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The Greater Satanic Leviathan embassy program

Postby Greater Satanic Leviathan » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:18 pm

To the leaders of the international community,

As leaders of nations with your own religions and economic systems, most of you probably feel that we are some cult of evil degenerates who oppresses people of your religion with one atrocity after another and routinely violates your sense of propriety in economic affairs, whether you are more concerned with the sanctity of property or ensuring that the most oppressed social classes receive economic justice. We probably view most of you as savages incapable of governing themselves. Nevertheless, here we are, establishing embassies with one another. Probably because peaceful coexistence is more convenient than all out holy war in far-away lands; which I completely understand, I am told that Sloth is my greatest virtue too! Anyway, whether you believe that you can improve security for your nation by signing a defense pact, or have been pressured into this by the industrial groups of your nation who sense an opportunity to do business, or if you just want to open yet another ambassadorial position to reward your campaign’s most significant supporters, this is where it all starts.

Rules and Regulations
  • The ambassador shall be given the respect reserved by tradition to envoys; they shall have Diplomatic Immunity. We reserve the right to expel ambassadors. All other embassy personnel are subject to the law, including arrest and subpoena.
  • The security personnel may be armed with firearms and archaic weapons such as swords or crossbows, but no explosive weapons (e.g. grenades) shall be permitted.
  • Vehicles may be armored but shall not be armed.
  • All embassies shall be located in our capital city of Babylon the Greater.

Please fill out the attached application form:

Code: Select all
[b]Official name of nation:[/b]
[b]Government’s official stance on religion:[/b]
[b]Political System:[/b]
[b]Economic System:[/b]
[b]Name and title of leader currently in power:[/b]
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs or equivalent:[/b]

[b]Name of ambassador:[/b]
[b]Brief bio:[/b]
[b]Will any family be joining the ambassador?[/b]

[b]Number of security personnel:[/b]
[b]Equipment of security personnel:[/b]
[b]Number of additional diplomatic personnel:[/b]
[b]Number of service personnel:[/b]
[b]Number and types of vehicles:[/b]

[b]Any additional requests or accommodations?[/b]

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