The Dictatorship of Bird the Word's World Factbook Entry

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The Dictatorship of Bird the Word's World Factbook Entry

Postby Bird the Word » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:38 pm

The Dictatorship of Bird the Word World Factbook [[First Edition]]

Bird the Word's Geography

Bird the Word is located in the region "Grand Central". It is a small nation, around 120,674 kilometres. It's an entirely inland nation, although there are many rivers flowing through its lush cities; the main being the Pea, named after our national currency. The climate and land is good for farming, although the majority of the residents decline this option. There aren't many natural resources in Bird the Word, although quite a lot of work goes into mining a wide variety of minerals.

Bird the Word's Economy

Bird the Word is said, at least at the moment, to have a good economy. Our currency is the pea, which is valued lower in other nations than their own dollar. Only 5.2% of the population is below the poverty line; the unemployment rate is not much higher - 5.28% The average income tax rate is 60%, and even higher for the wealthy. For now no nations are indebted to Bird the Word, nor vice-versa. We export one-sixteenth of our arms-manufacturing items, and we import mainly crops that residents are too lazy to grow themselves.

Bird the Word's History

Bird the Word began not too long ago as a small, unknown nation. It is still quite small, but not as unknown. The female leaders (known as "yellowmint" and "Spanish John") are famous throughout the country as those who lead the bloody revolt against the oppressive Timothy Wiggershire IV (this man would regularly and publicly execute women who would/could not "cater to his needs"), and though there hasn't been much change oppression-wise, tides have changed and become slightly fairer.

Bird the Word's Military

Bird the Word's military forces are small, only 10% of the population serves, however, the leaders are starting to obligate citizens to join the forces. A single branch of the military exists - WIT: Within Internal Truths. Our allies are mainly regional, and none wish to be named for fear of incrimination.

Bird the Word's Government and Political Structure

The Dictatorship of Bird the Word, usually known as Bird the Word, has a demanding government. The founding of this country was 15 May, many years ago; the "Second Founding" (as nationalists like to call it) occurred 19 June, just over one year ago. The former date is rarely celebrated (though some like to burn the old flag in a symbol of loyalty), whereas many festivals are held on the latter. Most of these festivals are held in the capital, Birdio. The nation is divided into four territories: North Bird, South Bird, East Bird and West Bird. The majority of the citizens are able to vote once they reach the age of twenty, but those who immigrated cannot, whether legal or not. Currently categorised as a "Father Knows Best State".

Bird the Word's People and Population

Currently housing 328,000,004 people, Bird the Word loves to procreate. The nationality of all born here are considered Wordian; religion is mainly a foreign concept in the nation of Bird the Word, although there are a few Buddhists making up 2.8% of the population. What the rulers of Bird the Word declare is law. The age structure is as follows - 16% ages 1-19 (minor), 47.6% 20-40 (adult), 36.4% 41+ (elderly); the average life expectancy is 72. All of the population is expected to be fluent in English, French and Latin by senior-high-school graduation; English and French are the official languages. (Sometimes, they speak a little "Franglais", as the natives aiment to call it.) The literacy rate is 98.76%.
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