Honorifics in YN.

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Honorifics in YN.

Postby Van Hool Islands » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:32 pm

The Van Hool system of honorifics (titles given to certain people/politicians, e.g. The Honourable, His/Her Worship, or His/Her Excellency) is based off the British system, with some differences, rather than the Dutch system. Honorifics and those who they are granted to are listed below;

HonorificIn DutchGiven to
His/Her MajestyZijn/Hare MajesteitReigning monarch
Queen/prince consort
His/Her Royal HighnessZijn/Hare Koninklijke HoogheidChildren and male-line grandchildren of the current or a former reigning monarch
Wives of the children and male-line grandchildren of the current or a former reigning monarch
Husband of the queen regnant (if they are not a monarch themselves)
The Honourable His/Her ExcellencyDe Eervolle Zijn/Hare ExcellentieGovernor General, title held for life
The Right HonourableDe Terecht GeachtePrime Minister (including appointed interim and acting prime ministers that hold office for more than 3 weeks), title held for life
Chief Justice of the Van Hool Islands, title held for life
Other people, chosen by the monarch-in-council, title held according to the governor general-in-council or monarch-in-council
Lieutenant governors, title held for life
The HonourableDe GeachteMembers of Parliament, title held only while in office
Members of provincial and territorial legislatures, title held only while in office
Cabinet and Secondary Cabinet ministers and secretary ministers of state, title held for life
Provincial and territorial cabinet ministers, title held for life
Ambassadors and high commissioners, title held only while in office
Territorial commisioners, title held for life
Judges of the Supreme, Federal, Provincial, and Territorial courts, title held for life
Speaker of the House of Commons, title held for life
Speakers of the provincial/territorial legislatures, title held for life
His/Her WorshipZijn/Haar AanbiddingMayors and Lord Mayors of cities and towns, title held only while in office
Reeves of counties, title held only while in office
Justices of the peace, title held only while in office
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Postby Tinhampton » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:38 pm

No matter how much we joke about the "Order of the Tin Can," we have been grudglingly thrown with the remnants of the British system... if they give any of our lot gongs in any given year, that is.
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Postby AquilaJordyn » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:04 pm

The Ruler: King or Queen Patrician

Heir to the ruler: Crown Prince Patrician
All other children of the ruler: Prince Patrician
Beloved of the ruler: The Enflamed or The Consort Patrician
Counselor to the ruler: Counsiliator Patrician
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Postby Coutuza » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:15 pm

The Ruler: His or Her excellency
Heir to the ruler: Imperator
Children of the ruler: First Citizen
Head of state’s deputy: High Praetor/Imperial Grand Chancellor
Members of the Cursus Honorum: Lawgiver
Members of the military general staff: High Commander/Commodore
Members of the Grand Secreatariat: High official
Members of the Bureaucracy: Officer
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Postby Kenmoria » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:39 am

Lord/Seigneur : is given to a male MP
Lady/Dame : is given to a female MP
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Postby Isola Serenissima » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:04 am

Our leader thinks honorifics and titles are overly conservative and artificial. So we just use given names for everyone.
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Postby Cottony » Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:35 am

We don't have honorifics. Probably because of everyone's involvment in government.

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Great Nortend
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Postby Great Nortend » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:53 am

Royal Honorifics
His Majesty: The King
Sire: The King
Her Majesty: The Queen
Ma'am: The Queen
His Royal Highness: Sons of a Sovereign and heirs apparent to the throne, as well as the husband of a Queen
Her Royal Highness: Daughters of a Sovereign and wives of holders of 'His Royal Highness'
His Highness: Male-line grandchildren of a Sovereign not directly in line to the throne and sons of the daughters of a Sovereign
Her Highness: Wives of holders of 'His Highness'

His Grace: Archbishops
The Most Reverend and Right Honourable: Archbishops
The Most Reverence Eminence: Prince-bishops
The Reverend Prebendary: Prebendaries
The Reverend Canon: Canons
The Venerable: Archdeacons
The Very Reverend: Deans and provosts
The Right Reverend: Bishops
Right Reverend: Abbots and priors
Reverend Mother: Abbesses and prioresses
My Lord: Bishops
The Reverend: deacons and priests
The Worshipful: churchwardens

Other Honorifics
His Excellency: Governours of His Majesty's colonies and His Majesty's Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Right Honourable: Members of the Privy Council and the Chancellour of the University of Aldersey
The Right Honourable: Peers below the rank of marquess and their wives, as well as to certain Lord Mayoralties
The Most Honourable: Marquesses and marquises
The Most Noble: Dukes and duchesses
His Grace: Dukes and duchesses
The Honourable: Judges of the Assizes and above, Governours and Lieutenant-Governours of His Majesty's colonies, as well as the sons and daughters of viscounts and barons and the younger sons of earls, maids of honour
Lord/Lady: Peers of the rank of marquess or below, as well as the daughters and younger sons of dukes and daughters of earls.
The Much Honoured: Barons and baronets.
The Right Worshipful: Lord Mayors, Chancellours of Universities (except Aldersey which uses the Right Honourable)
His/Her Worship: Mayors, Justices of the Peace and police magistrates of the petty sessions and below, and lords of the manor
Sir/Dame/Lady: Knights ,ladies and dames of the orders
Sir: Baronets
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Postby Arthropol » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:51 am

Removed for retcon purposes (2019-08-01)
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Socialist Union Of Deutschland
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Postby Socialist Union Of Deutschland » Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:00 am

In the Socialist Union, Honorifics are publicly banned due to promoting a social hierarchy, social competition, and favouritism. However, there are two non official Honorifics that are used in the Socialist Union.

Doktor - The title Doktor applies to those who hold at least a fourth level tertiary degree. Some occupations in the Socialist Union that require a minimum of a fourth level tertiary degree are medical doctoring, dentistry, neurosurgery, advanced psychology, or advanced scientific research occupations.

Professor - The title Professor applies to those who have occupations in higher academic ranks in tertiary education, especially in universities. Some occupations that may indirectly hold this title are Tertiary Professors, experts in arts or science, university researches, or assistant professors.
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Postby Arachaea » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:13 am

Hans/Hennes Majestet - Refers to the current Prince/Princess, which notably is not a hereditary title.
Hans/Hennes Kongelige Høyhet - Refers to the spouse and children of the monarch.
Reverend - Refers to clergy of the Church of Arachaea.
Doktor - Refers to a person with a PhD.
Herr - Refers to a man.
Kvinne - Refers to a woman.

In the past titles existed to denote a noble, a burgher and a peasant, but following the abolition of the estates these titles were removed.
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Region Twenty
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Postby Region Twenty » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:18 pm

Comrade-Title (e.g., Comrade-Colonel, Comrade-Generalissimo, Comrade-Soldier, Comrade-Foreman, Comrade-Worker, etc) is the only one. Everyone is called Comrade outside of the individuals in the Deviant Caste.

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Postby Dahon » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:28 pm

Titles and Honorifics (with Romaji Equivalent)
English Equivalent

Her Majesty
(lit. "leader")
addressed to any one of the 3 reigning Dahoni monarchs; also, to the triumvirate as a whole

no direct translation,
due to the absence of an equivalent office in the West
a word of unknown origin first used by the Suzumikami Haruhi Suzumi in the eight century;
applies to the kami's highest appointed deputy
[also "heika-mijju", now obsolete])
His/Her (Foreign) Majesty
used for all foreign sovereigns historically, whether royal or not, also allowing for sexual differences
("-ku" for a male monarch and "-ju" for a female one);
now officially addressed exclusively to foreign monarchs regardless of sex
His/Her Excellency
(lit. "earth (foreign) chamber lord")
applied to all non-royal foreign heads of state since 1911

Ambassador (to Dahon)
(lit. "friend")
derived from Malay rakan ("friend"); applied to all foreign diplomats

Ambassador (from Dahon)
(lit. "favored")
a Dahoni ambassador; also used to denote the Dahoni corps of diplomats as a whole
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Postby Drescauld » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:35 pm

There exist few honorifics in Drescauld, aside from three.
Anaga- Elder/Master
Deraga- Student/disciple
Ferada- Directly translates to smiling one, but is usually used to refer to ones best friend or lover
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Postby Vedastia » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:19 am

EnglishSpanish (Español)Vedastian (Vetaxtuner)Given to
His/Her MajestySu MajestadLube/Labe/Linbe MayextReigning monarchs
Dynastic spouses of kings
His/Her Royal HighnessSu Alteza RealLube/Labe/Linbe Alt RekxulRoyal dynasts
Dynastic spouses of male royal dynasts
Dynastic spouses of queens regnant
His/Her Serene HighnessSu Alteza SerenísimaLube/Labe/Linbe XerenitNoble princes/princesses (including substantive title holders, dynastic members of princely families, and the dynastic spouses of male family members thereof)
Morganatic spouses of reigning monarchs
His/Her ExcellencySu ExcelenciaLube/Labe/Linbe EkxelenxPrime Ministers (including their spouses)
Non-dynastic spouses of male royal dynasts
Marquesses (including substantive title holders, non-morganatic male-line family members, and the non-morganatic spouses of male family members thereof)
Counts (including substantive title holders and their non-morganatic spouses)
The Right HonourableEl Muy HonorableTei Max AunurulGovernment ministers
Chief Justices of the Supreme Court
Governors of cantons
Leaders of cantonal legislatures
Counts (including family members and the non-morganatic spouses of male family members)
Viscounts (including substantive title holders and their non-morganatic spouses)
Barons (including substantive title holders and their non-morganatic spouses)
The HonourableEl HonorableTei AunurulMembers of the Chamber of Deputies
Members of cantonal legislatures
Justices of the Supreme Court
Federal and cantonal judges
Mayors and Lord Mayors of cities and towns
Justices of the Peace
Viscounts (including family members and the non-morganatic spouses of male family members)
Barons (including family members and the non-morganatic spouses of male family members)
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Imperial Pilarcraft
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Postby Imperial Pilarcraft » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:32 am

TitleIn PilarticDescription
His/Her Imperial MajestyKejserligburtenThe Emperor or the Empress and their consort
His/Her MajestyBurtenThe Heir Apparent and their consort
His/Her HighnessUlyenOther Princes, Princesses and Their Consorts.
The Monarch of Each of the states of the Empire
His/Her ExcellencyMugvordenThe High-rank members of the Military.
Nobility and their consorts.
The HonorableLotarenJudges.
Members of the Imperial Assembly (Currently Unused)
Imperial delegates to international grounds
The Right HonorableRattenlotarenChancellor of the Imperial Assembly (Currently Unused)
Chief Justice and the Council of Law
Imperial State of PilarcraftBy the grace of Grov!
Kejserligstaten du PilarkraftGrov-id gunsten
Led by Emperor Lynkåpe Grov II and His Bride, Empress Astrid Grov.
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A Full List
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Postby Gonddor » Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:03 am

"(Royal) Majesty" is the style of the High King/High Queen while "(Royal) Highness" is the style of their children and other family members. "The Venerable" is the style of (arch-)bishops.
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Imperium Sidhicum
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Postby Imperium Sidhicum » Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:13 am

The Empress is addressed as either "Majesty" in formal settings, or "Madame" under more casual circumstances.

Prominent and distinguished Sidhae are addressed as "Lord/Lady". The use of this honorific doesn't suggest an actual noble rank, but merely a status of high distinction.

Sidhae of roughly equal rank demonstrate respect and maintain social distance simply by referring to each other by their rank and/or nomen, i.e., surname, since the use of one's given name implies a very close friendship or romantic involvement.

A superior will typically refer to subordinates as "Mister/Miss", respectfully suggesting subordinate status, while subordinates will refer to their superior as "Sir/Madam". The use of rank is also acceptable and is widely used interchangeably.

Slaves and domestic servants are expected to address their master as "Dominus/Domina", i.e., "master/mistress". Sidhae other than one's master regardless of their status are to be referred as "Sir/Madam" in the very least.
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Postby Orange-Bourgogne » Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:35 am

Majesty, His/Her/Your
The style of "Majesty" is reserved for the Sovereign of Orange-Bourgogne and, if that be a male, his Queen Consort. The Sovereign is differently addressed in various parts of the United Kingdom. For example, in the Province of England, he is addressed "His Majesty The King", while in the Duchy of Bourgogne, he is addressed "His Grace The Duke of Bourgogne".

The style of "Sire" is reserved for the Sovereign of Orange-Bourgogne. It is used in oral conversations when first the style of "Majesty" is used.

The style of "Madam" (pronounced Ma'am) is reserved for a Queen, whether that is a Queen Regnant or a Queen Consort. It is used in oral conversations when first the more formal style is used.

Serene Highness, His/Her/Your
This style is reserved for foreign reigning monarchs. This style takes precedence over all other styles. Therefore, the current Queen Consort of Orange-Bourgogne can also be properly addressed by the style Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco-Monte Carlo.

Illustrious Highness, His/Her/Your
This style is reserved for foreign non-reigning monarchs and members of foreign (non-)reigning dynasties. The rank of the foreign dynasty does not matter, therefore, for example, there is no difference in an "Imperial Highness" or a "Royal Highness".

Royal Highness, His/Her/Your
This style is reserved for Members of the Royal House and Members of the Royal Family. The former category consists of the reigning monarch and his descendants in the male line, while the latter category is broader.

Grace, His/Her
This style is reserved for Dukes/Duchesses of the Realm.

The Most Honourable
This style is reserved for Marquesses/Marchionesses of the Realm and wives of Marquesses.

The Right Honourable
This style is reserved for:
- Earls/Countesses of the Realm and wives of Earls;
- Viscounts/Viscountesses of the Realm and wives of Viscounts;
- Barons/Baronesses of the Realm and wives of Barons;
- Members of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, who also use the post-nominal letters of "PC".

The Honourable
This style is reserved for children of a Peer/Peeress of the Realm. It is also used for various judicial officeholders, such as Magistrates in the Courts of Appeal. The style is also used for Members of Parliament, however, only when they are in their respective House. Otherwise, such Members use the post-nominal letters of "MP".

The Learned
May be used by certain (former) judicial officeholders. It is always used as the last pre-nominal letters. For example: "The Right Honourable and Learned Baroness X".

The (Most/Very) Reverend
These styles are used by certain officeholders within the Church of Orange-Bourgogne. Other religions may not bestow similar styles.

Is used by all widows of peers. It is put before their titles. For example: "The Right Honourable The Dowager Duchess of X".

Besides these styles, there are various other pre-nominal letters and post-nominal letters. These could mean a variety of things. "Sir" is used for Baronets of the Realm and those who have been knighted (Dame would be the female equivalent). KK means that the person is a Knight Companion in the Most Noble Order of the Kingfisher (the national animal), while the prefix of "Professor" merely points out the fact that the holder is a senior lecturer at an accredited university.
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Postby Lancov » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:03 am

Government officials
His/Her/Their Excellency: The President and Ambassadors to sovereign nations. Title is retained for life.

The Honorable/Your Honor: The Premier, Cabinet ministers, members of either house of Skupstina, judges, heads of independent agencies, and university Chancellors. Title is not retained for life by legislators (other than the Speaker) or agency heads. If an agency is governed by a commission, only the current Chairperson receives the style.

These titles are only used in very formal situations, when addressing someone it is more common to address them as "Mister/Madame <title>" in English, and "Padin <title>" in Lancovian.

Ecclesiastic honorifics
His Beatitude: The Patriarch of Lancov
His Eminence: Archbishops of the Lancovian Orthodox Church, bishops and archbishops of the Lancovian Orthodox Church Outside Lancov (LOCOL)
His Grace: Bishops of the Lancovian Orthodox Church
The Reverend: Priests and deacons of the Lancovian Orthodox Church and LOCOL. Spoken: Father <given name>
The Very Reverend: Archpriests and hieromonks of the Lancovian Orthodox Church. (These titles are not used in LOCOL.) Spoken: Father <given name>
The Right Reverend: Abbots Spoken: Father Abbot

Islamic clerics do not customarily use honorifics, but are permitted by the Islamic Council of Lancov to use "The Reverend" if they so choose.
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Postby Ru- » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:50 am

His/Her Majesty: The ruling Monarch, The Queen, or the King Consort
"Your Majesty, Majesty"

His/Her Grace: Members of the royal family who aren't the ruling Monarch or his/her spouse
"Your Grace"

His/Her Excellency: Ambassadors and government officials of foreign nations who are acting as representatives of their monarch. In the cases of nations without a monarchy, they are given whichever honorific their home nations would grant them as an alternative.
"Your Excellency"

Lord/Lady: members of the Ruvian nobility: Dukes/Duchesses, High Lords/Ladies, and Lords/Ladies and their families. (kind of a catch-all for nobles, the proper title of Dukes/Duchesses and High Lords/High Ladies can be used in more formal addresses and in situations where pointing out specific ranks is called for, but generally Lord/Lady was considered acceptable for all nobility.) Also for members of the Privy Council/Imperial Cabinet, whether they are members of the nobility or not.
"My Lord, My Lady" -serves as a catch-all address for all non-royal nobility that ranks above oneself, including Knights.

Sir: Knights, landed or otherwise

Chancellor, Governor, Senator, Consul: modern titles for modern offices. Senators and Consuls are democratically elected legislators, The Chancellor is a democratically elected national executive, governors are democratically elected provincial executives.

The Honorable: court justices of all levels
"Your Honor"

Lord Commander: captains of royal city watches, the Monarch's White Cloaks, and other special military orders
"My Lord"

His Eminence: The High Priest of the Caellian Faith
"Your Eminence"

His Reverence: Cardinals of the Caellian Faith
"Your Reverence"

His Worship: Bishops of the Caellian Faith
"Your Worship"

Father: Priests of the Caellian Faith

Mr./Mrs./Miss: honorifics to show formal respect to those not otherwise covered. (a modern invention, commoners were not entitled to last names until the reign of King Aiden VIII, who successfully eliminated all legal distinction between the nobility and the common man.
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