amwestheim have been frozen and the Representatives of the Junta have been prohibited from leaving the Diplomatic Legation in Koulisburg.

100th Anniversary of WWI
By Kieren Vanhoepper
Celebrations took place across multiple cities today to mark the centennial of the 1918 Armistice. Officially neutral, as being part of the Netherlands, during the war Amwestheim did not officially send troops to fight; however, it is estimated around 11,000-17,000 Amwestheimer men joined battalions in many foreign Armies to fight on the western front. Between 3,000-6,000 of these men perished. Proportionally it is the greatest loss of our soldiers in battle. At the National Hero's Memorial two of the three Presidents laid wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier[Pictured Below].

In-N-Out Coming to South America! But Only for A Week
By Eustacia Merles
Food Parade, South America's largest member's only retail grocery and food court chain, has announce that In-N-Out will be next month's Featured Food Court Pop-Up in select Amwestheim, Neraguan, and Calimera Stores. Already the company says the influx of inquiries about where the pop-ups will be located has overwhelmed their customer relations department. Unfortunately, the chain cannot release what stores will have it yet as the full list has not been determined yet., but don't you worry their twitter [@FoodParade] will be updated later this month with a link to the full list of stores. The American burger phenomenon has been limited to a geographic region of a country in North America but Food Parade has secured rights to recreate the experience of the chain's restaurants in its stores after 6 months of negotiations and unfortunately it ended up with only a one-week lease of franchise rights. Oh what a glorious week it will be!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:44 pm
by Rio Cana
Rio Cana News


In the latest news from Marina province in Southern Rio Cana, crowds of former people that use to live in the Wind district gathered just outside the gate of Paso Sur border station to angrily protest the illegal annexation of the Wind district by Aurea, has well has, non-payment for the illegal confiscation of there properties by the Aurean government. For those not familiar with this saga of Rio Cana history, the Wind District was a narrow coastal corridor which ran south from Marina province into Aurea. Wind District had been inhabited by Rio Cana citizens for ages. However, a few years ago the Aurean government decided to claim the district. Military clashes between the former Empire and Aurea over this corridor ensued. However, due to international pressure the former Rio Cana monarchy decided to take this to an international court which favored Aurea's claim. While the current government does not agree with the decision of the international court it will accept it for the time being.

It is estimated that 8000 former Wind district citizens were protesting just outside the border station. Some were reprimanded by border officials for throwing rocks and other debris at Aurean border officials on the other side. Reporters asked those that organized the protest what they actually wanted. They respond that they wanted to be paid by the Aurean government for the illegal seizure of there homes, farms and businesses. If not, they wanted the Aurean's to get out of there former district and for it to be reunited once again with Rio Cana. They also called for the Aurean government to turn over the former monarch who they say sold them out.

In other news, after a thorough investigation, the Rio Cana government has unfrozen and given Amwestheim banks the green light to continue business has usual. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. A government spokesman did point out that they were really disappointed by the way Amwestheim authorities overreacted to our temporary freeze on Amwestheim banks and funds. I quote
Instead of giving the investigation sufficient time to get to the bottom of all this, Amwestheim government authorities quickly overreacted by freezing Rio Canan banks and funds. Very unprofessional of them.

All travel restrictions to Amwestheim are being lifted. Extra troops that had been sent to the border with Amwestheim are also being redeployed to the southern border.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:03 am
by Entre Rios
President reaffirms SCEZ membership commitment

November 25, 2018 // 7:00 AM

MONTEVIDEO — President Carlos Vega has reaffirmed his campaign commitment to take Entre Rios into the Southern Cone Economic Zone and has urged the General Court to begin the process as soon as it meets in January.

The President has stated that SCEZ membership is "vital" to continue the rapid economic growth that saw him overwhelmingly reelected earlier this month.

Vega will face difficulties, however, as the same election that saw him return to office with 67% of the vote also saw the public return a divided legislature. The President's right-wing Conservative Party controls the upper house of the General Court, the Senate, but the lower house, the Chamber of Representatives, is firmly in the hold of the left-wing Liberal Party; much of which opposes SCEZ.

The President, who is sworn in for his second term in January, is set to travel to Calimera and Neragua early in the new year to shore up support for ER joining the bloc.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:23 am
by Entre Rios
LGBT Legal Loophole Closed

Feb. 1, 2019 / 10:15 AM

CONCEPCIÓN - President Carlos Vega officially signed an amendment to the Equal Employment Opportunities Act today, closing a loophole that allowed religious schools to discriminate against LGBT employees.

The loophole came to light almost a year after the original Act was passed by Congress in 2010 when then 28-year-old Luis Cortez Garcia was fired by San Mateo High School when he publicly announced he was transitioning from female to male. This was followed 20 months later by another school—San Tomas de Aquino—fired then 22-year-old Hugo Morales Flores when the school board found out he was gay.

Both cases ultimately wound up before the Supreme Court in 2015 where five of the seven justices ruled that both terminations broke their respective contracts—and were, the words of the court, "morally dubious"—neither counted as discrimination in accordance with the then existing employment law.

Updating the EEO Act became a minor platform of the Liberal Party in the 2016 general election. However, they did not win a majority in either chamber and the Conservative Party—keen to preserve what it termed "religious freedom" for its socially conservative voter base—refused to alter the Act.

When the Liberals won majorities in both chambers of Congress last November, freshman Congresswoman Antonia Campos Marin—herself LGBT—prioritized the update. President Vega—himself a Conservative—called the moment "long overdue" when he signed the bill into law this morning with Campos, Cortez and Morales—as well as other members of the campaign to change the Act—beside him.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:35 pm
by New Catalonia
...EL MÓN.

Dissabte, 2 de febrer de 2019


President Sofia Mas i Fabregas today summoned the ambassador from Amwestheim to New Catalonia to the Presidential Palace to lodge her formal protest at the continued use by that country of external detention camps for refugees.

The President is said to have used "the strongest language" to the ambassador and has demanded an explanation for why that country "treats refugees like criminals" and continued to say that she expects better of a modern South American nation.

Parliamentarians in New Catalonia has also expressed their concerns. Some on the left have suggested that the country either take in the refugees or otherwise boycott Amwestheim trade.


The Masoller Agreement between New Catalonia and Entre Ríos is "compatible with further Southern Cone integration" according to Prime Minister Aina Rosselló i Gili.

The prime minister made the comments in parliament during a debate about the ambitions of President Carlos Vega of Entre Ríos who has pushed for his country to further integrate into the Southern Cone and the effect that would have on current E.R-New Catalonia relations.

The Masoller Agreement was signed between New Catalonia and Entre Ríos in 2015 becoming active the following year and seeks to abolish border checks between the two countries.

Now 3 years on and routine border checks are no longer carried out between the two countries (but external checks exist) but as President Vega turns his eyes south, many in New Catalonia wondered if this would mean that Masoller would need to change.

Prime Minister Rosselló has stated otherwise and adds that Masoller would actually be compatible with Southern Cone integration, possibly helping in moving prosperity and development northwards.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:20 pm
by Rio Cana
Rio Cana News

The Rio Cana government has been taken by complete surprise by the collapse of the government of Quintanilla. According to former Rio Cana diplomats in Quintanilla, they did not see this coming. The former diplomats commented that even Quintanillian government officials never let on that there was a problem. What is known is that with the collapse of our long time Quintanillian allies, a key part of Rio Cana's defense plans have vanished. Government officials are frantically trying to correct this problem has you read this. In the meantime, the government is granting permanent residency to all Quintanillian military and government officials forced to leave Quintanilla.

In other news, the extra troops sent to the southern border with Aurea some months ago have been scaled back to prior numbers. The border which had been closed for a month was opened some months ago after it was decided by our government that it would be counter-productive at that time to the economy of our southern border region.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:47 am
by Aurea
Minister under pressure as "o fundo de afundar" grows

The Minister of Defense of Aurea, Tadeu Correia Pires, has come under pressure today to explain the actions of his ministry after a growing scandal involving the purchase of 3 warships from Amwestheim.

The Imperial Aurean Navy purchased 3 warships from Amwestheim after the Ministry of Defense calculated it was less expensive and could be delivered quicker than a rival bid from Neragua. But now the Department of the Navy has spent 50% more than first calculated - and the cost is expected to rise still further as 1 of the 2 ships delivered is classed as not seaworthy. The NAI Ordem has been in the Rio de Janeiro Naval Base since the delivery there some months ago.

This has led to some to name the scandal "o fundo de afundar" meaning "the sinking fund" (or "the sinking bottom" suggesting there is no floor to how deep the spending will go) and opposition parties in parliament have suggested it should be formally investigated. Lia Coelho Marchesi, the leader of the Party of Workers (the largest opposition party), has called for the parliament to investigate whether the massive overspend has been because of incompetence or corruption.

Minister Pires has so far pushed off allegations that he has not paid attention to the spend or spent money unwisely. But there are greater calls for him to answer more directly the questions around "o fundo de afundar" and people close to the prime minister Marco Basurto are also saying he is not happy with the current situation. It is said Senhor Basurto preferred the Neraguan bid but was talked into the Amwestheim bid by his minister Pires.

So far there has been no word from the Amwestheim navy regarding the scandal.

Feb 3 2019

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:32 pm
by Amwestheim

Growing International Protests Against A Stalwart Federalist Government
Yesterday afternoon, the Ambassador of Amwestheim to New Catalonia [Stefan Van Clark] was called into a meeting with President Sofia Mas i Fabregas to discuss a topic she is most outspoken about. After the encounter, the embassy released a statement about the encounter, "The President of New Catalonia once again expressed an opinion that is shared by members of foreign governments. An opinion that is wholly based off misconceptions. The ambassador reassured Madame President that the detained refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants caught trying to cross the border illegally are housed in sanitary conditions with respect to privacy and human rights such as health and clean drinking water. We commit to providing all necessary and pertinent aid. It was found to be necessary to house and process an increase in immigration without overwhelming our national borders. We provide lawyers and execute hundreds of entry proceedings per day."

The President's Press Secretary spoke to members of the press that evening reiterating that there are many misconceptions about these temporary settlements but also adding, "These "camps" as they have been called are no different than many other nations' refugee and immigration processing centers around the world. In fact, they are actually held to a higher standard than most. While the program has been extended past its initial mandate, treatment has not deteriorated. We faced an internal issue caused by external factors, and we reacted in the most neutral option that fits with Amwestheim law. If the refugees and immigrants have not set foot on Amwestheim soil then they are not eligible for prosecution under the Wet Foot/Dry Foot Acts, and thusly are immune from consideration of having no visa in immigration proceedings."

A bit too "Afundar"?
AWB Haaulbauer Schieppwerf Company has spent the past six months spending hundreds of thousands of guilders to fight complaints from the Aurean defense ministry. Hoping to pre-empt the mandatory arbitration by the Naval Judiciary of Amwestheim, which is in all foreign contracts of sales, teams of independent inspectors have been visiting the reportedly sub-par Onoverwinnelijke class warship that was delivered in June of 2018. Aureans are claiming that the construction is not up to standards advertised; however, AWB Haaulbauer has refuted these claims saying they have evidence of damages that are both deliberate and unusual.

Most commentators have indicated that the Aurean Navy maybe covering up incidents under its watch from both its own government and the international community.

AWB Haaulbauer has accepted responsibility for some cost overruns. Aurea first purchased only one warship, during a sales period. When they commissioned two more vessels, that promotion had already been forcibly ended by striking shipbuilders. The contract extension that created the addition two orders had a negotiated a substantially lower discount of barely 6.5% and a promissory clause to produce the ships on time. AWB Haaulbauer was late on the second ship resulting in a 2% refund, and the third ship is unknown as to whether it will meet its deadline.

We attained the purchase price for an Onoverwinnelijke class warship without any discounts: ƒ1.365 billion (X$935 million).

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:20 pm
by Monteverde
Santiago orders Castillo investigation

PUERTO VIEJO — Following up on a controversial campaign promise, President Jorge Santiago Solís has today ordered an investigation into his former election rival, Jimena Castillo Roldán. The former, and first female, Secretary of Foreign Affairs was accused in the run up to September's election of corruption and misappropriating state funds whilst in office from 2012 to 2017.

Despite the allegations, the Democratic Socislist Party's Castillo was cleared of any wrongdoing by the head of the National Investigation Bureau (ONI), Juan Cámara Rodríguez, just 2 weeks before election day. Supporters of the National Popular Party's Santiago, then and now, claim collusion and accuse former President Marco Juárez Barrios, who appointed Cámara as head of ONI, of pressuring him to clear Castillo.

Following an election marred by frequent violence and fierce rhetoric, Santiago, who often compared his opponent to a pig growing fat off the public test, narrowly won the presidential election while his populist, conservative National Popular Party swept to victory in the congressional elections. The shock result was cast into further chaos when Castillo, long the front runner and considered the natural successor to outgoing incumbent Juárez, and who often caricatured Santiago as a racist plantation owner, refused to concede defeat for 72 hours.

Making the announcement, President Santiago stated that Castillo is innocent until proven guilty and that she will remain at liberty, but added that the investigation to be led by the new head of ONI, Raúl Aguado Núñez, would be thorough.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:01 am
by Monteverde
Breaking: Castillo arrested

BREAKING — Jimena Castillo Roldán, the former Secretary of Foreign Affairs and 2018 election opponent of president Jorge Santiago Solís, has been arrested on charges of corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

The arrest comes just days after the president ordered an official investigation into Castillo. Santiago alleged throughout the 2018 campaign that Castillo had embezzled foreign aid payments allocated to her department through various charitable funds run by shell companies - an allegation she thoroughly refuted.

Opposition group are already claiming Castillo's arrest is politically motivated and is cover for a power grab by Santiago. The National Investigation Bureau (ONI) however which carried out the arrest early Saturday morning said the the arrest was based on credible evidence.

More as it follows.

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by Veraguay
A wave of anti-government protests have been staged this week due to government corruption

Supreme Court Impeaches President as Opposition Mounts

Today the Supreme Court of Veraguay announced that President Valezquez will be removed from office and will face trial on corruption charges.
The charges relate to the ongoing investigation into the state run petroleum company Petrover which began following the resignation of Health Minister Juan Barrios in October last year.

The government and the ruling Colorado Party has seen it popularity drop significantly as more allegations surfaced of corruption from public officials. Charges have now been made against numerous Petrover board members, cabinet ministers as well the head of the Neraguan construction company Gayadin and this morning early morning raids were carried out at the homes of numerous public officials and the headquarters of Petrover in the capital, Santa Cruz.

Veraguay has been paralyzed in recent days from numerous street protests against corruption which has seen the once fragmented opposition join together in a united front now known as the Progressive Democratic Party under the leadership of Guillermo Sánchez, to take on the Colorado party who has had a stranglehold on Veraguayan politics for the past decade.

The Supreme Court announced that preparations for a new election should now take place with the election planned for next month. Warrants are also out for numerous officials who it is thought have fled to neighbouring nations as well as a number of Neraguan nationals linked to Gayadin.

It is unclear how Valezquez will react and there has so far been no response from the Presidential Palace.