How can foreigners tell if someone is from YN

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Postby Osweya » Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:48 pm

Our thick, distinctive accents when speaking other languages, our perceived arrogance, our manners, our reserved nature, our love of games and our love of tea.

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Postby Amrasia » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:14 pm

  • Has a turkish/slavic facial feature but speak very good english. British english with Amrasian accent (
  • Average height; Male (175cm), Female (170cm).
  • Silent at first, but once you gained their trust, don't expect to get a chance to talk even for a second. They're extremely talkative.
  • When you get invited to a Amrasian home, they won't expect you to get dressed up--wear casually.
  • Always say "ya" in the end, or as a stop between sentences.
  • Not much of a drinker.
  • Amrasian always tend to be different; you can easily find them in a group of people. Find the tallest with turkish/slavic facial feature person wearing the most casual clothes.
  • Not much of a tropical-climate-loving person.
  • Some Amrasians will refuse to eat pork. Some will gladly eat. And they usually tell you the reason why they don't/do.
  • Fluent in english, slavic and turkic languages.
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Postby Tjorl » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:54 am

  • Tall, english-speaking, Nordic-looking, blue eyed people
  • They are neither fat nor skinny.
  • Average height; Male (6"4), Female (6"3).
  • Ask them if Tjorlish cuisine is better than Malcore's cuisine, they will fiercely say YES.
  • When you get invited to a Tjorlish party, there will always be that guy who always brings a whole bowl of Deiso (chicken, crab, and corn) soup for some reason.
  • They are sick of the typical stereotypes; ask a Tjorlish if they hunt for fish and whales and eat them, o boy, will he/she shall be furious.
  • Will occasionally tell snow jokes
  • Tjorlish people can be easily seen in a group of people. Just look for tall, Nordic-looking, blue eyed people.
  • Enjoys literally every second of warm weather even if it lasts only 5 hours. Still likes cold weather
  • No matter how similar they are to Norway, DO NOT CALL THEM NORWEGIAN. (if you watch Geography Now! Belarus you'll understand)
  • Speaks to you in either English, Tjorlish, or Norwegian
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Hammer Britannia
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Postby Hammer Britannia » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:05 am

Just look into their eyes. If they look crazy beyond any belief then they are probably from here.
Another way of telling if someone is from here is their accent. A Hammer Britannian accent usually sounds like a American badly impersonating a Cockney accent.
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Postby Musk » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:07 am

>Visually repulsed by Chinese flag.
>Speaks English with an Arab, Russian, British, or Japanese accent.
>Holds far-right views, is not racist in any way except towards Chinese.
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True Chinese Federation
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Postby True Chinese Federation » Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:30 pm

If they praise our Living God Emperor Kong QIngdong during every second of their otherwise pointless existence!

Or, far more accurately, they are sprinting to the nearest embassy or foreign government office, begging for asylum and recounting the horrors they have seen and heard.
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The Land of the Ephyral
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Postby The Land of the Ephyral » Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:58 am


═───╡❖╞────────═ How do Foreigners recognise the Selian Ephyral? ═────────╡❖╞───═

Due to the multi-ethnic nature of the empire ruled, this shall focus on the native and socially dominant group, the (Pan)Selian race, and their identity as Ephyral citizens.

Amongst the highest ways to distinguish a Selian is the language they speak. It is unlike most others and though it has borrowed some words over many centuries it remains largely distinct from virtually all other languages. It is flowing and accented and difficult for non-native speakers to fully grasp the meaning of.

Visually however one might be made aware of the heritage of the individual by their physical appearance, though this isn't always reliable. Hair colours in the Selian race range typically from medium-blonde to a near-white pale-silver, and eye colours from blue to deep violet. This is not always true however and there are those with majority Selian blood who may have darker hair colours or different eye colours (though the latter is rarer due to the dominance of the mutated gene).

This means that visually a Selian may look like a stereotypical northern European or entirely unique. Fashion trends and other physiological demonstrations can also denote their identity. At a maximum average height of 6'2" before being considered tall, the men of Selia are renowned as being a tall, militaristic sex. As one might imagine they operate a patriarchal society which places a value of protection on women and children. However a woman is considered tall if she reaches the height of 5'5". This significant sexual dichotomy is fairly pronounced.

Selian women do not keep their hair short. It is either worn long and loose or tied up and back, but short-hair is considered a profoundly masculine trait.

Men wear a traditional attire mix of just below knee-length tunic, with a potential sleeve-less coat over the top. The tunic is typically belted around the waist. The adoption of trousers has become common in society for men outside of military use, and many may utilise boots as footwear. Others do not use trousers and wear traditional sandals. Men of the Senate wear a toga over their tunic.

Women wear traditional Selian dresses of a significant variety. Many however are v-neck 'empire' style dresses which are traditionally sleeveless. Other variants include halter. Skirt-length is typically towards ankle length but can rise to around just below knee-length before it is considered too provocative. The reason behind this is, contrary to men, there exists no traditionally Selian underwear for women, and whilst many women today do wear underwear as imported from other nations, the social perception of making oneself physically accessible to sex through the shortening of the skirt remains. For a similar reason, due to complex sexual attitudes, a similar practice exists for men and Senatorial tunics specifically are known to reach ankle-length.

They are a strongly conservative people with regards to their own culture. They will, generally, deliver consistent conservative opinions (to potentially the most extreme variant) in opposition to homosexual marriage recognition, opposition to abortion, opposition to female suffrage, and more. The latter is true even amongst Selian women. At no point in the raising of a girl does politics become a relevant subject and it is considered an irrevocably masculine sphere. With politics also being thought of as akin to war, the idea of female suffrage is equivalent in the minds of the Selians to suggesting women be sent into battle.

They are exceptionally culturally xenophobic and possess a unique idea on race, that every race is in fact a sub-species, and the elements within it are the actual races and divided into ethnic groups. These races are psychologically as well as physically different and socially incompatible. If you ask the Selian his or her opinion on the Europeans, to whom they are most closely linked, they will deliver remarks of their spirit and bravery, commitment to tradition and family, but a general lack of innovation, at least prior to Roman expansion. In the modern day the Europeans are considered the most equal.

Upon the Asians they shall express greater disdain. The westernmost Asians such as the Persians and the easternmost such as the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese, are similar in their minds that they are inventive and advanced peoples but who suffer from a complete lack of valour and heart, in near-constant subjection by their state or by their own selves. The horse-nomads of the steppe and central Asia are regarded as uncivilised and barbaric. Those of the Indian sub-continent are regarded as almost entirely alien and mysterious. Whilst south-east Asia and the islands around it are considered highly primitive and barbaric. The Africans are regarded as proficient in neither field as they're simply considered too underdeveloped to receive the traits of the peoples of Europe and Asia.

The native Australian peoples are not even regarded as a human sub-species but rather as a co-existing and more advanced species of ape, much like the Africans were until recently. Such remarks would be considered racist by most others but the Selians do not really have much interest in such labels.

The Selians are exceptionally strong in their convictions and do not take challenge lightly when it concerns a matter they perceive as morally correct, and they are exceptionally prone to trying to map the intentions of someone they meet by the things they say. This can lead to unexpected hostility if something is said which, if followed to what they believe is the logical conclusion, is regarded as an intent of harm or detriment to their society.

The Selian people are also rather disdainful of the concept of compassion outside of their family unit, and to an extent their common identity. They have developed a social ability to be able to drop any and all hints of compassion and mercy if dealing with certain kinds of people. It's for this reason as well as others that their society still practises legal chattel slavery. A man demonstrating compassion to his family and friends could, in an instant, be deprived of all such notions when addressing a slave.

The Selians are also known for their unique naming conventions. There are more female first names than male, and male names are more exclusive to different ethnic groups than female. The reason for this was political intermarriage. Women would be offered in marriages between the leaders of states who might be of different ethno-linguistic Selian groups (of which four exist, Kolkosian, Panyrian, Iosorian, and Rhyosian) and it would be the woman who would reside at her husband's home. In some cases, the family descended from them might adopt the mother's first name into their own corpus for use, especially if she became a woman of prominence and influence. This also led to the breeding of new names out of similar existing ones.

Selian names have three parts. Their given birth name. Names are generational and traditional and a family rarely employs more than seven. Eldest sons are named for their fathers and the eldest daughter of any family is routinely given the name 'Ephyra'. Their second name is a corruption of their ancestral clan name, ending in -ios for men or -ia for women. These also serve as further identifiers due to the presence of a branch, or closer family name. Further additions might be added to determine one's father and husband (the latter for women).

Profanity in their language is regarded as considerably more offensive than in English. The word abylurtys for example translates to 'whore', and though it is accurately employed to label someone of that profession, to name a citizen woman such a thing, be one a man or a woman, is one of the most offensive things one can do. Though regarded as unbecoming of a woman to say and to respond to, any male guardian of the woman present may well strike the speaker in retaliation, with a closed fist if the speaker is a man and an open hand if a woman.

In truth the Selians are so unique that most of what they do distinguishes themselves from others. These are but a few ways a foreigner may know he has set foot in Ephyra or is engaging with a Selian.

═───╡❖╞──────────────═ Article Published in the name of the Freehold of Ephyra and its Citizens by the Sphere of the Interior ═──────────────╡❖╞───═
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Postby Knessniet » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:16 pm

You can generally spot a Knessian easily because...
- Most of them have a constant cough because of the pollution in Knessniet.
- They will openly use homophobic slurs.
- They often look around frantically before telling you something they consider confidential.
- They seem to be paranoid that the government is watching them. Rightly so.
- If you say something bad about the Grand Duke, they will likely panic because they think they will be shot. Again, rightly so.
- When they introduce themselves, they will always include their Citizen ID number. Ex. "Hi, I'm [Name], Citizen number 39262935."
- If detained by foreign authorities, they will refuse to say anything except their name, origin, and citizen ID.
- They tend to be fundamentalist baptist christians due to our education system.
- They are notoriously mistrusting about foreign currency unless it is backed by precious metal.
- If they are a nobleman, they will demand to be called by their title. They will notably not introduce themselves with an ID number.

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The Black Party
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Postby The Black Party » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:20 pm

Hammer Britannia wrote:Just look into their eyes. If they look crazy beyond any belief then they are probably from here.
Another way of telling if someone is from here is their accent. A Hammer Britannian accent usually sounds like a American badly impersonating a Cockney accent.

Also if they are a hammer which likes to march

You can tell someone is from The Black Party if their cladded in Police gear.
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The Koniggratzer
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Postby The Koniggratzer » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:47 am

Either they will say they're Turkish or Ottoman, if they're Kurdish, Arab, or Hebrew.
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The Great Imperator Jeffrey
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Postby The Great Imperator Jeffrey » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:52 am

Our people will be escorted by a war robot or two whenever they are outside our empire, so as to make sure that they come back. They will also show obvious partiotism and use homophobic slurs. When in a country inhabited by aliens, they will often mutter, "Xeno scum," under their breath.
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Radical Islamic Buddhism
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It's obvious

Postby Radical Islamic Buddhism » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:02 am

Y'all would know someone is from my nation if they:

are a devout Radical Islamic Buddhist
hate people who follow a different religion
talk about their sexual adventures with goats, camels, horses, yaks, snow leopards, whales or elephants
use the word "y'all" excessively
can list all the provinces in Radical Islamic Buddhism (map for reference
worship the Radical Islamic Buddhist government
never question authorities
pray to Jesus, Budhallah, and their nation's dictator for money on Thursdays
never say the real f-word
use violence against people who disrespect their government
love the :bow: emoji

So yeah, my people are pretty terrible and it's my fault

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Postby Salisford » Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:27 am

  1. The being you're talking to is a small sapient equine with a pastel coat and mane.
  2. Because they are herbivores, they never eat meat.
  3. Salisfordians dress formally, if you stopped a pony on the street they'd probably be wearing a sack coat and a tie.
  4. They use Esperanto interjections even when they're not speaking Esperanto.
  5. Males might be wearing a Tol, a hat that originates from the Salisfordian city of Toliso that has become a symbol of Salisfordian culture. The hat is very similar to a fez but it is dyed black rather than red.
  6. Salisfordians are very devout Catholics and you can usually find one in a Church.
  7. Salisford enjoys a low crime rate, but because of this Salisfordians become very worried if they see gangs of teenagers and may call the police even if the gang is just standing around.
  8. Salisfordians would probably react with disgust if they saw someone publically using drugs and other harmful substances (like cigarettes).
  9. Salisfordians would never dine at fast food restaurants due to how unhealthy they are.
  10. Dinner is a very important meal in Salisfordian culture and Salisfordians usually invite guests over for dinner. If you became friends with a Salisfordian tourist, they'd probably invite you over to have dinner.
  11. Salisfordians almost never gamble in casinos, if they ever gamble it's probably for low amounts of money between friends.
  12. Salisfordian families are large, and they probably with 3 or more kids. This is because of pro-natalist policies within Salisford.
  13. Salisfordians tend to be loud and have a good sense of humor. If you're on a subway and you hear somepony loudly laughing and joking in Esperanto, it's probably a Salisfordian.
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Postby Kromi » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:39 pm

  • If you ask them, they always say they are Krominase. Even though there is no suc rase called "Krominase"
  • They normally ditc the letter "C" and replase them with a "K" or an "S" and then use "C" for the "Ch" sound, so they might spell the words, "Caught", "Circle" and "Channel" as "Kaught", "Sirkle" and "Cannel".
  • They have never even heard of suc thing as a "Straw" sinse it's banned in Kromi.
  • They kall foreign kountrys by their native names, as it is konsidered respekt.
  • They use many short letters to represent words suc as "X" meaning "No", "Not" or "don't".
English: The 2nd Federation Of Kromi
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Postby Dreshand » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:42 pm

If they say they are Dreshandian
If they speak Dreshandian
If they put call of cthulu into the religious section
If they're pretty chill/stoic about everything
If they won't ever say d_mmit
If they have an additional arm or somethinf
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