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Yaoso Republic Q&A

Postby Yaosoland » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:35 pm


The Yaoso Republic is a Socialist Democracy, renowned for its devotion to progress and booming economy as well as its beautiful environment. The devout, intelligent population of 6,127,278 Yaoso enjoy a relatively comfortable and luxurious way of life. The elected government prioritizes Infrastructure, with Health Care, Welfare and Education also on the agenda. The thriving Yaoso economy, worth 178.8 billion dollars a year, is broadly diversified and led by the Technology Industry, with major contributions from Shipbuilding, Agriculture and Tourism. Yaosoland's GDP per capita is $29,184. Yaosoland's national animal is the endangered East African Rhino. The official language of Yaosoland is Yaoso, with Bourha as an official language in the Autonomous Republic of Bourha.

This is the official Q&A thread for the Yaoso Republic. Questions can be asked either IC'ly or OOC'ly. Unless otherwise requested, questions will be answered by the Foreign Affairs Bureau, however you can direct questions to specific people as well (such as an average Yaoso citizen, the CEO of a company, the President, ect). This thread serves to both answer foreign questions, as well as help me flesh out my iiWiki and Factbooks. :)
Yaoso Republic
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Postby Tinhampton » Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:55 am

  • How did Yaosoland earn its independence? And is "Founded 461 AD" a gimmick used by your Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or does it hold a deeper significance?
  • Has Yaosoland ever come under the rule of oppressive dictators, elected or otherwise, like other African countries?
  • How did "Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic" become "Constitutional Parliamentary Republic" become "Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic"? How does the USP Constitutional Republic work, why did the government style change so often, and what forced each of these changes?
  • How many people sit in the national parliament, and what is its political makeup? It is known at the very minimum that the United Progressive Party, Civil Democratic Party and Green Party were the only parties represented in the chamber as of 2016.
  • How do elections work in Yaosoland? For example, how did ex-PM Sande Sizwe/Enande Sizwe find himself replaced by Eshe Dualeh, and - on a more tangential point - why does Sande have two different names?
  • Yaosoland's population has increased by 380,000 - a number larger than the entire population of Tinhampton - in the past five years. (OOCly, if you haven't retconned it yet, that's about 5,000,000 people in two years; ICly, which figure to trust is unknown although I'm going with the smaller increase). How, why, and from where?
  • How did the victory of pro-Abasi forces in the 1818-25 war shape Yaoso history, into the present day and otherwise?
  • What are the key provisions in Yaosoland's Constitution? Are there any other key pieces of legislation that need to be considered?
  • What type of interregional bloc is Yaosoland in (just as, OOCly, France and Germany are in the EU)? To what extent can you speak for tariffs being imposed, both on goods headed into and out of Yaosoland?
  • Is there anything more that happens not to have been lost to time concerning the guerrilla war 50 years ago or so?
  • What can you tell me about the Autonomous Republic of Bourha, and how do - for example - the riots that occurred on April 17th 2016 or any of the other recent riots in Kasali reflect dissatisfaction with the government? To what extent is the new government respectful towards the Bourhans?
  • What vaccinations are required for "personnel" before approaching their embassy? What risks are posed in Yaosoland that requires them?
  • ICly and OOCly, is the embassy program still open for business or has it been dead for two years?
  • And finally, how many East African Rhinos are there in Yaosoland?

* Mayor: Saffron Howard (UCP; libertarian)
* Foreign Minister: Ryan Terrence (TLP)
* WA Delegate-Ambassador: Alexander Smith (NatSov)
* WA Assistant: Bianca Venkman (IntFed)

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