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Fleuri and Paix: International Embassy Program (FT)

Postby Fleuri and Paix » Tue Nov 22, 2016 7:47 pm

From: Federation Foreign Office – Communications Division
Date: xxxxx.28 121 328 (sr:xxxxx.8893)
To: Group – International diplomatic contacts
Cc: Federation State Archives @ Fleetwood
Subject: The Couronnois Federation – At a Glance

Located in the Galactic Rim, the Couronnois Federation is a group of like-minded worlds of Earth descent boasting a rich diversity of peoples, spectacular natural beauty, and the unique heritage of many cultures. From the famous Sleeman Artologies of Mantar to the Platinum Deep of Dernier Repos, from the idyllic Honeycomb Plains of Fleuri to the volatile, volcanic Heart of Hashem, from the Palace in Couronne to the Temple Lands of Solaria, the Federation boasts a vibrancy and variety seen in few other places in the galaxy. With its first member worlds having been founded over seven hundred years ago, the Couronnois Federation has a long and intricately storied history.

The Couronnois Federation, with the aid of specialist Levy forces from member worlds, plays an integral role in sector security, while preserving a long and proud tradition of non-interference in foreign cultures. It maintains strong trade links with Terragen Sphere worlds, while standing for open and beneficial interaction with nonhuman and, indeed, nonhumanoid civilisations. A point of international pride is the Federation's groundbreaking progress in ensuring civil rights for the genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced, as well as other articles of civil law designed to provide maximum personal freedom for all Couronnois citizens.

Until earlier this year, it had not been possible or practical for the Federation to host representatives of foreign nations in the style afforded to them by internationally understood diplomatic protocol, for a variety of organisational and logistical reasons. The Federation Foreign Office, however, is now proud to announce its newest project, in cooperation with the Metropolitan Government of Couronne and the Fleurien Republic: Embassy Row. Officially known as the Ambassadorial District of the City of Couronne, Embassy Row will provide international partners with prime real estate located in the bustling inner city of the Federation's capital, Couronne, at no fee, in the interests of the furtherance of diplomatic relations – naturally, on the proviso that that real estate be used to build an embassy.

If you wish to open an embassy in the Federation, the Federation Foreign Office will be happy to arrange the particulars – in the meantime, please provide the following for publication in the City Guide:
  • A brief description of your nation
  • A brief biography of your ambassador
Ancillary details such as security and number of accompanying personnel may be negotiated with the Federation Foreign Office; it is necessary only to provide your description and biography in order to provisionally formalise your application. Please note that applications for embassy property by corporations with extraterritorial status (e.g. megacorporation, certain zaibatsu, certain chaebol) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Should you wish to open a consulate or other diplomatic institution below the rank of embassy, in a city other than Couronne, please contact the Federation Foreign Office directly for assistance.

Respectfully yours
Margaux Senutila
Division Lead, Foreign Office Projects Division

[Rank] – [Maintaining power] – [Location]
  • Central coordination office – Couronnois Federation – City of Couronne, Fleuri / Hjertelig District / 1 Detente Av.

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