Guide to Storefronts [WIP]

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]
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Guide to Storefronts [WIP]

Postby Argentinstan » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:45 pm

Guide to Storefronts
Guide Des Fils Du Forum


Inspired by several nations, I've decided to compose am an accurate listing of active threads and notable non-active friends brought out onto NationStates' forums through my main nation (Argentinstan) and my several puppet nations. This is also to help funnel you to the right threads you are interested in if you are a fan of me or my threads.

They are all ranked in terms of popularity (storefront threads).

Argentinstan was founded on February 25, 2017 and is hence my oldest, first, and main nation. I've been doing most of my storefront development with this nation as well as continual experimentation. Also I have so many threads that I might not remember all of them.
Factbooks & National Information
Working on further expansion in this forum but this just houses several factbooks and my single embassy program.
Embassy Program
Just apply here to start diplomatic relations and exchange embassies as well as ambassadors. Great place for one-stop diplomacy with Argentinstan.
CNN Network
One-stop for all your Argentinstan-related news coverage. Updated several times a month.
CNN Politics
CNN International
CNN Money
CNN Environment
Tollywood Studios
Theme park factbook.
Argentinstan City Metro
Argentintan City Light Rail
Argentinstan City Metrobus
Argentinstan City AcelaRail
Factbook containing info about my system known as Argentry. Argentry is basically a version of the U.S.' Global Entry program.
Factbook explaining my version of an electronic visa program, much like the U.S.' ESTA or Australia's eVisa program.
Factbook explaining my nation of no-speed-limit highways, based off Germany's Autobahn. Controlled-access, of course.
Global Economics & Trade
This is the forum I am most active in and am continually releasing threads as well as developing storefronts in. I made my first forum post here as well.
Bank of the Atlantic
My hotspot of financial and banking services to the NS community. One of the several largest banks in the forum/world as well. Also my #1 most popular thread.
Air Argentine
My national flag-carrier and one of the largest airlines in terms of destinations in GE&T. Used to be hosted on a different thread but I created a new one for it because the old one was too cluttered up and would be more problematic to renovate than to simply restart.
PATA Hotels & Resorts
Among my earliest threads. My one-stop to providing hotels and resorts and vacation services worldwide. It originally was developed with haste but I returned and closed it all up before renovating the thread which took around a month.
Ramsey's Pizza
Pizza restaurant thread with crowdsourcing implemented for much of the menu.
Virgin Argentina (http://www.flyvirgin.arg)
Funny how I have so many airport threads but just two airline threads. Anyways this is based off other IRL Virgin airlines like Virgin America (merging with Alaska Air) and Virgin Atlantic.
Mustafa Shopping Centers
One of my first threads, Mustafa has been overshadowed by my more popular threads and has been neglected until fairly recently until I fixed it up and somewhat revived it.
Connectarg is my primary telecommunications thread and was born out of a regional company with no thread until I pulled the time and compiled it into a GE&T thread. It has seen mild success and is tied in with my phone line, Amero Universe which is also situated in the Connectarg thread.
Sirène Vin Chateau
Sirène Vin Chateau is one of the two drink companies (the other being soda) and my single winery storefront. I worked on compiling the list, taking from name brands IRL, and tying the brand to my other storefronts.
Cable News Network
My GE&T branch (takes applications) of CNN.
Le Blanc Fromage
Le Blanc Fromage is my cheese company, born out of inspiration from the IRL world's most expensive cheese and competition with several nations in my region. Ties in to Sirène Vin Chateau. Le Blanc Fromage is still relatively unfinished and I'm continually working on it. Le Blanc Fromage means the white cheese in French.
Tower Hills Residential Building
Formerly an amateur thread (little work done on it) but now I've fixed it up and reopened the thread. My only GE&T thread for a tower or a building.
Graputola is my primary and single soda company and the name is based off grapes and the two chinese characters for grapes and . One of my two drink/beverage companies.
National train company with operations worldwide. Use it just to put through information for the company when bidding for operational management in my region.
The namesake of this is the popular Japanese clothing brand, UNIQLO or ユニクロ in Japanese.
Argentinstan City International Airport
My busiest airport thread and my most popular. Utilized as the primary gateway to my nation and one of my better designed threads, at that
City Airport
Another airport serving my capital, Argentinstan City. Developed based on London-City Airport and my only slot controlled airport. Little less popular than others.
Mariobo International Airport
The whole thread was just recently renovated following the model of Argentinstan City Int'l Airport.
Panhouston-Tollywood International Airport
Just another airport.
Canary Beach International Airport
Just another airport.
San Francisco International Airport
This airport is based fully on the real SFO airport, my home airport by the way. However there are some differences like terminals, gates, etc.
Sausalito Regional Airport
Tiny airport, also serving San Francisco. Otherwise, just another airport.
Mendoza Lionel Messi Airport
Just another airport.
La Paz General Salinas International Airport
Just another airport. Names after Paleno's leader, General Salinas.
Rio de Janeiro Galeão International Airport
Just another airport.
São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport
Just another airport.

Cayuga-Macami was founded on June 29, 2017 and serves as my puppet for primarily roleplay (RP) purposes in the United Nations of Earthlings.
Global Economics & Trade
Cayuga-Macami International Airport
Only thread by Cayuga-Macami but has since died down.

Florenza was founded on June 4, 2017 and serves as my puppet for primarily roleplay (RP) purposes in the United Nations of Earthlings.
Global Economics & Trade
Florenza International Airport
Major thread for Florenza Island and is the busiest one at that.
Florenza Port Authority
Another major thread for Florenza Island but less popular and focused more towards maritime shipping and travel.
Grand Firenze Airport
Basically a dead thread. But instrumental during RPs as it is RPed out as a top tourist destination.

Shinjuku was founded on a date yet to be determined and serves as a puppet placeholder until a region suitable for it can be found.
None yet.

Medoynia was founded on September 25, 2017 and serves as a subordinate account, utilizing it to RP and participate in other regions, disassociating itself from my main account and RPs related to such.
Global Economics & Trade
Primary and only storefront, following a Costco/Sam's Club business model of wholesale goods and selling in bulk for discounts.

The below nations are hereby banned from applying at my threads. End of story.
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