Canon Factbook of the Free State Republic [FT][Info][Closed]

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Canon Factbook of the Free State Republic [FT][Info][Closed]

Postby Federal Republic of Free States » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:05 am


At some point I will allow posting of ideas/discussion on the Republic within this thread, but now is not the time [3/25/2017]

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Author’s Intent

This project will never be completed, it will always be in a constant flux of change, and for the most part will look uncompleted. I know this, and now you do too. Sections will be deleted, re-written, and shifted elsewhere as I see fit when I see fit. This entire thread will serve as my canon factbook for the Free State Republic [FSR] a FT nation I play on this forum. The information contained within this thread is my intellectual property and canon information for the Free State Republic. This project will be comprehensive, and encompassing all aspects of the Republic. What you see contained within this thread, you will find in my other RP threads both active and inactive. You will find it in my smaller stories contained within the Compendium, and in any other medium I portray the Free State Republic in. Others have collaborated with me in creating some of these concepts of the Free State Republic, and their help in brainstorming and spit balling will forever be appreciated. This is really to be used as a reference tool for myself to ensure I remain as consistent as possible with details about the Republic. I hope you enjoy reading through this factbook, I know I will enjoy creating it.

Acknowledged Contributors To The Republic

The following individuals have contributed in some way shape or form in the creation of one or many of the following concepts that make up the Free State Republic. While it would be difficult to give them credit on the actual individual ideas, I have acknowledged them here. I appreciate all their help, and look forward to further brainstorming and collaboration in the future.


The Official Canon Factbook of the NSFT Nation: Free State Republic [FSR] FSR Flag

Table of Contents:

I. Overview of the Republic (Current IC Snapshot)

II. Territory of the Republic
IIA. Astrograph
IIB. Systems
IIC. Habitable Planets
IID. Non-Habitable Planets
IIE. Non-Planetary Habitats

III. Population of the Republic
IIIA. Human Population
IIIB. Non-Human Population

IV. Demographics of the Republic
IVA. Languages
IVB. Religions
IVC. Nationalities

V. Political Process of the Republic
VA. Political Parties
VB. Elections

VI. Economy of the Republic
VIA. Major Corporations
VIB: Major Unions
VIC: Stock Exchanges and Major Indexes
VID: Federal Trade Corridors

VII. Military of the Republic
VIIA: Marine Forces
Relationships with other Military Branches
A. Marine Ground Forces
A1. Expeditionary Fleet Marine Forces
Fleet Marine Section
Terrestrial Marine Section

A2. Vanguard Marine Forces
Fleet Marine Section
Terrestrial Marine Section
A3. Marine Terrestrial Equipment
Personal/Squad Weaponry
Ground Vehicles
Ground Vehicle Armaments

B. Marine Aerospace Forces
B1. Dropship Corps
Maneuver Section
Landing Section
B2. Attacker Corps
Atmospheric Section
Nautical Section
Spatial Section
B3. Marine Aerospace Equipment
Aerospace Craft
Aerospace Craft Armaments

VIIB. Spatial Naval Forces
A1. Expeditionary Spatial Navy
A2. Vanguard Spatial Navy

VIIC. Nautical Naval Forces
A1. Vanguard Nautical Navy
VIID. Special Forces

VIII. Culture of the Republic
VIIIB. Music
VIIIC. Literature

VIIII. Federal Government of the Republic
VIIIIA. Executive Branch
VIIIIB. Federal Senate
VIIIIC. Federal Court

X. Regional Government of the Republic
XA. Regional Administrations
XB. Planetary States
XC. Regional Courts
XD. Planetary Courts

XI. Local Government of the Republic
XIA. County Governments
XIB. County Courts

XII. Major Infrastructure of the Republic

XIII. History of the Republic
XIIIA. The First Republic
XIIIB. The Fall
XIIIC. The Exodus
XIIID. The Second Republic

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Overview of the Republic [Current snapshot]

At this current point in IC time, The Free State Republic is a six-system star state located within the Gamma Quadrant just “north” of the Gamma-Alpha border and more core ward orientated towards the center. Of the six controlled systems that comprise the Republic, four of them are fully settled planetary systems with habitable worlds and various other forms of human habitation including but not limited to: orbital sprawls, moon and asteroid settlements, etc. The other two of the planetary systems that lie within Republican space have been designated ‘martial exclusion volumes’ following the destructive swath the mysterious Ashren ‘Vo xeno horde tore into Republican Territory. These systems still stand in ruin, a testament to the destructive capability of alien races that hide in the depths of the Gamma Quadrant as well as a reminder to the sometimes ineffectiveness of the government of the Republic.

Aside from the continuous volumes of the controlled planetary systems, the Free State Republic also controls two Special Administration Designation territories within the Liu Xiu Special Economic System [IStaR], Freeport City on the planet Jiwao and Cirrus Station in geo-synchronous orbit above the city of Freeport. While they represent a significantly small portion of the civilian population of the Republic both past and the current Presidential Administration consider these territories to be vital to the present and future economic well-being of the Republic. In addition to official colonies and territories of the Free State Republic, there are occasional and sometimes short-lived settlements that prop up into existence here and there out past the Crumple Zone that marks the boundary between the wild space of Gamma and the territory of the Republic. These settlements can be both official expeditions backed by the Republic as well as private ventures either sponsored personally or commercially. At the current time, there are no officially backed settlements out beyond the Crumple Zone in existence. However, unconfirmed rumors of several unofficial settlements existing permeate as rumors throughout the trade lanes.

Following the influx of an incredibly large amount of migrants fleeing various catastrophes erupting all throughout deeper Gamma, found their way entering the fringe territory of the Republic. Staring at a potential humanitarian crisis due to the sheer amount of people flooding the relatively unsupported fringe areas of the Republic, the government decided to open settlement specifically for the migrants in the Citic system. Unfortunately, the government was ill informed about the potential population capacity of the planet creating a situation where the available resources could not support the new level of population. The Citic System today stands on the brink of collapse, successive riots and insurgent activity has steadily increased to the point the regional administrator was assassinated on live TV. If the worsening security situation wasn't destabilizing enough a biological scourge called "Soba Rust" appeared first in several shipments of produce, and later as a biological disease affecting a significant part of the population. The scope of the infection as well as the lethality of it has lead several investigators to the conclusion that it was not a natural occurrence but an attack on the Republic by Wildfire linked terrorists. A naval fleet has been dispatched to the system to attempt to bolster regional forces and begin pacification operations. The Citic system lies strategically between two large economic hubs of activity, retention of this system is a national priority of the Republic.

The incoming migrants entering the territory of the Republic aren't all human, various alien species are included in the huddled masses showing up at the borders of the Republic. For most of the time since their arrival into the MWG, the Republic has been a homogenous species of humanity. But now, for the first-time significant populations of alien species have been entering the territory of the Republic and are now being settled within the different population centers that comprise that territory. Integration of those populations within the greater fold of society is an effort that remains to be seen, already there has been push back from some sections of the culture. Social media already has seen the discourse and fiery rhetoric from both pro and anti-immigration groups. The Federal Government of the Free State Republic has begun deliberations on legislation aimed at easing the concerns those have about non-human populations, but so far Senators have been mum on details.

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VIIA: Marine Forces


The Republican Marine Forces serve two primary and crucial roles for the Republic. First, as an expeditionary force-in-readiness prepared to take action where they are called to out beyond the Territory of the Republic. Secondly, to protect and defend the territory and population of the Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. The Marine Forces seek to fulfill their mission parameters by the development of personnel in physical training facilities as well as academic schools of thought, in equipment through research and development projects dealing with innovating old equipment as well as testing new equipment, and tactics through the various war games played as well as institutional education and auxiliary schools.


The security of the Republic is a vital task the the Marine Forces play an important role as an expeditionary and vanguard aero-ground combined arms force, capable of forcible entry into a contestable battlespace from orbit, land, sea or air. The Marine Forces are capable of engaging themselves in conventional as well as asymmetrical warfare and find themselves comprised of conventional Marine units, assisting irregular units either in combat or in advisement, in special occasion some Marine units may even combine with irregular forces to comprise a hybrid unit. The Republican Marine Force can rapidly deploy a combined arms unit to any conflict zone as determined by the Executive Branch of the Government on the vessels of the Spatial or Nautical navy. The forces ability to consistently maintain an integrated multi-element force in readiness at the discretion of the Government provides a smooth implementation of force when needed.


The quote, "Every Marine is a rifleman" still rings true in today's modern Force. And is solidified in fact with every specialization still receiving training as a rifleman and have to re-certify every quarter at ranges on bases and vessels throughout the Republic. As an organization the Marine Forces are solely centered around the infantry, with all other elements and units existing to support the infantry unit in the field. The Marine Forces have rejected other theories such as the ability of new weapons to win wars independently, instead sticking to their infantry-centric doctrine that has proven successful in both theory and combat. In keeping with this doctrine, all officers regardless of specialization first receive training as infantry platoon commanders before moving on to their specific field of study. This allows for all marines both enlisted and officer to serve in combat on the front lines if necessary, as ever-changing combat conditions can require on the fly changes to operational structure.



Fireteam: 4 Combat Marines
Squad: 12 Combat Marines
Platoon: 36 Combat Marines [48 Marines in Total]
Company: 108 Combat Marines [144 Marines in Total]
Battalion: 324 Combat Marines [432 Marines in Total]
Regiment: 972 Combat Marines [1,0008 Marines in Total]
Brigade: 2,916 Combat Marines [3,240 Marines in Total]
Division: 8,748 Combat Marines [9,072 Marines in Total]


Platoon: 4 Vehicles
Company: 12 Vehicles
Battalion: 36 Vehicles
Regiment: 108 Vehicles
Brigade: 324 Vehicles
Division: 972 Vehicles

Aerospace Craft

Detail: 2 Craft
Element: 4 Craft
Section: 8 Craft
Flight: 16 Craft
Squadron: 32 Craft
Group: 64 Craft
Wing: 128 Craft

Relationships with other Military Branches
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