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Postby Islaevia » Fri Oct 04, 2019 5:59 am

  • Don't talk about politics. Not only you risk angering common Islaevians, but also the authorities, who can and will arrest you.
  • Similarly, don't talk about religion. While many Islaevians aren't religious, the topic in general is considered to be a highly private matter.
  • Check out where you can and can't legally go at night. Many areas in major cities are off-limits for both locals and foreigners at night.
  • Don't speak foreign languages other than English, as chances are Islaevians will not understand you.
  • Homosexuality is not socially accepted and it is illegal. Public displays of affection can get you in trouble. Otherwise, it should be fine as a foreigner.
  • Don't do/buy/sell/possess drugs. Any of these will get you into serious legal problems.
  • Activism is a surefire way to be arrested and deported.
  • Not caring about the environment will result in widespread disapproval as well as a potential fine.
  • Don't tip. It is not accepted and might be even seen as bribery.
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Postby Yansu » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:05 am

Don't expect any special treatment. The only rule is if you can survive here, you can stay here.

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Postby Catsfern » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:27 am

A list of things to not do in Catsfern

1. Commit any violent crime
Catsfern Practices both corporal and capital punishment, if you harm someone in Catsfern you will be harmed.

2. Attempt to stay longer than your tourist visa will allow.
Immigration of all forms is Illegal in Catsfern, you will be promptly deported.

3. Judge people for their interests.
Catsfern is a nation with a very colorful populace, so do try to keep an open mind.

4. Try to assassinate John Henry Eden.
you will not be the first to try, nor will you be the last, but you will be one of many who've failed.

5. Challenge an AI to a game of chess.
you will lose.

6. Buy drugs off the street.
There are plenty of government run dispensarys with a high standard of quality control, street drugs are highly unsafe and can be considerably more deadly. If you want drugs in Catsfern buy it from a licensed, government run dispensary.

7. Expect a warm or kind welcome.
Catsfernians are quite inclusive, but also extremely rude. They'll accept you just fine, but that means immediately being an asshole to you like they are to anyone else.

8. go off the path in a Catsfernian national park.
Catsfern has some beautiful natural areas and parks to explore, but do stay on the marked paths the unnamed wilds of Catsfern have claimed many, many lives over the years.
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State of Turelisa
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Postby State of Turelisa » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:35 am

If you're visiting the State of Turelisa, either as a legal alien or a resident alien, you must not behave in an irreligious way. This includes committing vices which are legal in Western society, because it's not only a culturally improper but also a criminal offence. Even blasphemy is a crime; commit it, and expect to be deported promptly.

Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited substances; being caught drinking or smoking an amount for personal use is a misdemeanour.
Anybody with an amount that may be legally construed as possessing to distribute risks a second-degree felony, for which you will be prosecuted, whether you're a legal alien or a resident alien, and mandatory incarceration for at least five years without parole.

Be particularly careful when driving. If your dangerous driving kills, you will be prosecuted for constructive manslaughter, a first-Degree felony. A first-degree felon gets thirty years without parole in a penal colony, which is the harshest type of incarceration in the penal system. Penal colonists are punished with hard labour in spartan conditions.

Murder isn't the only offence which is a capital felony. If you happen to be secretly vacationing with a relative who isn't your cousin for a bit of the other, are a zoophile who has come for the sheep, or won't take no for an answer from a woman who is rejecting your advances, you're asking for the death penalty.

In certain circumstances, homosexuality is a capital offence, too. Even in privacy between consenting adults. Though the first offence is usually a felony, a conviction can get you gaoled for at least five years.
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Terban Kedah
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Postby Terban Kedah » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:44 am

- Don't be nude in public, you will digust other religions.
Sentence: Up to 2.5 years imprisonment

- Don't try to litter... :)
1st and 2nd time offenders: Up to TK$1000 fine
3rd and 4th time offenders: At least TK$1000 and up to TK$2500 fine
5th time offenders onwards: At least TK$3000 and up to TK$5000 fine, imprisonment of up to 12 months, and MANDATORY corrective community service of between 50 hours and 250 hours.

- Don't be a killer litter by disposing trash out of your windows from high buildings
Sentence: Up to 6 years imprisonment, fine of up to TK$7500.
If death/injuries involved: Up to 10 years imprisonment, fine of up to TK$20000 and caning of up to 10 strokes.

- All Terban Kedahian males must serve the nation, don't be a liability to Terban Kedah by avoiding conscription
Sentence: Up to 5 years imprisonment and up to TK$20 000 fine.

- Deliberate disruption of transport services/links (Regardless of reasons, including protests)
Sentence: Up to 4 years imprisonment, fine of up to TK$25000 and caning of up to 8 strokes.

- Don't traffic controlled drugs within and between our borders

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Postby Skyhooked » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:54 am

In good ol' Skyhooked, ya' better not:

- Go on a terrorism spree (school, hotel, doesn't matter), unless ya' wanna get several additional holes from bullets, or a free laser surgery, if someone has a laser rifle.
-Judge folks for their interests, orientation, race or religion. No punishment, but... they might tell ya' to screw off.
-Jaywalk on magistrals, we don't have speed limits, so... car may make ya' a lil' bit flat.
-Be a snob. We don't like those... No punishment, but expect lots of swear words.
-Lose self control in a casino. May lose all your money with ease.
-Munch durian, surstromming, or smelly bishop cheese in confined places. No legal troubles, but this is really impolite!
-Advocate for gun control, marijuana ban, or prohibition. Folks won't be convinced, and you may spoil your mood in unsuccessful preachings.

-If you happen to join our warriors, violation of code of honor may lead to bad, bad consequences.
-Create a monpoly, it just won't last.
-Eat in Johnson's cafe, you'll get dysentery! In best case. And his music taste is lame!
-Eat in Larry's restaraunt! He is a prick, who spits in food for black people, and slanders his competition, because he can't cook for shit!

-Use this guide for petty business disputes! Really dudes, this is just plain stupid!
-If ya' can't swim for shit, try not to jump off the bridge or cliff in water. Even if booze in your head says otherwise, really... such a common sense thingy, and we had to fish out three tourists last week.

-Be a vegan. Not like there is a punishment for that, but smell of cooked meat of all kinds from every backyard or window may tempt ya' to change your ways.
-Speaking of meat... DO NOT go cannibal! We won't be pleased! Like... this is sick and a bullet is the cure.
-Steal animals from the zoo for exotic meat. We have abundant hunting grounds for that, go there, instead of disruptin' people's business. Do you even know, how expensive those animals can be?
-Especially pandas! It took us quite an effort to snatch some from China and they reproduce badly even after being fed with Viagra.
-Ride the giraffe. They make bad mounts. Really bad, there are five confirmed cases of drunkards falling off them. With different traunams. YEs, we have good and free healthcare for that, but... the pain. And we can't revive dead... oh wait... actually we can.

-Eat fake fruits if you have weed munchies. We know, this might be hard, but at least try top control yourself to the nearest fridge.
-Munch things in the shop before paying for them. You bite it, you buy it, okay?
-Engage in sexual harassment of those, who don't want it. No, there won't be lawsuits or something, just good ol' slap.
-Break gun safety rules on shooting range. Do we really need to explain that?

For the rest: Use common sense to determine, how you can behave.
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Postby Arachkya » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:56 am

Do not be a feminist, do not be a pagan or neopagan, and obey the regime.
There is no divine feminine.

My nations policies are not economic, but a deliberate attempt to kill of the spirits and the sacred forests of the Pagan rebels.

My nation does NOT represent my RL views.

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National Yorkshire
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Postby National Yorkshire » Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:24 am

In Yorkshire don't:
  • Hold a hen or stag party or otherwise be publically drunk or rowdy in the capital city. Such behaviour used to be common in York in the 2000s and 2010s, and when it started receiving masses of tourists again in the early 2030s after the end of the First British Wars in 2025, the council resolutely banned such activities from occuring in the city due to the bad reputation that the city had because of them was losing the city more money than the hen/stag parties actually brought in, so in 2027 they became illegal in the capital under the City Ordances Act and partaking in one is now punishable by a fine of up to £Y1000 ($615.39).
  • Make flippant remarks about the British Wars. The British Wars are still a highly tense and contraversial subject even to this day, and speaking in a careless manner about them is highly frowned upon and can be, in rare cases, prosecuted for making 'grossly offensive remarks' under the penal code, which is punishable by up to 6 months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to 250% of your weekly earnings.
  • Engage in open homosexual behaviour in rural areas. Homosexuality has been perfectly legal in Yorkshire since 1967, but gay marriage and civil unions were repealed in 2036 by the constitution and laws pushed through by the interim National Party government respectively. However, major cities are tolerant towards homosexuality and there is an active gay scene in many urban areas. Nethertheless, homosexual behaviour is deeply frowned upon in many rural areas and is best to be avoided there.
  • Run the red lights. Running the red lights when driving a car is illegal and punishable with heavy fines under all circumstances. Crossing the road on a red man, however, is usually perfectly legal.

Independent Yorkshire in the year 2050.

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Coconut Palm Island
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Postby Coconut Palm Island » Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:22 pm

-Don't comment on others' personal choices. This includes substance use, career path, sex life, etc. The only time this rule is okay is when you're doing so out of concern for one's health or safety.
-Don't be heartless. Comments like "build a wall", or "criminals ought to be shot" are viewed in our nation as inhumane. While we don't exactly have strict rules of etiquette, the words you use are important.
-Don't be offended by first-name use. Last names are only used to distinguish people in large settings or on documents. The King, the Senators, and the High Court Justices all respond to their first name, meaning so can you! Asking people to call you by your last name is considered extremely rude. In fact, last name usage is only used to convey a sense of urgency or anger (ex. if a cop says "John, I need to talk to you", they just want to talk, but if they say, "Mr. Smith, I need to talk to you," you probably did something wrong).
-Don't attack people, attack ideas. In American politics, a campaign can just get away by destroying the reputation of the other candidate. If news came out that a Senator had an affair, citizens would shrug and ask about his policy/
-Don't put others down. While we are by no means communists, our nation truly believes everyone is equal.
-If you make more than $100,000 USD a year, you should be making major contributions to charity
The Kingdom of Coconut Palm Island
His Royal Majesty King Alexander
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Postby Syeadeshistania » Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:28 pm

Don't be caught with an alcoholic beverage.
Don't be a feminist.
Homosexuality is illegal and can have you sentenced to death, even as a foreigner.
Don't advocate for the LGBT community
In poorer areas of the country non Muslim tourists often get beat up by locals.
PRO: Authoritarianism, nationalism, general friendliness between Muslims and Christians, polygamy (applied to males only)
ANTI: Israeli occupation of Palestine, Kosovo independence, Ukrainian independence, white people in Africa

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Postby Dagnia » Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:59 pm

Dagnia is somewhat religious, with it's own flavor of Rodnovery (Slavic Paganism), Buddhism, and Christianity existing together, often syncretically. Turning backs on idols, icons, and statues is considered extremely disrespectful. More religious people may get physically violent at the site of religious objects being shown disrespect.
Alcohol is very important to our culture, with vodka holding an almost sacred status. The only acceptable reasons to refuse vodka are if you're a recovering alcoholic or have a religious reason to not drink.
Crime used to be a major problem, but in recent years, Dagnia ranks as one of the safest places in the universe. The memory of the previous high crime era is still alive and the law is taken very seriously. Jaywalking and littering carry severe and strictly enforced penalties, including fines that may bankrupt you.
Dagnia is quite chivalrous and patriarchal, so women are to be treated with a different standard than men. This may be off-putting for foreigners from more egalitarian nations. Women may never have to touch a doorknob while here.
Logikie: [Dagnia seems like] some weird type of zen-fascism/hippy nazi state

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Postby Hamidiye » Fri Oct 04, 2019 4:42 pm

Do not insult the Sultan or his state while in public.
Do not try to preach western values to the populace.
Do not molest women.
Do NOT make fun of the Fez.


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Postby Vallermoore » Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:26 pm

Don't brandish weapons in public unless under physical attack or defending someone else who is.

Most weapons are legal in most places (pepper sprays are banned, tasers and truncheons are just for police officers) but don't walk about needlessly brandishing yours for no reason, or you'll get it confiscated and get a night or two in the police cells. Keep it sheathed and it'll be fine.

Never fight with the police

You at best will get jail time, at worst could get gunned down if you do this.

Don't try and ride a sapient pony

They'll buck you with their hooves or in the case of unicorns, zap you with magic.

Be careful around open changelings.

If they offer to buy a bit of your love, they might well nearly totally drain you and leave you lying knocked out in an alley somewhere. They are a tricky race.

Drink and most drugs are legal, but be careful.

Getting drunk or drugged means you might get robbed or worse, and drink/drug driving that kills or permanently paralyses someone is a death by hanging sentence.

Don't badmouth Megatron or the Decepticons

Vallermoore is a Megatronist world and it's citizens are well aware that if the Decepticons wanted to invade, they could take them over within a matter of days, so they have a healthy respect of the giant robots from space. At the least, they won't like you, at worst they might attack you if you attack their faith or say things like robots have no feelings.

Use common sense.

Don't be unpleasant or openly break laws, and you should get on fine with most Vallermoorians.

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Postby Zuika » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:32 am

-Use tobacco or alcohol products (except rubbing alcohol), those are banned.
-Wear shoes indoor, traditional beliefs state that dirt is filled with demons and that you'll get demons in your house if you wear shoes indoor.
-Not using common sense. Just... USE. COMMON. SENSE.

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Postby Toropikaru » Sun Oct 06, 2019 1:17 pm

If you're visiting Toropikaru you should not:
    Litter, littering can get you an up to 5500 Richi fine ($550)
    Wear your outdoor shoes indoors (unless permitted) most places should have a pair of geodeohwa (a kind of slipper) and a place to keep your shoes
    Use tobacco products since they're illegal
    Insult the emperor/empress, while not illegal per se it is heavily frowned upon
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Postby Diarcesia » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:32 pm

"The way a woman treats a respectful man when she is not interested in him: She doesn't say a word about him to his friends. She ignores him all by herself and takes no interest in that man. She doesn't even acknowledge his existence."
- Sociatick H.

"The way men behave, especially those who have no education. All they do, even when we're not interested, is talk like they understand everything and have every right to voice it. We ask questions and we listen attentively. We tell people what we think and how we feel. However, whenever we are with someone who is not interested in reciprocating it, that's when we have the most problems."
- Catherine G.

"When women ask persons too personal for me, such as my family issues. Women are not able to tell if I feel they are prying too much. Men's questions are usually simple and hold simple answers. When we want to know anything about a woman, we ask her if she doesn't mind. If she does, I back off."
- Harry S.
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Postby Elvectica » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:33 pm

In Elvectica, avoid...

Talking about your marriage
First of all, do NOT talk about your marriage or your husband/wife in public. It is like talking about a highly personal and private matter that creates awkward conversations. "Oh yeah me and my husband, it's not really working out," or even "Oh yeah, my wife is great! So happy I married her" is regarded like (but NOT comparatively) talking about one's salary, or having an affair, or hearing about a loss of a loved one. Those kind of awkward conversations that normally isn't really common to talk about to a stranger.

Arguing about politics (with your family)
Heard the blight of witcheric socialism spreading across nations? Or perhaps the news that the colonial government in Elvectican Tiankou is doing some... arguably speciest things again? Is mom or are your sisters against your views? Well, you're free to shout all you want in debates and intellectual gatherings, but when you're in a house, especially in YOUR house, absolutely NO POLITICS!! at the dinner table. If you're seen as treacherous to your house's name, well, say goodbye to that name, 'cos now you're disowned. Free in public, but not in private, unfortunately. It's important to make that distinction when you ever decide to visit.

Do NOT...

Make fun of an elf's EARS
While Homo-Homo Sapiens make up about 76% of the population, a large and vocal 11% of the population are Orca-Homo Sapiens. And while it's fun to *poke* jokes at them for their reddish skin or obscenely revealing clothing, it's not fun to get kicked in the teeth when you *poke* fun of their pokey ears. They're particularly sensitive about that feature and that feature alone, for some reason. Perhaps it has to do with it being a big distinction between humans and elves. But nevertheless, the ear joke is no laughing matter. You'd be seen as speciest.

Do ABSOLUTELY NOT make fun of homosexuals
No, this isn't some "woke" hipster epic liberal moment style society, it's hardly that. Advocate for equality and you'd be isolated from society. Gay relationships are a huge part in Elvectica's long history and its very very religious, often matriarchal societal conventions. The Deanumtine religion, possibly the most popular religion in Elvectica for the longest time, is open to lesbian relationships. Particularly because of the love between women, but not so much between men. It's a big no-no to be homophobic, since that's considered to be sacrilegious and anti-Elvectican. That's one of the main reasons why walking marriages is regarded as sacrosanct after all.

And finally, the most important rule of them all...
Do. Not. Disobey. Your. Mother.
Sure, while, Elvectica's more recent movements for men's rights have won the hearts of many, in family matters, that isn't so much the case. In many conservative, traditionalist families, ones you'll most likely encounter/be born into, to disobey your mother or your grandmother, is absolute HERESY! First of all, you should always listen to your mother in real life, but second of all, in Todemism, the Goddess is highly associated with your parents, with your mother being the most associated since they're both women, obviously. If your family follows Todemism, you'd be considered a SINNER! And if they don't follow it, or are atheists, it's still pretty rude, even without religious context. So always obey your mum. Even if she seems unreasonable, it's because she loves you and she controls the entire family's income and inheritance.
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Postby Loulanguo » Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:19 pm

Things to avoid in Loulan:
  • Talking about death or other sensitive or uncomfortable subjects
      Unless you have a good reason, don't talk about death or mention that someone has died. Death is quite a serious and ominous topic to Loulanese people. Other things you shouldn't talk about are political and religious issues, such as territorial/economic conflicts, religious policies, or state leaders. Loulanese people are often not comfortable discussing such topics with foreigners, who may have a very different perspective on these issues. Avoiding sensitive topics like this will keep your conversation positive and friendly.
  • Giving money, gifts, or items with the left hand
      It is better to use your right hand to pay or hand gifts to local people so it will be greeted with warm and gratitude. You can still use your left hand — but only in those cases you want to unambiguously demonstrate that you are unsatisfied with the services of the person you are paying.
  • Disturbing or disrespecting local religious customs
      There are many Buddhist temples in Loulan. If you have the chance to visit them, you should be respectful, even if you believe in another religion or are an atheist. It is important to remove your hat, sunglasses, or sometimes your shoes before entering many temples, and it is not a good move to point at the statues with your finger or to step on the doorsill. In the case of Muslims, do not walk in front of them while they are praying.
  • Pointing at people or beckoning using a finger
      These gestures are considered demeaning to Loulanese people. When indicating a person, point only with a whole, open hand and the palm upward; when beckoning, use the whole of one's arm with an open hand towards oneself, palm turned slightly upward.
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Location: Central Asia
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GDP: 161.74 Billion USD (229.58 Billion NSD)
Primary ethnic group: Loulanis
Majority religion: Mahayana Buddhism
Official Languages: Loulanese, Mandarin

(Undergoing retcon as of 1 October 2019; should be finished by 1 November 2019)
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Postby Voxija » Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:41 pm

A guide for tourists in Voxija

Don't jaywalk. Not only will the rarely seen Voxijan oligarch run you over with a German car, Voxijans just don't do that, probably because rarely seen Voxijan oligarchs will run them over with German cars.

Don't wear a Che Guevara shirt. The Argentinian revolutionary has been hated ever since famous Voxijan activist Ander Gebara publicly denounced him.

Don't ask if Voxija is liberal. While this won't make the asker a social pariah, it will garner the confusing response "What kind do you mean?" Americans have trouble with this a lot.

Don't talk about politics. Voxijan politics stays in Voxija. This has been very hard, because Voxija is having an election.

Don't carry a gun where Voxijans can see. While open-carry is technically permitted in Voxija, no one does that, and most people who carry a gun put it in their purse or anywhere else no one will see. Voxijans will look at you (and know you are American).

Don't tip too much. Actually, if you tip over 10%, the Voxijan wait-staff assume the idiot tourist thinks they're underpaid. They aren't.

Don't refrain from tipping. However, you should tip a small amount, from 5 to 10%. This is very confusing for European tourists, who are hated for never tipping.

Don't go to Bilvao. Bilvao is full of con artists that will scam tourists. Surprisingly, tourists still go to Bilvao, probably because of the beaches.

Don't insult Txala Enterprises/say it should be state-owned. Txala Enterprises is the biggest company in Voxija, and most Voxijans have favorable opinion of it, at least as favorable as one can have for any company.

Don't express hatred for Voxija. Voxijans are generally patriotic. This is because Voxija was neutral during the Second World War, so they didn't experience the horrors of fascism, either by being invaded, fighting against it, or having a fascist government. Also, it's a paradox. If you hate Voxija so much, why go there?

Don't call Voxijans Basques or say they speak Basque. Please don't. This is the worst faux pas any tourist can make in Voxija, even worse than loaning someone money in Bilvao. Please no.
The Republic of Voxija (pronounced: Voshiya)
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Postby Creslonia » Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:04 pm

Don't drink and drive, you can get up to 25 years in prison, and a whole-of-life sentence if you cause a death. 50 years for paralysing someone when you're under the influence. Same goes for texting and driving.

Don't not indicate. Use your indicator (or turn signals) even if you see no other cars, as you can get your car impounded for a month for not, or a $1000 fine on the lighter side.

Don't get drunk in public -- it is very frowned-upon.

Never ever preach on the street. Creslonia is very secular and you could get beaten up for preaching on the street. Save that for church.
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Postby Peterloo » Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:21 am

Do not speak ill of His Majesty The King or aristocrats. Peterlooans may not always love every action of the upper classes (despite their benevolent nature) but if you are not Peterlooan then refrain from any insults. Nothing unites the people more than a foreigner attacking their institutions.

Optimism. Peterlooans are a cynical, and rather quite pessimistic people. Being overly optimistic, slapstick and having a “cheer up” attitude can be met with an eye roll at the very least. A good sense of self-depreciating humour and pessimism is appreciated, and then you’ll see that while we are cynics we put our head down and press on through the storm.

While Peterlooans are on the pessimistic side they are extremely compassionate. Not helping those in need is a taboo, be they a lord or serf.

Be a duke. The Kingdom was born from a duchy, it is a time that is celebrated as being over (on the annual Duchy Day, where wooden ducal coronets are burned on bonfires). Holding this rank will not gain you the traditional respect afforded to other aristocrats.

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Postby Sovietstanica » Mon Feb 24, 2020 12:42 pm

  • Do not talk (too) loudly in Sovietstanica
    Before the founding of the Second Republic, the Ministry of Internal Affairs had a nearly unlimited warrant to investigate, round up, and send someone to jail. It was during this time that this odd behavior started to emerge. There were people willing to accuse someone without any logical or proven basis, and whenever one would talk to an Officer of the Interior Troops, one should raise their voice, as they are pressured by the circumstances (the presence of an intimidating squad, 9 of which are armed. People who talk loudly were seen untrustworthy as a result (and in a twisted fashion, ironically, those who speak the loudest are the Military and Government officials, most of which would talk to a microphone, guarded by several Sentries, and most of all, have several platoons of soldiers as the audience.

  • Do not wear shoes inside someone's house
    Due to mostly inadequate funding, traced back to the Olden Republic, especially during Gaulisceini's era, the healthcare system of the Republic was incredibly inefficient, and at most can actually harm some people. Instead of doing something about it, members of the Council of Presidents promoted a system of cleanliness as a virtue. Shoes, being worn for the majority of the day, tend to get dirty very quickly. Yet, while it has some merit to it, it was nonetheless a cheap move to manage funding elsewhere. At one time, an independent organization assessed the difference between healthcare quality for civilians and for soldiers. It was increasingly obvious that for civilian and enlisted troopers, the healthcare quality was severely lacking, with most of the soldiers getting discharged due to these reasons. This was debatably one of the many factors to help topple the leadership of Generalissimus Gaulisceini and paving the way for the Second Republic.

  • Be polite
    Sovietstanica is a very socially conservative nation. Every youth must respect the elderly. Although very vague, the government never tried to actually define what is considered to be an act of respect. This was of course indubitably abused by several criminals, which only covers a portion of the majority, which ironically helped the founding of the Fourth Republic, which some consider to being a step backward due to its move towards a society strictly led by the military elite and the military-backed SRDP. However, in the eyes of the Soviet people, it was seen as a natural progression. Around this same time, the nation doubled down on the concept of politeness but defined it not by age, but by ranks. The Fourth Republic was the start of what some may consider the rapid regimentation of the people. The Table of Ranks, which defined the pay grade and ranking (including grading and rating) equivalence of every single worker (of any profession) to that of the military. In reality, those below the equivalent rank of a Sergeant (E-4) was put at a disadvantage. A whole set of behavior was implemented to the people, and even during the trials of the rather extravagant and reactionary of the military elites, the jury still hold a wrongly-placed set of respect for the plaintiffs that was to be rightfully punished. And although youth rebelliousness does exist in the Fifth (current) Republic, politeness is a virtue everyone knows and has to learn to perfect the art of it.

  • Do not stare at people
    This one also comes from the leadership of Gaulisceini's Order. Intelligence Directorates will have several agents, a lot of which actually have the audacity to keep staring at the person of interest (POI) even when the POI realizes this. It was not simply that they need to gather any dirt on the POI, it was more of an intimidation tactic. The general idea at the time was to just pretend you didn't see someone there and carry on. What one would not want is if someone who stared at you left the place. More often than not, it will mean that your door will be knocked in the middle of the night by several officers wearing dark trenchcoats and an equally dark peaked hat. As a protip of making an eye-contact or anything of that sort, in a romantic manner, if someone stares at someone else, what the other person gets is that the first person is working for the Intelligence Ministry, so it is generally not advised to do.

  • And the most important of all, Follow the golden rule
    A lot of things on this list might be very intimidating, and a tourist has a right to think so. However, these unwritten rules are not at all their wrongdoings. It was a series of culture-shock inside a country who went dictatorship, limitedly democratic, democratic, military junta, and then democratic again, all within a century and a half. There will always be a few bad apples in the bunch. But a lot of the time, when a tourist breaks one of these unspoken rules, they act defensively or more often than not, seems judgemental when in fact, it is not because they want to judge a tourist of foreign countries, instead, they have a legitimate fear that a coup might take place because an officer thinks that the nation was better off when martial law was enacted, considering the political history of the Republic. The general rule is, be kind, and the Soviet people will open the doors to their houses to you. Be generous, and they will pay you the bills for that wonderful dinner. Be respectful, and people will compliment you and start shaking your hand randomly. Visit Sovietstanica, "A Wonderful Journey for All." (The official tourism slogan from the Olden Republic to the current Fifth Republic)
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Tue Feb 25, 2020 12:04 am

Don't Ask About Politics - Unless you want to hear how great our Great Leader, Megatron, is. Assuming there could possibly be any other opinion will get you brought into Domestic Intelligence for being a foreign espionage agent trying to foment unrest. You will likely be executed, either as a result of the investigation, or the method used to interrogate you.

Do Not Extol the Virtues of Some Other Form of Government! - This is a dictatorship. It's staying that way. Trying to sow disconent with this fact is a way to get deactivated in a hurry.

Do Not Be Unarmed - Here, the Strong rule. Bring a powerful weapon and constantly open carry. Otherwise, people will assume that you are weak, which means that you can be physically separated from your money and your rocketship, and your body can be sold to Biological Rendering or a slave market. You should at least be able to put a dent in anyone who attacks you, to show that you're not a pushover. Otherwise, you'll get pushed over, and fast.

Don't be Rude - Our response to insults always involves the use of energy blasters.

Don't Call for Cops or Threaten To - There aren't any! And, if you call or threaten to call for them, everyone will know that you're a wimp who can't take care of his own business. That is synonymous with being prey. Also, the very idea of cops is un-Decepticon, and that will double-motivate people to attack you in particular.

Don't Be a Sucker - See that "no cops" above? That means there's no deterrent to trying to con you. Plenty of us will try, either for fun, for the practice, or because you're rich and there may actually be some material gain to it. Always remember what "Decepticon" really stands for: Deceptive and Conniving. While most of us would rather use those skills to steal huge amounts of oil, enough of us are quite happy to engage in the more-standard types of fraud that you will have to constantly be on your toes. Kids will also try to scam all and sundry just to try to get their skills up.

Don't Flaunt Your Wealth - Unless your real aim is to quickly flaunt your ability to fend off muggers and domestic raiders.

Don't Act Like You're Special for Coming From a Particular Country
- We'll take it as a challenge and very likely invade and annex your country just to show who's the greatest. Plus, we want to take over the entire universe anyway, so putting your country on our radar will just make it our next target.

Never Moralize About Anything - We take this as a deep personal insult and will kill you for it, for you have no moral authority over anybody, much less us. We Decepticons also hate hypocrisy, and always find that moralizers are always the ones who are really up to the worst things, which means that moralistic types are huge hypocrites. Most of us will just cut to the chase and open fire on such people. Also, don't think any subject or activity is safe from this effect. If there was a traitor and a moralist, we'd blast the moralist first because that's also Treason Against the Decepticon Way, and the form of treason that'd piss us off the most.

Expect Vigilante Action - No cops and no tolerance for moralistic verbal puke doesn't mean that we just accept it when people do things against us. It just means that we're do-it-yourselfers. In short, we'll blast you ourselves instead of wimpily whining for cops to do it for us. The very idea of having to enshrine Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground in an official law is alien to us, because of course a Decepticon is going to engage in live-fire battle with his foe(s) and intend to get an Ultimate Victory out of it!

Do Not Assume We Agree with Your Definition of 'Civilized'
- We think that the majority of social trappings that fall under the term 'civilized,' as it is used by other nations, are inferior and wimpy. We also think that people from such nations use the word 'civilized' to try to hide their inferiority and wimpiness. Therefore, if you say we should be that, we'll take it as an insult and blast you, proving that Might Makes Right in a way you won't be alive to rebut.

Don't Bring any Racism, Ethnicism, or Other Biological-Based Baggage with You We couldn't care less about your country's history or current parochial-grade squabbles (or wars), who you used to enslave or who enslaved you, or who tried to genocide you but obviously botched the job. When you are here, you are HERE, and no, our government is not going to take sides about some other planet's internecene bullshit. Nor will we adjust our traditions, entertainment, or anything else because you're offended. Remember, we know that the best solution to a country (or a loud group within that country) being loudly offended at us is for us to take it over and stamp out whoever is complaining, while throwing everyone else there into the mines.

Expect a Ubiquitous Culture of Decepticon Supremacy - If you want a Decepticon to STFU about how vastly superior he is to your puny beta-creature species, you'll have to soundly defeat him in either street battle or an arena duel. Then you'll have to win several other violent challenges against those who will immediately step up to prove that only that guy was inferior to you, rather than all of us. Even if you win all of that, you will simply be considered an exception to your otherwise beta-creature, inferior species, and you'd best cut your trip short before someone sends an assassin who can actually delete you.

In other words, we are the Ultimate Lifeform and we aren't modest about that. Deal with it.
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Newaswa wrote:What is the greatest threat to your nation?
Vallermoore wrote:The Victorious Decepticons.

Bluquse wrote:Imperialist, aggressive, and genociding aliens or interdimensional beings that would most likely slaughter or enslave us
rather than meet up to have a talk. :(

TurtleShroom wrote:Also, like any sane, civilized nation, we always consider the Victorious Decepticons a clear, present, and obvious threat we must respect, honor, and leave alone in all circumstances. Always fear the Victorious Decepticons.

The Huskar Social Union wrote: ... massive empires of genocidal machines.

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Postby Dwarf Land4 » Tue Feb 25, 2020 12:15 am


-Don't insult the non-humans: Lirana are very protective of their own species, and will get very violent if you insult them, their family or the species as a whole

-Don't be anti-military: Due to our very strong military culture, and the fact that Lirana are patriotic in everything, they will queue up to stab you

-Never touch their swords without permission: Every Lirana has a sword, and treats them with the utmost of respect. Break that, you'll show you're an idiot, and may be beaten

-Cruelty to animals: Don't ever be cruel to animals. Especially cats. Don't ever do it, you will be beaten, as with most of this

And most importantly

Never, ever try to kidnap or otherwise do something unwanted to a Lirana or other species: Seriously, don't. Everyone hates you doing this, and if you don't get out of the country in a few minutes, the Lirana Mafia equivalent (On the light side) will be leading concerned citizens to lynch you

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Postby Mercatus » Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:58 am

Do Not Wear Revealing Clothing In Public: This is considered very rude and contrary to Mercatus' traditional social values, and is also illegal most of the time.

Do Not Sympathize With Slaves and Xenos: Slaves are generally enslaved for a reason, and it is generally for committing crimes, being non-human or non-Mercatusian in origin, and various other reasons. Mercatusian people harbor strong xenophobia and even remotely hinting at the fact you may sympathize with non-humanoids is generally punished with violence.

Do Not Under Consume During a Party or Other Celebratory Event: It is expected for party guests or other guests to eat and drink a lot of food and beverages during a party or social event, as it shows the host that they have done a very good job and it would be insulting to the host not to eat and drink a lot.

Do Not Advocate for The Rights of Artificial Life Forms or Robots: Robots and Artificial Life is seen as inferior to natural beings, and that because they were created by Mercatusians, they should be made to serve Mercatusians. It is considered politically incorrect to suggest that these beings are entitled to any rights whatsoever.

Do Not Use Slaves For Prostitution: While slaves are still considered property, using slaves for sexual gratification is extremely frowned upon and completely illegal, and will usually result in the offender being enslaved him or herself. Mercatusians hold people to the highest standards of sexual morality.

Do Not Be Unarmed or Conceal Carry: Weapons are an extremely important aspect of Mercatusian culture, and not owning a weapon of some sort is considered to be pacifist cowardice. Also, open carry is the standard, and concealed carry is legal but generally frowned upon as cowardice, as Mercatusians believe you should flaunt a powerful weapon by your side to everyone around you.
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