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Socialistic Imperium of Cranthia's Embassy Program

Postby Cranthia » Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:11 am

From the Grand Master's Office of International Relations
With the recent decision by the Grand Master to bring the Imperium into the international community, it was decided that rules for the implementation of embassy based contacts should be set in place, as well as an organized system through which countries could easily apply to be granted an embassy. Provisions will also be made for alliances to have smaller embassies of their own, though these will not be as large, as the Imperium would much prefer to deal with the countries themselves. If your request for an embassy is rejected, we will be happy to give guidelines on how you may reapply to a happier result.

General Application for Embassy
Full Name of Nation:
Full Name of Ambassador:
Full Name and Title of Ruler(s):
Number of Staff Desired: (No more then 100, including guards)
Special Requests:

Alliance Application for Embassy
Full Name of Alliance:
Full Name of Ambassador:
Sovereign Nation: (If Applicable)
Number of Staff Desired: (No more then 50, including guards)
Special Requests:

If any nation or alliance would like to change any of the information of their Embassy, be it numbers or names, a formal request for change must be made, and no changes will be permitted until approved.

At this time, the only nation/alliance with their ambassadorial status revoked is the Federation of Serbian Soviet Union. This is a status the Imperium would like to continue, but will have no problems with changing if it is warranted.
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