How NOT to Behave in Your Nation?

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How NOT to Behave in Your Nation?

Postby Rhodevus » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:04 pm

  • Don't expect special treatment:
    Unless you are a world leader or a CEo to a multi-national company, expect to be on a first name basis with most people you meet. Even the queen is spoken about on the news in first person
  • Don't wear shoes in someone's house:
    If you see someone take of their shoes, you should do the same. There are usually mats are walk-in areas where it is polite to remove your shoes. Only leave them on if the host does the same.
  • Don't Mind the Nudity:
    Rhodevus is famed for their red district and nude beaches. Please don't stare for too long as nudity is completely legal in these areas and is common during the summer months. Being topless is legal in all but a single province, so you will almost always see topless men and women walking around during Rhodeve summers. (ironically, you need to cover up to be served in restaurants, though even a bra is fine)
  • Don't be Afraid to Try New Things:
    While English and French are the most common languages, in areas with large amounts of Rhodevan speakers, it is always good to try and speak in their language. They are always happy to see people attempt to speak to them. Same goes for trying new foods and drinks.
  • Be Friendly:
    It is a Rhodeve stereotype of a reason. Rhodeve people are notoriously friendly and polite, so always be open to some friendly conversation. And don't be nervous to say no to conversation or tell them you're in a rush. No harm in speaking honestly.
  • Please, PLEASE do not call people Rhodevan:
    Rhodevan is a long-time slang term used to describe a person of Rhodevan Native descent, in a manner of belittling them. It is often considered equivalent to calling a black person a negro. It is the quickest way to turn a group of friendly Rhodeves into a pretty unfriendly group.

So, what are some things you should not do in your nation?
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Postby Maichuko » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:28 pm

-Don't get drunk and start making references to bad movies that became popular overseas.
-Don't confuse us for another nationality or claim our writing looks like Russian or Hindi script.
-Don't hold us to the ethical or moral standards of your home nation
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United Socialist Ecuador
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Postby United Socialist Ecuador » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:30 pm

-Don't steal rocks.
-Don't eat pizza after 10 slices
-You brake these laws, go to our hotel prisons.
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Postby Anollasia » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:37 pm

- Don't wear shoes in someone's house
- Don't get drunk
- Don't be profane/vulgar
- Don't be mean/disrespectful
- Don't be a jerk
- Don't break any laws
- Don't spit in public
- Don't stick chewed gum onto surfaces (throw it out)
- Don't discriminate
- Don't be intolerant
- Don't be violent
- Don't chew with your mouth open (unless you can't breathe through your nose, otherwise it's gross)
- Don't wear socks with sandals (just don't.)
- Don't eat off the floor

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Postby Ventalia » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:15 pm

Spittin' in public? That's a paddlin'
Spittin' on a person? That's a paddlin'
Insultin' strangers? That's a paddlin'
Bein' loud in quiet places? That's a paddlin'
Stickin' used gum on things? That's a paddlin'
Paddlin' your wife? That's a paddlin'

Just don't be rude and disrespectful, really. Address people politely when you first meet them or they have seniority over you. Don't leave a mess in public or make an unnecessary scene. Be a good guest.

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Postby Anollasia » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:25 pm

Ventalia wrote:Spittin' in public? That's a paddlin'
Spittin' on a person? That's a paddlin'
Insultin' strangers? That's a paddlin'
Bein' loud in quiet places? That's a paddlin'
Stickin' used gum on things? That's a paddlin'
Paddlin' your wife? That's a paddlin'

Just don't be rude and disrespectful, really. Address people politely when you first meet them or they have seniority over you. Don't leave a mess in public or make an unnecessary scene. Be a good guest.

Haha, nice reference. :lol:

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Postby Kirislavia » Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:50 pm

  • Don't close yourself off to strangers.
    Kirislavians love to open up and talk to people. Even people they don't know, because how else are they supposed to meet anyone new? While of course its sensible not to get too cozy with complete strangers, if you don't at least reciprocate when a stranger tries to start a conversation, you'll seem awfully rude. So, be sure you're ready to chat when you get on the bus or get in line at the food store.
  • Don't use first names without permission.
    "Comrade [last name]" or just "Comrade" is the standard form of address; a Kirislavian would be quite insulted if you called them by their first name without their express permission. (Mr./Ms. and sir/ma'am are also considered improper, due to their class overtones, but often foreigners can get away with using Mr./Ms.)
  • Don't wear anything too revealing, extravagant, or flashy.
    Kirislavians are very conservative when it comes to clothing. Regardless of gender, don't show your knees and don't show your chest. (Of course, it's really damn cold in Kirislavia, so most of the time you wouldn't want to show all that skin anyway.) And anything too flashy, like glittery clothes, high heels, that sort of thing--it's all considered a bit too decadent.
  • Don't expect to be waited on.
    Simply, if you make a mess, clean it up, and if you need something, get up and get it yourself. (Unless there's some legitimate reason you can't do it yourself, of course.)
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Postby Hashkin » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:55 pm

1. Don't be a commie (we realllllllly hate them)
2. If your drunk, stay indoors/the bar.
3. If you are respectful to us, we're respectful to you. If your a dick to us, we're a dick to you
4. Know English

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Postby Aethras » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:57 pm

1) Don't call people dogs (golden rule)
2) Observe proper manners
3) Don't be a dick
4) Don't bring up the name "Jake Grogan"
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Postby Tee Googly Coffee Me » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:01 pm

- Don't be communist
- Don't question the weird names for everything
- Don't mock/put down gambling
- Don't expect to be coddled by the government

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Postby Jeminia » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:09 pm

Table Manners
When eating, it is considered rude to remain quiet. Some sound indicating that the food is appetizing is considered polite.
Be on Time
Punctuality is very important. It is preferable to arrive on time at an event, or two hours earlier in order to help set up.
Talk to people. Not all Jeminians are incredibly outgoing, and as such it is considered good for you to be the one to begin conversations. If you see someone who looks upset, you should ask what is wrong and try to cheer them up. It is advised to greet people as you walk past them on the street. Although making conversation is considered good manners, speaking about sexual topics is frowned upon unless you are speaking to someone with whom you are intimately acquainted. Furthermore, it is considered disrespectful to swear, insult groups of people, or ask people their religious or political views if you do not know them well.
Dress to Impress
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Postby Gaozu » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:09 pm

Don't do anything bad
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Postby Zehr-Brunswick » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:55 pm

- Obviously, do not violate the law
- Be Modest, and use Appropriate Language, even in your native tongue. Zehr-Brunswick has a large elderly and conservative population, and many Zerische citizens understand several languages to a degree.
- Do NOT confuse the Zehrische with the Swiss, Germans, Liechtensteiners, Austrians, or Dutch.
- Do NOT reference National Socialism, Johannes Brüder (the National Socialist Leader of Zehr-Brunswick from 1944-45), Adolf Hitler, or anything else relating to the Nazis UNLESS it is in an educational manner.
- Don't attempt to engage in religious debate, as most Zehrische are rather Traditionalist Catholics.
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Koem Kab
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Postby Koem Kab » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:10 pm

1. Do not be religious
2. Do not be a communist
3. Know how to speak English

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Postby Pavonistade » Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:06 pm

  • Follow various etiquette (e.g. elevator & escalator etiquette).
  • Don't eat in a disruptive way (e.g. loudly), with your mouth open, or before everyone else is ready to eat.
  • Don't force your beliefs on others.
  • Don't swear or cuss at others.
  • Don't expect everyone to be tolerant, respectful, loving people (e.g. a certain president-elect we have).
  • Don't act like you're spoiled or automatically entitled to something worthy.
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Postby Alizeria » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:33 am

  • DO NOT make sheep jokes. They are considered cliche and offensive. While Alizerians are very much aware of their national stereotype, at best your sheep jokes will get eye rolls, and at worst you'll find friendly locals become a lot less friendly.
  • DO NOT swear. Under the Vulgarity Act 1979 swearing, in public or in private, is illegal. While it's hardly ever enforced, watch the effing and jeffing because it could well land you a night in the police cells.
  • DO NOT under dress. While young people in urban areas can occasionally get away with it, generally speaking showing too much skin, or wandering around in a t-shirt and shorts in public, is considered impolite. Suits are almost mandatory for men, and women should dress modestly.
  • DO NOT ignore greetings from strangers. Come on. That's just rude. Say hi.
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Postby Nortainland » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:47 am

- Do not swear in public or private at all as a foreigner; Nortan culture regarding swearing is very complicated even for natives.
- Do not wear revealing clothing, especially for women. You will be harassed.
- Hats are de rigeur for all people in Great Nortend. If you do not wear a hat, you will be marked as an uneducated foreigner. Luckily, hatters and milliners are common around the, selling hats for men and women at reasonable prices.
- Do not expect to be able to take photographs anywhere you want. Whilst it is usually fine to take photos in the street of landmarks and scenes, it is improper to take photographs within buildings, especially churches.
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Imperium Sidhicum
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Postby Imperium Sidhicum » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:21 am

1. Keep your religious and political opinions to yourself.

We understand that as an outsider you might come from a place where people believe in God or what have you rather than the Emperor, where civil liberties are much more extensive, where there is no racial bigotry whatsoever, where people have freedom of speech, gay marriage, minority rights and whatnot. All those things are part of your ways and we respect that. However, the Imperium is our place where we do things our own way. If you have a problem with our beliefs or ways, either extend the same courtesy of witholding your opinions about them that we extend to you, or leave. Otherwise, don't be surprised when we make you leave.

2. Never EVER diss the Emperor/Empress.

Christians have Jesus Christ. Muslims have Allah. Jews have Jehovah. Buddhists have Buddha. We Sidhae have the Emperor. It wouldn't really come as a surprise if the believers of the above religions reacted with hostility if you started to talk shit about their most deeply-held beliefs and faith, would it? Don't expect a Sidh to react any differently if you show disrespect towards his sovereign.

3. Do not flaunt your sexuality or make open inquiries about it.

We understand that humans have something of an obsession with their sexuality, finding it of paramount importance to identify as this or that as if it was the most important part of their identity and make sure everybody else knows about it. That's not how we do things here. Your preferences are yours and yours alone, not meant for others to know. If someone will be interested, they will find ways to check your interest. Otherwise, keep it to yourself - by flaunting it you aren't just debasing yourself with your indiscretion, but also offending others by forcing them to hear things they are not supposed to hear. Being straight/gay/bi is all fine as far as we are concerned, and we feel truly sorry for you if you have nothing else such as actual personal merits to be proud of, but for the love of the Emperor, keep it discreet - or don't be surprised when people react to your exhibitionist announcements with hostility.

4. Always exercise proper manners.

Every house has it's own rules, and ours is no exception. We expect our guests to carry themselves with propriety and decorum. We do not ask you to outclass the Queen of England in propriety, just to observe simple, basic courtesy and etiquette and avoid acting like a boor. There's a reason why the majority of us look down upon outsiders as uncivilized boors, so if you have chosen to visit our nation, please try your best not to affirm those beliefs any further.

5. Never ever use "death words". If you know what's good for you.

Sometimes arguments can get heated, and that's all fine with us. However, even in such circumstances, there are boundaries that are not to be overstepped. For your own sake, you should do your utmost to avoid using death words or expressions that imply them. If you do not know what a death word is, take your time to study Sidh culture and learn what insults warrant a lethal retaliation. Remember that a Sidh insulted with a death word is not just legally allowed, but in fact expected to retaliate with deadly violence, and getting on the bad side of a combat-trained cyborg rarely ends well even for another such cyborg, let alone an outsider.

6. Do not dress improperly.

Our society has a certain dress code to follow, and while you as an outsider will be given a certain leeway, we still expect you to respect our ways while in our nation. Proper dress in our society does not mean you have to look prudish - rather, it means you should look tasteful, serious and respectable. The way you dress tells a lot about you as a person, and if your attire displays neglect, carelesness and vulgarity or tries to shock beholders, that doesn't leave a very good impression about you as a person either. While we have no laws expressly forbidding you to dress the way you please, do not expect much warmth or respect either if you fail to dress like a proper, civilized person.
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Postby Brellach » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:38 am

Despite their comparatively archaic lifestyle, Brellachi are quite relaxed and open-minded about most things. However, there are certainly some types of behaviour that will not serve to endear you to them:

  • Don't litter. Wilfully harming the environment in any way is the number one way to quickly find yourself ostracised. This ranges from anything between littering, to building giant, smoke-belching factories. To the Brellachi, the natural world is their goddess' physical form, and for that reason there is no greater sin than to deliberately harm nature. For in so doing, you are essentially physically harming their deity.

  • Don't be hateful. Misogynists will find little love in Brellach - nor will misandrists either, for that matter. Or racists. Or any intolerances, in fact. The Brellachi are remarkably tolerant and egalitarian about most things, and openly declaring yourself to be hateful or prejudiced against another group for no good reason will earn you few friends.

  • Don't stare at the nudity. The Brellachi attitude towards clothing is relaxed, and nudity has never been sexualised. The human body, being as it is a part of their goddess, is considered to be beautiful, and the Brellachi will only really wear clothing for practical purposes. Many of the tribes have eschewed clothing entirely, and have no knowledge of how to make it. If you find yourself offended or shocked by such, try not to display your shock, stare or voice your offence, because the Brellachi will neither understand nor appreciate it.

  • Do not disrespect or belittle their beliefs. The Brellachi do not care what religion you follow, if any. They will happily have an open discussion about theology with you, but there is no mandate in their Canon for them to try and convert you to Brellachi spirituality, nor will they attempt to do so - the general opinion of the Brellachi is that if you do not "come to the light and love of Her Divine Glory" because you want to, but because you were persuaded or forced, then it is completely meaningless. They only care that you respect their beliefs in turn.

  • Don't brag about your gadgets. Brellach is effectively in a technological time warp. They have access to some technologies, and nothing is really preventing them from becoming an advanced, industrial society, they simply don't want to. This is both because of the pollution inherent in advanced societies, and also because they believe that having technology to do the work of a person, takes something away from that person. Waving around your smartphones and proclaiming yourself to be superior to the 'primitive' Brellachi won't particularly offend them, but you will get some incredulous glances. Their idea of what the words 'advanced' and 'primitive' mean is likely completely different to yours.

  • Do not interfere with the tribes in any way, nor treat them like a tourist attraction. Almost 60% of the population of Brellach are members of one of the thousands of nomadic tribes that roam the country, completely rejecting modern life even moreso than the city-dwellers do. Historically, the city-dwellers and the tribals were martial rivals, and peace was brought about by The Compact - a document that affirmed the rights of the tribes, the rights of the city-dwellers, and a promise that neither side would try to interfere with the other. It formed the Holy Queendom as it exists today, commenced a millennium of peace, and the Divine Queen herself is personally responsible for ensuring that the tribes are protected from unwanted interference, and the tribes do still approach her to demand action if they are slighted. It remains a functioning legal document, and it is taken very seriously and enforced zealously. Far from being considered a nuisance, most Brellachi revere the tribes for living as closely to the teachings of the Canon of Her Divine Glory as is possible.

    In the event that a foreigner encounters a tribal (for they do occasionally enter settlements for various reasons), it is advised that they keep a respectful distance. There is no law against engaging them in conversation (provided you speak Brellachi, for they won't know your language), and many tribals are in fact perfectly happy to talk about their tribes and lifestyles with anybody who shows a respectful interest (they have even been known to allow outsiders to live among them for a short time, should they have a genuine interest in their lifestyles), but any attempt to 'convert' them, belittle them, or treat them as some kind of tourist attraction to be gawked at, is likely to get you arrested. While Her Lawbringers are unlikely to press charges against foreigners, you will almost certainly be ejected from the country.

  • Certain gestures are considered offensive. Shaking hands with strangers is the primary example of this. It is actually considered offensive because of the historical origins of the gesture - their general sentiment is "oh, so you don't trust me not to kill you unless you check my hand for weapons? That's a great start to a relationship..."
For the most part, though, the globally-accepted philosophy of "don't be a dick" is usually the best way to go.
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Postby Valgora » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:20 am

  • Hating metal music
  • Constantly call Communism/Socialism stupid/etc.
  • Being a dick
  • Being speciesist
  • Calling the majority religion (or almost any other religion) stupid/incorrect/etc.
  • Constantly criticizing the lack of many laws in Valgora
  • Constantly complaining about the cold or anything else.
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Postby Fatatatutti » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:36 am

There isn't much you can't do in Fatatatutti. We tend to look at foreigners with good-natured contempt anyway. If they had any sense they'd be living here, so who cares what they think?

Mind you, you are liable to be sued if you do any harm.
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Postby Impireacht » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:13 am

-Expect to pay for everything, including visits to privately owned restrooms in certain areas.
- Don't be left of the 5.0 mark on the economic scale of the political compass
- Don't whine about social justice or petition for anti-discrimination laws, we like our freedoms and that includes the freedom to be an asshole.
- Don't call Impireacht imperialist, even though it is
- Don't create a commune
- Don't assault anyone, lest you end up with a hundred bullets in the forehead.

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Tzion and Jerusalem
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Postby Tzion and Jerusalem » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:14 am

  • Don't Be Edgy
  • Don't criticise the government
  • Don't criticise the Jews
  • Don't break the Torah in public
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The One True Benxboro Empire
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Postby The One True Benxboro Empire » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:16 am

Don't be a faggot.
Don't be a spinster.
Don't be a flabby manlet.
Don't be a coward who hates war.
Don't be a bloodthirsty spinster who never got off her period.
Don't be a seditionist who thinks that complaining about the government is a good idea.
Don't be a fool who walks around with her head uncovered.
Don't be a fool who thinks that a young man mastering his bride is immoral, you heretic.
Don't drive on the left.
Don't question the Inquisitors.
And do not, ever, state that you disbelieve in The Benx, the Emperor, or the Supreme Inquisitor's benevolence or existence.
(The Benx is with us!)

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Postby Soyouso » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:47 am

Do not, by any purpose, do the following things in Soyouso.
•Calling the dictator a faggot.
•Calling the dictator bipolar.
•Making fun of the dictator being a midget.
•Kinkshaming the dictator for their leather kink.
•Kinkshaming the dictator in general is a bad idea.
•Triggering the dictator's PTSD by banging pots and pans.
•Calling the dictator Midget Mac
•Eating with your mouth open
•Making fun of our religion will result in sacrifice to the war god.
•Killing bears.
•Pronouncing Soyouso "so you so". It's so as in soak, yo as in yoke, u as in mule. So-yo-u-so.People will cringe if you say "soyousayans". Stop.
•Kinkshaming the Soyousian for being attracted to Hitler. Essentially Soyousian beauty standards describe him almost perfectly.
•Kinkshaming the Soyousian for pretty much worshipping the dictator.
•Kinkshaming the Soyousian for their obsession with 'x rated websites' and 'magazines'.
•Kinkshaming the police for having kinky uniforms
•Kinkshaming soldiers for having kinky uniforms
•Do not kinkshame the Soyousian.
•Being a communist
•Believing in democracy
•Being an anarchist
•Blaming us for the Holocaust. Yes, we are fascists but we are not Nazis. I know we look like Nazis but we are not.
•Getting offended by dumb shit and expecting us to care.
•Do not tell us to stop drinking.
•People who dab, say swag, or whip nae nae will be shot on contact
•Being a basic bitch will also get tourists shot.
•Calling Link Zelda.



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