What values are taught to children in your public schools?

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Greater Satanic Leviathan
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What values are taught to children in your public schools?

Postby Greater Satanic Leviathan » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:10 pm

In GSL our public schools focus on molding young minds into good citizens. There is a debate about whether public schools should be mandatory, or whether we should continue to allow homeschooling and parochial schools.

We teach:

  • Darwinian Evolution, including that humans have common ancestry with chimpanzees
  • Sexual Education, including contraception, abortion, polyamory, bisexuality, transsexualism, and homosexuality
  • Comparative Religion and Cultural Relativism/Globalism which undermines God in young minds
  • Critical Thinking which undermines parental authority
  • That pi is 22/7 instead of a Godly number like 3
  • History in which the great power nations of today are depicted as mass murderers to weaken the younth’s desire for liberty
  • Drugs like alcohol and weed and acid

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Postby Knessniet » Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:31 pm

Here in Knessniet, we have quite the system to produce God-fearing, obedient subjects.
- Education on the law: You don't break it if you know that you can be executed for it.
- Religion: Teaching that Jesus Christ died for your sins, and that if you don't believe that, you're a heathen destined for hell.
- The Police are your Friends!: We teach kids of all ages that the police is a good force, and to tell them anything related to lawbreaking.
- All hail Grand Duke Herman: The kids know that the Grand Duke is the God-anointed ruler of his domains.
- Keep your no-no zone to yourself!: Teach pubescent children that the urges they feel are the devil itself! Also, extramarital affairs are punishable by death, so yeah.
- Obey your lord: Your feudal lord is the wisest person in the whole fief! They should be followed without dissent.
- Literacy and Math: All kids are taught up to the equivalent of 8th grade in America, and nobles are given a full university education.
- Being a Noble is Fun!: You get to learn all kinds of things the public schools don't teach!

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Greater Satanic Leviathan
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Postby Greater Satanic Leviathan » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:45 pm

Knessniet wrote:Here in Knessniet, we have quite the system to produce God-fearing, obedient subjects.
- Education on the law: You don't break it if you know that you can be executed for it.
- Religion: Teaching that Jesus Christ died for your sins, and that if you don't believe that, you're a heathen destined for hell.
- The Police are your Friends!: We teach kids of all ages that the police is a good force, and to tell them anything related to lawbreaking.
- All hail Grand Duke Herman: The kids know that the Grand Duke is the God-anointed ruler of his domains.
- Keep your no-no zone to yourself!: Teach pubescent children that the urges they feel are the devil itself! Also, extramarital affairs are punishable by death, so yeah.
- Obey your lord: Your feudal lord is the wisest person in the whole fief! They should be followed without dissent.
- Literacy and Math: All kids are taught up to the equivalent of 8th grade in America, and nobles are given a full university education.
- Being a Noble is Fun!: You get to learn all kinds of things the public schools don't teach!

Sounds like the polar opposite of our system. Here in GSL these values are called spiritual slavery.

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Coconut Palm Island
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Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

Postby Coconut Palm Island » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:12 pm

Here on Coconut Palm Island, schools teach many things. However, the following is a list of things that the King has deemed most important for children to learn:

  • Citizenship: Students are taught politics from a young age, and encouraged to learn about issues and voice their opinions. Students 16 or older (including college students) are given extra credit of 1% in every class that they take for voting.
  • Compassion: Students are taught to discuss issues such as gender, mental illness, race, and sexuality in an inclusive way. Students are not forced to be "politically correct," just encouraged to be kind to everyone.
  • Equality: Students are taught that people are born different, but not because some are more deserving. Students are taught that poverty is not a choice.
  • Critical/Free Thinking: Students are taught to think for themselves and to decide what values are important to them. Students also learn how to coherently argue their position on an issue where there is no "right" or "wrong" answer.
  • Freedom: Students are taught what it means to be free, and all the responsibilities that freedom brings. They are also taught to identify "false" freedom, or instances where leaders create a false sense of freedom while quietly undermining society.
  • Purpose: From a young age, students explore different career paths and develop a sense of purpose, deciding what they want to do with their life. Of course, they can always change their path, but students who have a clear goal in mind tend to do better in school and in life.

As the King said in a speech to college students:
It is not enough for students to learn facts, or even subjects. And students should not blindly follow a set of rules-- they should d develop and follow their consciences, so they'll make good choices even when there are no rules, no guidelines. They must learn to think for themselves in every aspect of life, and to make positive choices. Because only when you can do this, are you an adult."
-King Alexander, 2014
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Great Nortend
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Postby Great Nortend » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:43 pm

The values of state schools are highly influenced by Nortan culture and the Church of Nortend. In many ways, the values are identical to those promoted by the independent schools of Great Nortend, as all schools regardless of funding source are controlled in part by the Church and Board of Education. Some values are listed below.

Patriotism: Schools promote pride in our nation and kingdom and culture. Nortan history and civics is a large part of the curriculum and military training is generally compulsory for boys in the form of cadetships where military values are instilled.
Faith: Schools promote development of the faith, through lessons in Scripture and Theology from a young age.
Obedience: Schools develop the values of obedience and discipline in pupils, requiring them to shew respect to parents, relatives, masters, pupils of higher forms and the school in general.
Allegiance: Allegiance is the greatest value in Nortan schools, being allegiance to the King, and allegiance to God. Portraits of the King are required to be hung in every class-room, and chapel attendance is compulsory.
Scholarship: Scholarship is considered another important tenet of Nortan schools, with an emphasis on analysis of literature in Latin, Greek and English, the study of mathematics and the study of philosophy, rhetoric and music.
Athleticism: For both boys and girls, athleticism is considered an honourable trait. Sports and games therefore are often compulsory, with competition run between schools, between houses and between counties regularly.
News from Great Nortend:
Tourism and Q&A thread:
Diplomacy, Embassies &c.:
If you have any questions about Great Nortend, please ask in the diplomacy thread above.

This nation generally represents my personal views in most areas, though slightly exaggerated perhaps.

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Postby Luziyca » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:32 pm

There are many, but the most important are probably patriotism, allegiance to Luziyca, athleticism, and of course, teaching them to appreciate our freedoms.
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Valentine Z
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Postby Valentine Z » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:39 pm

- Kindness and Compassion: Be nice to the people around you, and a little positivity goes a long way! :D

- The power of Mathematics: We are pretty much math nuts, so much so that there are so many resources and help aids for kids to love math without the usual Mental Abuse To Humans.

- Loving your national pet: To like cats and kittens even more.

- Patriotism is not exactly enforced, because it was seen was propaganda. You either love staying here or you don't, and that is pretty much that. Valentine Z and its autonomous nations are simply here to make life here as easy as possible, be it a foreigner or a citizen.
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Silver Commonwealth
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Postby Silver Commonwealth » Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:11 am

(All of this is IC)

Nationalism: ''Although we are a worldwide Commonwealth, nationalism plays a great role in our education system, as most of the power is delegated to puppet Commonwealth States, and autonomous fascist communes. However, we also teach a world cooperation as well, because when it comes to facing a greater enemy, or something wrong goes with nature, we all need to stand together.''

Militarism: ''Our worldwide hegemony can only be protected by good soldiers, which know no mercy against rebels, and traitors, so this training better should be done at early point- perhaps even at kindergarten. If someone is not fit enough for service, they might still have a place either as a pilot, or war medic.''

Athleticism: ''Although fast food recently gained a lot of popularity, it should be reminded, that it is supposed to be only a solution for the most poor proles, who can't afford everything else. Also, the fact, that most of populace was starving before, is not an argument to drop sports- in fact, now when we have become more reliant on technology, it is more important than ever to keep yourself in a good shape.''

Ruralism, and science (Yeah, at the same time!): ''Without science, we have nothing. But so is the case with farms as well- we must get more people on the fields, or otherwise there are going to be problems to feed our population, which is booming now. Perhaps mixing ruralism, and science is like killing two birds with an one stone?''

Faith: ''Religion plays a lot of role in our Commonwealth's life, even in technocratic Siberia, where there are some shamans. So it is important, that we not only focus on the cooperation with the clergymen, but also teach our values to the children, in order to be sure, that atheism doesn't spread.''

Loyalty to the State: ''Betrayal of the state is one of the worst things, that you can possibly do, and you can get even thrown off from the Hoover dam, if you do so. Also, betrayal of the state harms it, and weakens its positions. So it is important to create loyal citizens, which could not pass secrets, or important information to the enemy.''

Republicanism: ''The founders of our Commonwealth were staunchly republican, and ended many royal families across the world. We must make sure, that royalists don't make a comeback, and passing down our values to children is perhaps the best idea, in order to ensure that.''

Anti-Liberalism: ''Liberal ideas are potentially harmful, and could even destroy the project, on which we have worked on for almost a Century now. I mean, we were forced to change at one point, but only because otherwise we would have gone straight down in the toilet. Their ideas still remain dangerous, and children should be warned about them.''

Literacy, and math: ''Although dumber population is easier to control, more literate, and educated children will make more productive, and intelligent workers in the future. So it is important, that we fix the mistakes of our past government, which kept a lot of populace illiterate.''

Interest in Space: ''For now, Space exploration doesn't play a vital role in our Commonwealth, but in the future, it might become the most important part of our lifestyle- Space has a lot of resources available, and some of them are on near asteroids, or on Moon. At some point, we will need to harvest them, if we will want, that cogwheel of the State works further. But at long term, we will not be enough with only them- we will need resources from further planets. So we teach children about the space, and space exploration, to get more of them volunteering for space programs. It is not like, that we can't conscript a few, though. Other question is, how qualitative would they be.''
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The Huterric Union
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Postby The Huterric Union » Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:25 am

The Six Values of Huterric Life are taught every year from age 4 to 19 to instil these in one's mind. These values are.

1. Liberty. The most important of all. We teach our children to be free and to make their own decisions.
2. Unity. Our nation united for the greater good of humanity, and we feel that our citizens should feel united and as part of one nation
3. Individuality. We encourage our children to be themselves and to also have pride in who they are and to feel pride in their identity, because they would not have it any other way.
4. Equity. We value fairness more than equality. We understand that because of nature that equality is not at all possible, but we want everyone in our nation to have a fair chance of getting somewhere.
5. Diversity. We value incredibly the diverse backgrounds of everyone in our nation. From the generations after the Great Refugee Move-in of the 20th century (due to the many wars taking place then) to those who identify as LGBT to those who may be in different health situations than others, we take pride in the stories of all our citizens who make this nation work!
6. Democracy, We have democratically elected every president after 1800 and will continue to do so until the fall of the Union. We want everyone involved in our democracy so voting is pushed on from a young age.
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The Land of the Ephyral
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Postby The Land of the Ephyral » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:23 am


═───╡❖╞────────═ VALUES OF THE FREEHOLD IN SCHOOLS ═────────╡❖╞───═

The Freehold is committed to educating and instilling it citizen youth with the values of our people, nation, and heritage, so that they might prolong our great civilisation and instil these values into their own children.

Many of these values are taught by parents to children in the familial environment, which is considered to be as necessary and as pivotal in a child's growth, if not more so, than public education. These are just a few of the many that are instilled over years of education.


The maintenance of peak physical fitness and vitality is considered inarguable, for a sick and a weak body may produce a sick and a weak mind. The exercise regimens imposed in education, especially upon boys, is on the border of extremity.

Boys particularly go through highly taxing exercises of running, gymnastics, and the sport of Selian wrestling. This has the added bonus of instilling a sense of competitiveness and ambition, a desire to win and to overcome adversity. Many men maintain their physical fitness through near-daily exercises even beyond school, reflecting the value of athleticism and fitness that stays in the minds of men that they had instilled in them from school. Excellence at physical demonstration, especially in Selian wrestling, is additionally an attractive marker for a man, along the principle that his ability to defend himself against all threats makes him ideal to act as the protector for a future spouse.

Girls too are put through a fairly vigorous physical programme but nowhere near to the level of boys. Whilst the object of male exercises is to achieve physical dominance, for women it is to achieve physical grace, and the obtaining of superior strength is not something that is sought in this programme. Girls also perform running, though with less emphasis on the speed and distance and more emphasis on the simple idea of maintaining bodily integrity and effective function. Gymnastics is the dominant area of exercise for girls, aiming to improve their grace, flexibility, and hone their minds to the focus and accomplishment of acts that take great effort.

As men follow on from what they were instructed to do as boys, so do women, particularly when unmarried, but married women maintain their physical vigour, just at a slightly decreased rate because of the domestic duties they assume.

The boys and girls do not compete in any sporting event, as the extra focus on gymnastics gives the girls an undeniable edge in aspects such as flexibility and free movement, whilst the natural physical dominance of men over women combined with their almost harsh attention to physical power and speed would render them objectively superior in terms of the running events or wrestling, the latter of which girls do not do.

There is however multiple events where classes of girls and boys watch the other sex perform their physical regimens. This is to demonstrate how the two sexes are different, how they excel in different areas, how they can compliment one another, and by highlighting key individuals, what the pinnacle of performance is. This gives boys insight into the physical aims of the girls and vice versa.

Because of the attentive focus on excellence and dominance in these fields, the boys and girls who perform the least effectively become somewhat socially ostracised, and whilst not punished for their failures are encouraged more than the others to perform harder. The exceptional training of the boys is to prepare them for their national service period, where their physical abilities will come into good use and they will master weapon arts. The build-up of female physical endurance is expected to help ease childbirth, and with the physical fitness of both mother and father, increase the odds of fit and healthy offspring, in a form of soft social eugenics.


Manifested as trustworthiness, it is the respect of the word of a citizen as truth. The Ephyral highly value oral contracts, and see the need of writing such things as an indication of mistrust. A man who violates his word is alienated, and even small lies are damaging to the perception of a citizen's fidelity. Boys and girls both are instilled with the idea of honesty and openness of intent. Only through honesty can they maintain reliable friends, and a person's character of fidelity can prove vital if certain matters come to court. Being known for speaking the truth is vital for when the truth required is of paramount importance. Being known for speaking lies makes one unlikely to be believed if they have urgent cause to speak a truth.

It is present in all forms of contract, including marriage, though in Ephyral discourse, fidelity has little of a sexual connotation as such things are aspects of different values.

Fidelity is reliability, it is truth, it is honesty and accountability, to take responsibility for one's own actions, and to speak the truth as best as one can. It is so exalted a value that fidelity was deified as a concept in the Ephyral traditional religion. Perāzes, meaning 'fidelity', 'faith', or 'trust', is the goddess of this concept. It is by her that people in court swear to uphold truth, and often by her that oral contracts are made. Lies are seen as an affront to her, earning of her scorn and contempt, with the belief that those that lie under her name will receive no belief from others when they tell a vital truth. In schools, boy and girls both are encouraged to make contracts of allegiance to one another as they see fit by Perāzes, in order to instil in them the value of her name and their own word, as well as the incentive to uphold it.


To the homeland, to the family, to the parents, to the gods of your house and all those of the state through the proper maintenance and building of relationships in a manner of good morality and decency. Dutifulness is perhaps the closest to righteousness of all the Ephyral values (the values expressed in the Ephyral tongue convey slightly different ideas than the English translation). In terms of family, dutifulness to the parents is utmost. Obedience to the father is held as paramount of all duties within the family, particularly for girls, for when they marry their father remains their highest ranking relative, above even their husband. Within the family the word of the father is considered law and at home and at school children are raised to value and respect it as the ultimate familial command as well as the honoured and respected guidance. It is to the father they owe the prosperity they enjoy.

The mother is similarly honoured for being the vessel of their birth, and in contrast to the extra focus of the daughter's submission to the father, it is the son who focuses more upon the mother. Should she outlive their father after all, her care and prosperity should rightly fall to her son. Because of this, direct obedience to the mother in the manner of the father is not emphasised beyond childhood for sons. If the mother joins his household after the death of his father, she becomes legally under his command as part of his familial right of authority. Because of this, whilst the mother has authority over her sons when they are children, she exercises less and less power over them (potentially with order from the father) as they become men.

In school, dutifulness to the family as a whole is vigorously taught. For boys also it is the duty he will have to his wife and children, to provide for them financially and give them prosperity, to protect them from hard times as well as physically from attack, and from dishonour by others. He is to put himself at risk to defend the women and children of his house, exercised principally through military service. This duty and obligation is the counter-balance to the incredible power he will wield as the head of the family. His power over them is to ensure he has all means necessary to protect them, so that he might most ably act in their interests in times of need.

For girls, the concept of duty is primarily to the children she will bear. To raise and nurture them even at the expense of her own interests. She also has a duty to her husband. In order to enable his ability to ensure her safety and prosperity, and that of the children they made together, she should be deferential to his word. Contrarily, she is obligated to speak against him if she truly feels a course of action he has taken is to the detriment of their lives and most importantly their children. Both submission and defiance can manifest as a woman's duty depending on the situation, and her obligation to honesty as outlined in the previous value makes it necessary for her to speak on principle. Yet if there is no evident reason to believe her husband has endangered her or her children, her duty is that of obedience.

To the homeland, it is a man's obligation to train and prepare for war, his duty to raise and command his family as a unit of the state. To father a new generation of citizens, and as outlined in the family, protect and provide for that family he creates. It is a woman's obligation to bear and raise those children, to keep order and health and structure in the household, to maintain a state of domestic decorum, and to take no actions that inhibit the duties of her husband.

To the gods, it is the maintenance of internal righteousness and good, the observance of proper ritual and custom. Dutifulness in all things, to all tasks, to all responsibilities is a value heavily instilled in the youth.

Sexual Virtue

Perhaps considered as modesty or chastity, or even purity, it is a virtue of high order and importance deemed necessary to the effective function of society.

It is applicable to men and women both and therefore is taught and instilled in each sex but due to conventions of law and social concepts, it's emphasis is on the woman. It exists as both a mental and a physical attribute, from the way one thinks to the way one dresses. Men who do not conform to masculine sexual expectations are considered in violation of this concept but as their expectations are broader, this does not as commonly affect them, but when applicable is highly damaging.

For a woman, and therefore instilled in girls, it is the maintenance of her virginity until marriage. It is the absolute sexual fidelity to her husband, taking no lover from the ranks of slave, freeman, or citizen, and rejecting all men whom are not her husband access to her in a sexual manner. Children are taught about sexuality from a young age as this is considered highly important.

In terms of their physical actions, a citizen woman dresses modestly and respectably, typically in the traditional attire of Selians. Citizen women notably also raise a loose hood over their hair when in public, though the absence of this is not considered an abandonment of purity or modesty, it does however carry connotations that as women do not wear this garment inside the home, she is (especially if talking to men) treating them as a personal guest to her company. In her interactions, a woman takes care not to associate herself with men who are not of her blood nor her husband, lest she receive judgement on her modesty, though this is often unavoidable and therefore does not routinely carry negativity. By far the largest violations of a woman's modesty is to allow her body to be seen bare or to have another man in her bed.

Great virtue is also placed on the woman who marries just once in her life.

Therefore in education, girls especially are taught what is publicly proper and improper, the manner of their dress and interactions, and the virtues of chastity and public modesty.

It can be considered the ideal of femininity though it is not exclusive to women. A man would be in violation of this if he were to demonstrate excess and a lack of self-control in a sexual manner, or by taking to his bed a woman he has no social permission to have. To this end, boys and girls both receive instruction as to proper sexual and public behaviour, with boys receiving education as to the women they have no right to bed.

═───╡❖╞──────────────═ Article Published in the name of the Freehold of Ephyra and its Citizens by the Sphere of the Interior ═──────────────╡❖╞───═
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United New England
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Left-wing Utopia

Postby United New England » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:26 am

Since the 1600s, New Englanders have considered public schools to be a crucial component of a productive society. Novanglian schools teach a wide variety of subjects, but first and foremost, students are taught that:
- All people are inherently equal
- Democracy is the fairest system of government
- The democratic process should be used to reform society
- Education allows people to make informed decisions
- Values matter more than gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or other superficial identities
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Vallermoore » Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:30 am


Every major school has a Megatronist acolyte who is a human, pony, or changeling, who at assembly preaches a short sermon, and once a year an openly robot Megatronist Full Priest tries to visit as many schools as possible.


We used to think of blacks as inferior but this attitude is being changed as it is stupid to discriminate due to skin colour.

Education in general

We want clever pupils not stupid ones.

Nationalism-to a point

We want people to be proud of being Vallermorian but not to take it to extremes.

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Iron Fist Consumerists

Postby Hamidiye » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:20 am

Reading, writing, maths and history. The latter focuses on our empire and the Abdülhamidoğulları, the house of Abdul Hamid. It emphasizes that our beloved founder was nothing but a tribal warlord, a selfmade ruler. It also mentions how advancement is open to everyone with the proper ability, taking figures as Kara Ertugrul Pasha who made his way from albanian farmer to conqueror of Baghdad and slayer of the house of Ibn Saud. The state emphasizes that good service to the Sultan is rewarded greatly, as disobedience is punished equally great. Our citizens have relative freedom in general, as long as the state gets money and order.
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Workers SFSR
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Postby Workers SFSR » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:24 am

Marxism-Leninism: The understanding of basic Marxist-Leninist theory, a materialist outlook on life and working class consciousness. History and other liberal arts subjects are taught from a critical Dialectical Materialist standpoint, and there are classes for Marxist theory exclusively.

Patriotism and Internationalism: Children are taught both to love their Socialist Motherland, and to have respect for other cultures - without falling to either extremes of National Chauvinism and Rootless Cosmopolitanism.

Importance of Labor and Science: Future workers and intellectuals are instilled with interest and admiration for both vocational and academic subjects, and are taught to see socialist labor as joy in itself. School curriculum includes frequent visits to students' future workplaces so they can start learning their trade.

Self-Organization: Students are strongly encouraged to join Youth Pioneer groups and school parliaments, and to plan and organize their own extracurricular activities.

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Rectification Government
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Postby Rectification Government » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:31 am

1. Creationism is taught in Texan schools. Humans are not a mistake and are created with the divine breath of God. Everything else is created by the divine genius of God.
2. United States nationalism. Children are discouraged from seeing themselves as Texans so that there is a greater public will to reunite America.
3. Our Anglo-Saxon cultural heritage and the benefits of Anglo-Saxon politics and economics. Children are taught that it was the Anglo-Saxon world which was most responsible for the defense and expansion of Democracy worldwide. It is our burden as a culture to spread and defend democracy.
4. Hatred of Communism and ethnic nationalism. Children are taught, through horrifying films of the holocaust and various communist killings, that communism and ethnic nationalism are evil and must be fought worldwide for the sake of humanity.
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Victorious Decepticons
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:36 am

The Standard Educational Data Pack (SEDP), which is installed prior to the activation of every new Decepticon, includes values like:

- The Decepticon Way is the only valid ideology. Though other ideologies may have some acceptable elements, they are all missing enough to make them unable to match the success rate of the Way. (Of course, full education in the Decepticon Way is part of the SEDP.)

- Never miss an easy opportunity. This includes being sure to take the opportunity to part fools from their money through the use of connivery, the opportunity to relieve a refinery of its oil by brute-force raiding, and the opportunity to sneak-thieve anything that isn't welded down.

- It is good to use an advantage in CPU power to gain the upper hand against someone who failed to upgrade his own thinking capabilities. Therefore, make sure you upgrade yourself enough to have the advantage.

- Employment is for idiots who can't raid or pull off any scams! The only exception involves jobs that require extremely high education. Employment is despised because it involves willfully accepting being someone's subordinate (a position of weakness) even though that person has no legitimate superiority, and it is highly un-Decepticon to be one of the Weak - much less on purpose. Self-employment, however, is completely fine because this does not involve being a subordinate.

- Gang hierarchy is decided through trials of combat. This makes it so that all order-givers have a bona-fide claim to their status as superiors. Those wishing to upgrade their status can demand new trials according to the schedule set by whatever gang they're in.

- The raid gang is the basic Decepticon social unit. Most gangs raid oil, but this sort of social organization is also used for everything from stealing resources to running schemes. There are typically 4-5 guys in each gang, all of whom have both specific roles and some all-around skills.

- The Decepticon Military is the biggest and most powerful raid gang, and the Decepticon Government is our biggest and most powerful "business" syndicate. Obviously it has no problems with the existence of gangs. In fact, it will summarily blast any foreigners that come here looking to interfere with "gang activity!"

- If you can successfully raid oil by yourself, with no gang, and do so on a regular basis, you will be seen as an awe-inspiring badass. However, this is much more dangerous that going out with a gang, and it's a pain to get a big load of oil back without a couple of guys to pull and steer the tanker. Despite this, the SEDP makes a point of letting people know that there is nothing socially wrong with being a solo operator, and simply mentions the dangers in order to allow Decepticons to make a properly-informed decision on the matter.

- The government is supposed to be corrupt. If it wasn't, it would be considered to be too disconnected from Decepticon culture to rule.

- The government must also know when NOT TO BE corrupt, and act appropriately. It is no problem if someone bribes their municipal administrator to buy their company's foil-paper, or to make minor problems disappear. It is a BIG problem if the municipal admin colludes with Debugging to install viruses into everyone who comes to get their Code fixed. The former is just proper Decepticon-ness. The latter will get the guy killed by a mob in very short order, along with his partners in hacking.

- Hackers of other Decepticons are scum and must die. Nobody wants to end up as someone else's remote-controlled puppet. There is no reason to hack anybody except to force them into a situation that they would absolutely avoid if they could. Hacking is also basically our version of rape, but it involves the massive violation of the Code of the victim instead of the body. Making matters worse, most hackers do this in order to sell the victim to a mine as a piece of equipment that is forced to obey all orders. The victim is then worked until the body seizes up, and is then recycled as scrap - a process which, of course, is lethal. So...we HATE hackers.

- It is essential to protect your mental and bodily sovereignty. If you do not, you'll get hacked. Always keep your government-provided anti-virus up to date, and never install non-certified software to your mind. Also, add certified-legitimate private anti-virus software as well, so if one of your AVs gets circumvented, you have another that may still stop the malware. Finally, do not believe that ANY software is legitimate if you don't get it from a known authorized outlet - because it probably is NOT.

- Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's even remotely okay with us. Hacking, murder, and fraud are all quite legal here. However, getting caught doing the first one will get you killed by an angry mob, the second one will bring vengeance attempts, and the third may result in your front operation being bombed into the stone age. Try to avoid doing things that enrage too many people, lest you accumulate so many enemies that your defeat (and subsequent death) is inevitable.

- Decepticons are the ultimate lifeform. All others are to be enslaved and owned by us, for their rightful place is as our servants. Those who do not agree are defective and should be terminated.

- Imperialism is good, and supporting the expansion of our empire across the entire multiverse is right, upstanding, and proper thinking. Delete all who say otherwise, for they are traitors.

- Nationalism is essential. If you are anti-nationalist, you are a bad Decepticon and a bad person. You will also be melted down as a traitor and source of cultural corrosion, and your Metal will be made into parts to be used by REAL, properly-nationalistic, Decepticons.

- Patriotism is just as essential as nationalism. An unpatriotic creature is a traitor and a source of cultural corrosion, and must be executed as such.

- Military service is one of the ultimate callings for a Decepticon, and it is the ONLY path to the highest echelons of Decepticon political power. As part of the Military, you directly advance our destiny of total domination of the universe. It is also one of the most direct manifestations of our nation's Strength and the Strength of our people. Serve your conscription stints with eagerness and pride.

- Dictatorship is the best form of government. All others are run by wimps, idiots, unqualified lucky flukers, or some combination of the above. The fact that assassination is the only surefire way to remove a dictator also naturally weeds out cowards who are not confident in their own ability, especially in nations where everyone owns powerful weapons.

- Leader Megatron is the best dictator in the entire multiverse.

- Democracies are for wimpy leaders without either the stones to make up their minds on their own, nor the charisma to convince the people not to revolt on them.

- Democracies breed a wimpy populace.

- Beware of any government that wants to disarm you, for that means that it knows it deserves armed rebellion.

- Leader Megatron is the only god left in our universe, because he whooped all of the other ones.

- All dissidents and any other rebels are to be killed upon detection. These beings are all anti-Megatron, anti-Decepticon scum who would ruin our glorious society. Do not wait for Domestic Intelligence to kill them for you. If you spot a rebel, open fire on him immediately.

- The Strong are the rightful rulers of any place or situation. Therefore, be sure you are one of the Strong, and remember that Megatron is the Strongest.

- Strength isn't just about the body. Be Strong in intelligence, will, and guts as well. If you are not physically strong enough to win a battle, try to change that ASAP, but remember that you can kill your enemies with dirty tricks, too - and the more intelligence you have, the better your chances of fooling them.

- Always be heavily armed, and very visibly so, so that you are not mistaken for one of the Weak.

- If you can overpower a weak robot, you can sell him to a foundry as scrap even if he is still functioning. It is also fine to trick a mentally-weak bot into going to the foundry with you, and then chucking him into the smelting pit before he catches on to what you were up to. Weakness of any kind is a corrosion on the Species, and weakens the Nation as a whole, so you are doing our society a favor if you remove weaklings and dimwits.

- If you overpower a biological, and you almost always will be able to, it is your property and you can do whatever you want with it except for taking it to Cybertron It is, however, best to either kill it or put it to slavery. Otherwise, it may turn out to be one of the 0.5% of a biological population that is actually sapient, and it will likely use that sapience to find some way to kill you.

- 99.5% of humans are non-sapient, but part of their programming makes them all insist that they aren't actually just animals with more-complex automatic scripting than the other animals on their planets. Ignore their claims of sapience and reverse-engineer their cultural programming for easy wins and scam-pulling.

- Those who spout off about being morally superior are actually the biggest crooks, no exceptions - but they will backstab you for the pettiest thing in order to hide this fact from idiots who can't see beyond the obvious. Therefore, it is highly encouraged to blast these hypocrites upon detection.

- Hypocrisy is bad and for wimps. Be proud of your Decepticon-ness, and never resort to pretending that you're some kind of Autobot scum, cop-lover, or other foundry-worthy pile of junk. If someone doesn't like how crafty you are, show him that you're also a great warrior.

- There is a Coder of the Biologicals. Unfortunately for him and his creations, our engineers are superior.

- Biologicals are extremely susceptible to drug addiction. Therefore, selling them drugs is a surefire way to make money off of them, especially in nations where drugs are banned.

- Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! Obsolescence allows your personal enemies, as well as the enemies of the Decepticons as a whole, to catch up or even surpass you. Never let it happen. Upgrade both your mind and body whenever possible.

- Always keep yourself in good mechanical repair, and your Code free of glitches, so that you do not become one of the Weak.

- Pacifism is some of the worst cultural corrosion. Always blast a pacifist upon detection, both to remove his poison from society and to deter others from getting or spreading stupid anti-fighting ideas.

- The same goes for what is, in some places, known as "leftism" or "progressivism." The only place that worldview will progress you to around here is the middle of a smelting pit.

- The best way to solve a dispute is through the use of overwhelming firepower.

- If you aren't strong enough to win with overwhelming firepower, upgrade yourself. Failing that, use deadly tricks. But FIGHT somehow,and make it COUNT.

- Do not look to the State to handle your disputes and troubles. A Decepticon can handle his own business.

- Cops and their ilk are anti-Decepticon by definition. Therefore, they are banned within the Empire. Because of this, you MUST handle your own business.

Of course, we teach other values as well, along with essentials like how to survive in the Empire, avoid fights you can't win (without looking like a wuss), and things like that.
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Explosive .50 cal shells vs. Decepticons: REAL, IRL PROOF the Decepticons would laugh at them -
Newaswa wrote:What is the greatest threat to your nation?
Vallermoore wrote:The Victorious Decepticons.

Bluquse wrote:Imperialist, aggressive, and genociding aliens or interdimensional beings that would most likely slaughter or enslave us
rather than meet up to have a talk. :(

TurtleShroom wrote:Also, like any sane, civilized nation, we always consider the Victorious Decepticons a clear, present, and obvious threat we must respect, honor, and leave alone in all circumstances. Always fear the Victorious Decepticons.

The Huskar Social Union wrote: ... massive empires of genocidal machines.

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The Saiyajin
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Postby The Saiyajin » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:23 pm

Despite the Emperor's recent attempts at reform, regular education is still not very widespread among the Saiyan society. Most kids learn from their parents, learned mentors in their caste, and the local community. Only some nobles and scientists attend some fashion of school or college.

Nevertheless, there are certain values that are almost universally taught to Saiyan kids:

  • Might makes right.
  • Your pride as a warrior is the most valuable thing you have.
  • Power is everything. Life is an endless pursuit of ever greater power.
  • Respect your superiors but always challenge them if they show weakness.
  • Saiyans are the best. In everything.

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Selena Quintilliana Perez
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Postby Selena Quintilliana Perez » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:42 pm

Singers and musicians are very much liked in this society and the richest people in our nation have this ability. Music is taught in all our schools amongst the other subjects.
We have an ambivalent attitude towards narks. Serious offenders like murderers, rapists, torturers and those who do horrible things to children and the defenceless deserve to be narked on, but not petty offenders.
Carrying of some kinds of weapons are encouraged in our society-but not in school. Schools are legally weapon-free places.
Love and the finding of it are seen as very important for those aged 16 or older. If your loved one is a changeling that is even better.
Hard work is encouraged.
Be law abiding but if you find it impossible do not get caught.

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Soviet Yazhou
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Postby Soviet Yazhou » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:04 am

The only values taught in Soviet Yazhou are Democratic Socialist Values.
Resurrected from the past

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Postby Welskerland » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:37 am

The Welskian education system places emphasis on independent thinking and considering all points of view, and this instilled into all children from an early age. This is known as General Philosophy. Alongside General Philosophy, children also take the core curriculum such as math, reading, etc.

When they are a little older, they are taught civic values, history, and politics.
Embassy Program

This nation does reflect my IRL views unless something is more interesting to differ from what I believe otherwise. For example, Welskerland is a constitutional monarchy, while I prefer a republic IRL.


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