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Postby Legokiller » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:36 pm

A Legend unveiled: Princess Snow!
Written By: Camellia | Source: Silverline News Network| Snowy Light, Silverdale

Silverdale: The Legend of Princess Snow was a story of historical and fictional tales of an Alicorn mare who controlled the elements of ice. Folks across the country have heard about the cold and aloof princess, the daughter of the splendid Queen Aurora, who vanished in the the blizzard of the Endless Winter in 1931. A strange convenience, as the beloved queen disappeared in the same cold waste of Antarctica as well without a trace in the search of her mother. For decades, there were reports of the famous ice palace appearing and disappearing in many locations like Ice Breaker and Pebble Hill. Penguins inhabiting the land are said to have seen Princess Snow and have been healed by her. Some proclaimed to have saved a national leader and sheltered him from the harshest blizzards on Earth.

There are many tales of the merciful alicorn who guards us from the horrors. As I even report, shared such legends in a few interviews with the local politicians and people who claim to saw her. All fictional and possibly true events. But recently, after an attack from demonic penguin creatures, the newly formed First Order of the Mystic Guardians have discovered and brought home Princess Snow herself. One might be fooled her appearance to be a mere ice pony, or ice golem, but Princes Snow is alive and well. In addition of her being mother like daughter, she has been revealed to be heavily pregnant.

The discovery shocks the nation as long-lived beings who remember the old rule of Queen Aurora cheer for the return of the heir of the throne, while the current generation is excited for the news of the legendary mare. As not only the rumors of a mare who shelters stallions and love them are true, but it marks it as the real deal. As this excitement from the elders to ponies have an idea for a crown culture, the current administration of the government was taken by surprise. As Vice President Brownie puts it, “A major shift in politics as an heir to the throne presents challenges of current administration and how the divide in power from President to a Queen. While Princess Snow have yet to conform her intentions outside of aiding the nation’s security and protection in the First Order of the Mystic Guardians, further debate is necessary before any major reforms are enacted.”

Only time will tell of this movement of transaction into a possible Constitutional Monarchy will be determined by Princess Snow, her supporters, and the statesmen. As the last chance for this from Princess Bridget was a refusal and her disappearance into the grand Savannas with her Zebra people in the Valla.

-Camellia of Silverline News Network (

Copyright 2018 Silverline News Network™. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Silverdale, Princess Snow, author:Camellia

Comment Section

ColdCowgirlz (Icicle Shore, Silverdale) 12 MINUTES AGO +493 ImageImage
We at the Arctic Knights welcome with open arms the return of our beloved Princess! Our Captain will make sure to discuss our future in the coming days with regards to this development. Whatever happens, make sure to be kind to the fair Princess if you manage to see her!

KoboldsAreBoldly45 (Calberona, Dyste) 3 MINUTES AGO +7 ImageImage
Oh, finally the Silverdalens are going to have a monarchy again. About time, I have had to wait 87 years for them to see sense.
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Silverdale's Factbook! Poi Poi Poi Resurrected! Silverdale News Thread
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Postby Legokiller » Thu Jan 13, 2022 9:48 pm

Silverline News Network Special Edition!

“Hello everyone! This is Isaheria here on a special report. Across the lands are many faiths, and beliefs on how our world and the heavens interact. Some are closer to home as stewards like Celestial and Luna, while others like those in the Mist Continent are beings who dwell especially to the uncorrupted celestial realms. Today in this first episode of Divine Seekers, we’re paying a visit to our homeland!

Our lands may not be governed by any divine figures, but the deities are alive and well. By its origins, the island of Silverdale was created by the four seasonal deities, and blessed by the rest of the pantheon with many gifts to build life. Yet as of recent, a new generation of deities and spirits arose from the chaos of the Winter War. I must of course state the obvious that some are spirits who cover local eras to ones who can alter the fabric of this world. But all creatures, including us mortals, can dwell in harmony with the deities and they do care for us with love and kindness.

That being said: a few of them decided to speak with me in person! The first is the goat deity: Talva."

Isaheria the elf approaches Talva at the courtyard of her temple at the newly founded city Glacius. The goatwoman was wearing a blue and white kimono with a snowflake pattern, and carried a platter of treats.

Isaheria: “So is it true that you arose to divine hood as of late?”

Talva: “Why yes, my dearie! It was at the tail end of the Winter War, where Lady Avala realized in order to heal this land, she needed a partner, a sister deity as it were, and as her high priestess, I was granted the duty.”

Isaheria: “A partner? My viewers, alongside the folks here, must ask why she chose you as her sister deity? Many know her as the lone caretaker of winter itself and against hostile malus.”

chuckles “Perhaps she decided that this was the time to open up a little? Winter is the longest season here, and it is an incredible burden. Not to mention that with the threats we have dealt with in the past winter… or perhaps she was just a little lonely and wanted a companion? Either way, I was chosen for this role by her personally.”

Isaheria: “Perhaps even she needs a cuddle goat close by. That said: how did your life change after that moment?”

Talva: “I suppose that lots of people appreciate a cuddle goat!” Laughs “Well, it took a while for me to get a grasp on what happened, but when I went on a trip to heal people after the war, I found more people wishing to follow my ways, including a whole town that renamed itself after me and a tribe of frost giants… I’ve met so many wonderful people as a result of all this, not to mention my favourite new role; getting gifts for everyone.”

Isaheria: “Gifts for everyone? Do explain. I know that Miranda Songbird is working to make that plush act possible, but would you bless that by any chance as well?”

Talva: “Oh, well, you are aware of the legends of Avala traveling across the land in winter, right? As her sister deity, naturally I shall be doing so as well, and using that opportunity with my followers to distribute presents to the people of Silverdale, as part of Winter’s Warmth. After all, after what happened last winter, don’t we all deserve a chance to be together and be kind to one another in the harshest of seasons?”

Isaheria: “why we sure do! It makes our day a little more special than the usual snow shoving. That said: you seem friendlier than the cold Avala. Or what I am told since she can show friendless to harshness.”

Talva: “I would tell you that Avala does have a kind side to her that many overlook; remember that she also is a goddess of healing like myself and has made her own efforts to aid people in her season. But if you want that warm smile and snuggle in the times of winter, you can always look to me and my followers, you might even get some tasty treats!”

Isaheria: “If you don’t mind, may I have a taste of your treats?”

Talva: “Did you think I brought over a tray of them in order for you to just look at them, dear? By all means, have as many as you like!”

Isaheria took one of the treats and chewed them down right in front of the camera.

Isaheria: “Delicious! So.. I must ask: what’d be your plans for the near future?”

Talva: “Oh, well, the winter season is over, so my most active phase is done… I’d like to spend some time both to spread my faith a little and take a bit of time to travel a bit… and of course, to spend some time with my family and loved ones. Who knows, there might be more of them in the near future…”

Isaheria: “How humbling! I have a few more questions for folks abroad. Given rumors of your history, you appear to dwell in Corneria for sometime. So the first question: do you like swords? The second: given your plan to spread the faith, do you intend to go beyond the borders of the Silverdale lands?”

Talva: Sighs “Oh, trust me, I know all about Corneria’s love of swords… I think they are fine weapons to defend oneself, but bear in mind that I am a healer first and foremost and try to avoid fighting when I can; I was… actually I guess technically I still am a registered White Mage from my time living in those lands, and they are very important to me… and as for spreading my faith, I suppose that if there enough people wanting to follow me I’ll be happy to bring them in, Corneria included of course.”

Isaheria: “Well I suppose it all depends on luck then! That said: I imagine there will be a big following already just for you! That includes abroad in Crystal Spires to attract goat beastlings as well.”

Talva: “You… think so? W-well, I suppose I’ve already gotten quite a few even if I haven’t been as active as Mom or some of the others in doing so… I will take that to heart, my dear; my faith is open to any that wish to join, regardless of where one might come from.”

Isaheria: “Why thank you Lady Talva. Now is there anything else you wish to address to the public at large before we wrap things up?”

Talva: “Well, two things I wish to say. First off, treat people with kindness and compassion; you do not have to be a pushover, of course, but do not go in with hostility in mind. Secondly, somewhat related to the first is… if you see someone with demonic blood or monstrous origins, do not assume the worst of them. Many of them are just normal people who happen to have special bloodlines. Other than that, if you ever seek guidance, just offer a nice baked good as an offering!”

Isaheria: “Why thank you very much lady Talva! I may offer one little nice baked goods as an offering. That said: you prefer homemade or store bought? Just a little last minute sneak a roo question before we go!”

Talva: “Oh! Homemade, of course! I don’t mind if you struggle a bit with it, I appreciate the time and effort put into it.”

Isaheria: “Ah! So no cheating on this one of course. Now thank you Talva!”

Talva: “Thank you, Isaheria, and thank you for having me on today; here’s hoping it isn’t the last time. And I’ll be seeing everyone next winter!”

A quick update from our fantastical interview with Talva herself! There are many questions across our audience on who is and isn’t a new deity. It can be confusing given any self-proclaim mage, cult leaders, and figure heads of all kinds label themselves as such. But to use the Aurora Academy definition: it is the one who can bless, grant, and deliver celestial magic to a person. Alongside a more ‘worldly trait’ of the supernatural and a manifestation of a key aspect of reality. Now there is more to worry about from all mighty beings from other faiths, but for the purpose of this dive, we’ll have to explain it right here!

Confirmation from both Aurora Academy, Department of Commerce, and Celestial Derpicorn Association on this subject.

List of Deities

Talva: A former demoness of the Loveheart family trained in Corneria, Talva Loveheart was the high priestess of Avala before ascending to the role alongside her goddess as her right hand, representing healing and the warmth of winter. She often manifests as a giantess, and is said to be popular with frost giants.

Glacia: The legendary arctic elf heroine of Silverdale, Glacia Invernos, also known as Glacia-Skathi, is the leader of the newly formed Warrior Trinity, a goddess representing both heroism and affection; the newly built city of Glacius is named after her. There are also two other versions of her that are believed to be manifestations of her, Glacia the Mage which represents her more magical side rather than heroism, and Lady Icestorm who also has powers over ice.

Shieldmaiden: Said to be the sister of Glacia and paladin and daughter of Mythra, the Shieldmaiden is a member of the Warrior Trinity. As her name implies, she focuses on the defensive side of combat, protecting one’s allies and promoting strong bonds with them.

Yuki: A kitsune goddess, Yuki Iceheart is a former knight and professor who is the third member of the Warrior Trinity. She values knowledge in one’s life on and off the battlefield, and respecting the natural world.

Brigit: A newly discovered ocean spirit that manifested herself as a seal beastling, Brigit Seaheart represents the very ecosystem of life in Silverdalean waters and the sea itself.

Brasa: The Dragon Queen herself, Brasa is the deity of love and dragonkind. It is believed she is a transformation of Sailor Chione to achieve a new form of power as mastery of the strength and wisdom of draconic kind She is also a heroine and known to be married to Glacia.

Leora: The avatar of the Dragon Queen, Leora is a Divine Dragon said to have celestial ancestry, giving her the powers of light, and is often worshiped as a goddess in her own right. In spite of her light-based powers, she seems to be popular among ninja aficionados, with a following in Ninja Village.

Marron: An aspect of the Dragon Queen, Marron is the goddess of half-dragons and a famous heroine of the Dragon Sea Alliance. She represents the facet of Brasa most tied to dragons themselves, in particular the bond between dragons and other beings.

Sandy: An aspect of the Dragon Queen, Sandy is Marron’s sister and a warrior skilled in battle and dancing, representing the warrior side of Brasa.

Aoife: An aspect of the Dragon Queen, Aoife is a half-sister of Marron and Sandy and mage of renown, representing the magical side of Brasa.

Aea: A powerful djinn tied to Brasa, Aea is believed to have been manifested by a wish from one of her aspects, uniting with her family after ages apart.

Kyara: A former tanager paladin of the Arnwehr and paladin of Brasa, Kyara is the senior member of the Aurora Duo and a companion of the Warrior Trinity. She is said to be the goddess of death and nobility in the glaristanti and Silverdalen pantheons. Additionally, she is said to act as a guardian of the Auroras.

Ivrea: The dragon elf daughter of Brasa and Tyroth, Ivrea is known as the goddess of magic and trickery. While popular in her role for the former, Ivrea is far more well known

Constance: The dragon elf daughter of Brasa and Tyroth and sister of Ivrea, Constance is a dimensional and planar traveler seeking adventure and knowledge of other realms.

Alvis: A dragon elf and former royal knight, Alvis is the husband of several goddesses; fitting for his role of representing husbands and families.

Emilia: The handmaiden of Brasa, Emilia is a priestess of the Dragon Queen’s and a lesser deity in her own right.

Ophelia: The thunderous goddess, Ophelia is the deity of lightning and strength. It is said that she is one of magical prowess and one able to even charge electrical grids.

Akari: An arisen angelic warrior, Akari is a deity of magical warriors and a bearer of light. It is believed that Mythra chose her after many heroic deeds to combat evil, and acts on earth to join her into the celestial realm.

Flora: A catfolk goddess believed to hail from another land, Flora is the goddess of challenges and competition, a strong ally of the Warrior Trinity believed to be their ‘fourth member’. She is said to travel the world and beyond seeking new challenges.

Alayna: A powerful magic elemental that is pure arcane energy of a body that manifests in a human woman archmage named Alayna, she is the lady of enchantments, beauty, and bewitchment.
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Silverdale's Factbook! Poi Poi Poi Resurrected! Silverdale News Thread
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Postby Legokiller » Thu May 19, 2022 6:04 pm

Royal Restoration
Written By: Camellia | Source: Silverline News Network| Snowy Light, Silverdale

Silverdale: Spring booms across Silverdale, as the Seasonal Throne became green with life as a historic turn came across the nation. The frozen alicorn and daughter of Aurora, Snow, and the scion of Aqua and Glacia, Talva Loveheart, were deemed qualified candidates under the Seasonal throne Accords. As blessed by the divine themselves (legitimate after a series of trials), they’re staged to become married queens of the United States of Silverdale itself. As natural, they’ve deemed Protectors of the Federation, and guides of the spiritual realm followed by their peers.

What the restoration shall mean for the state of democracy is said to be enshrined by the House Speaker Bell on the matter. “The state of democracy will continue as always as President Miranda will continue her term as a new article will address the state of the union as a whole. As we believe our queens will be bound by the law of the state and must be upheld to continue its function.” It appears as though the President is in full support of this restoration as it’d bring more of a stable peace to the nation as it undergoes reconstruction and a period of mending from two great disasters of the Winter War and the Nuclear Scar.

Public opinion from our census speaks of it positively, as well as curiosity about the new royal dynasty. As rumors say that Talva has a mysterious lover, and Snow and Glacia’s bond grew closer as engaged lovers. Already a spark of gossip on what consorts and a new harem would be, as traditions returned to the land of Snow.

-Camellia of Silverline News Network (

Copyright 2020Silverline News Network™. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Silverdale, Princess Snow, author:Camellia

Comment Section

ColdCowgirlz (Glacius, Silverdale) 5 MINUTES AGO +493 ImageImage
Yeah, go Talva, go Snow! The Arctic Knights aren’t really gonna be a direct thing anymore, but I’ll still be working with some of the former members as part of the queens’ staff. Just remember the promise you made to Lady Glacia and we’ll serve you well!

WindIsGreen3 (Valitora, Dyste) 2 MINUTES AGO +7 ImageImage
Between our king’s retirement and the ascension of Princess Tynah to the throne, Queen Eyvel’s abdication, the new Empress of Rohane Alista and now this, it was inevitable that Silverdale, too, went through such a change. I look forward to seeing what this will bring to our nations.

HorseLord99 (Turlia City, Rohane Alista) 1 MINUTE AGO +5 ImageImage
Interested to see how this works for the DSA? I guess everyone being a monarchy at least means we're on the same page?
Silverdale's Factbook! Poi Poi Poi Resurrected! Silverdale News Thread
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