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The New Tenrigakist (CLOSED / NEWS / ANALYSIS)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:24 pm
by New Aeyariss

The New Tenrigakist is recently released periodical newspaper and an internet site ran by multiple persons from the Ishikawa Academy of Civil Service, which was established by Shogun Maki Kojiro in 1993 as restoration of original school of Tan Zhi himself, aiming at improving quality of the civil service in the Empire of Greater Nifon and providing the world with opinion, that in it's basis, is uniquely Nifonese in views and origin. This newspaper aims at describing the long period of restoration of Nifonese culture and identity, as well as spiritual, political, economical and cultural revolt against the gaijin cosmopolitan socialism which is currently besieging Nifon from all sides. Not every foreign idea is, however, evil, but there are those which by default are incompatible with the very fabric of the Nifonese culture and need to be rejected as such.

Globalization caused the borders between East & West to melt, and thus all grand civilizations need to come together and learn from each other, while preserving their national identity, tradition and culture, if we are to have any hope of defeating the grave threat that is the Marxist civilization of death, which nowadays has reached level of global pandemic, present everywhere around us. It is not just present, it is aggressive and expansionist, aiming at overturning traditional structures across the world, and completely intolerant of any degree of national sovereignty, traditional spirituality, ethnic nationalist feelings or opposition to erosion of cultural fundaments. In order to combat it, we need to have a firm idea of what we stand against, why we stand against it, and how to fight this greatest foe.

And thus, we give to your hand this collection of articles!

Among redaction we have:

- Gen. Nakatomi Hachirou - one of most awarded Imperial Nifonese Army generals, veteran of campaigns in An`nam, currently retired and teaching in national security & strategy seminars in Ishikawa Academy of Civil sciences.

- Prof. Honda Fuhito - experts on social cybernetics and man who developed the theory of self-sustaining systems; personal advisor to Maki Kojiro for a brief period of time.

- Murakami Fuyutsugu - former assistant of CEO of Murakami Zaibatsu, economist from education.

And many others wishing to contribute to greatness of the Empire of Greater Nifon!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:06 am
by New Aeyariss


Mi-Yeon Yi. Primary Kirishinan liberal politician.

We have entered political dimension where communism appears to be loosing strength and nazism is in outright decline - there are reasons for this sort of behaviour, after all. The world we are living in nowdays is far different from the one which was here 20 years ago. The information revolution changed everything, and today's environment is far more connected and integrated. No matter where we go, if a fly takes off from someone's chair, a second later it could be known at the opposite end of the world. Political ideologies that were developed in the XXI century are gradually loosing any contact with modern reality. Marxism is taking enormous blows as the number of factory workers diminishes and most of the society, at least in developed counties, starts being middle class becomes the dominant one, growing however on the periphery, but in far changed form, or outright moving from economic into social or cultural terms, more interested in liberation of other "alienated classes" rather to even consider looking at the "working class" which more often sides with populist nationalists such as Jean-Baptise Calderone or Carlos Araujo Silva from America Libre. Those figures become new "champions of the people" defending them from exploitation of the foreigners. At the same time, major liberal organization, the International Freedom Coalition, is facing a deep crisis by lack of ability to define itself in the world. Composed of both right - leaning states like Aravea or Inyursta, as well as more left-oriented states - the IFC can not find a common ground, or even define the very freedom it tries to stand for. What is the problem then, and why major western line of thought is undergoing such a crisis?

The goal of this article is not to attack all the liberals - on the contrary, Nemawashists like myself can see much virtuous thought in the thinking of early incarnations of this school. Yet, what on the beginning was merely a thought very much in line in virtues of heavenly father and traditional values of the Western societies, has degenerated deeply into the abomination we are seeing today - for various reasons. The goal of this article is not to look at specific points of programs of the liberal parties - but merely at whole of their thinking and explaining why does it matter in the modern day. However, sole situation when liberal system worked was when it was balanced with virtue in both public and private life. That is certainly not a case today.

The major problem that we are looking at today has been born in the age of Enlightenment, at the beginning of the grand historical cycle. History, it has to be added, is happening in cycles which have very akin processes, no matter how different is their application, applying classic Nemawashist principle of action-reaction and revolution-counter revolution. As a good example, first civilizations have been born in the East, such as Ancient Egypt, China, Sumer or India, the jewel of which was the civilization of ancient Israel, which was the tool of the Heavenly Father to bring us forward the savior himself. Reaction from the West was development of civilizations of ancient Greece & Rome, which were based on ideas of rationalism and philosophy. Following that begun yet again dominance of the East during the medium ages. The current phase of reaction from the West begun with development of Renaissance. Even periods of the subsequent cultures had very akin moments - in the Western culture we see action-reaction principle of riyū (理由 - reason) - defined as an era of dominance of human understanding represented by the Enlightenment and kanjō (感情 - emotion) defined as period of dominance of human feeling represented by Romanticism. Those are as well native of the entire cultures - Nifonese prefer to look at kanjō, possessing well developed Romantic stories about Samruai of the past, while for example Kirishinans are more focused on riyū, being more focused on the material than on the spiritual.

The first blow to the liberal idea came however when the Christianity - the faith of Christ the Heavenly Sovereign, son of Heavenly Father - was replaced by rationalism and materialism. Apart from the fact that they could not disprove of Heavenly Father's evidence by science, which acts completely on the contrary, this had profound influence upon morality of the society. If there is no do, if there is no absolute, then who defines the virtue? Who defines what is right and wrong? The answer is, according to the thinkers of the Enlightment age, that man himself does so. Traditional morality was ridiculed as dishonorable acts were being committed by Marquis de Sade, Voltaire, and others. Those "philosophers" for one can not call them sages due to extreme primitivity of their legacy, concluded that from right on it is man himself who will be making the rules and formed the theory of "enlightened egoist", whose wishes were elevated upon all others. What is worse, they concluded that such behaviour is sole proper one, and that from now on it is not the virtue, but individual's wish that is supreme. And so, the humanism created it's own religion and it's own gods - men.

Then came the false idea of egalitarianism - the idea that all people are equal. While it is true that everyone is equal to the virtue, the people are not equal in their virtuous character, knowledge, intelligence, ability or predisposition to certain functions. Thus, while the idea that humans should be given equal ability to succeed is true, the very idea that everyone should be treated equally goes against the very human nature. If you do not believe this, put a simple street worker with no education in charge of a large department and see how well he should fare.

Those two ideas inspired thinkers such as Laplace to develop the idea of "progress". Traditional time dichtonomy was replaced from "past-present-future" to "undeveloped past to developed future". This sort of thinking is based on historical determinism, weather economical or cultural, that given us already such heinous ideologies as Marxism. Yet when Karl Marx's determinism was based on primacy of economical factors, determinism of modern progressives is based on idea of a cultural progress that is not happening. For the universal virtues that we all know are inscribed not as much in our mind, as much is in our genetic memory, and morality that has been functioning thousands of years ago is as actual today. Virtue has never changed, and never will unless the man changes - and what is most ironic, the progressives recognized that, and now are aiming to redefine the man himself.

Modern liberalism shuns any feelings that are not individual - any degree of religion, nation, ethnicity or belonging to any group other than non - personified global community. When holding the idea that man is sovereign over everyone, that everyone is free to do whatever he wishes as long as it is not violating freedom of others, no one is capable to determine the limits o one's freedom and thus the ideas that outright corrupt individual - drugs, pornography, that that illegally take hold over his mind and twist him into a monster - are fully legal if the individual wants them. And what the next step will be? Transhumanism, which already invades our culture in form of LGBT rights or gender change operations. It holds no longer than man has right to define what is right and wrong for his own terms, but that man has the right to define himself - define his gender, change it at will, and in future define himself as something more than human, using various emerging technologies to change himself.

While there is indeed a personal sphere, generated by free will given to us by Heavenly Father, the very idea that man's will is everything is simply absurd. This shallow thinking is exactly what led to fall of the gaijin cultures, which have now no art other than porn and empty entertaiment only goal of which is an orgy of pleasure with no intellectual content, mass consumerism and consumptionism, and above all, cultural and civilizational Nihilism. Yet exactly this model of culture has been elevated on global pedestal and portrayed as ideal absolute. Due to the historical determinism it believes in, progressives hold themselves as superior to everyone around them, and the "backwards reactionary states" that still cling to ideas of spirituality, tradition, faith etc. - to be something worse than them. It is not even false "democratic peace", when Inyursta and Ausitoria, both democracies exchange blows (although first one is certainly not progressive one); it is the very fact that this sort of thinking opposes everything else than itself, and believes it should propagate itself by force, even when it is incompatible with cultures of multiple nations - leading to even greater catastrophes world wide.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:24 am
by New Aeyariss


Who unleashed such abominable monstrosities on our streets?

When the grand conflicts of the past century begun, the entire communist horde could not stop cheering and shouting from joy. In their assumptions, the great wars were supposed to make the proletariat rise against the "capitalist oppressors" and as a result, the world revolution to begin. However, for some reason, it did not. Instead of, as the communist politicians presumed, joining the revolution, grand wars of the past century seen common men - workers and peasants - donning the uniform of their county and eagerly killing other workers, with whom they were supposed to unite to overthrow the capitalist system. And, as one by one great wars begun and ended, and no matter how bloodied it was proletariat again and again ignored the calls for revolution, socialists realized that something must have gone wrong. And they moved to counter it at instant.

To realize how to fight out enemy, we first need to know him. One of greatest classics of the Asuka Jidai, Lord Murakami Kenshin, says "When you begin the campaign, study the five factors. First one is the moral factor, second weather, third terrain, fourth the commanders, fifth - the theory, this means the tactics." For adapting this school of thought to our field, moral factor would indicate how much the people are associating with socialism and what of their needs it fulfills; weather and terrain will be the domestic & international situation in which socialism grows; the commanders would be main Marxist politicians and thinkers; and their tactics, the methods by which socialism attempts to win favor. That is the key to understanding the mental warfare - which, according to Col. Fujikawa Toshiro, is "disruption of enemy's worldview through disinformation, deceit and disruption of the communication structures". We need to realize that as the struggle by the force of arms carries on, so does the war in our minds.

Karl Marx based his worldview on the idea of his mentor, Hegel - which can be described as thesis + antithesis = synthesis, a theory that struggle between opposites will ultimately bring mankind to perfection. This worldview can be summed up in how Marxists view history - as dialectical struggle for the means of production. For example according to our foe, during feudal age we had struggle between serfs (peasants) and the aristocracy composed of owners of the means of production. This struggle led to rise of the bourgeois capitalism, which, although superior to feudalism, was still not perfect. Marx predicted rise of the proletarian socialism as the next step, and then, through countless cycles akin to that one, although less specified by Marx in terms of their overview, humanity was to achieve communism - a perfect system where humans no longer need currency, and means of production are wholly in hands of the people.

Socialism now is trampling over one county and another, yet something effectively stopped it's rise - and various Marxist intellectuals begun their research to answer question "why". Rightfully, dishonorable gaijin socialists such as Antonio Gramsci or Gyorg Luckacs, found the real reason why socialist revolutions failed to materialize - and those were the virtues of heavenly father deeply imbeded into multiple cultures, which actively ordered proletarians to consider their employers to be their fellow brethren and influenced the concept of social harmony (和 - wa). It was that moment when those subversives realized that without tearing the culture to shreds, the revolution to bring forward the civilization of death they so much anticipate will never materialize. And they headed to work.

We have now moral factor of our foe. Weather and Terrain - this would be in our case political (for it quickly changes like weather) and social (for it is far more stable) situation - is equally easy to understand. Massive compromitation of "Leninist" Marxism which quickly shown it's dishonorable murderous face, which spawned quick reaction from virtuous societies, set the public opinion against the symbol of hammer & sickle. Meanwhile capitalism increased prosperity all over the globe, and soon classical divide between workers and bourgeois was broken by more and more numerous middle class, which in Nifon composes 49% of the society and is primary base of nationalist support. This led for various Marxists as far as to reject the proletarians as the revolutionary class, citing that it became too corrupted by the petty bourgeois. In their vision, new "revolutionary class" - as Gramsci portrayed in his prison notes, composed of women, racial minorities and criminals. Afterwards, various other intellectuals started applying yet another dishonorable idea of Karl Marx - the theory of alienation, in which individuals are alienated from their "species-essence" as a result of living in a stratified society - onto not just economic, but social fields. As a result various monstrosities arose - the idea that homosexuals are alienated by heterosexual majority ("LGBT rights movement"), that women are alienated by men (feminism), even applying it to biological matters of dominance of human species over everything else (environmentalism). By this, a "new revolutionary class" arose, which was to carry out the revolution instead of the working class. Expansion of this theory led to the idea of "cultural determinism" - an idea that man is just a soulless animal with no virtue, defined by his cultural standing, sexual preferences or skin color, while completely denying any concept of conscience or individuality.

Knowing the commanders - various Marxist intellectuals which fomented the movement - we should take a look at the final piece of our puzzle, the tactics. Most notable of them is the "Long March through the institutions" that Antonio Gramsci named after Long March of Mao Zedong, involved the new approach of bringing forth a revolution. Instead of "revolution from below" - as classical Marxists wanted - the new revolution was meant to be from above, through gradual process of changing the culture, separating the virtue from society but increasing immorality, and then, once traditional cultures have been completely destroyed, carry out the revolution. In fact, when Gyorgi Luckacs became minister of culture in short lived Hungarian Soviet Republic, first thing he done was to bring sexual education into schools, in order to undermine the traditional morality and create a society of degenerates. Another, very important weapon is so called "critical theory" - an idea of "social deconstruction" aimed at constant criticizing foundations of any society that the agents of civilization of death view unfavorably. This set of weapons sets conditions for constant "information bullying" against any group that Marxists view as hostile.

As Gen. Nakatomi Hachirou predicts, new war against Marxism will be not in economic, but in cultural sphere, waged with use of every asset possible for the very Nifon-damashii. We should thus get prepared for this conflict in ideological, mental, moral, cultural, economic, military, cyber and information sphere to show them what the warrior-spirit of the Nifonese people does to those who dare to challenge it!

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:35 am
by New Aeyariss


Obviously inspired by communist propaganda, true face of our foe reveals itself again!

We are living at the break of two millennia, one into which we have just recently entered, and one that already brought enormous changes in our lives. Enormous technological leap that happened during the past years made our living easier - no longer do we need to wash our dishes, for washing machines do it for us, and information technology allows us to talk to each other despite being several thousands kilometers away. Yet, there is more to this technological revolution, coming from the realm of so called "emerging technologies" which promise to radically alter not just our lifestyle, but our very bodies. At the same time fast growing, radical movement calling itself "Transhumanism" emerges, quickly gaining popularity and widespread support among the scientists. Will it be a true technological breakthrough, or are we just looking at new foe that will join in hands with various forms of socialism and new age to wage the war at the very mankind?

We quickly want to note that attacking technology is not our goal; but rather pursuing a reasonable technological development. Without Heavenly Father's morality guiding us in our development, technology can become a two - edged sword, bringing us as much harm as profit. The same technology that currently powers our cities is utilized in bombs that can take out entire regions with just one strike, in a war that could lead to destruction of our entire civilization. Technology, when not guided by moral principles, becomes a deadly threat for those who develop it, and entire human family. Yet, as it is evident, the very risk of this thread was discarded by multiple government agencies, which quickly - lured by the temptations of benefits - went to develop so called GRIN technologies - an acronym that stands for Genetics, Robotics, Informatics and Nanotechnology.

If this was merely about those technologies, it would not have been a big problem. Yet the goal of the transhumanist movement is far larger - it is based on the same Hegelian theory for perfection that spawned us Marx or Hitler, whose ideas seem to be strangely similar. The goal of those people is not just to implement them, but to "let mankind control it's own evolution" through those technologies, altering our very humanity to the point where we become "posthuman" - something more, depending on what we want to be. Drawing from typical rottenness of gaijin Liberalism, those prophets of apocalypse affirm that an individual human has a right to become whoever he wants to be - now not only change his nationality or religion, but change his gender and later add himself parts of the wolf, mouse, a robotic leg, everything just because he wishes to be that - to at the end, following a classic lie from the Garden of Eden, "become a god himself".

In fact, LGBT movement so viciously terrorizing our culture is part of this thought - after all, to deny natural like for the opposite gender or to claim that you are a girl when you are a boy is to break the boundaries of humanity and ascend to become something more. Various LGBT rights groups already include third "T" for transhuman, and nearly all transhumanists support the hentai cause. After all, their goals are very alike - alteration of our very being. This is no longer a philosophy, but an organized rebellion against both Mankind, Earth and Heavenly Father attempting to use the emerging technologies to destroy all that we can consider human and beautiful.

What we will see down the road is a scenario of a dehumanized hell, where, as Fukuyama said, the human beings would “no longer struggle, aspire, love, feel pain, make difficult moral choices, have families, or do any of the things that we traditionally associate with being human ". But what is worse, he assesses "people dehumanized à la Brave New World…don’t know that they are dehumanized, and, what is worse, would not care if they knew. They are, indeed, happy slaves with a slavish happiness". Isn't this sounding like Karl Marx's vision come true? And then what with those who refuse to conform, and still harbor the values of old? Are we going to see re-emergence of eugenics to create Nietzchean "Ubermensch" through those technologies? Or will they even attempt to bring fawns, centaurs or human-dragon hybrids into life? In fact multiple adherents to this hellish movement are already listing Kirishitans and traditionalists as inferior "Luddites" who are preventing their grand eugenicist progress...

And all - so they could follow the original lie of Eden and become gods themselves...

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:45 pm
by New Aeyariss

Kirishima: is it worth it?
"Interview with Professor Usami Ryuusuke"

What does this recent treaty means?

Question: In light of recently signed Kirishinan - Cuscatlani agreement, what developments can we expect in near future?
Professor Usami Ryuusuke: Actually, in my opinion, only the most positive of things. I we want to understand how we got here, we need to remember how we got there. Several years ago, when Kirishinan-SACTO relations were developing, the geopolitical situation was entirely different.

In those days, we had three alliances dominating the international sphere; Axis (later renamed SACTO), The United Left, and the International Freedom Coalition. Out of those 3, SACTO was militarily strongest, despite being least numerous in terms of nations adhering to the Santiago pact. It has been proven by countless military victories with the Spring Sea Massacre being the most renowned one. When such a power arose, it was natural state of the system to have all the smaller elements unite against it to prevent being dominated. As such, UL-IFC formed an alliance against SACTO.

In recent years, the climate changed. The aka of the United Left disintegrated from within. In place of balance of three powers, just SACTO and the IFC remained. During a certain period, the IFC actually attempted to impose it's status; yet openly failed policy of one of it's leaders ruined any chance and in the end, alienated it's own members against him. The IFC is now disintegrating. Two of it's members are waging an open war against one another and nothing has been done, except few voices in the council. Bureaucracy, expanded to ridiculous reasons, prevents any decision from being reached. The alliance itself lacks vision and it's members openly distrust each other.

The IFC, as an organization - has failed. And this affects the collective security system enormously.

SACTO on the other hand, did suffer some inactivity; but at the same time managed to successfully enact regime change operation in Mawani, which has been described as one of boldest air campaigns in the world. It managed to win the war in Iraq and has expanded it's geopolitical influence during the Oceanican crisis. In addition to that, Nifonese contractors were involved in pacifying Nazi partisans in Slavyansk.

In the long run, Kasuga knows he has little to win by going against SACTO, and plenty to gain.

Question: How does Guadalupador fit into it?
Professor Usami Ryuusuke: Guadalupador at this point, despite official alliance, does not hold the same geopolitical value for Kirishinan state as it did several years ago, before it was split into two.

Because let us ask ourselves; what can a divided Guadalupador do in the long run? It's power projection capability was utterly gutted when Cuscatlanis invaded their country. Dorian navy does not have the means to effectively project power abroad and survive - and neither does having a militaristic neighbor to the south does. In fact, neither does the economy. We need to remember that Dorian planners did not foesee the country being divided when they planned it's infrastructure. Then came the split, and it hurt them - hard. In all honesty, the FUG is now an economical colony of Kirishima, completely dependent on it as it's main trade partner and provider.

Chances are that it's more likely that Kirishinans will need to deploy to protect FUG than the other way around... And Silva accounted for it all.

Question: How could have Silva accounted for it when it is known that the two do not share a positive relationship?
Professor Usami Ryuusuke: Oh please; many people think that Silva-san is a brute who solves everything with force. He is not. Though political climate requires enormous brutality; Silva is far from being stupid. When I met him, we conversed on variety of topics and only then did I truly understand how cunning this man is.

Do you think that Kasuga-san would have even been permitted to lie a hand on FUG if Silva did not say so? No. Despite their disagrements, both Silva-san and Kasuga-san seen that there are enormous profits to working together. Profits so big that Kasuga-san was willing to ignore Cuscatlani burning of Nosamo. In exchange, he was permitted to take half of FUG for himself; at least that is how Silva sees it.

It was nothing else as two businessmen splitting the profits from a joint enterprise. The current system benefits them both. Why do you think there have not been voices to support FUG's reunification in Kirishima? Because keeping FUG limited in space and forced to spent billions against a possible threat from the south allows Kirishima to dominate FUG economically and enjoy a steady influence in politics. FUG is also a great source of cheap labor that Kirishinan companies can exploit. Unified Guadalupador would have been far harder to influence and could, in the long run, become an economical competition. That is why both leaders want to keep it the way it is.

Question: Where does it leave Nifon?
Professor Usami Ryuusuke: The Empire of Greater Nifon will not profit from this deal economically; considering considerable competition our zaibatsu will have to consider from the Kirishinans. At the same time, it is, geopolitically, an occasion to start dragging Kirishina deeper into SACTO collective security system; and I think this is where Kojiro-sama and Tokugawa-san will be able to reap considerable profits.

Question: What are you expecting in next few months?
Professor Usami Ryuusuke: We are going to see initiatives by both Silva-san and Kasuga-san to ensure stability in the Guadalan region. This may include various disarmament talks to ensure that both states equal each other in force.

Though Kirishina is attempting to modernize it's military-Industrial complex, at this point Kirishina does not have a potential to reach the capability offered by the Kaigun. The two nations have also been enjoying steady economic relationship, making it worth for the Nifonese to defend. To conclude, we are about to witness major "turn to SACTO" in Kirishinan foreign policy. But I do imagine that said turn will generate a lot of controversy....

With Prof. Usami Ryuusuke talked Ayanami Yui.