Confederation of Free Swiss States (CoFSS)

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Confederation of Free Swiss States (CoFSS)

Postby Free Swiss States » Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:25 pm


The Confederation of Free Swiss States

The Confederation of Free Swiss States (CoFSS for short) is a very small country, and is part of the Royal Federation of Nations. This factbook was created to give other nations a good idea of what the CoFSS is and why it was created.

In 1732, The European nation of Switzerland founded their first colony. The CoFSS was a colony of Switzerland until 2009, when Switzerland was nuked during World War III. After that, the CoFSS became a seperate nation, vowing to live up to their mother country's legacy.

CoFSS is located on the Western Islands, with no bordering countries. It is a very small country, with a land area of only 20,041, and 5,422 kilometers of coastline. They have maritime claim of up to 20 kilometers away from the land. The CoFSS mostly consists of flat farmland and plains, with few irregularities. In the northern party of the country there are sweeping hills.

The CoFSS is a very poor country. Though the GDP is relatively high, the government itself is broke. The people are pretty happy, and most people have the same income. CoFSS's main industries are shipping, tourism, banking, pizza delivery, and agriculture. Leafy green vegetables are the most common type of plant grown. There is a little bit of oil off the coast of CoFSS, but underwater drilling was outlawed in 1992. The currency of the CoFSS is the swiss franc, which is stable.

The CoFSS's military consists of two factions, the Militia and the Swiss Guard. The Swiss Guard are elites who are trained from bith to escort Swiss VIP's from place to place. The Militia is the CoFSS's main military branch, they take volunteers from around the country to form an army, navy, and air force.

There is little government in the CoFSS. Decisions are mostly made democratically, and democracy is compulsory. The only way a citizen can avoid voting in a referendum is to appeal to a court and be granted a reprieve, or request that the poll is unconstitutional and thus be exempted.

The population of CoFSS is 7 million, with an average number of males and females, and the median age being 18-25.The life expectancy is 74, and the two main religions are Christianity and Atheism. Christian branches in the CoFSS are very passive, however, and churches are run by the state, being nothing more than places of worship. There is little to no religious or ethnic tension in the CoFSS.

Of the six million inhabitants of the CoFSS, 3.5 million have home access to the Internet, 2 million have cellphones, and 4 million have home phones. Most communication takes place in postal offices, where there are pay phones and Internet cafes. The 5 national languages of the CoFSS are English, German, Italian, French, and Romanche.

I will add to this factbook as the country grows. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post! :D
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Statistical Information:

Top 5 Cities in the CoFSS:
1) New Zürich (1,500,000)
2) Ville Laque (860,000)
3) Granaü (500,000)
4) Lisière (220,000)
5) Bourgadîle (72,000)

Free Swiss States Economic Statistics:
Exchange Rate: 6.6445 swiss francs = $1
Gross Domestic Product: $21,351,780,503.83
GDP Per Capita: $3,050.25
Unemployment Rate: 12.67%
Consumption: $15,010,380,000.00
Government Budget: $6,949,559,058.75
Government Expenditures: $6,741,072,286.99
Goverment Waste: $208,486,771.76
Exports: $2,346,723,707.62
Imports: $2,746,395,490.78
Trade Deficit: $399,671,783.16

Government Budget Details:
Administration: $201,786,504.03
Law & Order: $539,285,782.96

CoFSS USD Treasury:

Military Census:
Militia Army) 20,000 members
Militia Air Force) 5,000 members
Militia Navy) 12,000 members
Swiss Guard) 250 members
[b]Note: The Swiss Military is currently disbanded due to insufficient funds.

CoFSS Armory:
- 250 AX-100 Sniper Rifles (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=40951&p=1675572#p1675572)
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Postby Orlkjestad » Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:49 pm

OOC: Its the AX-100 sniper rifle. And thanks for the advertisement!
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