The Ba'ath Arab Republic of Civil Arabia - National Factbook

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The Ba'ath Arab Republic of Civil Arabia - National Factbook

Postby Civil Arabia » Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:48 am


The Ba'ath Arab Republic of Civil Arabia

Al-Watan, at-Tharwa, al-Wehda!


The Ba'ath Arab Republic of Civil Arabia is a medium sized nation occupying the southern portion of the Arabian Peninsula (OOC: Yemen and Oman). The country is a democracy (one of the few in the region) with a Congress and a Parliament. The nation's ideals are heavily based on those of the Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party, the organisation that led the '1963 Revolution' against the fundamentalist Saudi-backed Sultanate. It is also the current majority party in both the congress and the parliament.

Civil Arabia is a union of two states, El-Yemani and Duweidi. Before being renamed Civil Arabia after the 1963 Revolution, the country was titled the Duweidi Sultanate.


Head of State: President Amid Fariq
Head of Government: Prime Minister Hussan Abbasi
Government System: Congressional Parliamentary Republic
Economic System: Socialism
Social System: Libertarian Socialism
Official Religion: Secular
Legal System: Secular Civil and State courts
National Ensign: Eagle of Salah ad-Din, shield of Arabia
Suffrage: 14 or over


The Civil Arabian congress is modelled on that of the French parliament.

Total Seats: 200
Ba'athist Seats: 52
Republican Seats: 49
Islamic Courts Seats: 26
Khemiri Seats: 37
Communist Seats: 35
RTSP Seats: 1


The Civil Arabian parliament is modelled on that of the British parliament.

Current Government Status: Coalition (Republican Progressive Party and Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party)
Current Opposition Status: Coalition (Al-Khemir Party and Islamic Courts Union)

Mainstream Political Parties

Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party
- The oldest party in both Parliament and Congress. The BASP was founded as an underground movement opposing the Duweidi Sultanate. Its Republican Guards Corps led the 1963 Revolution and, after seizing the capital of Sana'a, established the Civil Arabian Republic. Since then, it has been elected the majority party in every election for both parliament and congress. As the title suggests, the BASP is the main Socialist party in Civil Arabia.

Republican Progressive Party
- The RPP was founded, like the Ba'athists, as an underground movement in the Duweidi Sultanate. It was formed by a group of intellectuals and radicals as a peaceful opposition group. After hundreds of its members were arrested in the middle of the night and executed by Duweidi police, however, the RPP armed itself and joined the Ba'athists in a guerrilla war. The party is fundamentally left-wing, although many of its members are rightist republicans or exiles from the Al-Khemir party.

Islamic Courts Union
- A branch of its parent organisation in Somalia, the ICU is surprisingly powerful for the newest party in Civil Arabia. This is most likely due to the large conservative Islamic population opposed to both the Sultanate and the secular Ba'athist state. It is infamous for its vigilante militia who, in remote parts of the country, enforce Shari'a law and capital punishment, both of which are illegal in Civil Arabia. They are rumoured to be backed, in addition to the Somali party, by the Saudi regime to the north.

Al-Khemir Party
- The main right-wing party in Civil Arabia. It fought with the Sultanate against the Ba'athists and RPP. However, its ideals have altered slightly, and the party now holds 'New State' ambitions, much like the ICU. Despite being in a coalition with the party, the Khemiris are known for their quarrels with the ICU, and their coalitions crumble regularly. The Al-Khemir Party is named after the last Sultan, and wishes to establish a new Constitutional Monarchy of Civil Arabia.

Restore the Sultanate Party
- A breakaway faction from the Al-Khemir Party. More militant and idealistic. Wishes to fully restore the power of the Sultan.

Civil Arabian Communist Party
- One of the largest and most powerful far-left movements in the Middle East, the CACP was formed when two smaller Communist parties merged after the 1963 Revolution. During the conflict, the People's National Liberation Front fought with the Ba'athists and the Republicans, while the Revolutionary Democratic Union remained neutral. In 1964, the two organisations merged. Their popularity is largely due to their extensive and elaborate propaganda campaigns, which include radio, television and pamphleteering.

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