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Postby Osweya » Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:28 pm

Osweya is divided into 4 Duchies, 16 Counties, 3 Bishoprics and 3 Communes (cities), each with their own local government

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Postby Carena » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:59 am

Carena is divided into 6 indiviual Republics that send elected officials for representation in Libertatem:
  • Pacifica
  • Atlantis
  • Mason-Dixon
  • Europa Occidentis
  • Europa Orientalis
  • Oceania

Among the Republics, they are further divided into states, counties, and individual cities. As many megalopolises across Carena have formed into one single administrative unit, megalopolises are often treated as states, while the subdivisions in megalopolises are treated like counties (but called districts) and have town-sized local administrative areas within the districts called Baronies. In addition to the 6 Republics, Carena also has territories belonging to special designations. Most notably are the two Carenian-affiliated colonial confederations on Mars; the Carenian Martian Authority and the Carenian-Martian State of Deseret. Both nations must adhere to the Constitution of Carena, foreign affairs and defense are handled by Carena, and each legal resident is a Carenian citizen. However, laws passed in Libertatem do not apply to the Martian states unless their own legislature agrees to pass it (with an exception for matters relating to foreign affairs and defense, but the legislatures of these states can petition bills regarding those two subjects to the Supreme Court of Carena). Another notable special division is the Federal District of Libertatem, which encompasses the capital megalopolis of Libertatem. The District behaves in the same way as a Republic does on a smaller scale, including sending representatives to Congress.

Current year is 2205

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Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:10 am

The Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic is composed by 43 cantons, evwntualy suddivided in district (their existence and powers depends form canton) and endly the Landers (in case of Canton Alinghi the lander's territory corresponds the canton's territory, and the governor of the canton shall act also as landmeinster (the equivalent of mayoru), and cantonal parliament shall act as also as LandRat (Council of the Land)

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Selena Quintilliana Perez
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Postby Selena Quintilliana Perez » Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:06 pm

Ten states with limited autonomy.

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Postby Wuriya » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:01 am

Wuriya is divided into several Regions (Daérah), Regencies (Kabupatén), Municipalities (Kalurahan), Residencies (Kacamatan) and Cities or Villages.
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Postby Kanilundi » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:03 am

Kanilundi is divided into 14 provinces and 5 autonomous cities.

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Postby Tjorl » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:57 am

Tjorl is divided into 10 provinces and 2 territories.

States: Teri, Irsin, Siele, Vasch, Orlensi, Wyen, Neote, Larcu, Astrei, Kjol Capital State (KCS)
Territories: Territorium Av Wilshere and Territorium Av Lestierre (pronounced Les-tiye)
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Capital: Kjol
Largest City: Kjol
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Official Name (Tjorlish): Den Demokatiske Republikken Tjorl
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Region: Oatland
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Postby Orange-Bourgogne » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:19 am

The Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne has several administrative levels and numerous forms of divisions. The Kingdom is made up of several Realms, which historically were the sovereign states of which our monarch was the monarch of at those times. These Realms are, in order of seniority: 1) the Kingdom of England; 2) the Principality of Orange; 3) the Duchy of Bourgogne; and 4) the Principality of Monaco-Monte Carlo.

Aside from these divisions mostly used for historic and ceremonial reasons, the first tier of administrative level are the Provinces. These are: 1) the Province of England; 2) the Province of Scotland; 3) the Province of [Northern] Ireland; 4) the Province of Orange; 5) the Province of Orange; 6) the Province of Bourgogne; and finally the Overseas Territories. Monaco-Monte Carlo does not have a provincial level, due to their small geographic area and relatively small population.

The second tier of administrative level are the Shires (Counties/Regions). There are about 30 Regions. They also encompass all individual Territories that fall in the category of an Overseas Territory. Also, the Crown Dominions are part of these.

The third level of administrative level are the Constituencies. There are 500 Constituencies in totoal. Each send, after an election, one Member of Parliament to the Lower House (House of Commons). However, we must add that there are various exceptions to these, as this is merely a general overview with little details.
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Postby Huvadhu » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:05 am

Huvadhu, being a tiny republic located on four oil rigs, has five administrative divisions, called Rigs. The rigs of the Islamic Republic of Huvadhu are:
  • Hithadhoo
  • Addu
  • Maradu
  • Gan
  • Addu Airport Zone

The largest rig and capital of the Islamic Republic is Hithadhoo, while the smallest is the Addu Airport Zone. Unlike the other oil rigs which are simply just converted oil rigs for human habilitation, the Addu Airport Zone is unique as it is a converted light aircraft carrier to serve as an airport for the Islamic Republic to facilitate travel to and from the isolated republic.
The Islamic Republic of Huvadhu
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A tiny separatist Islamic republic in the southern Maldives.
In-Character Information:
Capital: Hithadhoo
Area: 0.012km2
Population: 6,012 people
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Postby Subhurbia » Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:27 pm

Subhurbia is divided into 11 major divisions. Nine are located on the mainland, and two are nearby island states. On the mainland there is Central Subhurbia, which is the main region where the sovereignty’s capital is located. Here is where international relations are settled. There are four primary divisions, excluding Central Subhurbia, and that’s North Subhurbia, South Subhurbia, East Subhurbia, and West Subhurbia. Each are unique in their own way. Then the other regions also located in the mainland are Northeast Subhurbia, Southeast Subhurbia, Northwest Subhurbia, and Southwest Subhurbia. The two regions outside the mainland are Euraea, and Raegonia.
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New Saudi Arabia
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Postby New Saudi Arabia » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:33 pm

1. Mecca: Capital.
2. Ramha
3. Kubrhistan
4. Zhris
5. Elmirs
6. Jhanist
7. Aqusat

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13 Necropolis 13
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Postby 13 Necropolis 13 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:49 pm

Necropolis is divided up into a large (and ever increasing) number of regions. Each region is a part of a galaxy, with borders arbitrarily drawn by the federal government. Within each region are star systems, which are further broken up into asteroid belts and planetary systems.

A region is ruled by a Chadfela (Chief Administrator of Federal Law). Each star system is ruled by a Hisysad (High System Administrator), who answers to the Chadfela. Each planetary system or asteroid belt is ruled by a Losysad (Low System Administrator). Under a Losysad may be an Astesysad (Asteroid System Administrator) or Lusysad (Lunar System Administrator) or two, depending on whether or not there are any particularly important asteroids or moons in that system.

In addition to these divisions, a Chadfela also has a Chisecfela (Chief Security Officer of Federal Law), an Adenatre (Administrator of Energy and Natural Resources), and an Adedusci (Administrator of Education and Sciences) under them, to help them control the region. Each one of these people have their own regional police force (Adedusci has two different regional police forces) covering their specific area: Secpo (Regional Security Police), Natpo (Regional Natural Resource Police), Edupo (Regional Education Police), and Scipo (Regional Science Police).

A map of how even just one galaxy is divided would be difficult at best, as space is a three dimensional space with no real "up" or "down".
Please refer to this nation as "Necropolis" in character.
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Postby Tierra Prime » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:42 pm

As an interstellar state, the Tierran Empire is too large to govern centrally. Therefore, the empire is divided into provinces, sectors, and systems. There are five provinces in the Empire. These are the provinces of Tierra, Bastion, Sidonia, Ieskone, and Tanides. Each province is ruled by a governor titled Lord Viceroy, who acts as the emperor's chief representative in the provinces. The provincial governors are both civil and military governors, and are appointed by the emperor. The civil administration they have control over is very limited. The provincial governments are mainly concerned with the collection of taxes. The military powers of the provincial governors are more more extensive than their civil powers. The provincial governors each have control over a star group (200,000,000 plus men) and a fleet group (4,000 plus ships), and are responsible for the recruitment and training of troops within their provinces. Each province is divided into a number of sectors, typically four, which are ruled by governors titled High Viceroy. The sector governors have similar duties to the provincial governors, possessing control over a star army (50,000,000 plus men) and a battle fleet (1,000 plus ships), and are appointed by the emperor. Sectors are divided into a number of systems, each of which possesses their own government and legislature. The system governments are led by hereditary governors titled grand duke, who are beholden to their legislatures, which are elected every four years. Unlike sector and provincial governors, system governors are not military governors. All of the military forces in a system are under the control of a governor titled High Castellan, who is appointed by the emperor.

The Aletian cluster is divided into four quadrants (Similar to the Milky Way galaxy), but these are geographical rather than administrative divisions.
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Postby Knessniet » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:58 pm

Knessniet has two kinds of divisions:
- There are 8 counties. Each one is run by a landed Count. These run fairly autonomously, but have to comply with the Duke's regulations.
- There are 10 Administrative Districts, each one ruled by a Governor. The governor is hand-picked by the Duke, and rules for life. Otherwise, it is the same as a county.

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Coconut Palm Island
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Postby Coconut Palm Island » Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:08 pm

10 Districts are split up, each with about the same population. The districts are all under federal control, but they can have a Governor and a District Assembly.

Districts deal only with LOCAL issues. The federal government controls just about everything. Local governments control things like property laws, zoning, and creating additional, localized welfare programs.
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Postby Mengteng » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:42 pm

  • Prefectures
    • Subprefectures

Prefectures: 11 Prefectures headed by a Prefect and 1 Special Prefecture under the supervision of the Attorney-General.

Subprefectures: 33 Subprefectures headed by Senators and 7 Special Subprefectures headed by Deputy Grounds Officers.

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Postby Cottony » Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:41 pm

We've 4 regions, 6 constituencies and 14 municipalities. Regions normally cover administration, constituencies culture and community projects and municipalities environment and local flora. There is no national government level, so in essence, the municipalities are autonomous. Regional government still discuss what occurs with the nation in international matters, though.

Two of the constituencies and 5 municipalities are part of the agricultural provinces, which (along with Place Municipality - Spiritual and Event centre of the nation) aren't inhabited and thus have little autonomy on their own right - their government positions are held by citizens of select inhabited municipalities.

Northeast - Ville, Plaines and Rivière Municipalities
Northwest* - Bois-Nord, Sol-Riche and Printemps Municipalities
West - Plage, Bois-Ouest and Bois-Fleuve Municipalities
South & East - Océan, Côte, Falaise and Cascade Municipalities

City - Ville and Plaines Municipalities
River - Rivière, Printemps and Plage Municipalities
Northwood* - Bois-Nord and Sol-Riche Municipalities
Southwood* - Bois-Ouest and Bois-Fleuve Municipalities
Coast - Océan and Côte Municipalities
Cliff - Falaise and Cascade Municipalities


Agricultural Provinces (not governed divisions):
North - Bois-Nord, Sol-Riche, Printemps
South - Bois-Ouest, Bois-Fleuve

Northwest Region governed by a Rvièran citizen

Northwood Constituency governed by a Plainer citizen
Southwood Constituency governed by a Plagean citizen

Bois-Nord Municipality governed by a Plainer citizen
Sol-Riche Municipality governed by a Rivièran citizen
Printemps Municipality co-governed by a Rivièran and Plagean citizen
Bois-Ouest Municipality governed by a Plagean citizen
Bois-Fleuve Municipality governed by an Océanan citizen

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The Snawn
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Postby The Snawn » Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:52 am

The United Realms of the Snawn are, as the name might suggest, subdivided into realms, which form a Commonwealth.
The six realms are: Hilland, Systria, Isöya, Soinsjen, Sedamnia-Petöya, and Gildursland.
They administrate themselves pretty much, so their respective subdivisions are completely left up to them. A unified system for all of the Snawn lands exists only for statistical purposes.

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Democraticong Filipinas
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Postby Democraticong Filipinas » Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:21 pm


The Philippine Federocracy is composed of three independent nations: the Luzon Democratic Republic, Visayas Democratic Republic, and Mindanao Democratic Republic, and is ruled under the constitutionally weak Federal Government situated in the capital District of Manila. These three semi-sovereign countries are divided into states and four autonomous regions, with one in the Luzon Republic, one in the Visayas, and two in Mindanao. The states are listed according to color brightness (darkest to lightest):

Luzon Democratic RepublicVisayas Democratic RepublicMindanao Democratic Republic
1. Ilokos (IK)Panay (PN)Sambuwangga (SB)
2. Kordiliera (KD)Negros (NR)Kota Bato (KB)
3. Kagayan (KG)Visayas Sentral (VS)Dabaw (DW)
4. Luzon Sentral (LS)Leyte (LY)Surigao (SI)
5. Katagalugan (KA)Samar (SM)
6. Bikol (BO)
7. Mindoro (MD)
8. District of Manila (DoM)

These state are divided into districts, and are further broken apart into communes (municipalities or cities). Each commune has at least 5 barangays, and are further divided into puroks, also known as sitios for the less urbanized units. A purok is classified into sections, with a minimum of 3 per purok, headed by a purok leader.

■ Federal President
-□ Head of the Republic
--● State Representative
---○ District Chief
----◆ Mayor of the Commune
-----◇Barangay Kagawad
------▪ Pangulo ng Purok
-------• Pangulo ng Pamayanan/Sambahayan
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Postby Thama » Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:33 am

The Nikopolian Empire and Archoncy of Thama is a federal state, divided into 23 states and 3 territories. All 3 territories and 17 of the states, not counting their near-shore islands and the barrier chains, are located on mainland Nikopol. The remaining 6 states are wholly insular.

The states all possess an elected assembly, usually a state congress or diet, and an Erker. The Erker is a hereditary noble and a mostly ceremonial role, but they possess some limited vetoing power against the decisions of their state's government. The territories are wholly under the rule of their Erker, who in the case of the Capital District Territory is the Archon, Cedric Stargard, the Emperor of Nikopol. They still possess elected councils for day-to-day rule and administration, however the Erker has the final say in the territories.

Further subdivisions - such as provinces, duchies, communes, and towns - are set up by their states and serve no purpose on a federal level, and are far too numerous to list.


The following is a list of all the states (numbered on the map) in the format of -State-, -Capital City-, and, if applicable, -Agglomeration- (bestating)

  1. Shiramor, Forkastel, Boston bestating
  2. Nisivasil, Varmkastel
  3. South Dazel, Welton, Rosekastel bestating
  4. Dazel, Dazelsas
  5. Randen, Vythernklif
  6. Matonbukh, Libertas
  7. Okbal, Bauki
  8. Matansas, Aryos
  9. Rohava, Raayon
  10. Thesped Erk, Elvdraken
  11. Sirius and Everett, Nulberk, Washyngton bestating
  12. Mosaigan, Burnhart
  13. Kolumbia, Vankuver
  14. Kastelsas, Valberg
  15. Bardugoss, Amsteltham, Danheim bestating
  16. Laans, Nirra
  17. Ada and Oskaaris, The Wilds, Arenhil bestating
  18. Mitterk, Hartogor, Argos bestating
  19. Vossegen, Atristo
  20. The Rhyle, Yule
  21. Onviksas, Avalon
  22. Skyhart, Skyhart
  23. Thesas and Kratesia, Thesas
  1. (CT) Capital District Territory, Kapitaldistriktsteritorium bestating (the Capital District Territory Urban Agglomeration) - the de facto capital is the city of Roanoke
  2. (NT) Northern Territory, Lag Oberon
  3. (ST) Southern Territory, Duvlin

Many places in Thama, as well as all over Asnea, were named after places and people from Terra. In English, the places are often translated as "New -Place-" which means for instance that the state of Kolumbia and its capital Vankuver are rendered as New Columbia and New Vancouver in English. Likewise the city of Amsteltham is translated as New Amsterdam and the Washyngton bestating is translated as the New Washington Agglomeration. These translations are only for the purpose of clarification, as these places have been named such for 3 millennia and nobody really remembers their namesakes, often only finding out about "Old" Amsteltham or "Old" Kolumbia through late night archive binging on the Arkship servers.
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- Des Nikopolsraik ed Arkoncy of Thama -
Capital city: Capital District Territory
Official languages: Ostspeak, Llynduneg
Government: Federated Parliamentary Monarchy
Population: 234,240,000
Head of State: Cedric Stargard
National Anthem: First March
Technology Level: Class V11 (Late PMT)
Area: 6,103,670 Sq km (mainland)
Map (old)

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