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Postby Legokiller » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:36 pm

A Legend unveiled: Princess Snow!
Written By: Camellia | Source: Silverline News Network| Snowy Light, Silverdale

Silverdale: The Legend of Princess Snow was a story of historical and fictional tales of an Alicorn mare who controlled the elements of ice. Folks across the country have heard about the cold and aloof princess, the daughter of the splendid Queen Aurora, who vanished in the the blizzard of the Endless Winter in 1931. A strange convenience, as the beloved queen disappeared in the same cold waste of Antarctica as well without a trace in the search of her mother. For decades, there were reports of the famous ice palace appearing and disappearing in many locations like Ice Breaker and Pebble Hill. Penguins inhabiting the land are said to have seen Princess Snow and have been healed by her. Some proclaimed to have saved a national leader and sheltered him from the harshest blizzards on Earth.

There are many tales of the merciful alicorn who guards us from the horrors. As I even report, shared such legends in a few interviews with the local politicians and people who claim to saw her. All fictional and possibly true events. But recently, after an attack from demonic penguin creatures, the newly formed First Order of the Mystic Guardians have discovered and brought home Princess Snow herself. One might be fooled her appearance to be a mere ice pony, or ice golem, but Princes Snow is alive and well. In addition of her being mother like daughter, she has been revealed to be heavily pregnant.

The discovery shocks the nation as long-lived beings who remember the old rule of Queen Aurora cheer for the return of the heir of the throne, while the current generation is excited for the news of the legendary mare. As not only the rumors of a mare who shelters stallions and love them are true, but it marks it as the real deal. As this excitement from the elders to ponies have an idea for a crown culture, the current administration of the government was taken by surprise. As Vice President Brownie puts it, “A major shift in politics as an heir to the throne presents challenges of current administration and how the divide in power from President to a Queen. While Princess Snow have yet to conform her intentions outside of aiding the nation’s security and protection in the First Order of the Mystic Guardians, further debate is necessary before any major reforms are enacted.”

Only time will tell of this movement of transaction into a possible Constitutional Monarchy will be determined by Princess Snow, her supporters, and the statesmen. As the last chance for this from Princess Bridget was a refusal and her disappearance into the grand Savannas with her Zebra people in the Valla.

-Camellia of Silverline News Network (

Copyright 2018 Silverline News Network™. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Silverdale, Princess Snow, author:Camellia

Comment Section

ColdCowgirlz (Icicle Shore, Silverdale) 12 MINUTES AGO +493 ImageImage
We at the Arctic Knights welcome with open arms the return of our beloved Princess! Our Captain will make sure to discuss our future in the coming days with regards to this development. Whatever happens, make sure to be kind to the fair Princess if you manage to see her!

KoboldsAreBoldly45 (Calberona, Dyste) 3 MINUTES AGO +7 ImageImage
Oh, finally the Silverdalens are going to have a monarchy again. About time, I have had to wait 87 years for them to see sense.
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