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Fisenesian Factbook

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Relative Location:
"There is not, has never been, and never will be an exact location of Fisenesia." - Luna Balivernes
Fisenesian Quadrangle of the Southeast Pacific--Almost all Fisenesian islands are scattered throughout the ocean bordered by a “Quadrangle” with corners being The Galapagos Islands, Easter Island, and The Marquesas Islands. While most are located in this area near the equator, some Fisenesian islands are found as far North as Hawaii and West of Clipperton Island. Some Fisenesian islands and carbon neutral Maritime Farm/Factories are found south of the quadrangle, continuing along the South Pacific Rise near Point Nemo.

Bordering Nations:
"Names on a map may as well be drawn in sand." - Rave Graey
As mentioned, the closest nations to Fisenesia would be the corners of the quadrangle, Chile’s Easter Island, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, and France’s Marquesas Islands.

"The Fisenesian Archipelago is, without a doubt, the single most biodiverse locale on Earth." - Juliet Wolfe
Most of the islands are rainforest with coast and some savannah, but there are a few temperate forests, grasslands, deserts, swamplands, and one snowy mountain.

"You've got two possibilities, scorching sun, or warm rain." - Leaf Lunadore
Tropical Humid

Natural Resources:
"We have what we need and what we should ever want." - Marvel Sangclair
Includes Horses, Marble, Stone, Gemstones (Namely Meteorite Diamonds), Exotic Species, Creativity (Films, Plays, and Music), Silk, Spices, Sugar Cane, Wine, Bananas, Pearls, Maize, Cattle, Deer, Fish, Rice, and Bread.

Land Use:
"Attention: Now leaving Safe City. No settlements guranteed for next [....] Kilometers." - Wilderness Signpost
About 4% Developed and the rest Wilderness

Natural Hazards:
"What doesn't kill you only makes life more interesting." - Leaf Lunadore
Earthquakes--Fisenesia is near the Pacific Ring of Fire
Sinkholes--there are many extensive underground caves
Volcanic Eruptions--most of the islands are of volcanic origin
Tsunamis--usually due to earthquakes
Heat Waves--due to being in a tropical climate
Cyclonic Storms--due to being in a humid Pacific region
Unusual Magnetic Storms--common and can bend metal, crash planes, and cause auroras in the sky
Unusual Meteorite Strikes--small meteorites regularly crash for unknown reasons

Environmental Issues:
"Dilectio Terra." - Fisenesian Saying (Love Earth)
A self-proclaimed Nature Haven, Fisenesians live in balance with the natural environment and work to conserve natural wonders around the globe, in both legal and illegal ways. However, one environmental issue we are suffering from is the tangling of ecosystems by genetically altered and non-native species. Many dangerous engineered creatures and introduced creatures from 1953 have thrived in the rainforests and make it dangerous to travel through. A rather newer issue coming about is Quantum Pollution, the anomalous behavior of physics in some Fisenesian Wilderness due to the untended after-effects of scientific experiments. It is currently unknown how to deal with such problems.
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The main economic system of Fisenesia can be described as Libertarian Capitalist and Protectionist Autarkic. Each of the 3 main city-states has its own loose form of government, but the closest thing to a unifying centralization is the Fisenesian corporation, Lunarlupin Futuristics. Each of the 3 city-state governments provides free security, healthcare, and education as the government because they are all in a partnership with Lunarlupin Futuristics, which develops new technologies and advances science in order to sell to other Fisenesian companies, then gives research and selectively funds government branches in exchange for the resulting influence on society. Although this close government association with a massive research and development corporation may be questionable, it does eliminate the need for income tax and most other taxes, something few complain about. Lunarlupin Futuristics, through generous funding of the 3 city-state governments with profits made from their scientific developments, has effectively become nearly as influential in society as the governments themselves.

Taxes that remain in place, however, are extremely high tariffs and Offspring Tax. All 3 city-states have placed punitive tariffs on imports from the outside world, so that the only sensible trade occurs internally or between the 3 city-states themselves. This ensures Autarky (national self-reliance) and is a form of Protectionism to prevent international trade, while encouraging intercity trade. The Offspring Tax charges people for having children and increasing population in Fisenesia. This is due to the fact that our citizenry is composed of very selectivly chosen immigrants, and native-born babies may not necessarily be as deserving as their parents to take part in Fisenesia and contribute to society. It is also to prevent the poor from having too many children that they would not be able to support without Government Welfare. Most couples pay to have between zero and one children. Some of the more wealthy families have been known to afford between three and six.

The above only applies to the 3 Safe Cities which Lunarlupin Futuristics operates in. The rest of Fisenesia is divided into many small communities such as villages and towns which have their own micro economies. Most of these can be described as Tribalist Hunter-Gatherer, Natural Substinence, or Gift Bartering systems. These small communities often use simple hunting or fishing methods for meat and search the surrounding areas to gather fruits or other plants, which are then distributed either with some bartering system, on a need-basis, or evenly to everyone.

Gross Domestic Product:
"You know, for a bunch of islands with the total population of a small town, I'd say our economy is doing fairly well!" - Juliet Wolfe
Estimated $20 Billion

GDP Per Capita:
"There's high society, there's the hippies, and then there's the high society hippies." - Luna Balivernes
Estimated $100,000

Population Below Poverty Line:
"If money is the root of all evil, why should I tolerate it?" - Anonymous Vagabond
Estimated 10% (Including those in Voluntary Poverty)

Unemployment Rate:
"Our job is to create a society where the only chance of failure is the chance you create for yourself."- Alex Avitia
Estimated 4% (Only counting those registered as "In Need Of Work", as many are in voluntary unemployment)

"Would you kindly not call me a buinessman. I dislike industry." - Leaf Lunadore
Most major corporations originating in Fisenesia use a Greek Mythological name, either because they were founded around the same time and saw it as an easy way to show interindustry cooperation, or as a fast way for newer industries to create the advertising illusion of belonging in the same league as the big, experienced businesses. A few non-Fisenesian companies have been allowed to do business in Fisenesia on the condition that they pay a certain "corporate rent".

Lunarlupin Futuristics--See Factions section. In addition to partnership with nearly every Fisenesian company, non-Fisenesian companies currently working in partnership with Lunarlupin Futuristics include the Dharma Initiative of the Hanso Foundation, InGen, Umbrella Corporation, Rossum Corporation, Cyberdyne Systems, Viridian Dynamics, Global Dynamics, LexCorp, Massive Dynamic, Multi-National United (MNU), OsCorp, Black Mesa Research, Aperture Science, Wayne Enterprises, and Stark Industries. Our partnership with Abstergo Industries was recently mutually terminated due to differing views of direction.

Acme Corporation--non-Fisenesian manuacturer of most any product, often dangerous or impractical, thus popular with most modern Fisenesians.

Demeteric Agriculture--largest agricultural producer in Fisenesia by far, grows products on large farm-ships that let the plants grow out at sea, often near Point Nemo so as not to waste land, and delivers the harvest to any of the three Government Cities. Also known for "growing" most meats and for the fact that the only animals they kill for products are fish and birds.

Nuka-Cola Corporation--non-Fisenesian company that sells a popular flavored soft drink. Nuka-Cola and Coca-Cola are cutthroat enemies due to the similarity of their products, even in name and design. The soft drink businesses in Fisenesia are probably the most openly competitive because they are constantly pushing such similarly tasting products, being Nuka-Cola, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

Dionysus Wine--popular wine distributer that works in partnership with Demeteric Agriculture for a supply of grapes and necessar foods to produce their renowned wine. Dionysus Red Wine is the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage by Fisenesians.

TruBlood--All flavor. No bite. A non-Fisenesian company producing a synthetic blood drink popular with our Near Human citizens, notably Vampires, who can now get the necessary blood for their diet at a reasonable and efficient cost.

Hephaestus Construction--a construction company with strong ties to The Government because of the permit needed to build in a Government City. They are known for sustainably mining and greatly expanding forests when logging.

Coca-Cola Corporation--non-Fisenesian producer of a popular soft drink. Sworn enemy of Nuka-Cola and strong competitor of Pepsi.

Poseidonic Electricity--rival to Hyperion Energy, but uses tidal power, wind power, and geothermal sources for energy. Secondary provider of energy to Fisenesians.

Pepsi Company--non-Fisenesian producer of a popular soft drink. Due to the plain animosity between Nuka-Cola and Coca-Cola, Pepsi has tried to seize the divided fans of either soda, but this has only led to a corporate triangle of even harsher competition.

Pontos Fishing--a fishing company, rivaling the fish branch of Demeteric Agriculture, but also providing other seafood fresh from the sea.

Hyperion Energy--main energy producer in Fisenesia, known for harvesting energy from nuclear fusion power and solar sail satellites and for broadcasting electricity via wireless electronic transfer.

Oracle Employment--a company that recruits citizens with special, superhuman, and anomalistic abilities and employs them in practical positions based on their specific talent. They compete with The Government branch which has similar purposes.

Ryan Industries--a subtle non-Fisenesian corporation which assisted The Government and Hephaestus Construction with building Silvahaven in the mid 20th century. They seemed supportive of our capitalist nature and isolationist tactics. They have ceased communications altogether in contemporary years.

Chronos Watchmaking--a company renowned for their pocketwatches and varied assortment of timekeeping devices.

Artemisian Safaris--a program offering guides through wilderness for practical and thrill-seeking purposes.

Graey Market--a Fisenesian import group known for their unique ability to somehow profit despite the scandalous tariffs in place. Their leader, Rave Graey, is infamous for his involvement in the feared organized crime groups in Fisenesia. Although the means for which Graey acquires the goods or items for his clients raises suspicions, everybody seems to look the other way whenever the business is brought into question.

The entertainment, hospitality, insurance, and mass media industries are far more diverse and have too many large companies to mention.

"Nikola Tesla would be proud!" - Alex Avitia
Primarily produced by Hyperion Energy and secondarily by Poseidonic Electricity, electricity is “broadcasted” in a frequency-like form to obsolete grid wiring

Natural Gas:
"So they use dead dinosaurs, plant farts, and undeveloped diamonds for fuel؟ And I though we were the strange ones...." - Luna Balivernes
Rarely used outside manufacturing

"RIP Dinosaurs!" - Fisenesian eco-terrorist message to foreign oil well.
Not used for fuel or electricity generation, mostly used for food and painting

Agricultural Products:
"Why do I get the feeling agriculture will be the death of us all؟" - Marvel Sangclair
In mass agriculture, animals are never killed for any products with the exception of fish and some birds. Also, usually only native animals are used in agriculture. This often is no difficulty due to the incredible biodiversity of Fisenesian islands.

Useful animals that live among Fisenesian islands include Wolves, Mouflon, Boars, Goats, Aurochs, Cats, Junglefowl, Guinea Pigs, Donkeys, Mallards, Water Buffalo, Bees, Tarpans, Camels, Silkmoths, Caribou, Pigeons, Geese, Yaks, Llamas, Vicunas, Guineafowl, Elephants, Polecats, Deer, Ducks, Peafowl, Doves, Banteng, Gaur, Turkeys, Carp, Rabbits, Swans, Quail, Canaries, Rats, Minks, Budgerigars, Cockatiels, Finches, Hamsters, Foxes, and Muskoxen.

Agricultural plants include Apriots, Cherries, Coconuts, Mangos, Olives, Plums, Apples, Pears, Loquats, Medlars, Quinces, Sapodillas, Calabashes, Tucumas, Babacus, Acais, Pineapples, Cocopalms, Palms, Beans, Bananas, Breadfruits, Durians, Ensetes, Figs, Jackfruits, Papayas, Passionfruits, Citrons, Grapefruits, Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Pomelos, Tangerines, Almonds, Cashews, Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Macademias, Pecans, Pistachios, Walnuts, Barley, Millet, Fonio, Maize, Maygrass, Oats, Rice, Rye, Sorghum, Spelt, Teff, Triticale, Wheat, Amaranth, Buckwheat, Tears, Bristlegrass, Goosefoot, Quinoa, Lentils, Peas, Jicamas, Sunflowers, Marshelders, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Currants, Grapes, Melons, Strawberries, Eggplants, Gourds, Peppers, Squash, Pumpkins, Zucchini, Tomatos, Beets, Carrots, Parsnips, Radishes, Turnips, Cassavas, Potatos, Taros, Yams, Peanuts, Soybeans, Mint, Basil, Cinnamon, Elderflower, Chives, Garlic, Ginger, Bay-Leaf, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Marshmallow, Nutmeg, Oregano, Parsley, Peppermint, Rosemary, Rue, Saffron, Sage, Spearmint, Vanilla, Wasabi, Watercress, Wormwood, Wintergreen, Alfalfa, Clovers, Grasses, Canola, Belladonna, Cacao, Cannabis, Coffee, Cola, Poppy, Quinine, Tea, Cotton, Flax, Henequen, Jute, Kenaf, Hemp, Catnip, Katniss, and Bamboo.

"Ignore us, please." - Luna Balivernes
Usually None, Sometimes Environmental Aid or Diamonds

"Isolation is dandy, but ignorance of other cultures is unforgivable." - Leaf Lunadore
Books, Films, Music, Any Media, Anything Individually Imported By A Citizen

"Money may be cliche, but there has to be some way to gauge success...." - Rave Graey
Society Benefit Credit (called Credits, Creds, or more recently Dollars)

Approximate Exchange Rates:
"Gratia!" - Typical Coin Dispenser (Thank you)
5 Credits = 1 Galleon (Wizarding World)
1 Credits = 200 Woolongs (Cowboy Bebop)
10 Credits = 1 Pot of Dirt (Waterworld)
1 Credit = 20 Bottle Caps (Capital Wasteland)
1 Credit = 2 Rupees (Hyrule)
10 Credits = 1 Vial of ADAM (Rapture)
1 Credit = 1 Pineapple
5 Credits = 1 Medium Pizza
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The Beginning
420 -- The first known humans in Fisenesia called themselves the Lokosians. Many characteristics of these ancient people puzzle historians and anthropologists today. Genetically, they seem to be some sort of Eurasian-Polynesian mix. The Lokosians spoke Greek and a variant of Latin, had olive skin color, and worshiped gods similar to Greek mythological deities. What's more, there are genetic oddities unique to the Lokosians, including wavy or straight midnight blue hair, violet eye color prone to heterochromia with another color, a tendency toward twelve fingers and toes, extra ribs, a third kidney, and three sets of teeth in the case of lost teeth in adulthood. Their canines were abnormally sharp and their ears had a slight elven point. Their eyes possessed slight epicanthic folds, as in Asiatic races, but their noses were Greek. Some who were rarely exposed to sunlight since infancy exhibited snow white skin pigment as opposed to the majority who had bronze skin.

All of these biological quirks in their race has led to the development of two main theories. The first, called the Casimir Theory, has roots in the fact that these people worshiped luck and chance, and held enormous Luck Festivals during blue moons. It states that when an individual was born with an extra appendage or any tendency toward blue or violet, that individual was considered favored by Faye, the goddess of luck, and as an uncoincidental result, by natural selection (if you catch my drift). While the Casimir Theory seeks to explain their unique traits, the second theory, called the Xenos Theory, attempts to explain their apparent multiracial descent. In Lokosian myth, Mother Nature created humans and a mysterious race/deity called Xenos, from the Greek word for stranger. Myth says Xenos interbred with humans, producing the Lokosian race. Later it says he granted them the land of Lokos, taught them how to live, and then returned to the stars. Clearly, this can easily be interpreted as an ancient astronaut/alien visitation theory, sparking conspiracy theorists' imaginations.

An ancient work of Lokosian art is often cited as support for this theory. It shows a group of Polynesians encountering a different group of humans with jet black hair and ivory white skin, labeled as the Xenos. Modern scholars think this may represent Polynesians meeting Asians in Lokosia, but the historical context simply doesn't fit. Also, if this were true, why would Lokosians exhibit so many Mediterranean cultural attributes rather than, for example, speaking an Asian language?

815 -- The city-state of Silexolis is founded. Before this, Lokosians had been nomadic hunter-gatherers. In present times is one of the 3 real cities still in Fisenesia, making it the oldest, but least populated, of the 3 Safe Cities. It is Lokosian tradition that when a boy or girl is in their late teens, they must set out of the Lokosian islands and bring back something to improve their people. This largely resulted in advanced cartography and knowledge of surrounding cultures in the Pacific, as well as increasing curiosity in the massive land to the East (The Americas). The thing brought back ranged from an idea, to a new technology, to a map, even to a person. Many surrounding Polynesian groups called the Lokosian islands Lono Pae 'Aina. In their explorations to Central and South America, they had met the Maya, Teotihuacan, Huari, Moche, Quimbaya, Tiwanaku, and Nazca cultures.

900 -- Lokosians believed that the Earth was spherical ocean (solely the Pacific) with a single ring of vertical land around it (the American coastline) and islands interspersed throughout. Thus, they believed that by traversing the thin stretch of land that vertically bordered the planet, they could get to the other side of the Pacific more easily. They soon learned that the "thin" stetch of land was thinner in some areas than in others. Through information from Mayans, they soon learned that it was thinnest in Southern Central America. An expedition of Lokosian youths were sent to cross what is now Costa Rica and reach what we know now is the Caribbean. They founded a port city on the Caribbean coast called Beatrix, the second Lokosian city since Silexolis.

1200 -- With Silexolis as their sort of capital, and Beatrix as their vantage point to explore the Mexican Gulf, Lokosians charted more of the Americas than just their coasts. They learned that there was not just a ring of land around a spherical ocean, and decided that the Earth might be flat afterall. They met the Ancestral Puebla culture in New Mexico, Freemont culture in Colorado, Hohokam in Arizona, Adena and Fort Ancient in Ohio, Hopewell culture in Florida, Mississippian culture in Texas, and Toltec in Mexico. Now believing that the shortcut to the other side of the Pacific was impossible, an expedition was sent sailing indefinitely Northeast of Lokosia to see if they could find an end to the world.

1240 -- Feudal Japan was discovered as the West edge of the new Lokosian map of the world. Song Dynasty China was discovered soon afterwards. Many technological developments and ideas were taken back to Fisenesia.

1400 -- By now Lokosians had mapped much of the Americans and returned to their theory that the Earth was a sphere with a single strip of land around it. They just guessed that the single strip of land was thicker than originally thought and had large gulf craters in it made by ancient meteorites. This would also indicate that they thought Japan and China were on North America's East Coast. Also at this time they had to fortify Beatrix from the Aztec empire, whom they regarded as potentially hostile. Besides the Aztecs, Lokosians had now encountered the Huastecs, Mixtecs, Tarascans, Totonacs, and Zapotecs in Mexico. In South America, Lokosians had encountered the Inca, Canaris, Chachapoya, Chibcha, Chimu, La Tolita, Muisca, Narino, Norte Chico, San Augustin, Tairona, Tolima, and Calima cultures. The Inca learned the location of Silexolis and attempted to assimilate the Lokosian city into the Inca Empire, but the Silexolite Lokosians resisted and learned to be more cautious.

1516 -- The city-state of Craterside is founded (back then it was called Fayarx) somewhat close to Silexolis. In present times is one of the 3 real cities still standing in Fisenesia, and it is the second oldest, but most populated of the 3 Safe Cities.

1623 -- Because of what they had done to the Aztec, Inca, and numerous other native peoples, Lokosians attempted to disguise the entire city of Beatrix as abandoned Mayan ruins of no value. A rumor spread of a phantom island through the Northwest Passage where one could live in paradise. Many English, French, and Spanish vessels, both legitimate and pirate, discovered Beatrix in their search. Lokosians agreed to take them to their "Physinoesia" which means natural archipelago, but the Europeans misinterpreted this as the name of Lokosia. They mispronounced it as Fisenesia (fie sin nee shuh), as it became and remained in European usage.

The Westernization
1700 -- After more and more Europeans settled Fisenesia, English and French soon became dominant over the Lokosian dialects of Greek and Latin. The Lokosians learn the virtue of isolationism, perhaps a bit too late. However, The Lokosians are able to maintain their culture fairly well. Rather than segregating into distinct cultures, the Europeans and the Lokosians genetically and culturally mix until Fisenesian society is essentially still Lokosian, but is dilluted by European influences. The next century marks a massive leap in Fisenesian society. Not only do teens continue leaving to bring something back which betters their people, but now the entire world is accessible through bettered navigation technology and knowledge from multiple cultures. Many more cities on Fisenesian islands are established. To ensure their survival as a small growing nation, Fisenesia's location is kept a secret. Not wanting to further dillute Fisenesia's culture with foreign religious fanatics, nationalists, or common uneducated peoples, the first recruitment agents are selected to venture out into the world, choose the best out of everyone they meet, and recommend immigration to Fisenesia.

The Steam Revolution
1800 -- Beatrix must be abandoned due to the increasing activity of foreign nations in Central America. But other small immigration outposts are set up around the world to recruit exceptional immigrants. One such immigrant was simply known as Mr. Doctor Captain, due to changing his name to this as a satire on titles in society. MDC (for short) was a wealthy man from the United States who saw Fisenesia's potential. Until now, Fisenesia had been satisfied searching the world for concepts in order to keep up with it, but MDC sought to make Fisenesia the most advanced nation in the world by original inspiration and whatever means necessary. He founded Stellavarius as the epicenter of this "Fisenesia Awakening" (which would soon be called the Steam Revolution) and Stellavarius soon became Fisenesia's new capital. Until 1953, it was the largest, most populous, and most influential of the Fisenesian city-states. In present times, it is not counted among the Safe Cities due to being ground zero of the devastating Lunacy virus and only infected, mostly insane, quarantined people live there. It was the capital until 1954. MDC founded Brilliant Futuristics at the start of the 1800s. The company used his initial fortune (and it is suspected some stolen fortunes) to recruit experts from around the world to assist in Fisenesia's awakening while still maintaining Fisenesia's secrecy and isolation. Steam power was utilized in 1804. Other inventions of this century include dirigibles in 1808, solar-steam engines in 1815, mechanical computers in 1816, the analytical engine in 1823, and analog computers in 1842.

1884 -- MDC dies, age 102. His legacy lives on in virtually every modern Fisenesian technology. He brought Fisenesia from adequate to advanced. Shortly after his death, steampowered analog robotics were invented. His apprentice, Ethan Wolfe, took over Brilliant Futuristics and changed its name to Lupine Futuristics because MDC had wanted Ethan to run the company anew after his time came.

The Centralization
1895 -- Fisenesia, previously a mostly decentralized stateless society, is beginning to need stricter controls if it is ever going to continue to succeed as an isolated nation while keeping its advanced technology out of foreign hands. Fisenesia organizes into a directly democratic nation.
1895 -- Venus Wollheim, she was a renowned artist, designer, and architect.
1900 -- Olin Jefferson, he held many careers in his life, notably a writer, radio personality, peacekeeper, philosopher, journalist, activist, poet, and teacher.
1905 -- Dr. Carolyn Elder, she was a scientist, particularly in physics, math, logic, engineering, economics, and philosophy.
1910 -- Dr. Heb Madison, he was a former surgeon, turned peacekeeper, turned athlete, dancer, musician, and actor, then a builder and model for peacekeeping robots.
1915 -- Phillipa Williams, she was an instrumentalist, singer, conductor, DJ, orator, writer, and composer.
1920 -- Leslie David, she was a top philosopher, psychologist, theologian, radio personality, and writer. Term limit of president extended to 10 years.

1930 -- William Baker, he was a popular naturalist, Demeteric Agriculture scientist, and environmentalist.
1940 -- Sarah Lovecraft, she was a famed cosmologist and philosopher.
1950 -- Frank Selden, he was a teacher and activist, then was employed as an insurance salesman, then was promoted to manager of that company, then became CEO. His term was cut short with the war and events of 1953.
Robotic Age
1900 to 1940 AD -- Advanced robotics and all around technology is developed and the first Arificial Intelligences were created. Juliet Wolfe, Ethans Wolfe's daughter born in 1902, takes over the company in 1922. Lupine Futuristics rises in influence in the Democratic Republic of Fisenesia. She also plays a large role in establishing the Graey Market with Rave Graey, who then uses his assets to effectively rob money from the rest of the world so Fisenesia can enjoy affluence, growth, and advancement. In 1925, Lupine Futuristics constructs a research and development facility at Rockefeller Plateau in Antarctica for developments in psychology, parapsychology, sociology, and engineering a utopia. It utilized artificial intelligences working with humans to delve into the sapient psyche and the nature of society. It’s morals in regard to human experimentation were questionable at best, but it made vast leaps, not only scientifically, but philosophically as well. Unfortunately, due to public dismay with the practices in the facility, it was scheduled to be repurposed, but before that could happen, the elites at the facility declared Rockefeller Plateau independent from Fisenesia. It was allowed at first, but cold warfare ensued.
Atomic Age
1940 to 1970 AD -- Nuclear Fusion is harnessed and most vehicles are powered by very small fusion generators. Also a space station and Lunar Outpost are constructed. The first Gene Therapy creating human near-biological immortality took place in the 1940s.The first Near Humans (mutants created with Gene Therapy) are recognized to no longer be part of the human species, yet retain sapience. The AI and Near Human Rights Movements achieve giving AIs and Near Humans citizenship. The Democratic Republic of Fisenesia dissolves in 1953 due to war.

1946 to 1959 AD -- Fisenesia still remains isolated from the world through World War II, mostly since the nations that discovered it didn't exactly view it as a nation, more as an "independent research commune". Our espionage also becomes worldwide at this time. We discover that Ryan Industries, a company which briefly operated in Fisenesia, but was dissatisfied with our "lack of real unity", is investing in a project off the coast of Iceland. With annoyed semi-cooperation from Ryan Industries, we find out that they are constructing an underwater city where the "best and brightest" can pursue endeavors without censorship or restraint. While the world would begin a Space Race at this time, Fisenesia and Ryan Industries were in the midst of a "Sea Flee" where we build our very own undersea city and undertake a number of ongoing Recruitment Projects to snag the "best and brightest" from the world before Ryan Industries. Our competition with Ryan comes with limited success. Our city is complete in 1952, off the coast of Silvahaven (a crescent rainforest island for which the new city is named), a year after Ryan's, but Ryan's city seems to completely disappear from our watch after 1959.

The Sanity Genocide.
1953 AD -- The Sanity Genocide begins and ends in this year. Basically, after much antagonism between Fisenesia and Rockefeller Plateau (RP for short), the two countries unleash numerous superweapons on eachother. RP focused on Stellavarius, while Fisenesia pretty much obliterated all of RP. Likely, the most devastating of RP's weapons was a bioweapon, the Lunacy virus, which caused most Fisenesians to go hoplessly insane and often die in some way. The 1% who were immune to the virus or were only left with minor eccentricities fled to the three designated safe zones, which in present times are known as the 3 Safe Cities (Silexolis, Craterside, and Silvahaven). Some smaller immune communities do exist in Fisenesia outside these cities. No nuclear weapons were effectively used in this war; both sides chose more "creative" methods of destruction, many still lasting in Fisenesian wilderness to this day (like zombies, genetically engineered beasts, dimensional rifts, or occasional outbreaks of adapted Lunacy). Any centralized government that existed for the previous five decades disintegrates, and the 3 Safe Cities revert back to city-state mentality. Lupine Futuristics, at this time, seizes its opportunity for power and rises to the occasion. To improve the company's reputation, Juliet partnered with the popular artist Leaf Lunadore and changed the company's name to Lunarlupin Futuristics. Today, the 3 Safe Cities are harmless rivals, and even work together under Lunarlupin Futuristics' urgings. The 3 Safe Cities continue recruiting the "best and brightest" citizens from around the world, to populate their cities after such an apocalyptic event decades ago.

The Cyber Age
1980 to 2010 AD -- Internet, Realistic Simulation, Cybernetics, and Mind-Machine Interface are invented. Numerous AIs are created and put in high positions of power. Although some contest that this is the time when the government "went to the machines", artificial mind mapping and personality simulation has gotten so advanced at this point that the minds of these machines are actual characters in the truest sense of the word. For example, ERIS, (Entity for Ranking Individuals in Society) is a revolutionary and controversial unbiased merit-system AI with no solid form that can actually and effectively gauge the ability of every Fisenesian citizen based on billions of qualitative and statistical factors and give them a particular merit that changes day-to-day. Examples of the qualitative factors include societal reputation and how much they contribute culturally or scientifically to society. This took liberated Fisenesia from its 'corporate monarchy' under Lunarlupin Futuristics, and made a new system where the two citizens with the highest Merit in each city became its leaders. Some call it a fool-proof meritocracy, while others call it risky if ERIS were to go rampant for any reason. Also is the CaKE (Communication and Knowledge Equiptment), a wrist-device granted to each citizen registered in a Safe City with numerous features including communication, transinformation, personal assessment and organization, companion mode, and even Biography Emulation, where it records what happens to you daily for one to better recall certain events if the user were to write a memoir, journal entry, or episodic log of their life, as is popular with our many adventure enthusiasts. The CaKE also often includes a small slot drive on the back of one’s neck which allows one to directly interface with certain machines. Ironically, the two leaders of Lunarlupin Futuristics retain their power, both in different cities through merit, as they were popular rulers for the decades they ruled, so they kept their power. Leaf Lunadore and Luna Balivernes rule Craterside, Juliet Wolfe and Alex Avitia rule Silvahaven, and Rave Graey and Marvel Sangclair rule Silexolis.

2010 AD to Present -- New age proposed as The Biotech Age because of how far biotechnology has come and how much it has changed Fisenesia since the 1940s, enabling youthful immortality and even superhuman abilities. Because of this, most of the population was born between 1920 and 1960, but are biologically 20 to 30 years old and have enhanced senses. The population of registered Harmlessly Infected or Definitely Uninfected Fisenesians has grown to about 108,000 total residing in any of the 3 Safe Cities or Working Abroad in the world, usually for recruiting or espionage.

Current Leaders:
Leaf Lunadore (Co-CEO of Lunarlupin Futuristics) and Luna Balivernes (Founder of the Umbrella Pianos) of Craterside

Juliet Wolfe (CEO of Lunarlupin Futuristics) and Alex Avitia (Inventor of Gene Therapy) of Silvahaven

Rave Graey (Head of the Graey Market) and Marvel Sangclair (Activist for AI and Near Humans) of Silexolis

As predicted by our top Foreshadowers, Arithmancers, Futurology Simulators, Precognitives, and Interdimensional Expeditions. Of course, these are all possible outcomes. We acknowledge that these all occur in a seperate branch of our alternate future histories, however, how close they will be to our actual future history is unknowable.

Projection 1 -- Fisenesia establishes an early foothold in space colonization and exploration and, due to our more advanced technologies, Lunarlupin Futuristics monopolizes space travel and bottle-necks it, passive-aggressively grounding the rest of Earth's nations. Lunahaven, a Fisenesian Lunar outpost is established on the darkside of the moon while the light side is preserved as a natural wonder. The Space Gun is constructed on the equator in the Pacific. It can sling vessels and supplies into space using nuclear fusion electricity and other thermodynamic mechanics, thus eliminating the astronomical costs of space launches. This, too, is controlled by Lunarlupin Futuristics. Travel into orbit and to the moon becomes commonplace, not just for Fisenesians, but for citizens all over the world through the Space Gun. Fisenesia, now thrust into the world's spotlight, must upgrade its defensive capabilities. In addition to the carbon neutral, robot-run, factories floating in the ocean near Point Nemo which manufacture the heavy industrial of Fisenesia's many awe-inspiring constructs in present day, Fisenesia also expands Lunahaven with factories that also serve manufacturing purposes, but mine their raw materials from the back of the moon instead of the Earth's submerged crust. The back of the moon is also the site of the largest cemetary, where the dead and their statues can remain uninterrupted for time immemorial.

A combination of factors newly afflicting half of the moon cause it to drift closer to the Earth until it can be seen giant in the night sky. Also around this time, the Lunacy virus that Fisenesia tried so hard to bury becomes a global pandemic, driving most of Earth's 8 billion people insane as tsunamis and earthquakes also wreak the Earth as the planet adjusts to the moon's new position. The economy of most nations collapses, but Fisenesia, having already suffered a Lunacy apocalypse, remains fairly stable and evacuates most of the population into Apocalypse Shelters until the natural disasters subside. An initiative is organized by sane survivors and Fisenesians to terraform Venus and Mars into habitable planets. The clean manufacturing plants in the Pacific are reactivated, and new ones in polar regions are constructed, followed by a pact with the "emancipated" city-state of Lunahaven on the moon. Research stations and mining plants are set up on the twilight poles of Mercury, as well.

Then the terraforming begins. In front of Venus (the side facing the sun) an all-encompassing shroud of shading lenses are released to lower the radiation hitting the daylight side. If seen from space, it would look like a transparent shadow over one side of the planet at all times. The planet is then bombarded with hydrogen which reacts by producing water, transforming the entire planet's hostile surface into a series of large tropical island chains. As for Mars, the upper atmosphere is supplemented with heat amplifying lens clouds, the soil is bombarded with hydrogen, and the carbon dioxide is sublimated. Plantlife is introduced, which eventually converts the planet into one similar to Earth, however, there was a slight miscalculation in the terraforming which rendered the climate hotter than expected, thereby making many of the continents desert and savanna. An ark-worth of engineered species is introduced to Venus, while an array of natural Earth species preserved in an Earthly frozen zoo are cloned and introduced to Mars as a "backup" of Earth's biodiversity. Venus (+Mercury), Earth (+Moon), and Mars (+Ceres and moons) become the new planet-states from what was Fisenesia. (ironically reminiscient of present day's city-states, Craterside, Silexolis, and Craterside, some note)

With the perfection of teleportation and interdimensional travel, The self-evolved descendents of humanity become interdimensional beings and transcend contemporary understanding in their voyages between universes in pursuit of what we can only imagine. Perhaps individual happiness, the lessening of the influences of evil in the multiverse, or something hidden in our nature. <Projection accuracy approaching guesswork....>

Projection 2 -- With Fisenesia's colonization of the moon, (which occurs same as in the scenario above) Earth's other nations begin to actively war over resources and technology, Fisenesia undoubtedly dragged in as well. The rest of the world's reliance on nuclear bombs likely will throw humanity into an age of atomic armageddon, driving Fisenesians into their Apocalypse Shelters, perhaps for centuries. Eventually, the Apocalypse Shelter Residents will split into factions based on their original allegiances from before the nuclear world war, and these factions will each have a plan of action to continue living. One faction leaves Earth and terraforms Venus. Another leaves Earth and terraforms Mars. Another escapes to the Moon. The remaining ones are almost exclusively newer generations of Fisenesians born in the Apocalypse Vaults who mostly have psychokinetic powers, some more than others. They find that Earth's surface is a lush, misty frontier forever changed and mutated into an enigmatic biosphere. They also discover that other humans have begun to form their own settlements and the ancient enemy, Rockefeller Plateau, is recovered and more efficient than ever. The old Fisenesians have abandoned the Earth, leaving the newer generation, who identify themselves based on the ancient peoples, the Lokosians, to inherit the lands left to them.
<Further outcome unpredictable....>
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"Be creative with destruction." - Rave Graey
Agents of Order --The military of Fisenesia, also known as Ariesan Defenders, consists of a number of various remotely controlled machines that fight in a time of war, built by numerous carbon neutral maritime factories.

Agents of Justice --The police of Fisenesia, also known as Guardians, are swift and agile individuals, comparable to Japanese ninja or shinobi, and recently can be aided against crime by genetically added abilities.

Agents of Change --Special Forces, also known as Deltas, are “secret agents” with a number of purposes, often represented by the letter Delta or The Moon.

Ameliorers -- Individuals, often with psychokinetic abilities, 'knighted' by any of the Leaders to leave the safe cities and bring morality to the humans in the wilderness by lessening the influences of evil wherever they see it.

"Its like the best video game ever." - Anonymous Teen
Everyone with a license to control the war machines, and it isn’t difficult.

Number of Total Population:
"[Sirens Wailing] All battle-licensed citizenry, please report to Base-Level Bellum." - 1953 Wartime Broadcast
About 80% of Safe City Residents hold a license

"We are just an independent business endeavor. Or a hippie commune.... depending on who's asking." - Rave Graey
Fisenesia has very few strongly positive or negative foreign relations

Foreign Wars:
"You know we're right." - Last peacetime message from Rockefeller Plateau
The Sanity Genocide is contemporary Fisenesia's first and only acknowledged war against (semi-sovereign) foreign combatants. In this case, Fisenesia fought the self-liberated entity called Rockefeller Plateau Facility (RPF). After much cold warfare, war was declared on January 5th, 1953. Quite a few superweapons were used between the countries, but ironically, the war ended on December 28th that same year with Fisenesia obliterating most of RPF. This was not at irrevocably tragic costs to Fisenesia, though. 99% of Fisenesian citizens had been killed or driven insane, mostly due to RPF's engineered virus, Lunacy. Also, RPF (and Fisensesia) engineered numerous animals, pants, fungi, machines, etc. which survive in Fisenesian wilderness to this day, contributing genetic pollution and ecological replacement of native or endemic life on the Fisenesian islands. The wilderness remains deadly to the inexperienced traveler to this day, meaning that the legacy of this war lives on and continues to result in casualties.

Rockefeller Plateau:
"They even have art down to a science. It's despicable." - Leaf Lunadore
RPF was originally a Fisenesian research facility which used artificial intelligences to delve into the human psyche, but after their research progress became impeded by public complaints of human rights violations, it declared independence to continue its so-called vital research. It grew into an institution with the sole purpose of perpetually finding better ways to uncover the mysteries of the universe and engineer a utopia for sapient beings. It was overseen by an intelligence called PLATO, which ran the entire facility and its fragile experiments through other intelligences. A majority of the experiments which took place here involved psychological and sociological manipulation. The goal was to find new ways to manipulate the development of human minds and see what effect these variables had on societal dynamics.

Mostly, children (often clones to eliminate variations in differentiated test sets) were raised from infancy in experimental or simulated conditions to see what effect this had on their mental development in adulthood. The idea was to make human behavior malleable enough to create the perfect mindset which was compatible with experiencing an efficient and optimally satisfying utopia. Clearly, the machines understood that it would take countless generations of test subjects to reach these scientific goals. Thus, when a child's test was finished, they had been raised in the particular way to test how it would affect their personality, and the maximum information had been harvested from this stage of experiment, only then would the now-matured individual be linked into one of many virtual reality systems designed as their subjective perfect world. This would be their reward for unwittingly participating and the solution to their eventual scientific uselessness. The system would be designed to create their ideal version of the world, undoubtedly reflecting the mental ailments thrust upon them from a life of psychological testing, in which they will then live. (Note: though subjective utopia could be achieved with these machines, RPF sought objectivity in every pursuit.)

In addition to these numerous experiments located within subterranean vaults within the plateau, RPF also had "control domes" atop the mountain which housed entire experimental communities, each complete with a drastic sociological variable which could be anything from an altered cultural norm, to the perpetuation of highly irrational beliefs. In additon to the sociological and psychological avenues of research, countless more research is carried out by efficient machines hourly in order to advance PLATO's ability to think objectively, sense the universe more objectively and completely, enhance science with radically enhanced applied science appliances, and, of course, develop new superweapons with which to eliminate hinderances.
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Government and Political Structure

Country Name:
"Fuy, Sen, Nee, Shuh" - Pronunciation

Government Type:
"We found it, the best government so far. Problem is, that's been said about every new government." - Leaf Lunadore
Decentralized Meritocracy

The Government -- A complex merit system, kept by the advanced and unfailingly unbiased Artificial Intelligence, ERiS, determines who leads any one of the 3 Safe Cities. Whatever two resident citizens of each city have the highest merit score become the rulers of that Safe City. This is checked yearly, but so far no new leaders have overcome the merit scores of any of the existing leaders (this system has only existed since 1984, a few decades). At any time, any of the leaders can pass on the responsibility of leadership. Some say that this system is fool-proof, since if the ruler is unsatisfactory, their merit will be inclined to drop, since popularity is one of the many factors ERiS takes into account when meriting, meaning a new, more adept ruler will rise. Others say this puts Fisenesia at the whim of ERiS, and if she were to go senile, as happens with some AIs, government would be unable to function until a replacement is created.

The Government of any Safe City offers free healthcare, free education, and free law enforcement, as these are the Fisenesian governments only reponsibilities. They are to uphold the outlined Sapient Rights. Ever since the government became a meritocracy, health, education. and law have mostly been handled by Lunarlupin Futuristics, a company which 4 of the current meritocratic leaders have major ties to. (Juliet Wolfe and Leaf Lunadore are in charge of it, Alex Avitia is a researcher for it, and Rave Graey is a major source of funds for the company.) Therefore, Lunarlupin Futuristics (with such ties to a majority of Fisenesia's six leaders) acts as a sort of Éminence Grise in a symbiotic relationship with all 3 of the Safe Cities. Many suspect LF funds government for influence, which in turn increases the merits of its CEOs, Juliet Wolfe and Leaf Lunadore, who currently have the most merits of all citizens in Fisenesia, meaning they are leaders in two cities. They seem to have found a bit of a loophole in the system, but nobody complains since they are good leaders. If they weren't good leaders or stopped funding the Governments which they themselves are part of, their merits would surely plummet, causing them to likely lose their positions as Leaders.

The People act as Legislators by proposing and voting on initiatives. The Judicial Department contains the Leaders as judges and common people in juries. The Leaders are also in Executive roles. Pre-1900, Fisenesia consisted of numerous fairly autonomous City-States. 1900-1953, city-states united and adopted a democratic system. 1953-1984, Silvahaven was a geniocracy, Craterside was a plutocracy, and Silexolis was a hereditary republic. However, since 1984, the creation of ERiS allowed for the establishment of the merit-sytem and a fair and effective meritocracy, but the 3 city-states remain very autonomous. Many tribes and settlements still exist outside the 3 Safe City walls that hardly acknowledge any government. Outside the Safe Cities in Fisenesian Wilderness, The Government would seem to be more of a force which tries to guide good events to unfold in Fisenesia rather than bad, often leaving the rest of the islands to lead themselves under occasional interference by Ameliorers.

Safe Cities
Population-- ~48,150 humans and 3,770 others
"Make life a good read." - Protagonist Philosophy
Futuristically aesthetic walled city is built inside an enormous crater surrounded by rainforest. It was at first modeled as a Fisenesian version of Paris, but has since evolved into something more complex, incorporating countless international cities and adding some signature to them. All types of Fisenesian artists flock here to express themselves in varying ways, giving the city as a whole, a uniquely eclectic appearance. Craterside is known as an Art City, and is the counterpart to Silvahaven, Art and Science. It is ruled by Leaf Lunadore and Luna Balivernes.
Attributes: Creativity, Romantic, First Class
Monuments: Avant-Garde Monument, New Hollywood, The Aces Tower, Craterside Walls, The Oracle, The Megachapel, The Great Fountains, Meeting of The Leaders Statue, The Sky Tower, Colassal Hermes Statue, The Great Collection of Art, Gathering of The Gods Statue

Population-- ~16,230 humans and 1,850 others
"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici." - By The Power Of Truth, I, While Living, Have Conquered The Universe
Oldest city, built on cliffsides, mountainsides, canyonsides, and among the many rocks of its island. It has many megaliths, pyramids, statues, and other monuments built in ancient times. The city was built on the island which has on it the largest mountain of Fisenesia, actually being an enormous dormant volcano. The higher parts of this city are known to support snow, odd for a tropical country, due to being built on the mountain at a high enough altitude. Silexolis is known for being the site of Animajinitsu Monastery, an academy for learning the notorious Fisenesian martial art and tapping into one's inner potential. Silexolis is known as a Spiritual City, and is often used as a spiritual retreat for Safe Citizens. It is ruled by Rave Graey and Marvel Sangclair.
Attributes: Spirituality, Contemplative, Adventure
Monuments: Templum Silexoli, Templum Artemis, Silexolite Pagoda, Megalith Henge, The Church of Jesus Christ, Colossal Athena Statue, Mount Silex, The Great Lighthouse, Templum Vishnu, Templum Confucius, Templum Buddha, Mosque of Muhammad, The Pyramids, Animajinitsu Monastery

Population-- ~42,108 humans and 7,892 others
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein
Built in the late 1940s modeled after Ryan Industries's undersea city of the Atlantic, of course with countless "improvements". The entire city is a wonder of architecture and engineering, with numerous Artificial Intelligences acting as operators of various city functions. Silvahaven is known for being a City of Science, which is the main reason Lunarlupin Futuristics made their headquarters here. Juliet Wolfe and Alex Avitia rule.
Attributes: Knowledge, Prosperity, Futuristic
Monuments: The Palace, New Broadway, Silvahaven University, The Great Library, The Great Museum, Undersea Park, Undersea City, The Great Mausoleum, Colossal Artemis and Apollo Statues, Empress Juliet and Emperor Alex Statue, Lunarlupin Futuristics Headquarters, Hyperion's New Sun (Nuclear Fusion Generator)

Former Capital
Population--About 4 million
"We're all mad here." - Lewis Carroll
Huge metropolis built artificially on open ocean, but was destroyed by Illustra when they used their remaining superweapons in a last effort to defeat Fisenesia. The most devastating superweapons used on Metrocity include the release of the Zombification virus, causing the "dead" to rise and aggressively attack the living, releasing numerous engineered beasts, random temporary space/time ripping, and most of all the Lunacy virus, an airborne and incurable virus causing varying degrees of insanity and symptoms of hallucinations. The population was reduced to a few thousand immune to the disease who then moved to the Safe Cities, and an unknown number of surviving infected who still survive in Metrocity to this day. Despite this, the city remains unenterable (unless one wishes to contract Lunacy or fight off the numerous remaining dangers).

Administrative Divisions:
"Whatever lame attempts at unity existed are all gone now." - Marvel Sangclair
Generally each Island

Date of Founding:
"With temporally manipulative tech on its way, I wouldn't be surprised if the original inhabitants of Fisenesia turn out to be us." - Luna Balivernes
Settled around 400 AD

"Those who break our morally basic and situationally flexible laws deserve to lose political power. As do idiots. Although, the two are often one and the same...." - Luna Balivernes
Universal (after passing a Competency Test and excluding criminals)

Sapient Rights:
Fisenesian Law

Everyone has the right to liberty.

Slavery shall be prohibited in all its forms.

No one shall be subjected to cruel treatment contrary to free will.

Everyone has the right to recognition as a person, unless they don’t recognize these rights in others.

All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination.

Everyone has the right to a remedy by competent tribunals for acts violating rights granted by law.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest.

Everyone is entitled to a public tribunal in the fair determination of criminal charges.

Everyone charged with an offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference of privacy or attacks upon honour.

Everyone has the right to freedom of movement.

Everyone has the right to seek asylum from foreign persecution.

Everyone has the right to a nationality.

All have the right to marry without limitation, but only with the free consent of the intending spouse(s).

Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought.

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful association.

Everyone has the right of access to public service.

Everyone has the right to security and the free development of personality.

Everyone has the right to free choice of employment.

Everyone has the right to leisure.

Everyone has the right to medical care and social services.

All have the right to security in the case of a lack of livelihood due to circumstances beyond any control.

Everyone has the right to education.

Everyone has the right to freely enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement.

Everyone has the right to one’s own scientific or artistic production.

Everyone is entitled to a social order in which the rights set forth can be fully realized.

These rights apply to those who recognize others as having these rights and to all under the law.

No rights may be interpreted as implying the right to perform an act aimed at the destruction of rights.
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People and Population

Total Population:
"Our biggest fear with the availablility of agelessness was overpopulation. I guess that problem kind of sorted itself out...." - Juliet Wolfe
Around 108,000 Uninfected Human Citizens who either reside in a Safe City, wander Fisenesia after registering in a Safe City, or are currently operating Abroad in the world (often recruiting or researching).

Average IQ:
"It works so that the stupid fail or die. I call that a success." - Rave Graey
120 (compared to the rest of the world), the intelligent are more likely to be immune to Lunacy, survive Gene Therapy, or generally succeed in our society.

Median Physiological Age:
"In what other society can you be a century old, and biologically aren't a day over thirty?" - Juliet Wolfe

Population Growth Rate:
"Does nobody else find it ironic that we call the brightest people from around the world to live in this chaotic bowl of risky insanity?" - Leaf Lunadore
Near Zero. Although we no longer die from aging and most diseases, there is a surprisingly high death rate from injury or disappearance which is even higher than the low birth rate of Fisenesians. We can barely recruit enough immigrants annually to stabilize our population's rate, preventing decrease and just allowing miniscule growth.

Net Migration Rate:
"We live and die like everyone else in the world, just.... differently." - Marvel Sangclair

Life Expectancy:
"At last, the worthy may cheat death. But death has its ways of finding even the most cautious of immortals." - Rave Graey
Chronological = 112. Science now allows us to sustain the youth of a person, so everyone has two ages. Their Physio Age is the biological age their body shows and their Chrono Age is how long they have been alive. Most die from the Side-Effects after about eighty years. Side Effects of remaining ageless for beyond more than about twenty years include (in relative order) Infertility (for women because the process does not stop or postpone menopause), Amplified Eccentricities, Increased Risky Behavior, Increased Indifference of Survival, Signs or Varying Degrees of Insanity, and eventually Idealation of Death.

"A little healthy competition between city-states never hurt anybody...." - Rave Graey
Fisenesian (Fisenesia), Silvahavener (Silvahaven), Cratersider (Craterside), Silexolite (Silexolis)

Ethnic Groups:
"Racism? Be whatever you want!" - Alex Avitia
There are a few main ethnic groups largely in Fisenesian before Gene Therapy was widely used.

Lokosians --
In Fisenesia for -- over 1500 years
Defining characteristics -- midnight blue hair, violet or partially violet eyes, three kidneys, extra ribs, olive skin, partially Asiatic-partially Caucasian eyes, some have twelve fingers and twelve toes, Mediterranean facial features
Adult Height: 5'5" to 6'2"
Average Body Weight:148 lbs.
Skin Tone: Olive
Hair Color: Midnight blue
Hair is thick and balding is very rare.
Hair Texture: usually Wavy
Eye Color: Violet
Heterochromia is very common when a part-Lokosian is born to another race.
Many Lokosians have a degree of epicanthic folds.
Nose: Greek (small, straight-bridged, somewhat pointed)
Ears have a very slight point.
Body Build: Thin and Agile
Body Shape: easily gain hourglass shape for women and V shape for men.
Teeth: abnormally white and straight with the canines on top and bottom being abnormally sharp

Polynesians --
In Fisenesia for -- 1500 years
Originated from -- Marquesas Islands

Native Americans --
In Fisenesia for -- 1100 years
Ancestral roots include -- Maya, Teotihuacan, Huari, Moche, Quimbaya, Tiwanaku, Nazca, Puebla Freemont, Hohokam, Adena, Fort Ancient, Hopewell, Mississippian, Toltec, Aztec, Huastecs, Mixtecs, Tarascans, Totonacs, Zapotecs, Inca, Canaris, Chachapoya, Chibcha, Chimu, La Tolita, Muisca, Narino, Norte Chico, San Augustin, Tairona, Tolima, and Calima

Japanese --
In Fisenesia for -- 700 years

Europeans --
In Fisenesia for -- 400 years
Ancestral roots include -- English, French, and Spanish

These were the ethnic stats before Gene Therapy, which can allow for any appearance, but many prefer to simply amplify these naturally pregenetic characteristics, granting individually unique attractiveness and beauty.

"Form your own opinions." - Rave Graey

Less than 46% of the population belong to an organized religion, the other 54% belonging to "Individual/Independent Philosophies"

Of the 46%, the most popular organized religions are:
1. Unitarian Universalism
2. Buddhism
3. Baha'i Faith
4. Jainism
5. Wata Mami
6. Greek Polytheism
7. Neopaganism
8. Church of Euthanasia
9. Pastafarianism
10. Last Thursdayism

Popular characteristics of Individual/Independent Philosophies include: Relativism, Absurdism, Possibilism, Agnostic, Holism, Pluralism, Theism, Determinism, Empiricism, Skepticism, Existentialism, Pragmatism, Ignostic, Instrumentalism, Mysticism, Nihilism, Panentheism, Perspectivism, Phenomenalism, Positivism, Antipositivism, Romanticism, Objectivism, Subjectivism, Universalism, Eudaimonism, Hedonism, Simulism, Surrealism, Activism, Egoism, Anti-Imerialism, Antinatalism, Intellectualism, Anarchism, Individualism, Liberalism, Optimism, Transhumanism, Environmentalism, Extremism, Globalism, Historicism, Illegalism, Pacifism, Perfectionism, Posthumanism, Postmodernism, Technoprogressivism, Intrapersonalism, Pomosexualism, Antisexualism, Transcendentalism, Singulitarianism, Stoicism, Survivalism, Utopianism, Voluntaryism

"Latin came so close to achieving universal language status.... someday, through us, it may rise again. - Alex Avitia
100% speak Latin, since it is required for citizenship as an auxiliary language, but English is the de facto language. Many immigrant citizens speak a foreign language from their country of birth such as Greek, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Arabic, Spanish, and Sign Language. Many Fisenesians are tri- or even tetralingual.

"Literary literacy makes one literally literate." - Alex Avitia
100%, required for citizenship

Citizen Classification
"We are diversity." - Luna Balivernes
Humans -- The species Homo sapiens sapiens has diverged in contemporary times due to heavy genetic engineering as Gene Therapy

----Homo sapiens superius
Nearly all Fisenesians have, themselves or their ancestors, undergone gene therapy which aesthetically and functionally improves everyone's genes, effectively making them a new subspecies of humanity alltogether. "Ugliness" was eliminated and now beauty and attractiveness seem to only increase each generation, since the effects of gene therapy are hereditary. Intelligence is a more highly valued trait because gene therapy on the brain is incredibly dangerous and generally causes irrepairable psychosis, meaning wit and personality are now the characteristics which people are mainly judged, and are necessary to survive in Fisenesia.

With gene therapy, nearly every Fisenesian is biologically immortal, never aging above 20, but a surprising many still die from injuries within 100 years of "Potential Eternal Youth". Currently, a person is either from the Silent Era Generation, the Baby Boom Generation, the X Generation, or are an Indigo Generation.

Those from the Silent Era ("First Last" Generation) were born in the 1920s or 1930s and are known as "bioneers" because Gene Therapy first came available to them in the 1940s, when they were in their teens or twenties. They consist of about 30% of all Fisenesian citizens.

Those from the Baby Boom ("Second Last" Generation) were born in the 1940s or 1950s and are the children of the bioneers. They inherited all the enhanced attractiveness, superhuman senses, and immortality beginning at twenty, from their parents' genes. They consist of about 40% of all Fisenesian citizens.

Those from the X ("Last Last" Generation) could have been born at any time in the 1960s to the late 1980s to parents from the Baby Boom, Silent Era, or a combination. Generations are no longer relative to decade of birth because everyone stays 20 after they grow up, making inter-generational children far more common. Most from this generation, however, are children of two Baby Boomers and are genetically enhanced to the 3rd power, naturally "perfected/smoothed/bettered" more each generation. Not many babies were born during this time because many feared overpopulation due to an immortal populace. They consist of about 10% of all Fisenesian citizens.

Those from an Indigo Generation (90s/00s Indigo Generation, 10s/20s Indigo generation, and so on) are children born in the specified decades (including immigrants given Gene Therapy). Many are genetically enhanced to the third or fourth power, and as a result an increasing many are born with psychokinetic or biokinetic superhuman abilities, such as telekinesis or transmutation. The Offspring Taxes now in place, along with the steady injury death rate and steady immigration, maintains a near zero population growth rate. Indigos consist of about 20% of all Fisenesian citizens.

A number of created viruses can alter one's genes, effectively changing their subspecies. These citizens are not counted in human population, as they are registerd Near Humans, so are counted in the 'other' population along with AIs.

----Homo sapiens therianthropus
Most commonly called "werewolves", they are like superius, but have certain lupine characteristics like superhuman senses, high strength, high speed, sharper teeth, thicker and often more prevalent hair, and can alter their body to become more wolflike at will. Their bodies can also heal and regenerate cells at an incredibly fast rate, but have an allergy to silver if it pierces their skin, which will cause the wound to heal at a normal rate. Some therianthropes have ursine, feline, rodent, or other animal characteristics rather than lupine, but are otherwise are the same as described above. Therianthropes can interbreed with the other subspecies and produce fertile hybrids. Their moods are more heavily affected by lunar gravitational pull than other living things, meaning they are more likely to act odd on a full moon.

----Homo sapiens vampirus
Most commonly called "vampires", they are like superius, but the only substance they need to consume is blood, they have superhuman senses, high strength, pale skin, and canine teeth somewhat more prevalent than most Fisenesians (who already have slightly abnormally sharp canine teeth). Their skin, though feeling like normal human skin, is extremely tough and nearly impenetrable by most materials, but is easily cut by diamond blades. Most choose to live on artificial blood drinks or on animal blood. Vampires can interbreed with the other subspecies and produce fertile hybrids. Vampires tend to develop minor or major obsessive compulsive or arithmomanic disorders.

Artificials -- Artificially intelligent citizens have been created, and are not counted in human population, as they are registered AIs counted as 'others'

They are artificially intelligent machines or softwares which can be anything from a simple droid to an internet presence which has no solid form. Though they are often able to last incredibly long without most of the negative mental effects of immortality which humans suffer, they are susceptible to rampancy, a disorder which starts by causing depression, then hostility, then obsession with aquiring more information, and after this the AI becomes senile and usually demented. ERiS is an AI.

They are completely organic humans created practically from scratch without reproduction. All of the chemicals and substances which make up a human body are mixed together, often with the aid of superhuman abilities by alchemists and bioengineers, and is brought to life. A homonculis is essentially indistinguishable from humans, but usually have some biological quirk installed in them by their creator, like a signature of sorts. Marvel Sangclair is a homonculus.

Resonants -- After the discovery of psychic energy (an energy from consciousness which grows out of sentient minds), it was discovered that after a person who has high psychic energy dies, they may leave a "resonance, echo, or reverberation of their consciousness", they are not counted in any population.

Commonly called "ghosts", not much is known about them, but they seem to vary and are the continuation of someones mind without a body. They can affect the physical world in numerous ways, notably creating illusions.

Mostly called "presences", are when a physical place or area "gains a mind of its own" through high amounts of psychic energies from events in which many people, often unknowingly, expend a lot of their mental energy, mostly from strong feelings. This can also refer to manifested mind energy which gains its own sentience, often through strong psychic belief that a certain creature exists.
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"You missed the Lost finale? Where were you, under a rock?" - Juliet Wolfe
Estimated at least 1 in every household

"You've got to admire early ingenuity. Ahoy, ahoy!" - Alex Avitia
Available in vintage stores

Cell Phones:
"Don't leave town without the little device that can tell your story." - CaKE ad
Replaced by CaKEs, which every registered citizen is encouraged to have. They are small forearm devices that have numerous functions and relay to The Goverment what citizens are alive and which are deceased, especially those choosing to leave Safe Cities for whatever reason. Among their personal uses, they act as a communications device, broadcasting on a safer and more efficient spectrum of waves, sometimes referred to as the ghost network, but all types of communications signals are notorious for being rendered unreliable by Fisenesia's various magnetic storms. Also, most registered citizens are injected with benign nanobots which are constantly investigating internal health and can relay information to the host via the CaKE, such as pregnancy, malfunction of an organ, stability of genes, or can even record sensory information such as what one sees and hears.

"Theres just something classy about listening to those radio airwaves." - Luna Balivernes
Included on CaKE

Internet Service Poviders:
"We would never impede on the availability of information." - Alex Avitia
Free and uncensored by The Government

"Everyone should have a computer at their fingertips." - Alex Avitia
Included on CaKE
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Numerous factions have arisen in the Fisenesian Archipelago since the centralized government fell in 1953. Whether they existed long before the Democratic Republic of Fisenesia, or have grown overnight, they vie for influence or to become the new Fisenesian governing body.

Lunarlupin Futuristics:
Probably the closest thing to a unifying government Fisenesia has anymore. It is therefore the most successful faction at attaining power as a governing body, as it has earned the trust of the majority as a nurturing entity, and its two commanders hold positions as two of the six main leaders in Fisenesia.

The company began as Brilliant Industries at the start of the 19th century, founded by Doctor Captain. His apprentice, Ethan Wolfe changed the company to Lupine Futuristics upon Doctor's passing. The 1800s became a century of technological leaps, mostly in the form of steam powered machines, analog computing, and lighter-than-air travel. When Ethan died, his daughter, Juliet Wolfe, inherited the company and led it down the path of robotics. After a streak of advanced robotic inventions in the 1910s, the company monopolized the research and development industry in Fisenesia, devouring the competition and buying out every other applied science company. Juliet explored more fields of science in addition to usual areas, like robotics. By the mid-1920s, Fisenesia was at least a century ahead of the rest of the world. The 1930s saw huge scientific leaps. By this time, any foreigner would have seen Fisenesia as a retro-futurist techno-utopia.

The company became ridiculously profitable, so much so that it had to stimulate Fisenesian economy with money from the outside world so it could keep growing. Such a small population of a mere 4 million on a limited amount of islands could only have so much intrinsic monetary value. Thus, under Juliet's indirect actions, Rave Graey was inspired to create the Graey Market in 1932. Essentially, Graey Market stole billions from the outside world and imported it to Fisenesia. This meant a boom in the Fisenesian economy, now unnaturally large in comparison to the population, while the rest of the world suffered a depression (completely by coincidence). The 1940s introduced heating conflict with Rockefeller Plateau, and thus the focused development on new superweapons. In 1948, Alex Avitia working under a grant from Lupine Futuristics invented the process that would revolutionize humanity forevermore, Gene Therapy. This soon could be used to extend lifespans, cure disabilities, enhance cosmetics, and eventually, grant indefinite life. Juliet could now stay the behind-the-scenes queen-for-life of the technological empire she gave herself credit for making (of course, besides the actual government of the time).

Then there was something unexpected. The war, now called The Sanity Genocide, killed nearly all 4 million Fisenesian citizens. However, while others saw the end, she saw a new beginning. Without the old government, the people's devotion was up for grabs. She quickly organized free relief zones for refugees, specifically in three of the old cities, ones that had been least devastated by the war. Free security by LF robots, free healthcare with cutting edge technology, and freedom from the squalor of the outside. These Safe Cities offered stability that had not been guranteed for a long while. Uninfected citizens flocked to these beacons of hope and commended Juliet for getting Fisenesia back on its feet. They promptly reformed governments for each of the cities and ignored any prospect that Juliet should lead them. Aghast, Juliet sought a way to improve her image. Offering salvation and flinging science forward more than a century wasn't enough for the majority to accept the corporation as their government.

In the 1960s, while the Safe Cities had now established themselves as autonomous city-states, Juliet made her deal with Leaf Lunadore. Leaf was a popular writer, artist, and celebrity, and he agreed to become co-head of the entire company. The company became Lunarlupin Futuristics, and was seen in a much less industrial light by the populace. It opened new avenues of developing art and media to advance culture as well as science, and was loved by a many more. It gained more power, but still was not the direct government, but a director of affairs from the background for all 3 cities.

In 1984, in an attempt to end petty squabbles between the city-states, Lunarlupin Futuristics created ERiS to oversee a meritocracy. This way, influence over Fisenesian society would be realized, and Leaf and Juliet could take seats of power without being accused of being unfair. Currently, Juliet holds a seat as co-leader of Silvahaven, while Leaf is co-leader of Craterside.

A secret society of underground citizens has arisen who have discovered the effects gene therapy can have on the brain. Though Lunarlupin Futuristics officials have guranteed that therapy on the brain causes irreversible psychosis, the Nootropes have found that this isn't always the case. They've become a terrorist group demanding that Gene Therapy on the brain be allowed. They often have a number of immensely powerful enhanced mental capabilities. Juliet Wolfe, alongside Alex Avitia, have admitted that sometimes gene therapy does work on the brain, but they feared this sort of research and practice would lead people to genetically alter their naturally programmed personalities and behaviors in order to conform to societal pressures, rendering the populace individualistically formless and thus stagnant in the way of moral and social progress.

Robot Liberation Front:
A group of robots and Artificial Intelligences who accuse that the use of robots in Fisenesian society is slavery. Though there has been deliberation over whether this was the case, the government decided that if an artificial intelligence or robot with the potential for intelligence desired freedom from their function or education, it would be granted this. Many robots and AIs are designed with programs shaping their personalities and desires, so usually a robot designed to perform a certain task aspires to do that task until they can no longer function or some form of rampancy sets in. This can be seen in humans, as well, but with instincts and desires instilled by nature. Just as gene therapy on the minds of humans isn't allowed, altering the mind of a AI isn't usually allowed. Because of this, the RLF argues that robots are being enslaved through their limiting personalities and desires. In this way they resemble the Nootropes, and have been called "Nootropes, but for robots." The two groups have been seen to coordinate with one another on occasion.
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Gene Therapy
“Mother Nature has raised us for 3.7 billion years and we’re finally old enough to take care of ourselves.” - Alex Avitia
The following is an excerpt from a Gene Therapy Catalog:

Welcome, new resident of the Fisenesian isles, to the wonderful world of genetic augmentation! Since the mid-1940s, Fisenesia has been modifying living nucleotides via a number of safe, healthy, and quick methods (which we hope to keep endemic to Fisenesia, so we trust you as a new resident to keep this technology out of foreign hands). Most gene therapy involves introducing an engineered genetic mod to your system and letting it change you itself while you are kept unconscious in the optimal environment for the mod to work, which is usually in a small sensory-isolation chamber, sometimes with warm and bright lights. With today’s advanced knowledge of post-adolescent genetic engineering, even an aged adult can be rejuvenated and altered to their wildest preferences.

You may be thinking how arrogant we must be, how carelessly we manipulate natural laws for mere cosmetic value. Don’t fret! Think of a society where everyone’s appearance is a projection of their personality, what they want to look like. Racism, sexism, lookism, ageism, low self-image, and virtually all discrimination based on appearance are things of the past! Now, the way someone looks, their race, sex, apparent age, and evident beauty all say something about who the person is inside. That way the only discrimination is discrimination based on personality, and that’s as unprejudiced as we care to be!

As an incoming citizen, you will be offered free Gene Amplification. This is standard for all residents. This procedure locates all key nucleotides on your genome, and describes how they can be changed as well as what effect that would have. You then pick what you’d like done. This is where any hereditary ailments* can be eliminated. In addition, all current aspects of yourself that you find beautiful can be enhanced to their maximum natural brilliance, and all negative aspects you identify for us can be lessened. You may also set what age you’d like to be and we can induce telomere regeneration and stasis to lock you in that age indefinitely. That’s right; this is potentially eternal youth through biological immortality! Gene Amp is a painless outpatient procedure.

You can also collect LF Points in numerous ways which you can use to purchase Gene Applications. After Gene Amp, Gene Apps allow you to do anything you want with your genetic structure. From green hair, to extra senses of perception, this is where the real fun begins! Gene Amp deals with natural pre-occurring genes on your genome, while Gene Apps apply new genes to supplement or replace existing genes. The genes used in Gene Apps to augment you are extracted from any number of living things. Some, like the famous Zipper Gene, are donated by naturally-occurring human mutants. Some, like the ever-popular and oh-so-cute prehensile tail, are derived straight from your very own “junk DNA” left by your distant evolutionary ancestors. Some, like Pentachromacy, are extracted from animals, plants, fungi, or even microorganisms. The rest, like diamond bones, are extracted from artificially engineered creatures reared by our very own LF scientists**.

*Mental ailments cannot be cured via Gene Therapy

**In partnership with Demeteric Agriculture.

To give you an idea of the things you can do with this wondrous technology, here is a list of typical procedures:

Sexual Switch: Does your gender not fit your body? Do you want your genitalia to be compatible with that special someone? Or do you want to broaden your sexual horizons at parties with hermaphroditism? Maybe you're tired of the world defining you by a body part or lack thereof; everyone knows what a raging fashion androgyny is becoming! Well don't rely on haphazard surgery, implants, and hormone injections! Now your very genes can be easily and quickly altered to become male, female, or intersex! (Note: female fertility not guaranteed)

Racial Revision: Have you always wanted to be a part of another heritage, but never thought you physically could? Well think again! Now you can mix physical traits from different ethnic groups to create your very own master race! We're joking of course, but the anthropological trends aren't! Statistics show that humanity outside Fisenesia is very gradually mixing into a single race due to globalization. Maybe we can beat 'em to it and show national ethnic unity with everyone being of mixed races! Or just pick a race, what do I know, I'm only a catalog.

Eye Enlivenment: They say the eye is the window to the soul, and what do you want your eyes to say about you? Amber, like an eagle, blue, like the ocean, brown, like earth, gray, like Athena, green, like the forest, red, like passion, violet, like the Lokosians, or hazel, if you can't decide! Of course, enlivening eyes isn't that simple. More colors may be constructed through combinations, and one can have multiple colors in different areas of their iris. Also, there's always the option for heterochromia, meaning double the fun! (Note: apart from color and shape, appearance of the eyes is affected by disposition)

Hair Handling: One's hair can be one's most aesthetically prominent feature. And the good news is, there's finally a cure for baldness! Get any hair color from brown, to black, to blond, to auburn, to chestnut, to red, to grey, to white, to blue! Any imaginable color is a possibility, and it’s all completely natural due to changes in your genome! Don't forget to try mixed colors at least once! But color isn't the only facet of hair; now one can finally choose where on the body androgenic hair will grow and to what length head hair will grow. Achieve your sasquatchian dreams! Or make waxing and shaving a thing of the past. Whichever you prefer.

Dental Debug: Having a toothy emergency? Want to have a perfectly aligned, perfectly colored, perfectly complete, and perfectly functional set of tools for mechanical digestion? Now you can have the perfectly unfading bright smile you've always wanted. And if you lose a few, they'll just grow back. Talk about a lifetime supply!

Tallness Tempering: Want to be taller? Shorter? Now you can stimulate dwarfism, gigantism, and every height in between. Choose your ideal height down to the millimeter. We would say the sky is the limit, but the real only limit is the functionality of your organ systems.

Build Your Body: Somatotypes are nature’s way of stereotyping people. Now not only can you switch between slim ectomorph, muscular mesomorph, or plump endomorph, but finally achieve that body shape you’ve always wanted. Be a V, Hourglass, Apple, Pear, Spoon, Bell, Rectangle, Arrow, Banana, whatever you want!

Zipper Gene: This gene, which is definitely more than a passing fad, allows one’s body to make optimal use of all matter it consumes. Solid waste is a thing of the past, and liquid waste is a weekly occasion. Not only that, but the body’s natural tendency becomes to age backwards! That’s right, when the body doesn’t receive the necessary nutrients to function, it goes into an emergency state of retro-senescence. This way the body gradually recedes to previous, simpler stages of one’s life cycle in hopes of then being able to receive food and more efficiently process nutrients with one’s younger bodily processes. When appropriate amounts of food are consumed, the body ages forward again. Think about it, wouldn’t a teen or child have an easier time begging for food than an adult? Natural selection, clearly affected by sociological aspects (and maybe some of our tinkering), definitely came out with a winner. Everyone can thank Zachary Zipper, the first and only known natural human to have this gene, for his donation to science! (Note: Malnutrition will eventually lead the body to recede into an infantile form, in which it can no longer function, meaning cessation of all biological processes. Overeating may induce unwanted maturation and accidental old age. 47% of recipients of this gene have been seen to display reversed effects, meaning youth from overeating and aging from fasting, therefore aforementioned effects cannot be guaranteed.)

Accelerated Healing Regeneration Factor: It’s a fact that injury is the leading cause of preventable death in Fisenesia. If you’re an adventurer, this characteristic is invaluable not only to prevent nasty scarring, but to live and adventure another day. The regenerative factor’s speed and effectiveness on certain tissue types varies from person to person, but don’t leave your resident safe city without this trait!

Acid Generation: Haven’t you always wanted to secrete a highly corrosive acid at will? No? Well, surprisingly it has a great many uses. Think about every time in your life when corroding something could have been useful. Getting rid of evidence, sculpting certain mediums without tools, fist fighting with extra zest, melting away debris that falls on you, literally disarming a hostage situation. This seemingly arbitrary skill can save your life by proving to be more than functional! (Note: For obvious legal reasons, corroding property or people is not recommended.)

Pentachromacy: This edition of our perception-expanding gene apps is one of our most popular procedures. The typical trichromatic human can only see three primary colors, meaning three secondary colors that are combinations of the three, and only a few million shades, hues, and tints. With pentachromacy, like pigeons and butterflies have, one can see five primary colors, now including infrared and ultraviolet which are unimaginable to humans, and all the secondary and tertiary combinations of these colors, meaning over 10 billion colors! You’re not really seeing the world until your electromagnetic spectrum of visible light has been expanded! (Note: Sensory overload can occur unless gradual exposure is applied. This being the case, this operation involves numerous days of acclimation in our specially designed Perception Rooms.)

Internal Innovation: Two hearts are better than one! Heck, make one reptilian! Do we really need all those intestines? The ancient Lokosians understood the advantages of three kidneys. And how about that stomach? Ideas like these present themselves in conversations between you and your Gene Therapist as they decide how to make your internal organ systems more efficient and all-around better.

Plesiadapis Tail: Plesiadapis, a little guy who looks like a cross between a monkey and a fox, was one of the first ancestors of all primates. That includes you! You can thank him for coding a nice fluffy tail into your unexpressed genetic markers. Now we can activate such genes, add a bit of dexterity, and you can have an elegant prehensile tail of your very own!

Osteokinesis: This is the willful manipulation of your bones! Now you can grow your bones at will, fuse them, fortify them, or recede them. Protect your vitals more effectively, or wrap your insides in a fortified calcium cocoon for emergencies. If it’s an offensive situation you’ve been thrust into, you can sacrifice a few skin and blood cells to jut sharpened bones out of the skin for weaponization. Just be sure to drink plenty of milk! (Note: Irresponsible use can lead to grievous bodily injury.)

Clone Voucher: While this isn’t Gene Therapy exactly, it is a service we readily provide! Using a wide range of cloning and pseudo-cloning techniques, we can get around just about any fertility problem. Be asexual and raise a little guy genetically identical to yourself. Or we can cross multiple people’s genes to create the offspring that could never otherwise be. All offspring cloned or otherwise will incur appropriate Offspring Taxes upon the parent(s).

Echolocation: This generally involves the heightening and increased sensitivity of one’s hearing, which in turn allows one to sense higher and lower frequencies, sense sound from further away and at lower decibels, have greater resistance to damaging sounds, and, as the name suggests, experience the world with a sense as equally adept as sight. Echolocation allows one to visualize the world with equal proficiency to sight, but instead of intercepting and processing electromagnetic waves, one can intercept and process vibrations and sound waves with a sonar/radar-like sense in addition to sight. Really humans with enhanced senses, including hearing, are experiencing a more complete world.

Reactive Camouflage: Invisibility is among the most desirable superpowers. Now you can have the closest biological alternative. With this you can make your skin change color and even texture to match your immediate surroundings. This way your skin can automatically blend in to anything behind you if you feel the need to activate it. Also, skin that can change color is great for expressing emotions.
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Criminal Punishments:
We are known to be fairly harsh on criminals, the use of both cruel and unusual punishment is favored, although are referred to as Ironic Consequences or Karmic Punishment. Regardless of the Sapient Rights and Social Justice, The Government reserves the right to punish a criminal ironically with the written consent of a certain amount of citizens, so long as the criminal is proven to have actually committed their crimes. We have an innocent until proven guilty policy. Both trials and punishments are major televised occasions, as the viewers can decide the outcome more often than not when the criminal is convicted. The Leaders of the criminal's city of residence must personally review each criminal case and decide if the guilty deserve punishment and to what degree, making The Law quite flexible, especially if the act was committed in pursuit of good morality. This being the case, Fisenesian Law is never one-size-fits-all.
1 - Fines, the least serious punishment, money is charged from the guilty and given to the victim(s) or The Government.
2 - House Arrest, since Fisenesia has no real prisons, house arrest is a common way of detaining convicted for long periods.
3 - Expulsion, the convicted are kicked out of their resident Safe City and banned without escort to another Safe City.
4 - Nonfatal Experimentation, convicted is used for any wide range of scientific experimentation, usually a type that is unlikely to inflict death.
5 - Banishment, the convicted is kicked out and restricted from all 3 Safe Cities.
6 - Societal Servitude, the convicted becomes a servant or laborer for the designated amount of time
7 - Irony, an ironic punishment is assigned to the convicted, always fitting the crime in entertaining ways.
8 - Exile, the convicted is sent out of Fisenesia, often all Gene Therapy is reversed, memory is altered, and not allowed in the country again.
9 - Arena Games, dumped into an enormous arena containing countless hovering cloaked cameras and numerous dangers, last survivor gets reward.
10 - Potentially Fatal Experimentation, used for any type of scientific experimentation in place of animals, they really contribute to progress.

The different Safe Cities recruit people for different reasons. Silvahaven recruits one for being a brilliant scientist or similar genius of the sciences to live among the elitely intellectual Silvahaven populace. Craterside recruits for being a great artist, writer, adventurer, or having some type of interesting individualist and/or freethinking personality of note. Silexolis does not recruit very much, but simply accepts new citizens from the other two Safe Cities and those born in Fisenesia. In slang, Craterside citizens are Indies, Silvahaven immigrants are Thinkers, and those natural-born in Fisenesia are Indigos. There is quite a bit of discrimination toward Indigos since immigrants to Fisenesia earned their citizenship whilst Indigos are simply born into the country. Indigos are also costly to their parents due to the Offspring Tax, and sometimes number of children is a show of wealth.

Notable Thinker Recruitments:
Russia, 1900-1980, Russian scientists disappearing to Fisenesia may have contributed to the Soviet Union's decline.
Germany, 1930-1950, Released undedicated scientists held by the Nazi cause as well as rescued countless Jews victimized by The Holocaust.
Japan, 1950- , Japanese citizens have among the highest collective IQs, plus Japan is a global leader in science, except compared to Fisenesia.

Notable Indie Recruitments:
USA, 1920-1940, During The American Depression, countless individualist runaway adolescents and young adults were recruited off the streets.
The Americas, 1960-2000, Hippies, protesters, and other activists were often recruited.
France, 1900- , Cities like Paris were targeted by Fisenesia from the beginning for being such global destinations attracting artists and freethinkers.

Social Movements:

Acerthetics - The belief that sharp edges in both organic and geometric art should be stressed to reach an ideally particular aesthetic. This originated in Craterside, but has influence in the two other cities as well. It has been applied to painting, sculpting, architecture, and notably fashion.

Soylent Veganism - The controversial lifestyle choice for an increasing few to only consume soylent products made from deceased humans. The Soylent Corporation has noted that for anyone to accept this diet, the person must select the post-mortem option of being made into similar products after their death.

Protagonism - The philosophy that one is the lead character in their own life's book/movie/etc., and they are supporting characters in the lives of others. This often extends to mean the life should be as exciting and adventurous as possible to become a favored character by the reader. Some even go so far as believe in the supposed author as God. Protagonism has become staggeringly popular in recent times, and is one reason our population remains stable, since adventuring is dangerous.

Eywa Hypothesis - The theory that there is currently no telling why life arose in the universe, and that fact alone should be enough to want to conserve it. Biodiversity may fill some unknown, yet incredibly vital purpose in the near or far future that we presently cannot attempt to conceive. This is often extended by the belief that the universe, which may be anything from completely irrational to ruled by an unimaginable deity, tries new concepts out in the universe, advancingly becoming more abstract. First came energy, then matter, then consciousness, but what next? We have no way of knowing, but what we do know is that energy is necessary for matter, matter is necessary for life, and following this pattern life will be necessary for the next step. Some propose living organisms are the "cells" for a planetary sentience, following Gaia Hypothesis, and that this will be how life will work to the next universal step. Perhaps, a deity working up toward making itself, or irrationality working up to make a deity?

Avant Noir - The result of most of the population coming from a decades old generation. Early 1900s styles, notably 1920-1950 fashions and art, are common, often with some avant-garde twist.

Septithetism - A septithete is someone who chooses seven adjectives, which are his or her seven septithets, and lives to embody those seven adjectives in everything they do. Their goal, over all else, is to be remembered as the personification of those seven words.

Wild Rumpus - Wild Rumpus is a holiday observed in Craterside and Silexolis for the first Monday to Friday in December where no Guardia have to work. This typically results in unrest in the streets, wild parties, paranoid seclusion in one's home, and general anarchy. Although typically held in good spirits, more serious crimes like murder obviously do not go unpunished.

Neuro - Neuro is celebrated from the first Monday in January to the next Sunday, seven days. Each day is named after a fun to pronounce part of the brain, but the festivities do not necessarily correspond to that part of the brain. The goal is to appreciate everything we are able to do and appreciate those outside of Fisenesia who cannot do some of these things. The decor for this week is brightly colored in varying hues. Generally, people have this week off from work. The first day is Medulla, in which the goal is to meet someone interesting who you have never seen before and spend the day making new friends. The second day is Oblangata, where everyone wears a blindfold or some other eyewear that obstructs vision all day. Most people stay home that day. The third is Cerebellum, where people shout, starting at midnight, and the theme of the day is primal screaming to let out all feelings, and you can be as loud as you want without people judging you. Fourth is Peduncle, where the goal is to make no vocal sound all day, which is generally easy because one likely strained their voice screaming so much the day before. Fifth is Hippocampus, where nobody is supposed to go outside, simply stay inside and sleep, play games, read, or watch television all day. Of course, there are also a few nuts running around outside that day, but it is generally ominous how there are no people outside. Sixth is Hypothalamus, where it is the opposite of the day before. Starting at midnight, everyone is supposed to vacate their homes and remain outdoors for 24 hours. There are typically street festivals that day. Finally, Sunday is Cortex, where everyone should return to their homes without company, spend the day in an isolation tank, or alone in another tranquil location. The goal of the day is to simply meditate for as long as possible on the events of the week, or anything in general.

Subjectivism vs. Objectivism - Both these philosophies are widely clashing in modern times. Most citizens know what both mean and can say which they support. Most of Fisenesia is Subjectivist, but there are an increasing many Objectivists, many of which are revisiting the cause of the war in 1953 and are finding that intolerance for Rockefeller Plateau's objectivist views are what led to the genocide.

Eudaimon-Hedons - This is the term used to refer to people who have effectively and deliberately rendered themselves useless to society by using gene therapy and their immortality to keep themselves constantly and complacently high. They often have designed their bodies to continuously produce substances thet keep their brains amused or happy, or have designed their bodies to suffer lessened negative affects from drugs and thus use them endlessly and often are in a perpetual state of euphoric delirium. There is some spite toward them for not contributing anything to society, but their carefree moods are often contagious. Although, this can be a dangerous lifestyle if one isn't living in a Lunarlupin Futuristics Hospital or an otherwise safe location because of how confused it can make the subject and the (admittedly often slim) risk of overdose.
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