Argentinstan City Federal District Government

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Argentinstan City Federal District Government

Postby Argentinstan » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:24 am

Argentinstan City Federal District Government


Argentinstan City is the capital of Argentinstan, seat of affairs of the United Nations of Earthlings, and seat for many international organizations as well as headquarters for many multinational companies. The city also comprises a federal district with the same status as a state, territory, and/or a freely associated state.

The city is approximately 68 square miles, stretching from Heart Mountain National Park to the Tower Hills Mountains.

Mayor: Jeane Parker
Vice Mayor: Horiatio Shimusaki

President of the Board of Supervisors: Nikolas Turin
District 1 Supervisor: Malia Tanner
District 2 Supervisor: Milton Trainer
District 3 Supervisor: Carol Ruth
District 4 Supervisor: Rowan Rodriguez
District 5 Supervisor: Michael Gonalez
District 6 Supervisor: Jacques Elliot-Benson

Chief Justice of the Federal District Supreme Court: Edwin Lawrence
District Attorney: Lauren Manning

Argentinstan City Public Utilities
The ACPU is the public utility provider, servicing electricity and water to all residents in the Argentinstan City metropolitan area within the service area of the utility district.

Argentinstan City Police Department
The ACPD is the police department policing the Argentinstan City federal district with over 35 police districts in the city. The police force has 37,000 active duty police officers and an additional 3,000 civilian members.

Argentinstan City Fire Department
The ACFD is responsible for fire protection and ambulance services in the Argentinstan City federal district.

Argentinstan City Public Library
A public library system with over 5 million local holdings serving the city with 72 branch libraries located throughout the city, one Central Library, three research & specialized libraries, and 18 On-The-Go Library book machines located at major transit stations and shopping centers. A member of the ANPLS network.

Argentinstan City Metropolitan Transportation Authority
ACMTA is the municipal agency responsible for transportation in the federal district and in the Argentinstan City metropolitan area. The agency is the second largest in the nation, after the Metro Mariobo. The agency operates several modes of public transportation including buses, trolleybuses, light rail, subway, commuter rail, and funicular.
Argentinstan City Metro
Argentinstan City Metrobus
Argentinstan City Light Rail

Argentinstan City Unified School District
The ACUSD is the public education provider in Argentinstan City and encompassing the city of Santos as well. The district operates over 800 schools with preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and college prepatories as well as continuation schools. The district is in the top 5 for best school districts nationwide in terms of diversity, standardized test scores, and academic rigor. The district was formed after a merger of the 3 districts serving Argentinstan City in 1964. The three predecessors were the Capital City Public Schools, Downtown Union Secondary School District, and Metropolitan Schools.
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