The Constitutional China Empire of Mei-Dai

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The Constitutional China Empire of Mei-Dai

Postby Mei-Dai » Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:58 pm

The Empire of Mei-Dai is made up of Southern China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and The Philippines. It is a Socialist Monarchy that is modern and very Democratic. It has a Two Party system with The Left-Wing Maoist Party and The Right-Wing New Party Daichi.

Full Name:Constitutional China Empire of Mei-Dai
Capital: Guangzhou, Guandong Provence, South China
Largest Cities: Hong Kong, Bangkok, Hanoi, Saigon, Manila, Macau, Guangzhou,Taipei, Shanghai.
Major Ethnic Groups: Han Chinese, Vietnamese, Anthro Tigers, Anthro Clouded Leopords, Siamese, Laotian, Filipino.
Minor Ethnic Groups: Japanese, Anthro Kangaroo, European, Anthro Fox, Negro, Burmese, Tibetans.
Resources: Rice, Fish, Iron, Coal, Wood, Gold, Oil, Weapons, Steal, Agricultural equipment.
Head of State: Empress Shang Crix
Head of Government: Prime Minister Xiaoping Ron.
currency: Yun
National Animal: Giant Panda.

History of Mei-Dai

Mei-Dai started as China started moving away from Socialism in the Great Recession. Seeing that China might fall apart, a few Maoists soon decided to break Southern China off from the rest of China, and have it under a new ruler, Shang Ming, the last of the Ming Dynasty. He was made emperor of the new Nation of Mei-Dai.

Most Nations did not recognize Mei-Dai, namely The United States, which fought a war with the young empire, only to get defeated. The US was soon forced to sign a Humiliating treaty that forced it to be disarmed of all WMDs.

Mei-Dai grew in Power, annexing The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos into part of it;s empire.

After the defeat of the United States, all Nations soon recognized Mei-Dai as a Free nation, all but a bitter United States, which had been weaken by Mei-Dai Victory. It has Plotted to destroy Mei-Dai, even attacking it sometimes. But then Mei-Dai Struck back and destroyed The American 7th fleet, forceing The Americans to keep away from Mei-Dai, for now.

People's Imperial Army

2,400,000 Ground troops
200,000 Engineers and Specialists
280 Type 85-II Main Battle Tanks
370 Type 63 Light Amphibious Tanks
220 FV101 Scorpion Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)
320 9P148 ATGM Launcher Vehicles
5,000 BTR-80 Armored Personnel Carriers
5,000 YW 531 Armored Personnel Carriers
1,200 heavy trucks
330 Ferret Scout Cars
220 Avenger Weapon System
300 MT-LB Light Armored Multi-purpose Vehicles
280 BM-21 122mm Multiple Rocket Launchers
170 2S1 122mm Self-Propelled Howitzers
150 M728 Combat Engineer Vehicles
450 M88 Recovery Vehicles
230 Mi-24 hind Gunships

People's Imperial Navy
90,000 Personnel
52 Type 051 destroyers
51 Type 051C destroyers
40 Type 053 frigates
50 Type 054B frigates
5 Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carriers
50 Type 021 Class Missile Boats
57 Type 039 submarines

People's Imperial Air force

31,000 Personnel
125 Shenyang J-11
100 Shenyang J-8II Handsome Man
100 Xian H-6
40 Tu-160 "Blackjacks"
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china will never be split!

Postby All Communist China » Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:39 pm

just asking why do you think china should be split in two, and also america did nothing to china, it was the british,japanese.and europeans!

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