Fleuri and Paix: Cultural Courier (FT / Nation Maintenance)

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Fleuri and Paix: Cultural Courier (FT / Nation Maintenance)

Postby Fleuri and Paix » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:40 pm

From: Federation State Archives – Office of Public Affairs
Via: Federation Foreign Office – Communications Division
Date: xxxxx.28 386 688 (sr:xxxxx.8977)
To: Group – Cultural Courier subscribers (contains 4.2 million contacts; click to expand)

The State Historical and Cultural Archives of the Couronnois Federation, in partnership with the Central Culture Authority of the Fleurien Republic, the Cultural Preservation Society of the State of Paix, the Cultural Preservation Corps of the Mantar Primarium, the Central Courier, the Couronien Post-Telegram, Shibuya Consolidated OUTREACH™, and corporate, historical, anthropological and journalistic partners from across the Federation, are proud to launch this inaugural issue of

The Couronnois Cultural Courier

The Cultural Courier is an initiative undertaken by the previously-named Courier Partners in association with the Foreign Office of the Couronnois Federation. The Courier is a subscription service which will release encyclopedic entries, news articles, visual images, audio recordings, and other works considered to be particularly representative of the Federation or important in understanding Federation culture. Works will be approved for Courier release by the Courier Curators, a panel of the most preeminent authorities from the Federation's fraternities of anthropology, history, journalism, visual arts, performing arts, and the physical sciences. On occasion, the Courier will feature guest editorials and full-issue programming by prominent current voices in Couronnois culture.

Access to the Cultural Courier will be available free of charge to all subscribers who can electronically communicate with the Couronnois Internet. The Courier will also be accessible through linking beacons outside the Couronnois Federation. (To express interest in having a linking beacon installed in the territory where you live, please ask your local legislative member, metropolitan mayor, territorial governor, tenant-in-chief, or other responsible official to contact the Projects Division of the Federation Foreign Office.)

Please note that the Cultural Courier will carry minimal advertising; however, the actions of commercial entities may receive coverage should the Courier Curators consider them to be of historical or journalistic interest.

[Compiler's note: This Reduced Digest of the Cultural Courier to date contains only a selection of Courier items of particular importance, indexed below: ]


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