City of Natal Government

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City of Natal Government

Postby Argentinstan » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:43 pm

City of Natal Government


Natal is the largest city of Rodonia County and a principal city of the Natal-Fortaleza Combined Metropolitan Area, home to around 5 million people as of the 2015 census. The city is most notable for its string of beaches, casinos, nightlife, live entertainment, and its hotels and resorts. The city is located in the northeastern corner of Argentinstan.

The city is approximately 22.5 square miles, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean all the way

Mayor: Todd A. Arthur
Deputy Mayor: Matthew Broadman

City Council Secretary: Mikhail Putin
District 1 Councilor: Anna Waromsky
District 2 Councilor: Conrad Everett
District 3 Councilor: Charlotte Manhattan
District 4 Councilor: Lauren Sanchez
At-Large City Councilor: Christopher Tran

Chief Justice of the Natal City Court: Anaïs Dubois
District Attorney: Jeffrey Herman

Natal Power & Water Agency
The NPWA is the responsible agency for providing clean electricity and safe drinking water to the residents of the city.

Rodonia County Police Department
Headquartered in county seat Fortaleza rather than Natal, the RCPD is responsible for policing in the entirety of Rodonia County. The department operates 6 police stations in the city of Natal.

Rodonia County Fire Department
Headquartered in county seat Fortaleza rather than Natal, the RCFD is responsible for fire and ambulance services in the entirety of Rodonia County. The department operates 5 firehouses in the city of Natal.

Natal-Fortaleza/Rodonia County Public Libraryy System
The NFRCPL library system has 2 library branches in the city of Natal and combined with its other branches in Fortaleza and other cities in Rodonia County, it has a total of 1.2 milion local holdings. The NFRCPL has a inter-library borrowing agreement with the University Library of the Université de Brasil, Natal.

Natal Monorail
The Natal Monorail (styled NMonorail) is a 4-line automated monorail system connecting the city with its trunk lines running down the Natal Strip. The system is separate from the Natal City Transit system and is operated through a public-private partnership with Aerobus.

Natal City Transit
Natal City Transit is the government authority providing public transportation in the city of Natal. The system is separate from the Natal Monorail system. The NCT operates local, bus rapid transit, and commuter bus services with a majority of its ridership centered around the Natal Strip area where the system operates the 'Spades" bus line, a double-decker bus making frequent stops along the Natal Strip hotels, casinos, resorts, and attractions.

Rodonia County Schools
RCS operates 3 schools in the city of Natal, 2 elementary schools (François Hollande Elementary School, James Brown Elementary School) and 1 middle school (Whitman Middle School) while city students attend high schools outside of Natal, accessible through school transportation.
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