Frenequesta Inquiries Office (Q&A)

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Frenequesta Inquiries Office (Q&A)

Postby Frenequesta » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:13 pm

Frenequesta Inquiries Office

As a service to the general multiversal community, the Executive Ministry Council, by authority of the Diplomatic Reform Act, A1348-29FA3001, has established the Frenequesta Inquiries Office, a bureau that coordinates public and commercially-available information from Freneq government agencies, universities, stock exchanges, trade associations, labor unions, AI databases, used wagon dealerships, and other public and private entities into a convenient one-stop shop for foreigners, and diplomats especially, to have their questions about Frenequesta and its people, economy, culture, etc. answered. Each question will be answered personally by a member of the Executive Ministry Council or one member of the Subcouncils, depending on the question's field of inquiry.

The Office will deliver answers within one week of posting questions unless it is performing maintenance on the servers and databases, in which case there will be a delay of at most two days.

Brief Overview of the Nation

The Social Republic and Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta is a nation in the central northeast region of the Pony Lands, formed out of a merger of the Royal Federation of Neighland and the Democratic Republic of Joplinia-Lambscott. It has about 95 million people, with a little under two-thirds of the population as human and a little less than a third Pony. It is often described as a “federal technocratic republic,” where, while most political positions are elected, the candidates for executive offices are largely determined by professional organizations and interest groups, rather than conventional political parties or grassroots campaigns. It has a dynamic capitalist, though worker-centric and environmentally-mindful, economy, with information technology, transport manufacturing, and finance being among the most important industries. It is an important cultural and scientific force in the region, and increasingly the multiverse, with significant contributions in the fields of music, linguistics, philosophy, theoretical physics, quantum chemistry, and metatagology (the study of magic as practiced by Ponies).

More information, updated regularly, may be found here

Limitations and Disclaimers:

1. As the answers are based on publicly-available information, questions about national defense are more likely than other subjects to not be answerable.
2. An answer from the Secretary of Law or a member of her Subcouncil should be construed as legal information only and is not intended as advice. A hypothetical implicating a legal question will be regarded as soliciting legal advice and will not be answered. Please consult with a private, licensed attorney for answers to such questions.
3. As the Office only relies on information created independently of inquiries, any question seeking an opinion on an aspect of the inquiring country’s features will likely be answered in the form of an aggregate poll or a summary of consensus. The Office disclaims any endorsement of the opinions expressed in the polls or summaries. If an inquiring country provides a link to the thing that it wants an opinion about, the Office is more likely to deliver an official opinion in response.
4. The Inquiries Office is not intended as a venue to propose trade deals, mutual defense pacts, or other treaties and international arrangements. Please contact the appropriate Member(s) of the Executive Ministry Council directly or to their respective Ministries to propose such arrangements.
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