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Opwanr World Factbook

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Opwanr World Factbook

Official Name: The Consolidated States of Opwanr
Common Name: Opwanr, CSO
Motto: Una, Nos Sto Omnipotens
National Animal: Fertekan Lion
National Anthem: “Ave Atque Vale”
Population: Approx. 861 Million
Religion: No Official State Religion
Currency: Deye
Capital City: Konak-Heptaren
Date of Founding: October 16, 2009

Location: Rnwakuin
Area: Approx. 14,187,500 mi2 (Approx. 36, 745,604 km2)
Comparative Area: Roughly twice the size of RL Russia
Coastline: Approx. 17500 mi (Approx. 28,158 km)
Terrain: Desert, Plains, Mountains, Rainforest, Deciduous Forest, Coniferous Forest, Nuclear Wasteland, Farmland, Urban
Climate: Mostly temperate, with some areas near tropical
Natural Resources: Wide base of natural resources, including large deposits of Uranium, Coal, Gold, and Oil.
Natural Hazards: Tidal wave and hurricane risks on coasts, tornado risk across upper portions of Great Fertekan Plains, infrequent minor earthquakes along portions of the Rijak Mountains, 2 Active volcanoes (Mt. Velon and Enton Peak)
Highest Point: Mt. Srkan (24, 312 ft. (7,410 m))
Lowest Point: Kiest Crater (-297 ft. (-91 m))
Map Coming Soon!

The economy of Opwanr is currently very strong, and almost completely controlled by the government, with over 50 percent of the budget going to military funding, but this is quickly changing to a more balanced economy.

Government and Political Structure

Government: Constitutional Federation
Leader: President Jacapij Norketena
States (Capitals): Vnradet (Konak-Heptaren), Lucasnr (Ferne), Averet (Averet City), Phindoshin (Gregorimis), Dekrentg (Svent), and Zwestvern (Bemftoc).
National Holidays: Kiest Remembrance Day (January 16), Opwanr Freedom Day (October 6)
Legal System: Bijuridical
Suffrage: Universal
Political Parties: Opwanr United (OU)(Currently in Power), People for the Return of the Empire (PRE), Opwanr Forever (OF), numerous small parties.
WA Description: Iron Fist Consumerists

People and Population
Total Population: Approx. 861 Million
Nationality: Opwan
Language: Opwan (Primary), Latin (Secondary)
Median Age: 37.7
Religions: No official religion, most major religions, various minor religions
Literacy: 99.7%

Branches: Opwanr Combined Armed Forces (OCAF), Opwanr Citizen Reserve (OCR)
Manpower: OCAF: Approx. 13.7 Million, OCR: Approx. 447.26 Million
Total %: OCAF: Approx. 1.6%, OCR: Approx. 52.3%
Allies: The Armed Republic of Gun-Makers, The Dominion of Uzmuck

Country Code: OPW
Web TLD: .owr

(BBK=Before the Bombing of Kiest, ABK= After the Bombing of Kiest)
The history of Opwanr is usually divided up into several time periods, the earliest dating back more than 600 years, with the founding of The Rogue State of Opwanr.
The Rogue State of Opwanr (613 BBK-493 BBK)
The Rogue State of Opwanr was a very corrupt country, and was almost constantly at war with the other countries of the region. Sometime in 493 BBK the nation withdrew into itself and began the Buildup. Very little else is known about this time period, as most records of it were located in the Kiest National Library when Kiest was destroyed.
The Buildup (493 BBK-468 BBK)
The Buildup was a 25 year-long period during the Rogue State of Opwanr withdrew into itself and began a massive buildup of military supplies and equipment. During this time, no one was allowed into or out of the country, and any planes or ships crossing into Opwanr Airspace and waters were immediately destroyed and all survivors imprisoned. Due to the government spending almost all funds on the buildup, much of the country fell into famine and poverty. This period ended when Opwanr began the Rnwakuin Unification War.
The Rnwakuin Unification War (468 BBK- 459 BBK)
The Rnwakuin Unification War was a 9 year war during which the Rogue Nation of Opwanr invaded and took control of the other 5 nations of the region, resulting in the Empire of Opwanr. For a full history of the Rnwakuin Unification War, please send a telegram to our public relations center, and we will send one to you as soon as we can.
The Empire of Opwanr (459 BBK-57 ABK)
The Empire of Opwanr was an empire that lasted for over 500 years, and was filled with turmoil. After the Rnwakuin Unification War, the Empire of Opwanr proceeded to oppress all under its rule. 16 years after the Empire was formed, several of outlying territories banded together and attempted to separate from the Empire, resulting in the 1st Opwanr Civil War. This war only lasted 3 months, however, because of the massive Imperial Army of Opwanr, many of whom were veterans of the Unification, was quickly brought into play, crushing the revolution. The empire stayed in relative peace for the next 442 years, even allowing the nation of Jodesian to place a small colony on an island off the west coast. It was at this time that the oppressive policies of the Empire finally got to the point that a nationwide revolution began: the 2nd Opwanr Civil War. The war only lasted 2 years, ending with the Nuclear Annihilation of 7 cities, including the old capital of Kiest and the Jodesian Colony. The rebels were, again, defeated. It was at this time that the twin city of Konak-Heptaren was declared the new Capital. The empire was at peace again, but only for the next 52 years. In 52 ABK, the 3rd Opwanr Civil War began. This war was far more brutal then the last two, and has been called the worst war in Opwanr’s history, with the estimated death toll at over 30 million. This revolution was far more successful then the two, though, and the empire was toppled, resulting in the foundation of the Consolidated States of Opwanr.
The Consolidated States of Opwanr (57 ABK-Present)
The CSO is a very young nation, being less than a year since the end of the Empire, and it has yet to reverse most of the oppressive policies put in place by the old government. The current leader is Jacapij Norketena, a hero of the war, and he has been instrumental in establishing relations with outside nations for the first time in 516 years. The government is currently looking into possibilities of opening foreign embassies in the new nation, and the establishment of trade routes with the rest of the world.
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