Mariobo-Richmond County

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Mariobo-Richmond County

Postby Argentinstan » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:42 pm

Mariobo-Richmond County Government

Mariobo is the largest city of Argentinstan and is a major city in the United Nations of Earthlings. The city is a major financial hub, business hub, tourism hub, hospitality hub, and an entertainment hub while also serving an important role in international diplomacy.

The city is approximately 304 square miles, making it one of the largest cities by land area as well in Argentinstan.

Mayor: Jeffrey Sanchez
Deputy Mayor: MImi Trent

President of the Board of Supervisors: Michelle Breed
District 1 Supervisor: Evan Romerias
District 2 Supervisor: Viqi Cheng
District 3 Supervisor: Rosetta Sanchez
District 4 Supervisor: Harriet Truman
District 5 Supervisor: John Wuqanithrias
District 6 Supervisor: Jake Wawoma
District 7 Supervisor: Andrei Palinsky
District 8 Supervisor: Hunter Forest
District 9 Supervisor: William Benson-Gonalez
District 10 Supervisor: Erica Hansen
District 11 Supervisor: Parker Bordier
District 12 Supervisor: Jakoline Emerst
District 13 Supervisor: Dallas York
District 14 Supervisor: Christopher Newman

Chief Justice of the Mariobo-Richmond County Superior Court: Lorenzo Bordier
District Attorney: Dennis Sanchez

Southern Patagonia Power & Utilities
The SPP&U is the provider of electricity in all of the southern portion of the state of Patagonia, including the entirety of Mariobo-Richmond County.

Mariobo Police Department
The MPD is the police department policing the Mariobo-Richmond County with over 120 police districts in the city. The police force has 95,000 active duty police officers and an additional 6,000 civilian members.

Mariobo Fire Department
The MFD is responsible for fire protection and ambulance services in the Mariobo-Richmond County.

Greater Mariobo Public Library
GMPL is a county-funded public library system serving the Greater Mariobo Metropolitan Area with over 450 libraries across the region. The library system is a member of the ANPLS network.

Transport for Mariobo
TfM is the transportation authority responsible for providing efficient, affordable, and quality public transportation in the Greater Mariobo Metropolitan Area. While funded only by the Mariobo-Richmond County, the system is subsidized federally and by the state. The system operates metro, buses, bus rapid transit, commuter rail, light rail, streetcars, and commuter buses.
  • Mariobo Tube (Underground)
  • Mariobo Overground
  • Mariobo RegionRail
  • Mariobo Light Rail
  • Mariobo Street Trolleys
  • Mariobo Buses
    • Mariobo Selective Express (Bus Rapid Transit)
    • Mariobo Limited-Stop Rapid (Express Bus)
    • Mariobo RegionBus (Commuter Bus)

Mariobo-Richmond County Public Schools
The Mariobo-Richmond County Public Schools, overseen by the city Department of Education, operates over 1,600 schools across the county, with over 650 elementary schools, 500 middle schools, and 400 high schools. The district continues to rank highly nationwide in terms of test scores and quality of education.

Mariobo Department of Aviation
Mariobo's Department of Aviation operates three major commercial airports serving the Greater Mariobo metropolitan area: Mariobo International Airport, Mariobo-Pinera Airport, and the recently opened Mariobo-Hollande International Airport.
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